Sunday, October 02, 2016

The New York Times reveals Donald Trump's 1995 tax returns, and let's just say he lost "bigly."

Hey, who hasn't lost 916 million in one year? Right?
Courtesy of the New York Times:

Donald J. Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years, records obtained by The New York Times show. 

The 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, derived from the financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City casinos, his ill-fated foray into the airline business and his ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. 

Tax experts hired by The Times to analyze Mr. Trump’s 1995 records said that tax rules especially advantageous to wealthy filers would have allowed Mr. Trump to use his $916 million loss to cancel out an equivalent amount of taxable income over an 18-year period.

Somebody will have to explain to me how anybody would think that a guy who lost 916 million in one year is supposed to know how to "fix" the American economy?

Or how a guy who may not have paid taxes for eighteen years (And let's not play games here, if Trump did not HAVE to pay those taxes we know he did NOT pay those taxes.) understands anything about raising or lowering taxes in this country?

Actually Trump himself answered that, while making no attempt to defend himself against the accusations in the New York Times article.
Yeah if anybody actually believes that Donald Trump does his own taxes or understands the complexities of the tax code, well you are probably dumb enough to be a Trump supporter.

Remember during the debate that when Hillary suggested the reason Trump refused to reveal his tax returns might be because he has not paid any taxes, he replied with "That makes me smart."

Well how does one make the case that losing 916 million dollars in one year and then having their accountants take advantage of a tax break for rich people makes them smart?

And let's not forget that Trump needed several banks to bail him out only five years earlier:

Developer Donald Trump`s four leading bank lenders tentatively agreed Tuesday to lend him $65 million and defer interest and principal payments on about $850 million of his nearly $2 billion of debt for five years, said people involved in the talks. 

The leading bank lenders-Citibank, Bankers Trust, Chase Manhattan Bank and Manufacturers Hanover-now must persuade other loan syndicates to approve the new loan package. 

That loan package was approved, not because Trump is such a good businessman, but because if his  business had failed it would have caused a financial crisis for his lenders.

These banks also put Trump on an allowance to keep him from making any more disastrous financial decisions. Apparently that was only a temporary fix as five years later he seems to have lost almost a billion dollars.

This guy has no idea what it is like for regular tax paying Americans working hard to put food on their table and care for their families in this country.

He is a giant overfed child playing a game of Monopoly with real buildings and real money, and with a get out of jail free card grasped firmly in his tiny sweaty hands. 


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I love how Trump and his followers have forgotten all about their Christian beliefs during this election.

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      CINO christian in name only. Just a bunch of phony's. Beware, lots of folks prey on the flocks of the inept.

    2. Anonymous11:12 AM

      What Christian beliefs?

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Trump has declared bankruptcy at least 6 times. Many of those bankruptcies were casinos. Casinos are those businesses where "the house never loses" due to rules and mathematical probabilities that are rigged in favor of the house. So Trump can't even win when the system is rigged in his favor, yet he always claims that if he loses it is because the system is rigged against him.

    Trump is a huge failure as a businessman. The Trump brand is the brand of failure.

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Just this week another of his casinos declared bankruptcy. And, around the time of the GOP convention, one of his Las Vegas casinos declared bankruptcy. Trump - a good businessman; what a joke!

    2. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Exactly! How do you lose money on a casino?

    3. Anonymous10:07 AM

      LOTS HERE regarding the Casinos!

  3. Hedgewytch8:57 AM

    Trump supporters think that if Trump becomes President he'll make them all rich (by raising the taxes on the rich??) - this is the level of cognitive dissonance that is driving his supporters.

    1. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Really they don't care what he does as long as he nominates an anti-abortion supreme court justice.

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Gosh, now why would Trump fix the tax code so that he would have to pay taxes? Only a trump supporter would buy that argument.

    I still say there is something illegal or fishy in his tax returns.

    They are spinning this too much and threatening to sue the newspaper over something that is legal.

    There must be something else besides not paying taxes in those returns, otherwise the "genius" trump could have used his returns as proof he is the only person in the world that understands the tax code.

  5. Anonymous9:02 AM

    The banks also stipulated that Trump could only be a "promoter" and couldn't run the company because he has no business acumen.

  6. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Tic Toc Tick Tock>

  7. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Nicely written, G. Yes, a grub like that man needs to know how the regular guy makes it in this harsh world.

    We knew he was a disaster since day one, but will this new Trump tax revelation change the minds of the hypnotized Trump zombies? That is the big question.

  8. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Are these his personal returns? I would imagine that if he has actual professional tax advisers, he does most of his real estate development projects and such through a series of separate corporate entities. I expect it would be fairly complicated to see the full picture.

    And yes, it is an attitude among wealthy folks and business people that you are "smart" to pay as little tax as possible. It is not illegal to do so as long as you are actually applying the laws as written. Professional tax advisers get paid a yuuuuge amount in fees for figuring out just how to skate along the edge of those rules to avoid paying tax without being technically guilty of tax evasion. Is it immoral? That's a good question and for most it probably depends just how far they stretched the rules.

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Whether or not it's immoral is a question well past asking. This is Donald Trump we're talking about.

  9. Anonymous9:11 AM

    A good tax accountant will put every loophole in existence to work for their clients. Mine has done exactly that with great dexterity.

    DID dRUMPf actually lose that amount, or was it manipulation by the accountant that made it seem that way?

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      That just means there have been and are too many tax loopholes.

  10. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I thought it had to do with a huge loss he was embarrassed about. what's not great about it is the creditors going without repayment. Losses aren't big. Shit happens. Over confidence is natural. Hopefully he's learned in more recent years.

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      yea right, let's forget all the employees that weren't paid, all the vendors that weren't paid, you know those insignificant little people.

    2. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Do you feel confident in a president who would shrug and say "shit happens" in response to.....anything?

      Abandon hope. There is no chance he's "learned in more recent years", Bristol.

      Wild Tortoise

    3. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Bristol 9:13
      What are the chances you have learned not to keep having babies in more recent years?
      Yeah. I thought so.
      Shit happens.

  11. Anonymous9:14 AM

    He's not a tax genius, he simply hires one.

    And the problem isn't that he doesn't pay taxes, the problem is that he doesn't owe taxes. The problem is with the tax code. His surrogates don't want to use this argument, they'd rather not shine light it.

    My mother recently sold some property, the timing was advantageous, and on paper she lost 100k, even as she cashed her check for 200k. She was truly miffed how she could receive this windfall and not owe taxes. She wanted to pay taxes on it, she felt guilty, bless her heart. I talked till I was blue in the face trying to explain why she had technically lost money on the deal--she will never pay taxes again. I also became aware of how easy it would be to game the tax system when real estate is involved.

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      His surrogates don't want to use this argument, they'd rather not shine light it.
      Of course his surrogates want us to believe he had a duty to his investors to take a deduction.

      What they don't want to shine a light on is the deduction was on his PERSONAL income taxes, which has NOTHING to do with his businesses.

    2. Anonymous11:03 AM

      My parents were like your mother. They would be disgusted with Donald Trump.

  12. Anonymous9:15 AM

    If only the big banks had been so forgiving with American homeowners when facing foreclosure. As Donald says, "The system is rigged." Unfortunately, it is rigged in his favor.

    1. Anonymous9:49 AM

      And college grads with $70K in loans at 6.8% that they are unable to refinance. I just got a home equity loan for <3%

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      And those college grads with $70K in loans at 6.8% that they are unable to refinance can't declare bankruptcy because the student loans are exempt, so they'll be liable for that money until they die. Especially if they can't get a job that allows them to pay more than the interest on the loans.

  13. Anonymous9:17 AM

    There is nothing real or true about this man. Yet the dolts still stand by him and make excuses.

    An example of their hypocrisy? Didn't Lying design-stealer Ivanka just come back from an extravagant vacation with Putin's GF?

    Corrupt Uni-Party in all it's glory.
    George W Bush brat parties with Huma Abedin at Fashion week in Paris looking at designer clothes while the American Middle Class struggles to put bread on the table.

  14. Anonymous9:18 AM

    This makes me sick, most of us middle-class people pay all their taxes without complaint. I also sense most of the people voting for Trump agree with his position that he is smart to avoid taxes. I can’t count all the people who have told me they pay “as little as possible” as a similar badge of honor. They, without exception, are the most tight-fisted and less generous people. And, of course, they are Republican, Birchers or Tea partiers. The battlecry that created this attitude was “smaller government” in the 1980s. It gave rise to greed and unethical behavior that has remained unabated since. It shocks me so many people did not grow up understanding the social contract that keeps our nation together.

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      And they're also the people who whine and complain about all that should be done FOR them. We have never objected to paying our taxes and, frequently because we're not staunch GOP'ers we're considered to be second-class citizens.

    2. Anonymous11:42 AM

      I have no children. I live in a suburb that pays one of the highest property taxes in the county, most of which goes to schools I have never and will never use.

      Every year I write a check to the tax collector, knowing that the property taxes I pay are going to support a good school district which will produce qualified, educated young people who will someday run the world.

      Although I will never benefit directly from children attending the local schools, it is my responsibility as a member of this community to support the services it provides, whether I use them myself or not. That's what being part of a community is all about.

      It's called 'personal responsibility' - something the Republicans are great at talking about but not so great at actually doing.

    3. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Me too, no children. And I too pay taxes. Pos trump.

  15. Anonymous9:20 AM

    We have learned a lot about mr trump and his avid staunch supporters. Yes, we know who truly loves this country, her history, her leaders. Her people. We know who wants to contribute, who does, who does not and who has reaped the rewards. It has been an awakening of sorts! We are witnessing an abuser abuse Our Country. To witness a candidate running for USA President based in the dark, dirty, gutter of our society and magnifying all that is broken, twisted and sick in America. The Entertainment Industry has much more class than promoting the donald foundation network fiasco.

  16. a. j. billings9:24 AM

    One of the reporters working on this story of DrumpF's cheating was asked "do you have any more documents on Trump's taxes.

    She smiles and says no comment!!!

    Tick Tock Donald you asshole, karma's going to smack you down hard!

    I'm hoping Hillary will bring this up in the 2nd debate, holding copies of HER taxes in her hand, and saying, "come on Donald, what have you got to hide you chicken shit!"

  17. Anonymous9:44 AM

    When Trump snidely commented during the debate that not paying taxes showed how "smart" he was, that should have been the end of it all. No one, who calls himself or herself a citizen, should want to vote for this criminal.

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      He IS a criminal and should be arrested and put on trial for many things!

  18. Now Christie and Guiliani are spinning it to make Donnie look smart.

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      you can't fix stupid

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Thise bozos?! Lets get their shit out in the open too.

  19. Anonymous9:50 AM

    If you haven't already, I strongly urge everyone to watch PBS' excellent Frontline documentary "The Choice." Really gets into the nitty-gritty of each candidate's past & present motivations. It's running on the local PBS stations as well as being available online.

  20. If he thought not paying taxes made him a genius or look smart, he would have released is tax returns months ago, and he would be yelling it from the rooftops.

  21. Anonymous9:56 AM

    G, the picture you use of Donald, he almost looks like an albino. His colors are fading. It's been a long year for that old fart. He's almost out of steam. No wonder he has to have so many people stumpin' for him. I guess if they get him elected then it'll be easy pickens' and he can just have all his naysayers steamrolled and they can all live happily ever after in the Republican bubble of the way we were.

    1. And yet he has the nerve to brag on his alleged "stamina" and trash HRC with mocking gestures!

      November 9 cannot come quickly enough for me: GOTV!

  22. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I think the Dems need to hone in on what our taxes pay for. Trump is always bragging about how much he loves the military and how nobody loves veterans more than him. He also likes to piss and moan about the state of our infrastructure.
    I'd love to see a commercial juxtaposing his gilded 5th Ave penthouse palace with vets living on the streets and bridges that have fallen down with his gilded private jet.
    Taxes support vets. Taxes support infrastructure.


    Why should any of us, if god-forbid Trump were to be elected POTUS, pay one-thin-dime in taxes for his salary, Secret Service protection, Air Force one, any White House staff etc.?

    If he thinks (and has said so) that the government wastes his money so he's "smart" not to pay taxes, then the rest of us should "smarten'" up and if Trump is elected we should all take a four year tax holiday.

    1. Anonymous2:53 PM

      And that's exactly how Hillary should have replied if she was going to acknowledge his interruptions, which he intentionally wasn't.

      No, Donald. That makes you a Freeloader. It certainly doesn't make you a patriotic American. Americans pay their fair share. They pay for good and services received. They pay for our military and our infrastructure and our national parks. They don't smugly brag how they got others to pay their fair share because they were "smart".

      Personally, I think there is a lot more to his tax situation and now that the charities and Cuba have been unearthed, I think the IRS is burning the midnight oil. I only wish they'd indict him before the elections. But then, that would only look like the "system is rigged."

      I think he is desperate to win so he can be immune from impending prosecution.

      Of course, that won't save him from impeachment and I don't think they'll be enough Republicans in Congress to save him. They'll want to be rid of him so Pence can take over.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Yes! We should all stop paying one dime to the US govt when trump gets elected. Trash.

  23. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I am not a tax account and even I thought Rudi was telling a big whooper, sorry Rudi even some little people understand taxes:

    Rudy Giuliani Just Made Donald Trump’s Tax Return Problems Even Worse
    ...........Everything Rudy Giuliani said on ABC’s This Week was a lie because he mixed up business income with personal income. Trump’s businesses are separate corporations, which pay separate taxes. It doesn’t matter how much money the businesses made. What matters is how much income Trump personally took in, and whether not he personally paid taxes on that income.

    Trump’s personal tax returns have nothing to do with the fiduciary responsibility. It is all about how big of a piece of the pie Trump gave himself and the steps he took to avoid paying taxes. ...

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

  24. Chenagrrl9:59 AM

    The answer to his promise to fix taxes is: No you can't. You can't work with anyone who isn't a sycophant, and complex negotiations like that in the public sector take real skill.

  25. Anonymous10:19 AM

    "Perhaps it was a brilliant financial move. But how odious would it be if Trump was castigating low-income, working Americans for not paying federal income taxes while enjoying a billionaire's lifestyle and stiffing Uncle Sam."

  26. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Let’s take a walk down memory lane and read how Trump mocked others for not paying their fair share of taxes:

    Trump’s Twitter Account Comes Back To Haunt Him In Wake Of Tax Return Bombshell

    It would be poetic justice if it comes out the illegal alien he hires as a housekeeper sent his tax returns to the NY times.

    1. abbafan4:25 PM

      Anon @ 10:20 A.M. - perhaps Melanoma had enough of his shit and buffoonery; maybe she sent the documents to the Times. Wouldn't that be poetic justice!

  27. Anonymous10:23 AM

    This won't faze a Trump supporter. Their disconnection from reality is severe.

  28. Anonymous10:28 AM


    Be safe my minority brothers and sisters...

    Don't let Trump use intimidation like SARAH PALIN did in 2008 at her hate Klan and redneck rallies...


    SEPT. 30, 2016, 6:50 P.M.

    Trump urges mostly white crowd in suburban Detroit to stand guard for election fraud

    ... But at a rally in the Detroit suburbs Friday, he urged the mostly white crowd to travel to monitor other polling places on election day -- a plea that civil rights groups say is code for preventing blacks from voting.

    “Make sure it’s on the up and up," the Republican presidential nominee told thousands of supporters gathered at an expo center....

    Trump is least popular in urban centers such as Detroit, which is predominantly black.

    “Make sure it’s on the up and up, because, you know what? That’s a big, big problem in this country, and nobody wants to talk about it; nobody has the guts to talk about it,” he said at the rally.

    If Trump's supporters follow through on his request, legitimate voters could be blocked from the polls, voting rights groups have warned. Intimidation tactics at the polls were a hallmark of the Jim Crow era....

    Last month, he told a largely white crowd in rural Altoona, Pa., that he was hiring “a lot of law enforcement people” as poll sentinels in Pennsylvania. He said they would “go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don’t come in and vote five times.”...

  29. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Those tax returns are rigged, Hillary rigged those tax returns.

    I pay millions and millions and millions of dollars in taxes; I pay more than all Americans put together in taxes. I am smart because I pay huuge amounts of taxes.

    Donald J. Trump

  30. Anonymous10:50 AM

    He lost almost $1 billion, and wants us to elect him in charge of the largest economy in the world. LOSER! Bigly LOSER!

  31. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Who was the preparer and firm? what other bigly clients do they service? Yes a true genius. The Republican face of citizen united have given America a tour of their past agenda and what they will do to 90% of TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF AMERICA. As we the people work hard daily to pay our fair share the likes of tRump's of the world plot plan sway and take from everyone.

  32. Anonymous11:00 AM

    “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill,..."

    WHAT THE F@#% ?



    You think? Is that enough evidence to throw that out there?

    What happened to your don't believe it when they say "Sources say"

    "I don't even think" is worse that SOURCES SAY

    When others "think" Melania was an escort, everybody (you guys) goes ape shit crazy and threatens to sue everybody


    Rudy Giuliani backs Trump’s claim that Hillary cheated on Bill

    By Marisa Schultz
    October 2, 2016 | 1:46pm

    During a rally Saturday night in Pennsylvania, Trump leveled the attack on Clinton that she’s also a cheater. “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, really, why should she be?” Trump said.

    In a second interview on “Meet the Press,” Giuliani was pressed on why he and Trump continue to bring up the Clintons marriage when they too have public indiscretions.

    “Are you the right person to level this charge?” asked moderator Chuck Todd.

    “Yeah. I’m the right person to level this charge, because I’ve never made such a charge, and I’ve prosecuted people who’ve committed rape,” Giuliani said.

    “But your past, you have your own infidelity charge,” Todd said.

    “Well, everybody does,” Giuliani said.

    “And I’m a Roman Catholic, and I confess those things to my priest. But I’ve never ever attacked someone who’s been the victim.”....

  33. Anonymous11:06 AM

    From HRC FB page: "I wanted to write a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart. When we launched this campaign 17 months ago, I knew how difficult the road would be. But no matter how tough things have gotten, you’ve stood by my side.
    We’ve dealt with a lot of hatred and divisiveness. But like my friend Michelle Obama says, when they go low, we go high. In the face of bigotry and anger, you’ve stayed committed to our promise to fill this world with more love and kindness. America is great because Americans are good. Think of the proud moments we’ve shared in the past 17 months: couples embracing outside the Supreme Court after winning the right to get married, new citizens raising their hands at their swearing-in ceremonies, little girls on their fathers’ shoulders waving to me at rallies, telling me that when they grow up, they’re going to run for president.
    We’re still working toward that more perfect union our founders imagined, that civil rights heroes bled and died for, that our brave veterans protected, and that you have said you want to fight for by being a part of this campaign. In some states, we’re already taking that fight to the ballot box. Two days ago, I was lucky enough to visit an early voting location in Iowa to watch a very special supporter cast her vote: Her name is Ruline, and she is 103 years old. When I met her last February, she told me that though she was born well before women won the right to vote, she was really looking forward to electing our first woman president. I promised I’d do my best not to let her down.
    In the final five weeks of this campaign, I’m going to fight my heart out for the values that define our country and humanity, for our families and our future.
    Today and every day, I am so grateful that you’re with me in this fight. We truly are stronger together — and together, we’re going to make history."

  34. Anonymous11:10 AM

    "Trump’s greediest lawsuit was his $5-billion libel lawsuit filed in 2006 against Timothy O’Brien for saying in his book TrumpNation, The Art of Being The Donald, that Trump was at best worth $250 million, not the billions Trump claimed.
    A Jersey court dismissed the case because Trump failed to prove O’Brien had “any actual doubts” about the accuracy of his book and Trump lacked any “reliable” evidence that he was worth billions, admitting his net worth is “based on [his] … own feelings.”

  35. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Today, the boomers are retiring at large amounts. 90% have paid federal taxes their entire life. In the last 50 years many lost their retirement, homes, savings and life due to the genius and likes of the REPUBLICANS and their party of un-American greed and ignorance. Their mascot and face is Donald trump. His foundation has destroyed America and many americans.
    They built that. They own that.

  36. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I'm going to call it right now. There will be a campaign shakeup in the dumpster camp THIS week. Someone has to be blamed right?
    What is that his FOURTH campaign manager?

  37. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I don't believe don thought through this attempt. Did he believe that the world would not see into his tiny ugly butthole stank face?

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      and maybe drumpf's little tiny winny " I guarantee you there is no problem, i guarantee" MOST LIKELY actually Isis a problem...

  38. OT - we all know Pence is crazy but this is absurd

    Mike Pence: “Allowing Rape Victims To Have Abortions Will Lead To Women Trying To Get Raped”
    excerpt -
    when you get an abortion, you get several days off of work and whatnot to recover. And there are a lot of crazy people out there. What if women would go out and get raped on purpose just so they could get off work? I mean, Indiana’s economy is struggling as it is, and having thousands of women absent from their jobs would be horrific for the state, I’m telling you. I made the right call and that will be confirmed in the long run

  39. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I almost stopped reading at the "could have" and would have" parts.

    But, then I fell in and made it to the "who may not have"

    I'm voting Hills. You're an idiot.

  40. Crystal Sage3:19 PM

    Trump is like those televangelists who live lavishly off the hopes and feelings of the poor and desperate, promising them wealth and happiness if they send money to said preacher. When the false preacher is finally unmasked, supporters are shocked at the excesses and how easily they were duped into donating to the preacher's lifestyle. Trump is promising these fools wealth and justice for their support. He is also drumming up hatred for those who dare to challenge his assertions and behaviour.

    Glad that the information about Trump's lack of paying taxes is now in the media before the election but there will be many who will still believe that Trump is a genius businessman who will save the US from war and financial ruin.

  41. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I'm thinking if there is an October Surprise it will be the Trump camp and it will be fiscal. Related to the bits and pieces we've already got: Foundation with no paperwork to act as a charity accepting donations above $25,000 a year, violation of embargo doing business in Cuba and taxes. Yeah, he claims he's under audit and has been for years. Well, it's common practice with really big foundations, charities and even some businesses to do a routine audit every year. Not on current year but previous years. So it's kinda ongoing as once they finish 2007 they move on to 2008, etc.

    But I truly believe now that Trump is running that there are a lot more eyes looking and hands digging. And they are coming up with stuff Trump never thought they would find. Stuff it would have taken the IRS years to find. Questions are being asked out in public and there is no pressure on to do something about so many broken laws. Not to mention the Trump University crap already hitting the fan and court dates set.

    No, I don't think there will be an indictment before the election, because that would look too much like the system is "rigged". But I do think there are a lot of officials waiting for the dust to settle in November before they press on.

    Maybe Trump wasn't all that keen on following things through to the end when he first started. But I do think that as things went and more was revealed, he was basically backed into a corner. He CAN"T quit now, because if he does, it won't be a civil trial, it may be a criminal trial and it may be in Federal court. The ONLY way out for him now is to WIN. I think he figures if he wins, everything will be solved. And if it can't be made to go away one way or another, he can pardon himself. If he's successfully impeached President Mike Pence will pardon him (I'm thinking no because at this point I think Mike Pence is sick to death of having to clean up after this buffoon) or in some way he'll have enough money to make it all go away.

    I think we're seeing a desperate, cornered animal that will say or do anything to avoid the inevitable. And he brought that inevitable on himself by running and thus, exposing himself.

    Yeah, I'm sure some of it was brought on by that stinging attack at the 2011 correspondent's dinner (which he should have seen coming and should never have attended.) But some was just plain sociopathic narcissistic EGO.

    Whatever happens after this election, Trump is finished. He's a broken man. His "brand", I.E. his name, will be less than useless. It will be forever tarnished. He will be the butt of jokes for years. Longer than Sarah Palin, who, 8 years later, is still being used as a punch line.

    Hillary is at 299 electoral, 47%.
    Trump is at 238 electoral, 44%.

    We need to make that gap even wider. Hillary won't really win unless she can get over 300 electoral votes. She needs to solidify Nevada and Florida and pick up either North Carolina or Ohio. Trump is campaigning heavily in Ohio and doing well in rural areas (per Michael Moore's prediction). I think Hillary might have a better chance turning North Carolina.

    But the election won't end things for Trump. I think once the election is over, his troubles will only be beginning.

    I hope Melania has a back up plan and lots of jewelry worth lots of money that she can prove were gifts. A separate bank account in her name only wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    When the dust settles, none of Trump's other kids are going to take in step mom and the competition. She'll be hung out to dry like Donald did with Frank Jr's family.

  42. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Hey! I never stewed when I lost my first $196 million! Trump is a dork.

  43. Anonymous4:10 PM

    He's simply brilliant! Not showing his taxes gives Hillary the upper hand, and having this "leak" will raise the bar for the idiot. What charitable donations and to whom, who got paid what within the Trump organization. He's got borderline personality disorder, thinks he can just wave a magic wand and make things go his way. He twitters in the early hours and picks fights with people, his surrogates, sorry, but they're doing him no favors. Wait till the VP debates and see the bump Hillary will get in the polls (not that it matters) but Trump lives and dies by the polls. We need to get out the vote for Hillary, because Trump has lost a lot more than his marbles.

  44. Anonymous6:44 PM

    So let me get see if I understand, Trump the “business genius” either bankrupts his companies or mismanages them so that have huuge loses, he then takes the loses off his personal income tax which results in zero taxes due. It has nothing to do with fiduciary duty to his investors because they are screwed anyway and it isn’t his corporate taxes being discuss, but we have to believe it cuz Rudi Giuliani knows so much about tax law.

    He also seems to skirt the law by having companies that owe him money paid him through his “charitable” foundation, again avoiding paying taxes.

    He then has the audacity to tell the American public the tax code is rigged, corporations and the rich pay too much in taxes. He comes up with a tax plan where those little people (ie poor/middle class that have the chutzpah to take deductions and don’t pay taxes according to his buddy Rudi Giuliani, Mr. CPA) will pay more and will give more tax breaks to the rich because no one in the whole knows the tax code betterer that Donald Trump.

    In the end, The Donald still doesn’t pay any taxes because a decrease on zero is still zero and all of this has to be Obama’s fault because he is really a Muslim from Kenya and of course Hillary’s fault because she cheated on her husband.

    Also none of this matters to his supporters because they are either on welfare or pay more taxes than Donald but that is ok because he is going build a wall !!!!


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