Thursday, October 27, 2016

Okay so did anybody else notice that the VP for the Libertarian party now seems to be a surrogate for Hillary Clinton?

Courtesy of TPM: 

Accepting that his presidential bid will fail, Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld on Tuesday obliquely urged voters to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

In a Tuesday statement addressed to "those in the electorate who remain torn between two so-called major party candidates," the former Massachusetts governor told Republicans not to vote for the GOP nominee out of “fear for our country.” 

“After careful observation and reflection, I have come to believe that Donald Trump, if elected President of the United States, would not be able to stand up to this pressure and this criticism without becoming unhinged and unable to perform competently the duties of his office,” he said at a Boston press conference. 

Weld ticks off a long list of what he sees as Trump’s flaws, including his childish response to criticism, divisive rhetoric about immigrants and minorities, instability, and lack of familiarity with policy.

Here is a link to Weld's entire statement. 

I have little use for Gary Johnson, but I have to admit that this Bill Weld guy is pretty impressive.

In the past he has also openly shared his admiration for Hillary Clinton and has stated that she would make a fine President.

I have no idea what this means for the Libertarian ticket moving forward, but I bet that Bill Weld just made Donald Trump's list of folks he wants to sue after this election.


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Trump’s Campaign Backfires As Hillary Clinton Attracts Millions of New Voters

    Donald Trump promised that he would bring millions of new Republicans voters into the election, but polling in swing states shows that it is Hillary Clinton who is getting new voters out to support her.

    The Dream Team Of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Fire Democrats Up In North Carolina

    Hillary Clinton spoke first and delivered a speech that was offered glowing praise for President and First Lady Obama. Clinton’s happiness and relaxed nature have never been more obvious on the campaign trail.

    Clip of Hillary Clinton talking about Michelle Obama:

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM


    At least two more NFL owners gave to Trump: the New York Jets' Woody Johnson ($100,000), who was Jeb Bush's national finance chairman in the primaries, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Edward Glazer ($55,400). Glazer also gave $5,400 to Clinton.
    Clinton has donations from some high-profile sports names, including boxing legend Muhammad Ali (before his death), Hall of Famers Magic Johnson and Hank Aaron, ex-New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, tennis legend Billie Jean King and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin

    These 58 sports figures donated money to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump see link beliw

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I don't think this will gain Hillary many votes.

    I don't think the Libertarians take direction from anyone. I also think that any supporters they gained this year were mostly anti-Trump voters who would never vote for Hillary. Johnson and Weld were their third party protest votes. They'll probably still vote for them. Or if they are offended over this endorsement, they just won't vote at all.

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Obama Was Right About Republican Extremism All Along

    They should've listened to his warnings about the dangers of right-wing rhetoric. Now they're going to pay for it.

    Hillary Clinton Is Fighting. Donald Trump Is Folding.

    The end of this campaign speaks volumes about how much each candidate really wants the presidency.

    Republicans Are Inventing Clinton Scandals to Save Their Shattered Party

    This is about political self-preservation, not governmental oversight.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Republicans’ Worst Nightmare Isn’t What They Think It Is

    Donald Trump might refuse to concede defeat. But he could do something much worse to the GOP.

    ...Trump’s antics are forcing Republicans to confront a nightmare scenario in which they underperform the polls, which are already ominous for down-ballot GOP candidates. But the truly horrifying scenario for them is one they probably haven’t thought of yet, and it isn’t that Trump refuses to concede when Clinton defeats him.

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Let’s Watch Michelle Obama And Hillary Clinton Being Awesome Together RIGHT NOW!

    HEY YOU GUYS, WATCH THIS NOW! Your first lady, Michelle Obama, is campaigning with your next president, Hillary Clinton, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina RIGHT NOW! Remember how badass Michelle Obama was a few weeks back, when she campaigned in New Hampshire for Hillary and laid Donald Trump ON HIS ASS? We bet this will be really super duper kick-ass good too!

    Let’s watch it together, and if your first lady makes history again with her speech, we will write a new post about it! Hooray! Video time! Fun!

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Joe Arpaio goes to trial for criminal contempt on Dec. 6.

    One can only hope that by that time he will be former Sheriff Arpaio.

    1. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Hateful POS, Arpaio. I want him in the pink underwear he makes the prisoners wear and eating bread and water, too. How he has gotten away with the lack of decent care for those men in his desert tent prison is beyond me. These kinds of places have got to be closed down. I'm glad Hillary's for it.

  8. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Add Clarence Thomas to the list of gropers. (Like we didn't know). Of course, he's denying it.

    1. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Yep, we always knew he was a pig. There must be other women who could step forward. I hope they do. right now, I'm wishing there was more on Trump accusers. Things have gone quiet. And last I heard, a writer was working on the Trump underage sex party story some more to get plenty of backed-up content to share, but now I'm wondering if it will happen.

  9. Anonymous1:10 PM

    OH and "FUCK Mitch McConnell"< For GeorgiePeach
    "Donald Trump said EXACTLY what the ENTIRE Republican Party has been saying for the last 24 years.We have power and we don’t care what America wants. We don’t care what people vote for? We don’t care how many petitions or phone calls, or letters to your Congressmen."

    johnnie McShame too.

    1. Anonymous1:50 PM

      "They're going to shuffle Donald Trump off the stage, blame him for himself, and then go right back to the serious work of seriously delegitimizing another Democratic president. The Republican party is as committed to subverting the will of the people as it ever was." <TREASON.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      @1:10 Lol. Glad you agree.

      @1:50 Well, they're going to try, but there's too much information, too many shameful moments captured and forever preserved. Their histories are going to bury them.

      And fuck Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Newt, who gives salamanders a bad name.


  10. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I was always going to vote for Hillary but I actually did like the Libertarian duo this time around and was so bummed by the Aleppo moment and when Chris Matthews stumped them with a question about admired foreign leaders. I'd heard Weld say good things about hill before and am glad to once again.

    Last night on Lawrence O'Donnell there was a segment that touched on the fact that Trump's new hotel has had to slash its prices. Dana Milbank has been keeping up with all the developments. Here's his latest:

  11. Anonymous1:33 PM

    More PUSSY, PuSSy puSSy RIOT:

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Everyone MUST SEE THAT^!
      "Make American Great Again"-Video!

    2. Anonymous1:54 PM

      "Both Trump and Putin also don’t seem to hold women in very high regard, to say the least. They possess very patriarchal mindsets and view women as subservient to men."

  12. Anonymous1:39 PM


    1. DONALD TRUMP is suing all the women who falsely accused him of sexual abuse after the election.


    "They were lies, and as I said before, all the accusations, they should be handled in a court of law." She explained that she wants the lawsuits against the female accusers to move forward. "I believe that, because to accuse somebody without evidence it's very hurtful and it's very damaging and unfair

    3. THEN .... wait one ....


    Donald Trump is denying the accounts of at least a dozen women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. But the lawsuit-loving businessman is no longer committed to suing them


    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Discovery: A formal request by one party in a lawsuit to disclose information or FACTS KNOWN by other parties or witnesses.
      Drumpf can NOT afford that, The TRUTH!

    2. Anonymous12:40 AM

      My guess is he wants to avoid a deposition about this subject.

      The parties, the cocaine, the underage drinking, the underage girls, EVERYTHING.

      Can you imagine what would happen if the victims were deposed under oath and asked about his "man parts"? That can be acceptable in a rape trial, if for no other reason than to identify that it was Trump and he really did expose himself. I mean, how would the girls be able to describe in detail....if he didn't....."

      His lawyers duct taped him to a chair and and circled him, screaming "YOU DUMB FUCK, SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

      But I expect in a few days, weeks, he'll be back on the sue them track.

  13. Anonymous1:49 PM

    THREE GIRLS ARE NOW SUING DONALD TRUMP and they are not alone

    Line up girls.... we were here first.

    YouTube video!

  14. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Oath Keepers Founder Says ‘Undercover’ Poll Watching Effort Won’t Intimidate Voters
    The right-wing group will be looking out for “busloads” of voters to make sure the election isn’t “stolen.”

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Fuck them.

  15. Anonymous2:03 PM

    In an in-depth interview, Sanders offers a candid and passionate assessment of Trump, Clinton, and the future of his movement.

  16. Anonymous2:37 PM

    4 New Polls Suggest That Republicans Are On The Cusp Of A Total Election Disaster

  17. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Elizabeth Warren Exposed Hillary Clinton as Huge Phony Years Ago.

    Now of course, she has since sold out and is part and parcel of the Clinton syndicate too.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Piss off.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Nobody's interested in your crap except you.

      And your slimy puddle needs you.

    3. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Piss off for what, posting a video of Warren's own words lol?

      Clinton will continue to kick the can down the road and sell out middle class America. Don't forget, I warned ya. That is a lot more than Gryphen is doing, hell he is one of Hillary's many many pied pipers.

  18. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Win 5

  19. Bill Weld is indeed an impressive man. He is one of the most extraordinary persons to hold elected office in my lifetime. He is (like our current President, John Kerry, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan) that rare politician who possess not only practical intelligence but also that amorphous thing we call intellect. The man reads books. GOOD books, not best seller list garbage. And (best of all) for pleasure!

    When Weld ran against Kerry for Senate twenty years ago they held a series of debates throughout the Commonwealth. These forums are all uploaded to YouTube, and I would invite anyone here to watch them, because they are truly edifying stuff: two erudite men discoursing an a high plane, an incredibly rare thing in today's debased political culture. Most debates we see nowadays are trite and sound bite driven, full of platitudes and disingenuous nonsense. Weld and Kerry put on a seminar that is probably as close to Lincoln and Douglas that we will ever get in the present age.

    Having Weld in her corner is a big deal for Hillary. It will probably increase her margins in Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire. His reputation in the Northeast, even among progressives, is excellent. He was for marriage equality and legal marijuana even before Howard Dean took these positions, and he also has an outstanding record on ecological issues. In his first gubernatorial election, he proudly championed a liberal line on social issues against a culturally conservative Catholic Democrat, the late John Silver, philosopher and Chancellor of Boston University.

    I hope HRC nominated him to be Ambassador to Mexico and rights the injustice done to him by Jesse Helms back in the late nineties.

  20. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hillary Clinton has brought together Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and What's-in-it-for-mes.

    Yet the idiot GOP still hopefully call her divisive.

    1. Anonymous12:34 AM

      Until she's sworn in.

      Then immediately after the inaugural, all of the Republicans in the House and Senate will swear a vow to obstruct her at every turn AND keep her constantly testifying in one investigation after another until they can impeach her.


  21. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Misogynist Donald Trump is Hemorrhaging Evangelical Women Voters

  22. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Bernie Sanders Says What The Media Won’t: Trump Is A Gutless Political Coward


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