Monday, November 14, 2016

Cold comfort from Nate Silver.

Well great, so now we know that America did NOT chooses Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

And yet due to our ridiculous electoral college the tangerine colored internet troll is packing his bags to move into the White House.

Something needs to change.


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    We have the EC to protect smaller states. If we didn't have it, only a couple states would control the country. Not good.

    1. As it is, the only states that get any attention are the close states who flip back and forth.

      So they did Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. And some New Hampshire. Everyone else was ignored

      The states that are blue and won't flip and the states that are red and won't flip don't get any attention at all. That's more equitable?

  2. Anonymous2:11 AM

    packing his over night bag for an occasional sleep over night or two stay at the white house
    (still terrifying though!!!!)

  3. If Trump can have his way, the White House will be more like his vacation home.

    Congrats, uneducated whites. You've screwed all of us over once again.

  4. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Something needs to change? How about this:

    If each of us takes an active role in getting way many more signatures on this petition, it will help Electors do the right thing on Dec 19: VOTE FOR HILLARY. Yes the Congress must approve the vote; yes that will be a big kerfuffle; yes it is possible but not certain that some in Congress might be persuaded to approve a Hillary vote by the Electors; yes it's no guarantee -- but let's use this avenue!

    The combination of (1) Trump's abysmal choices post-election, (2) protests, (3) the Russian role in the election, (4) the irregular vote count stories that are emerging, all this means we must keep working to get the winner of the popular vote into office.

    Let's not give up while we still have an obvious avenue left to us: an avenue specified by the Founders for a situation just like this one.

    1. Petitions are the left's version of the right's "Sending prayers."

      Neither make a fucking difference but they make you feel like you're doing something warm and fuzzy.

      Ignore Trump. There is nothing you can do about him or his Skinhead Schutzstaffel.

      Work on 2020. Get involved with your local Democratic Party and contact the central leadership, urging them to listen to the progressives, replace the to leadership and work to regain the trust of the every day American people.

      Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sounded the wake-up call and they weren't listened to. The Democratic Party has to be the Populist party.

      Change like that isn't going to happen by signing a petition.

  5. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Just writing in to say I appreciate the peaceful assertive protests I see all over the country. Thank you, protesters! I am unable to be out there on the street with you, but I wish I could be there also.

    Just a big thank you for doing what needs doing.

    1. Anonymous5:31 AM

      Wonder why the police officers from several states decked out like Robocop in the futuristic riot gear, with all the taxpayers' MWRAPS, sound cannons, rubber bullets and real bullets, and fire extinguisher sized Mace canisters aren't deployed against these protesters,
      UNLIKE against the peaceful water protectors in ND?

    2. Anonymous8:00 AM

      @5:31 That is coming to ALL..

  6. Anonymous3:18 AM

    So let me get this right, she kicked his ass with the popular vote, but the presidency goes to him. This antiquated electoral college B.S. has to go!

    1. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Let's not exaggerate. As of 9:15 this morning, the AP's vote count says Clinton leads by ~ 631,000 votes or 0.52%. She did not "kick his ass". The numbers like +2 million being thrown around are very generous projections of what the final vote may look like based on estimated outstanding absentee votes in CA. Besides, the campaigns are designed around winning electoral college votes.

    2. Anonymous5:30 AM

      For calibration purposes an ass-kicking is the 1964 election where Lyndon Johnson won 61% of the vote and 486 of 538 electoral votes.

    3. Anonymous6:26 AM

      @Anonymous 5:22 AM

      Sarah/Bristol, Hillary's lead is near around the 2 million. YEAH, THAT IS A ASS KICKING.

      Even if it were as little as you say it is, it is STILL a ass kicking.

    4. Anonymous6:27 AM

      @Anonymous 5:30 AM

      Hillary's was a popular vote ass kicking.

    5. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Stop being silly. Her lead is NOT near 2 million votes. AP updated at 12:21PM EST and her lead is 668,483 or 0.6% with 99%+ reported.

      If you go out in the world and make that claim and keep insisting she leads by 3.5 times what the real number is, people will laugh in your face like they do at conspiracy theorists.

    6. 5:30

      We're talking about LOSING the electoral college and winning the popular vote. Not winning both.

  7. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Morning con U has told the abused women, minorities and America to forgive, forget and go back to that abuser? Really? It is not that ms Clinton lost. It is about a candidate that completely dangerously insulted most of Americans. It is a candidate that sympathizes with Russia and dictators around the globe. Most people in America lives in the Real World not a CELEBRATIE reality clown show that rigged and stole our election. SNL was right on. Reality is words and promises matter by a USA president and WE the people heard who mr trump and foundation promised and will be loyal too. NO con way U please. Thank you. Mr trump and his wife can counsel the abusers and bullies of our society and around the world that have empowered and they created.

  8. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Cold comfort but since WWII the line of succession was Truman(D), Eisenhower(R), Kennedy/Johnson(D), Nixon/Ford(R), Carter(D), Reagan/Bush(R), Clinton(D), Bush(R), Obama(D), Drumf(R). The pendulum swings always.

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Let's hope the pendulum still has enough energy to swing to the Democratic side in four years.

    2. That's deceptive. You've combined administrations, like Reagan/Bush and you haven't listed terms. For instance Carter only had one term and Clinton, Bush and Obama had two terms.

  9. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Scot Vorse, a longtime friend and ex-business partner of Bannon:

    Vorse did not dispute Bannon's reputation as a hard-charging boss who demands success and performance from his employees, but said the criticism of him as a racist or anti-Semite is unwarranted.

    "I know this guy. He's not perfect. But is he a racist, a sexist, an anti-Semitic? The answer is no. That's not the guy I know," Vorse told NBC News.

    1. They all say that about their best buddies. They're blind to it.

      Like all of the assholes making excuses for Pussygrabber.

  10. Anonymous4:37 AM

    A spokesman for Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader:

    "President-elect Trump's choice of Steve Bannon as his top aide signals that white supremacists will be represented at the highest levels in Trump's White House," Adam Jentleson said. "It is easy to see why the KKK views Trump as their champion when Trump appoints one of the foremost peddlers of white supremacist themes and rhetoric as his top aide ... Sworn testimony in a court case alleged that Bannon committed violent domestic abuse and stated that he 'didn't want the girls going to school with Jews.'"

  11. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Evan McMullin, who ran for the White House as an independent and won 21 percent of the vote in Utah:

    Evan McMullin ✔@Evan_McMullin

    Will any national level elected GOP leaders condemn @realDonaldTrump's appointment of anti-Semite Steve Bannon to senior White House role? …

    8:41 PM - 13 Nov 2016
    1,716 1,716 Retweets

  12. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League:

    Jonathan Greenblatt ✔@JGreenblattADL

    We at @ADL_National oppose the appt of Steve Bannon to sr role at @WhiteHouse bc he & his alt-right are so hostile to core American values

    6:09 PM - 13 Nov 2016
    6,934 6,934

  13. Anonymous4:51 AM

    What a transparent hypocrite. You wouldn't consider the electoral college ridiculous if Trump won the popular vote but lost the electoral college.

    Furthermore, you don't even have a clue why Jefferson felt it necessary. First, it was to level the playing field between small states and large states and second in a close race EVERY vote in EVERY state would have to be counted before a president could be elected and that could take weeks or months. Instead,in a close election, the winner can be more punctually declared by focusing oin key states.

    Finally, there have been 56 presidential elections and only five have been won by the winner of the electoral college and not the popular vote. That's 1:11.

    Again, had the opposite been true, I've little doubt you would not be calling for the end of the electoral college, which, again, stamps you as a hypocrite.

    1. Anonymous6:30 AM

      @Anonymous 4:51 AM

      Fuck off, Sarah/Bristol.

    2. Anonymous6:32 AM

      @Anonymous 4:51 AM

      The peoples choice should not be usurped by an electoral college.

      ANYONE who wins the popular vote, should be the winner, period.

    3. Very simple minded people buy into the small state idea. However, the rich plantation slave owners still seem to give credence to your electoral college concept. The old "we know what's best for you because we are educated" idea. Oh. And counting votes is not going to take weeks and months anymore. You may want to brush up on your history because it will be a great comfort to you to have something to read after an inevitable nuclear holocaust.
      That is, if you are not a piece of toast forever wandering.

    4. Anonymous7:29 AM

      You are completely correct 4:51. He would put on the 180 degree spin if it were the other way around.

      The other factor that he fails to realize, because he is not a real thinker, is that more people would likely vote in states that are currently tipped so far to one side that people don't vote. It is a nonsensical argument to make, as popular vote count does not exist for the presidency.

      Donald Trump will be the president. He will especially be Gryphen's president, since he worked so hard to get him elected.

    5. Speaking of hypocrites, Trump himself called for the elimination of the electoral college in 2012 when Romney lost.

      I'll bet he's fine with it now.

  14. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Should have chose Bernie.

    1. Anonymous5:25 AM

      "chosen", not "chose".

  15. Anonymous4:56 AM


    Trump Denies Saying More Countries Should Have Nukes -

    People Magazine › politics › donald-tru...
    15 hours ago -

    Donald Trump Claims He Never Said More Countries Should Have Nuclear Weapons

    — Except He Did.

    1. Of course he does.

      We have video tape.

      Still denies it.

      Welcome to your next four years.

  16. Anonymous5:13 AM

    The Southern Poverty Law Center:

    SPLC ✔@splcenter

    Under Bannon, Breitbart published a call to “hoist [the Confederate flag] high and fly it with pride” 2 weeks after the Charleston massacre

    3:23 PM - 13 Nov 2016


    SPLC ✔@splcenter

    Trump should rescind this hire. In his victory speech, Trump said he intended to be president for “all Americans.” Bannon should go.

  17. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Uncle Gryph, can you make a post with First Lady Michelle Obama's Vogue pictures? Please give us a little sunshine 🌞

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  18. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Arrest warrant. On 18 November 2010, Marianne Ny ordered the detention of Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, three cases of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. The Stockholm District Court acceded to the order and issued a European Arrest Warrant to execute it.

    1. Boy, what is it with Donald Trump and sexual predators? He just seems to attract that element.

  19. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Hmm. Why did Jefferson feel it was necessary? Well, under the electoral college, slave states could count slaves, albeit as 3/5 of a person, which provided enough votes that a virginian held the office for 32 of the first 36 years. As far as leveling the playing field, North Dakota has 3 votes, and California 55. If the field was level, California would have about 200.

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      You should brush up on the Constitution before you expound any more about 3/5 person. And also refresh your knowledge of why North Dakota has 3 electoral votes and California could never have 200.

  20. Anonymous6:59 AM

    One of the reasons the framers created the Electoral College was to protect the U.S. from demagoguery and authoritarianism. Alexander Hamilton’s “besetting fear was that American democracy would be spoiled by demagogues who mouthed populist shibboleths to conceal their despotism,” according to his biographer Ron Chernow.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Major fail.

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Wrong, the electoral college idea was implemented to uphold the institution of slavery. The wealthy slave owners could count their slaves as 3/5 of a person.

      Soooo, the popular vote has NOT been the decider since the beginning. And we continue to be the slaves of the deplorables.


    3. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Shorter Hamilton: They average American is too dumb to see through the veneer of a despot.

      This election shows he was right. If Trump turns out to be the authoritarian menace we fear, the consolaton will be hearing the folks who elected him howl we in stomps on their rights not just on the rights of the "others". I can't wait to see whether they notice when Trump privatizes their Social Security and Medicare.

    4. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Where are you guys getting this electoral college was to uphold slavery nonsense from? You're demonstrating a lack of understanding of the 3/5 person rule which was about representation in the Congress. The link to the electoral college is that electors are allocated according to representation in the Congress. Go read Article 1, Section 2 and the 12th amendment.

    5. Like any of the Deplorables know what a Shibboleth is?

      It's not like they we big fans of The West Wing.

      Bet very few of them are interested in the musical Hamilton. Probably offended a bunch of brown people are pretending to be the founding Fathers.

      "demagogues who mouthed populist shibboleths to conceal their despotism"

      What foresight. That is *EXACTLY* what happened. And his electoral college will rubber stamp it because they have lost the purpose of their jobs; to protect us.

      If every thing that has come before didn't sound alarm bells, I doubt Steve "Goebbels" Bannon being that close to the president-elect is going to worry them. In fact, many are cheering the choice.

  21. Anonymous7:43 AM

    If the shoe was on the other foot, and Hillary won the election by electoral college, and lost the popular vote, you would be defending her victory, and you know it. Go ahead and hate Trump as president, work hard to expose him and to make him a one-termer, but don't lose your integrity. As Jon Stewart said, “If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies.”

  22. Anonymous8:27 AM

    There's 0 chance of Electoral College reform right now, but there is a related issue that should get more attention--because of a 1920s law, we've been stuck with 435 representatives (And thus 538 EC votes), even though our population has more than doubled. The United States has the WORST representative-to-citizen ratio of any republic in the world. Fewer reps mean fewer reps for lobbyists to buy. It means less attention for each citizen from their rep, and it means less granularity when apportioning representatives.

    1. Yes, but considering how dysfunctional the House is now, what would it be like with double the representatives?

  23. Caroll Thompson1:59 PM

    State by State we elect our Presidents. We do not have one national election. Rather we have 50 State elections held on the same day.

    Even though Trump won, I still am in favor of the electoral college. But it really doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks.

    To do away with the EC, you need two thirds of both Houses of Congress to agree and send it to the States, where three quarters of the States (38) must vote in favor. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    1. That day needs to change too. If they can't put it on a weekend then they need to make election day a National Holiday where NO ONE WORKS.

      You know. Like how Thanksgiving USED to be.


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