Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michelle Obama destroys Donald Trump over his sexist remarks and assaultive behaviors.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

Michelle Obama issued a scathing denunciation of Donald J. Trump on Thursday for his lewd comments about women, exhorting voters in visceral terms to reject his candidacy and back Hillary Clinton as a matter of conscience. 

“This is not normal. This is not politics as usual,” Mrs. Obama told several hundred voters in a university gymnasium here. “This is disgraceful, it is intolerable, and it doesn’t matter what party you belong to,” she added. “No woman deserves to be treated this way — none of us deserves this kind of abuse.” 

Breaking from her standard message in support of Mrs. Clinton, the first lady delivered a 25-minute speech remarkable for its personal tone and its emphasis on gender and sexual assault. Mrs. Obama implored voters to “stand up and say enough is enough,” by electing Mrs. Clinton. “I can’t believe that I’m saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women,” the first lady added, her voice quavering with emotion as she reacted to the emergence last week of a recording in which Mr. Trump was heard coarsely boasting about kissing and groping women without their consent. 

“I can’t stop thinking about this — it has shaken me to my core,” Mrs. Obama said.

And that's the ballgame folks.

I will gladly admit that I have an almost incalculable amount of respect for Michelle Obama, and I know that level of respect is shared by the vast majority of the American people.

Including our next President:
She is essentially a national treasure at this point. 

So for her to come out like this and to personalize these comments and actions from Donald Trump, by saying how it makes her feel as a woman, was incredibly powerful and I imagine that every woman (And most REAL men) who heard it just checked their local calendar to see when they can finally participate in early voting.

P.S. The entire speech was great by the way and you can see that for yourself by clicking here.


  1. I've posted this at a few other sites today-here it is again: "This was truth and beauty. When I was in my teens, I was seriously groped by two men I worked for-much older men. I learned to stay away from them. That was my only defense. I've never mentioned it to anyone until this moment. That sense of powerlessness, shame-the sheer indignity-was something I really had no voice or recourse for. I am 63 years old now. Not that it's something that I think about often-I have a great life--but I'm still stained by it. I think Mrs. Obama just freed me. Thanks for listening."
    Love, from Georgia, USA

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM


    2. Anonymous6:39 PM

      We're listening. I was groped by a Christian youth group leader when I was in high school. My daughter has been assaulted twice and she is only 22. Thank you for sharing.

    3. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Bless you, Beth!

    4. Anonymous4:24 AM

      I was assaulted when I was in 6th grade by my youth counselor in a catholic elementary school. I told the priest and a nun and neither of them believed me. I'm an atheist today because of it.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Donald has also been warned not to even think about attacking FLOTUS.

    (That has never gone well for him.)

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    A national treasure, to be sure.

    Her speeches are few but always so important, and this one today was, to me, the most important one. It really lifted up the nation so that anyone who has ever been a victim could feel healed and stronger, and anyone who didn't understand the problems victims face would have to stop and think about whether they are part of the problem or decide right now to never be that kind of person who would victimize others.

    I loved the timing. Trump was a maniac spewing hate. Michelle was all grace and real strength. She countered him perfectly, and he looked like trash. As well, the timing prevented his words from making any of his accusers and victims who might want to step forward to feel afraid. All these women knew, because of our FLOTUS, that the country stands with those women.

  4. fromthediagonal4:29 PM

    That speech was mesmerizing, not merely becaose of its well-thought-out content, but because Mrs. Obama was so emotionally involved. At the beginning, she radiated her inner thoughts through her slightly quivering voice. a voice of urgency and of determination that this self-serving mysogynist, racist, power hungry yet ignorant candidate must be defeated for the sake of the Nation's next generations. Her voice soared in her conviction that the female of this species will make a difference. Love that woman!

  5. Anonymous4:29 PM

    What a blockbuster barn-burner great speech. Thank you, G., for putting the link to it here. Impressive and a big ray of hope at a dark time.

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Well, that cleans the palate. My FLOTUS. She floats so magnificently. I wish I could vote for my POTUS again. I love my President.


  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    You can tell when you're married to a good man. My husband was in awe of Michelle Obama and said that men have to get their heads out of their asses.

  8. Anonymous4:41 PM

    This was a wonderful powerful and emotional speech that I'd say most women can relate to the outrage. Just listened to Barack's speech. Fire up, ready to go!

  9. Anonymous4:45 PM

    The emotion in her very well said!
    Andy Borowitz
    12 hrs ·
    Attention all female Trump surrogates who are still defending him: please turn in your woman cards.

  10. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I don't think she overstated any of the seriousness of this. I'm so sick of people parroting that "it's just locker talk" line as if the most offensive thing was the choice of words.

    Michelle for President, 2020? Seriously, she is a fantastic speaker who makes serious emotional connection with her audience. Love her.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Yeah. I am so sick of people saying that "the American people care about real issues." This is a real issue. Ugh! It's nuts how such things are said and it just goes over so many people's heads that they are thinking and acting like cavemen in 2016.

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM

      If the FLOTUS wanted to run for President in 2020, I would totally support her. However, I don't think she is interested in politics and, if not, I sure wouldn't want her to go through the take no prisoners campaign process we have. Tim Kaine will be ready for that task by 2020 or 2024.

    3. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Michelle is not going to run. C'mon, people, they are done with the presidency and have said so themselves many times. Continued service to those in need? Not by a long shot.

    4. Anonymous1:11 AM

      She'll need to get elected to office and develop some credentials before a presidential run. But I doubt she will. Her ambition doesn't go in that direction. Plus I'm sure 8 years in the White House is plenty for her.

  11. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Mrs. Obama's speech was so heartfelt and sincere. I think she expressed the feelings of millions of Americans, men and women alike, in the face of the horrible specimen running for president on the Republican ticket. There's an English expression, "gobsmacked," that describes my reaction to it. Just the perfect response to all we have suffered through from Donald Trump over the last year and-a-half. Thank you, Mrs. Obama.

  12. Anonymous5:05 PM

    1st Lady MICHELLE OBAMA is out there campaigning.

    Where's Melania?

    - Afraid to give anymore speeches?
    - Waiting for the the transcript of todays speech so she can plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech?
    - Too busy watching Paris Hilton sucking sausage on DVD?
    - Getting even with Donald and riding a 15 year old African-American stud?
    - Called up her old girlfriend from the old nude photo shoot days so they can hookup again?
    - Broke into Donald's safe, got her passport and snuck off with her 27 year old girlfriend back to Slovenia?

    How come Melania didn't take her son Barron with her back to the motherland you ask?

    Would you take Donald's demon seed with you?

    Could be Melania is tired of Barron grabbing her bald snatch and tired of breast feeding him?

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      I have wondered about Melania's absence on the campaign trail myself but I never thought it necessary or desirable to use that kind of language to describe her. You are just as gross as Trump is.

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Ever notice how much Barron looks like Damien from the Omen?

    3. Barron has my sympathy and best wishes, as do all the Trump offspring. Talk about your monster father! Tiffany doesn't even want to kiss him.

      Most especially, I feel for the tall blond son who looks like the lust child of Gary Busey and Ann Coulter. Talk about the misbegotten!

      There's plenty of grief to go around.

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    OT-FYI>"King Bhumibol Adulyadej, a revered figure who helped unify the nation in his 70-year reign. He was 88."

  14. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Michelle Obama 2024!

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      I was there!! Running her Teleprompter!

  15. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Shameful media. jessica Leeds story made up.

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Shameful, gullible troll. jessica Leeds story not made up.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Fuck you

    3. Anonymous6:24 PM

      And you know this how? Proof please? I hope you don't mention airplanes because that line of "thinking" has been thoroughly debunked.

    4. Anonymous6:55 PM

      @5:13 PM Is this a made up story? The Judge doesn't think so.

    5. Anonymous6:59 PM

      Shameful Trump. But that is normal for you Palinbots,5:13.

    6. Anonymous8:23 PM

      For a moment I thought even the trolls had enough decency to not rear their ugly heads on this post. Thanks for snapping me back into reality.

  16. Anonymous5:16 PM

  17. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Trump's got boycott problems due to his refusal to negotiate with the union representing the housekeepers at his Las Vegas hotel.

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Time for some cleaning problems in Vegas!

    2. Anonymous8:04 PM

      I hope his "brand" is totally destroyed after this. Right on down to his kids.

  18. Anonymous5:33 PM

    What Trump truly means when he calls himself the Law & Order candidate.

    13th. Powerful.

  19. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Donald Trump Called Deaf ‘Apprentice’ Marlee Matlin ‘Retarded,’ Three Staffers Say

    Just in case you thought Donald Trump was insufficiently awful: He repeatedly called a deaf actress “retarded,” three sources tell The Daily Beast.
    Trump, who was accused on Wednesday of making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, an Oscar-winning actress who once competed on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, also apparently had a habit of insulting, mimicking, and demeaning as mentally handicapped his star female contestant—all because she was deaf.
    In 2011, Matlin, who is still the only deaf actor or actress to win an Academy Award for best actress, appeared on Trump’s NBC reality-TV series. By the end of the season, she had come in second place and earned her fair share of compliments from Trump in the aired footage. But according to three longtime staffers who worked on Matlin’s season of Celebrity Apprentice, Trump would regularly disrespect the actress and would even treat her as if she were mentally disabled.

    Sometimes the insults would be behind her back; other times they would be right in front of her.
    Due to extensive non-disclosure agreements signed by members involved with the production, every one of the sources asked to be quoted anonymously for fear of legal retribution.
    “[Trump] would often equate that she was mentally retarded,” said one source, who described how kind Matlin and her interpreter Jack Jason were....

    .... “Watching him in the boardroom making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, to all of the women on The Apprentice, it was obvious that that’s just a part of who he is,” Hatch told People magazine this week. “It was obvious and it was grotesque. It was blatant and it was frequent. He did it with Lisa Rinna; he did it with Marlee Matlin. He did it with whomever happened to be there at the time… He did it in front of Ivanka [Trump, his daughter]. That was not just uncomfortable for me. It was weird.”
    “He doesn’t engage with women normally,” Hatch later told ET. “I think he thinks he’s complimenting people, when he’s practically drooling… My guess would be that he would describe it as flirting.”....

  20. Anonymous5:48 PM

    One of those was an attack on Academy Award winning actress Marlee Matlin, who Trump called “retarded.”“He took her deafness as a some kind of [mental] handicap.”

  21. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Obama, you can't Propose NASA cuts AND salute NASA attire.

  22. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Thank you Rachel, for showing Mrs Obama, Michelle.

  23. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Michelle 2020!

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      I'm in. Obama 2020

  24. puckpuckpuck5:51 PM

    OT, but:

    Trump uses "r" word (sorry, I find it too malicious/vile to repeat) describing Marlee Matlin.

    Can't wait to see how Sarah ties herself and the English language in knots responding to this one...

    1. Anonymous8:26 PM

      It's satire when the Donald says it, doncha know!

  25. Anonymous6:15 PM

    One of the best speeches I have ever heard anywhere, anytime, from anyone.

    She was PISSED.

    She beat that boy like a borrowed mule.

    1. Anonymous9:03 PM

      Because she spoke from the heart.

      Assholes like Trump never think beyond their insular world. Assholes like Trump never faced poverty or sacrifice for their country and what it means to be a real American.

      He dodged the draft because of a bullshit complaint while my 120 husband carried a 60 pound backpack faught in the the first Cav in Vietnam. He got the bronze medal while he was at it but has suffered ever since.He will be the first one to tell you he did not put his ass on the line for some spoiled ego maniac to run for President like some kind of reality tv show prize.

      Trump is a coward and a chicken shit and has no business being in charge of our troops. Our troops are on the line, are sons and daughters. If he is insulted what the hell would he do? This man has no stop valve . He has no clue what war is or means or the price real soldiers pay he is like a little kid playing dress up.

      To put it bluntly he is at least naive at worst insane.Please vote.

    2. Anonymous3:03 AM

      I agree, Old Redneck. I would describe Michelle Obama's speech as one of the most powerful political speeches ever made in this country. She really spoke from her heart and she was saying things that many of us have been thinking ever since Donald Trump emerged on the national political scene. It was a cathartic experience for us all, but especially for us women. We really needed her words and her passion.

  26. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I was fortunate enough to lend my professional skills as a Teleprompter Operator for FLOTUS today!! I'm so excited by all the attention the speech has gotten! It was awesome!

  27. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Women and Men are Thankful and Grateful today. Famous and Important people stood up for the millions without a voice. We are stronger together. We can stop the abuse. Yes we can. Thank you G and media.

  28. Sarah Palin could be one of McCains political regrets6:49 PM

    AUDIO: John McCain Warns Volunteers About Backlash Over Dropping Trump

    ""I do what I believe is right. I am a loyal Republican, but I also have an obligation to the people of Arizona whether they're Republican or Democratic or whatever," McCain said. “So I know that you are going to get a lot of feedback on the phone about my decision, and all I can tell you my dear friends is there are times in my political life when I've done things for political reasons, I’ve always regretted it. When I’ve done things because they were the right thing to do, I’ve never regretted it. "

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      And that's the closest thing you'll ever get to an apology from him for inflicting "when does the statute of limitations end on questions" infliction of Palin on this country. He regrets it, as damn well he should.

      You go, Michelle!

    2. Anonymous1:17 AM

      I think McCain had better have a really long talk with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      Then, after his lesson in Country before Party, he can apologize for inflicting Sarah Palin on us right before he withdraws his endorsement of Donald Trump.

  29. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Michele Obama is "a National Treasure". Her grace and dignity and ability to relate is too rare in public figures. She encourages strength and courage. I am 73. I have stories I have never told. Sad. I am a grown professional woman...and yet. Sad. Trump will not be elected. However, Beware of a wounded,rabid animal. He and his spawn will not go quietly. The struggle will continue for the soul of this country. Vote, and take others to vote, if needed. All in.
    mermaid Michele

  30. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Every woman out there has felt being judged. Think of High school days if you were cute you got the dates but if you stood up for yourself you were labeled as a bitch.

    Trump is a High School bully who is so immature he has to marry a cheerleader to build his ego. I have no respect for Melania Trump. She allowed herself to be used for the money. This is not First Lady material here folks.

    She has stayed in the background like some kind of Stepford wife with no opinion. She shows up as eye candy when needed. Her whole damn life has been to feed her idiot husbands ego.

    What a miserable life she must lead, always having to feed her pig husbands ego.

    Plastic surgery, botox and boob jobs while her husband is a fat bald pig with a combover to hide his bald head.I rate Donald as a 1. Lets rate old Donald like he rates women.

    Sad. Many people are saying it. I have heard that many people are saying that he has to take viagra to .. well many people are saying it.

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      She IS a Stepford wife and will never be First Lady!

  31. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Michelle Obama just raised up all the women out there who have lived being judged by looks. She has been called an Ape, she has been called Chewbacca because she is tall.

    She has been slammed for her size and for her looks for eight years! She knows what it means to be judged. Her daughters wont have plastic surgery and sell stupid shakes to feel good about themselves. Her daughters will have a value system and and education.

    The Obama's have been nothing but class and hard work and they knew the pressure of being the first black family in the White House.

    Think about that. All that pressure and taking all the crap they have from being called a Muslim to being told the White House needs to be fumigated because they are black.

    And the low rent low IQ rally around an idiot like Trump who cant take any critisism whatsoever.

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      I've been awed by the grace and dignity they've shown through the vileness directed towards them. I've also been a bit pissed by it. I've thought, "Stand up for yourselves, goddammit!!!" Now they're in the homestretch, and they're telling it like it is (check out President Obama's "swamp of crazy" speech). Eight years of pent up rage is just starting to bubble to the surface. But we all know that if the prospect of a President Trump weren't so dangerous, they'd still be keeping their emotions under wraps.

  32. Anonymous8:32 PM

    OT - where is Palin's outrage ?

    Donald Trump Called Deaf ‘Apprentice’ Marlee Matlin ‘Retarded,’ Three Staffers Say

  33. Anonymous9:06 PM

    So Bill kristol and glenn back accepted money from clinton foundation?

  34. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Meanwhile Donald has declared himself the savior to civilization. I can't stop laughing. How's this old racist, sexist fart gonna save the world? He's gonna sell us out to Putin and save his shiny lil empire. I swear, it was like listening to Hitler word for word. And I couldn't see but his base was cheering like crazy. Who are these people? And Jerry Falwell Jr? I am totally turned off by the so called Christians here in America. Remember it was Christians who aided and abetted Hitler back in the day. Did anyone feel remorse from back then? Nope. Instead, they kept Hitler and his putrid ideas alive, and Donald is the torch carrier. But, let's be clear, Putin will be worst than Hitler.

  35. Anonymous9:22 PM

    When the time comes for Barack Obama to leave the White House, one of the things we'll have to thank him for is Michelle Obama. I have no doubt that having Michelle by his side is a big part of the reason he ran for president.

  36. Anonymous10:05 PM

    On Reuters, Putin advises us Americans to vote for Trump or face a nuclear war. In Florida Trump has shown his true self with a little help from Ailes, and Bannon. He is the one who will stop the destruction of civilization. Pardon me, but Trump is not my idea of a hero. That dirty old man. And Putin can go fuck himself. I am not afraid of him. If assholes like him ran this world, then we as humans don't deserve this beautiful planet.

    1. Anonymous1:40 AM

      Trump spawn will continue his agenda.they are peas.the pods are in place. Not over with the election unfortunately. Vote and register others to vote. Mermaid Michele

  37. What Old Redneck said, indeed.

    Michelle Obama is Trump's nemesis just as surely as Hillary Clinton is. His downfall times two, his worst nightmare, women who are smarter, stronger, more determined, more powerful than he is.

    Women he cannot have. Women who reject him and his tiny hands.

  38. Anita Winecooler3:48 PM

    First lady Obama, without even mentioning his name, had put into words what I (and I suppose many other women, wives, mothers) have felt all along. She was perfect, what I liked best was how she fanned herself walking away from the mic. We've seen her girls grow up into two fine young women who are loved and valued for their brains, what Donald's doing is a disgrace.


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