Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Harvard poll finds Millennials turning out in large numbers for Hillary Clinton.

Courtesy of Harvard IOP: 

A new national poll of America’s 18 to 29 year olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, finds Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 28%. Clinton captured 49% of likely young voters’ support while Trump received 21% in a four-way race. Gary Johnson garnered 14% and Jill Stein received 5%, with 11% remaining undecided. Clinton is also polling ahead of President Obama’s 2012 polling numbers among key groups within this demographic. 

The IOP’s newest poll results – its 31st major poll release since 2000 – also show that a majority of 18 to 29 year olds are fearful about the future of America. When asked about the future of the country, 51% of young Americans feel “fearful” and 20% feel “hopeful.” 

49% of 18 to 29 year olds indicate that they will “definitely be voting” in this election, one point higher than the 48% who indicated the same in 2012. Notably, 51% of young females indicate they will definitely vote (up from 45% in 2012), whereas 47% of young males indicate the same (down from 51% in 2012). Compared to 2012, young Hispanics are 8 percentage points more likely to vote (2016: 39%; 2012: 31%), Independents are 7 points more likely (2016: 36%; 2012: 29%), while Republicans are 9 percentage points less likely to vote in the upcoming election (2016: 56%; 2012: 65%). 

When likely voters were asked their preferences in a four-way match up, Clinton received 49% of the vote, compared to Trump’s 21%, Johnson’s 14%, and Stein’s 5%. 11% indicated that they were still undecided. In a two-way match-up between Clinton and Trump, Clinton received 59% to Trump’s 25% among likely voters. Comparing these results to Obama’s position in the Harvard IOP Fall 2012 survey, Clinton is performing better among female voters (+14), white voters.

 Well that has to be welcome news for the Clinton campaign, especially after there was so much talk of Bernie supporters going third party or simply skipping the election out of frustration.

I also find it interesting that there seem to be slightly higher numbers in this demographic planning to vote, than came out in support of Obama back in 2012.

That is a little surprising considering how inspirational many found his presidency.

In other news it appears that there might actually be a landslide in this election cycle.
307 to 174 according to Fox News?

If this is how this election plays out it will DESTROY Donald Trump's brand possibly forever, and send shock waves through the Republican party that will shake it to its core. 

Personally I think those are more than adequate reasons to make sure that this is exactly how the election plays out.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Barstool is letting her dumb kid drive now.

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      How soon before he starts on oxycontin?

    2. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Oh that will never happen on account of his highly educated father and stepmother!

    3. Anonymous8:16 PM

      @6:45 PM His uneducated drug addict/woman beating Uncle Track will train him to be just like Uncle Track.

    4. 6:45pm
      Sunny and Levi may not be 'highly' educated, but they love this little boy unconditionally, and THAT, my friend, just may keep Tripp from the cesspool of addiction and maladaptive behaviours that define his mother's family background.
      That, AND a killer work ethic that both Sunny and Levi exhibit. We all know none of the Payme's can get a real job.

    5. Anonymous3:45 AM

      Not her second or third kid, the Junker baby. She is standing in Bristol's lap, clutching a steering wheel.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Oh no's, we have been repeatedly told for a year that this would never happen and we shouldn't support Hillary Clinton because of it.

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I just read that the millennials aren't boycotting Ivanka's products like other women are. Bummer. But if they vote for Hillary, cool.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      I doubt millenials are buying a lot of her overpriced sweat shop produced products.

    2. Anonymous8:54 PM

      Oh come on, nothing she offers is "overpriced" Her dresses and shoes are in the $99-150 range, average priced crap for the average consumer.

      It's not as if she's selling on the level of Hermes or Louboutin , she sells cheap shit at cheap stores that average people can afford..Her brand is crap.

  4. The millennials I know make me proud! Thanks, Obama!

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Get out and VOTE, people!
    We know nothing until November 8th when returns pour in!

  6. Anonymous5:26 PM

    The Polls — All Of Them — Show Hillary Clinton Leading

    Which means Donald Trump is losing.

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Unfortunately, I keep hearing Trump's ahead again in FLA, by 2. And what gives, Ohio?! My home state. I can't believe it's looking like Trump turf. Groan.

  7. Anonymous5:37 PM

    ANd Weld, JOhnson's VP just threw support to Clinton:

    So that would be 28 + 14 = 42% lead for Clinton?

    1. Anonymous8:33 PM

      Weld seems to be a pretty decent guy. And smarter than the top of his ticket.

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      That gives her one more vote, Weld's. Maybe Johnson's too.

      But a lot of the Libertarians will stay Libertarian or not vote. The majority of their supporters were Trump protesters. The anti-Trump aren't going to vote for Hillary. They'll simply vote for Johnson/Weld as a protest or they won't vote at all. They certainly won't vote for Stein.

      It's a myth that the majority of Bernie supporters went to Johnson or that his support is mostly Bernie supporters.

  8. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Donny and Co. are showing their down and dirty side by throwing all the poop in their gilded cages Hillary's way. Newt proved that last night. Gads, I was never a Newt fan but he, Guiliani, and Trump are just dried up old men fighting. Fighting for what? To stay on top of the rung. Moves over asshats, the Hillarys, and Megyns are tired of waiting their turn while you fumble to put one more viagra in your mouths.

    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      The Trump brand is destroyed, pure and simple. If they didn't know so, why everything changed to Scion? People have short term memory? I sure as hell don't.

    2. Anonymous2:14 AM

      Guess who's paying for all that viagra for these over the hill old men?
      All us taxpayers.
      You can forget about contraception being covered, it's a SIN doncha know, but broke-dick pills for 70 year olds, now THAT'S SOMETHIN!

  9. Anonymous6:22 PM


    By Sean Sullivan, Ed O'Keefe and Katie Zezima PoliticsOctober 26 at 8:45 PM

    CHARLOTTE — Donald Trump on Wednesday pledged what he called a “new deal for black America” as he attempted to make late inroads with a voting bloc that polling shows favors Democrat Hillary Clinton by a vast margin.

    “I will be your greatest champion,” Trump said during an campaign rally here. “I will never ever take the African American community for granted. Never, ever.” (FORGOT "AGAIN")


    1. Anonymous7:01 PM


    2. Anonymous7:38 PM

      Who is he trying to kid? Of course you will, Donnie, we know who you are.

      Oh...and Georgia Peach? I still say OAFMMc stands for "Oh, and fuck MaMcGriz." :)

    3. Anonymous8:31 PM

      Oh...and Georgia Peach? I still say OAFMMc stands for "Oh, and fuck MaMcGriz." :)


  10. Sharon7:23 PM

    What I really don't understand, maybe it's just me but.....whenever I see Trump at a rally he just yells negative things, about everyone. There is never anything positive, any policy, any anything about what he will do. Why does anyone put him on TV at all? That bullshit with Meghan Kelly with Newt last night was so stupid...between Trump, Newt & Guilliani they have the corner on adultery enough for a baseball team! Clinton is a man whore sure, but a predator? Seems like all those women chased him....I can't imagine anyone chasing those creepy 3. If you watched Lawrence tonight, he had the guest explaining how Trump will just screw the government on paying for his new DC hotel (major discounts on rooms as they are desperate for bookings)as he paid way too much. Marriott warned them he would default, which is how Trump works...we should see those headlines soon. He is already changing name on rest of his hotels...imagine every little item from soap to shampoo has TRUMP on it. I guess Ivanka will enjoy great sales on all her overpriced krap too.

    I just wish this country would wake up and stop electing the GOP...they are setting up worse obstruction than Obama had. No one seems to understand all the gridlock in Washington is the GOP. Even if we take back the Senate...we still need 60 because of the filibusterer.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      They don't care about anything but a Wall. They've taken sides, and it's "us against them". They see Trump's failings as a fumble, but they don't waiver in their support for their team. Win no matter what.

      I thought we were one country, hiring someone to lead us?

    2. Anonymous11:04 AM

      He says wonderful things about himself.

      Haven't you heard? He has the greatest health ever. He knows more about Isis than the generals. He's the best businessman ever. He'll build a wall and fix the economy. Only HE can fix it.

      He'll be the best president ever.

  11. Anonymous7:40 PM

    The internet generation voted for Obama and they'll vote for Hillary Clinton. Trumpers prefer to keep themselves uninformed, like that little bunch at the pond with their fingers in their ears planning Sarah Palin's swearing-in as [insert job here].

  12. Anonymous7:56 PM

    She'll take the solid, leaning and Arizona, Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina. Evan McMullin with take Utah.

    Trump will keep Texas and Georgia, but he'll win them with the narrowest margin ever for a Republican.

    Even if Trump got every one of the toss ups, he's still lose. Hillary has 307. You'd think even Trump could do that math.

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM

      Guess you won't really know till election day.

  13. Anonymous9:01 PM

    rump telling Roderick he wanted to “marry” her and talking about how badly he wanted to “fuck” the Playboy model with the “perfect body” and gorgeous “tits,” three former Apprentice employees tell The Daily Beast.“Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” Trump lasciviously replied, making a blowjob joke that less than three years after the show’s initial airing would become political news. (Trump buddy Piers Morgan, a judge on that episode, chuckled along with the host in response.)When the cameras weren’t rolling, Trump’s language and comments on the Playboy model would get more graphic.
    “I would fuck her, take her now,” She definitely became something of a sexual obsession to him, and everyone could see it… Again, that wasn’t shocking to anyone on the show. At that point, after many years, it was just him being Trump.” It was a daily thing! It was like nothing was on his mind except for sex.”

  14. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I don't really know any millennials but hey, good for you guys! If those people can get the country back on track then I'm a fan.

  15. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Inside Edition did a sting on hotels and housekeeping changing sheets and pillowcases. Trump's new hotel passed on the sheets and pillowcases but NOT on the bathrobe. For $900 a night, you'd think they'd get it right. Of course, Trump is having trouble with his contract so maybe he hired scabs that aren't doing their jobs.

    That's not his only problem. Apparently he has the stupidest bar in that hotel.

    "Why is this cocktail bar so insane? Well, probably because Trump is going to have to go to some great lengths to recoup the investment he’s made in this hotel. As Fortune’s Jennifer Wang reports, when the General Services Administration first made the property available for redevelopment, Trump won the right to refurbish Washington’s iconic Old Post Office by sensationally overbidding his rivals."

    "Since then, Trump has faced numerous setbacks, some of them self-inflicted. As Wang reports, Trump’s anti-immigrant positions so repulsed Jose Andres and Geoffrey Zakarian, the chefs who’d agreed to open restaurants at the hotel, that they subsequently backed out of the deal. (Litigation is pending.) Trump got another restaurateur to take one of the spaces, in a contract less favorable to Trump than his original deals. The other space is being transformed into about 5,000 or 6,000 square feet of conference space ― which will only generate revenue if the 30,000-some-odd square feet of conference facilities that were already there are filled.

    Wang also reports that Trump has not been able to rent his hotel rooms at the preferred rate, instead having to offer them at “heavily discounted prices,” which a Trump spokesperson puts down to simple market fluctuations. "

    Yeah, those $900 a night rooms are going for half that now. Not that they're worth half either. Not when they're charging $30 for a single drink in the bar. Imagine what a dinner would cost.

    He's made the same mistake he always makes. He WANTED this property and he spent too much to get it, then spent to much to renovate it which took way too long.

    He isn't going to be able to recoup his investment no matter how much money he charges for drinks or rooms.

    This place will go bankrupt within the year. Even using his political campaign to hawk his new hotel.

    (How many openings is he going to have?)

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      I don't trust hotels.

      I spill a drink on my bed that way the maid has to come up and replace linens and I remain in the room while she does, that way I know that the linens are fresh.

      I also travel with my own pillow cases, because they don't often replace the pillows, even in nice rooms, and the thought of sleeping on someone else's drool makes me want to have that extra layer of protection.

    2. Anonymous3:07 PM

      His followers are more in the "motel six" or tractor trailor lot crowd. The menu is a riot. What's smashed Avocado and how is it different than guacamole? Liverwurst? Seriously???? So glad he realizes the value of his name is lower than dirt, and his daughter, the ever hawt and popular Ivanka, calls it "Scion". And people made fun of Jeb using an exclamation point. Time to dump daddy and go off on your own, Ivanka, before the nervous breakdown.

  16. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Omg, news talking about clinton foundation and money, did we not see sarah's funny accounting and postal money orders?! Omg why don't they scrutinize all PACs. Please these money holders do all the same, politicians do all the same. Like only clintons do stuff with opm. Isn't that donnie way. I just know don the con will harm the US.

  17. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I'm also glad we know via wikileaks about her. I am still voting for her. Better than a crazy person. I would go to sleep with worry everyday with if crazy is elected. Muskets or not.

  18. Anonymous3:26 PM

    GOOD !!! IF CHUMP LOOSES, BETTER YET !!! And for your threats, bring if you got it Chump.


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