Wednesday, October 26, 2016

President Obama reads mean tweets.

Okay, now that last one was funny.

Damn, am I going to miss this guy running my country.

By the way I hate to burst Doanld Trump's bubble but I am extremely confident that history will judge Barack Obama to be one of the very best Presidents this country has ever produced.


  1. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Donald Trump destroyed the Trump name, hotel chain, Ivanka's brand and name and the Republican Party.

    Paul Ryan and allies brace for fallout in leadership race from Trump backers

    Regardless of what happens on Election Day, Ryan is in a difficult situation given the deep divisions in the Republican Party. He has become a target of Trump's grassroots supporters, and there is some concern among members that if Trump loses outside groups could try to put pressure on GOP offices to dump Ryan as speaker, especially if they don't like the outcome of the year-end spending bill Congress will take up....

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM


  2. Anonymous5:22 AM

    OCT 25 2016, 9:41 PM ET

    'Not Wanted': Black Applicants Rejected for Trump Housing Speak Out

    In 1973, New York City school teacher Annette Gandy Fortt was looking for a decent place to live. A listing for an apartment in a building owned by Donald Trump's father, Fred, caught her eye — but she says the super told her there were no units available.

    "I was black," Fortt said recently. "I was not wanted."

    It wasn't just a gut feeling. After Fortt was turned away from the Queens apartment building twice, the New York City Human Rights Commission sent a white person to the property to apply for an apartment — and the tester was offered the apartment, according to court papers.

    The commission took on Fortt's case, and she says a young Donald Trump appeared with a lawyer at a hearing on behalf of the family real estate company, Trump Management.

    Her case also became part of a federal racial discrimination lawsuit filed by the Justice Department against Donald and Fred Trump that was resolved with a consent decree two years later in which they agreed to terms aimed at preventing discrimination.

    That lawsuit is the basis of a new video from Hillary Clinton's campaign, released Tuesday. The video, which features a tearful interview with a retired nurse who says she was denied an apartment, notes that while the racial discrimination allegations began when Fred Trump was running the company, they persisted after his son became president of the firm.

    Trump denies the company discriminated against blacks.


    1. Anonymous7:33 AM

      We must remember that Donald Trump loves African Americans. He said so.

  3. Anonymous5:30 AM

    It's in Donald Trump's blood.
    Pu$$y is in his blood.
    Pu$$y in the blood was handed down to him by his grandpa.

    Trump’s Family Fortune Originated in a Canadian Gold-Rush Brothel

    Donald Trump’s grandfather Friedrich Trump ran a restaurant, bar, and brothel in British Columbia.
    By Natalie Obiko Pearson | October 26, 2016

    1. Anonymous7:35 AM

      And the customers paid in gold dust. It's interesting, isn't it, that when Grandpa Drumpf wanted to return to the US after not being allowed to return to Germany where he was considered a draft dodger, he did not say that he was a brothel owner. I think he would have been denied re-entry to the US then.

    2. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Irony much with what Trump has said about immigrants?

  4. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Yes because a good president says for years his HCr bill is great then right when he is leaving office says it's awful.

    1. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Bad trolling is bad. So sad. Get meds!

  5. Anonymous8:05 AM

    This is mean: Pay BACK to ME-$20,000.00

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    "going to miss this guy "


  7. Anonymous8:40 AM

    President Obama has been my favorite president. The coolest. After him, anyone else would pale. No pun intended.

  8. Anonymous2:25 PM

    That was funny, but no Grift, it's not your country. It's ours.


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