Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Donald Trump announces that he is stepping away from his business responsibilities to focus on being president. God help us all.

For anybody who believes a word of this I have a nice piece of swamp land I would like to sell you.

It's currently on fire but I am sure that if you blow real hard you just might be able to salvage yourself a nice piece of soggy, charred real estate.

By the way if the people who you hand your business over to happen to share your DNA, and rely on your name to maintain the lifestyle to which they have grown accustom, you are essentially still in charge of your business.

Nobody with half a brain is fooled by this.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Wow, Donald, December 15? Why so much advance notice?

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    CAUTION: Rule of Law? Good Read>

    1. Of course they will.

      They have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to maintain the status quo, be good little soldiers and compromise in the spirit of unity and bi-partisanship.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    He's most under pressure with respect to the Washington hotel in the Old Post Office building which states that no elected official can participate or benefit from the lease. So he's got to divest himself of that asap or lose the lease.

    As for everything else, just transferring to legally to his children means nothing. His conflicts of interest are still there for a variety of obvious reasons.

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Laugh it up while you can.It's going to get far,far worse.

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    The smartest and best people have the smallest inner circles and they usually have lowlifes on the perimeter judging from afar and spreading lies and gossip. People who gossip are ignorant by nature.

    1. You are an idiot.

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      I'm guessing here, but might you be one of those lowlifes?

    3. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Seems to be so, 4:02 PM!
      "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

  6. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Misty Dittbrender How do you even hear about people talking? Delete their ass out of your life. Make your circle small and if any of your friends tell you someone's talking tell them you don't even want to hear about it :) that's what I did for a long time and now if anyone is talking shit I don't even know haha 😍

  7. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I feel it is visually important, as President, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses.
    What in the hell does that even mean “visually important”. So if we can’t see it because he doesn’t release his tax returns, there is no conflict?

    I will believe when I see it, he is pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public.

    LIAR, LIAR trumps on fire !!!!

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM


    If the Clintons had just thought to craft some legal documents about the email server and the Clinton Foundation and some of those other things all the RWNJs would have been instant checkmated!

  9. Anonymous3:21 PM

    " “It is as though one were to debate with a potential murderer as to whether his future victim were dead or alive, completely forgetting that man can kill and that the murderer, by killing the person in question, could promptly provide proof of the correctness of this statement.”
    ""I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters,""
    "warning: These lies and fantasies can become reality, if we are not vigilant." RESIST!

  10. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Sure, right. Won't believe it tol it is a done deal.
    China, iran, korea can just nuke sayellites. There checkmate.

  11. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Ehhh, sounds good, so when are you crafting your tax returns??

  12. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Not sure I believe him. He's already been mixing official phone calls (Argentinian president, for example) and business. For Trump, if there's no personal profit for him, he's not interested.

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Not to mention getting some dignitaries moving to his hotel. Wow the corruption has begun already and he isn't even sworn in.

    2. He's also accepting high priced gifts. $4,000 gold club from the Japanese, hoping it will boost that brand. Since he's not inaugurated yet, he's going to keep it. Bet it won't even be declared on the income tax, that we know he doesn't pay.

  13. "Donald Trump announces that he is stepping away from his business responsibilities to focus on being president."
    And we should believe this why?

    He is lying. He is not going to do this at all. He will bullshit about it and that will be good enough for republican traitors and his drooling fans.

  14. Anonymous4:00 PM

    This Smile:-)

  15. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Unless the assets are sold and a REAL blind trust established - this is bullshit.

    1. He can't sell them in 7 weeks. Not enough time.

      And he never would.

      Even if he did, his name is attached and he's inflated his "brand" I.E. name to be so valuable, that anything that still has his name on it would remain of value whether he owned it or not. So he'd still be benefiting the new owner in whatever decisions he made.

      I wouldn't put it past him to do a deal where he sells and then buys back as soon as he's not president any more. So he can continue to make decisions benefiting his properties and businesses.

      This is exactly what people were warned about but they didn't listen.

      Will he do anything?

      NO. Because he has both houses of Congress in his pocket and they've already said they're going to do nothing. (Not to mention AG and DoJ. No one can touch him. That is how your country becomes a Fascist dictatorship in one fucking, stupid election.)

  16. Chenagrrl4:44 PM

    I don't believe him. the self-dealing has already begun. Wonder if our tax $$ will get used if a mad bomber decides he doesn't like the faux tsarist decor in Indonesia?

    1. Of if the President of the Philippines decides to call Trump an insulting name.

  17. Anonymous4:59 PM

    You are right Gryphen, no one with half a brain will be fooled by this. However, no one with half a brain would jave voted for Trump and yet he got over 60 million votes. The bigger problem is that this country is full of people who do not have any desire to use the half brain that they do, in fact, have. This guy will make the Dubya years seem like paradise.

    1. At least W had some heart and some compassion. He was at least somewhat a Christian.

      Yeah, I'd never see the day when W wasn't the WORST president we ever had. Now I'm wondering if Drumpf is rock bottom or if the Republicans can find someone even worse. I'm thinking....Pence.

  18. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Who believes a word he says?
    I sure as hell don't.

  19. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I wonder how much Goldman Sachs stocks President-elect Trump's relatives purchased before Trump announced his Goldman Sachs cabinet members?

    Goldman Sachs Investors Love Donald Trump's Treasury Pick

    Donald Trump hasn’t always appeared to be the biggest fan of Goldman Sachs. But recently, Goldman Sachs investors have been really big fans of Trump.

    Shares of the investment banking giant soared 4% in trading Wednesday, closing at levels the stock hasn’t seen since December 2007 as the president-elect’s Treasury pick, Steven Mnuchin, said he would do away with a major headache for Wall Street....

    1. Anonymous3:36 AM

      Gee, all of those complaints about Hillary Clinton's speeches to Wall Street bankers meant nothing. How stupid does he think we Americans are? Trump has a way of making a lot of noise about something ant then it turns out that it's precisely what he's doing. Another example: election rigging. Who's side has rigged the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Trump? Not the Democratic side, that's for sure.

    2. You're thinking the wrong way.

      How much money or stock the Trump family RECEIVED from Goldman Sachs to PAY for that cabinet position.

      His cabinet is full of big money donors with no experience. They essentially bought those jobs.

  20. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Step away is nothing. He has to sell them all.

  21. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Rachel Maddow just announced what sneaky Trump the big negotiator did to keep 1000 Carrier jobs in Indiana. When Pence became vice president elect, he could have resigned as governor and his successor would take over. But Pence didn't resign. Pense is still governor so as governor he was able to sign his name to give Carrier money from the state of Indiana to keep the 1000 jobs in Indiana. That's why he is still governor of Indiana. You would have thought as the lead in the transition team, he would be too busy to still be the governor of Indiana.

    1. The Republican Party is so corrupt. But I'll bet those 1000 (800 actually which is less than half of the 2200 that were going to lose their jobs) voted for Trump and have no problem with Pence looting Indiana for some window dressing.

      He probably took the money from Education and Health and Human services.

  22. Anonymous5:48 PM

    How much Goldman Sachs stock does stock genius Barron Trump owns or just purchased?

  23. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Yeah, the old man will not do what he sez. Power and money are his forte'. He will try to get more if anything. He's doing something shady to appease his base. He wants them to think he's humble and Jesus like by saying he will get paid a dollar a year. Yeah, right.

  24. Anonymous9:18 PM

    "Visually" important? In other words what you see is not what you're going to get!

    Trump is now allowing wall street crooks to have their hands in the government till - OUR money to do with whatever they want. They are doing the happy dance. Listen to what Warren has to say about this!

    1. It's important he looks publicly clean so he can continue to be privately dirty.

  25. It's easy for Trump to say he refuses to take one dollar for "making America great again" because who cares about getting paid a paltry $400,000 a year salary being president when his brand worldwide stands to make TRILLIONS! Countries are already clamoring to kiss the emperor's feet. And where are they all staying when they visit? In Trump real estate of course! He's already raking the cash in.

    Meetings with his kids & lawyers are all about how they can circumvent laws and get away with everything they can. Why? Because they aren't rich and powerful enough to their satisfaction. This is beyond the movie Idocracy now. The reality now is our government if Trump has his way our government will become a combination of movies like The Corporation, Coma, The Island, Soylent Green, The Insider, Daybreakers, District 9, Brain Twisters and Pootie Tang,

    Tump is throwing out shiny baubles like flag burning (which isn't even an issue) & saving 1,000 Carrier job to keep his base happy.

    My prediction: Trump has a fatal flaw. The love of money and narcissism. This will be his downfall. Once his base realizes that his admin wants to take away their families SS & Medicaid just to name a few and they screw up trying to privatize everything they are going to get angry.

    So far Trump is appointing wall street crooks and unqualified billionaire friends who are elated to have their hands in the govt. treasury box. No matter how many photo ops he does ala Putin style, his supporters will eventually figure out when it hits them where it hurts and they have to pay Grandma's medical bills themselves.

    By the way I hope you saw Anderson's interview on CNN with Elizabeth Warren.

    We WILL regroup our party, re-define ourselves. come together and fight back! 2018 Novemeber midterm elections are coming so this our time. Don't ignore and never stop. We can do it!

    1. I still say he has a hidden agenda that makes that $1 token salary an advantage to Trump. I'm sure it's going to pay in some sort of tax advantage.

  26. He can't do it.

    As long as his kids are running the business and he talks to them, can't be done.

    Even if he put it in a blind trust it can't be done.

    He knows his businesses and what would benefit them. So decisions he makes he can make that would benefit his businesses whether he was running them or not.

    The only way to appear as clean and innocent as Caesar's Wife is to divest himself of all of his holdings. Sell off everything and then invest in mutual funds or something.

    He's not going to do that. Even if he were to agree, he couldn't do it before he's inaugurated.

    Just another short sighted mess all parties involved were clueless to see or prepare for. Trump, the Republicans, the Deplorables. Clueless and stupid, the lot of them.

  27. Anonymous5:35 AM

    America what did you do?

    Read this post, it shows Trump is all bullshit and not a negotiator.


    Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump

    By Bernie Sanders
    December 1, 2016 at 6:00 AM

    .... In essence, United Technologies took Trump hostage and won. And that should send a shock wave of fear through all workers across the country....

  28. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Trump took credit for Ford not moving a factory to Mexico that the car company didn't plan on moving.

    Trump is taking credit for Carrier not moving 1000 jobs but didn't mention Carrier got a sweetheart deal from still governor Mike Pence.

    Trump said he's going to drain the swamp in Washington DC but we can see his is giving jobs to incompetent friends and loyalists like governor Sarah Palin gave high paying state jobs to incompetent high school friends in Alaska.

    Trump is screwing America like he screwed the private contractors who did work for him on his golf courses and hotels.

    Trump is not this terrific negotiator he claims to be. He is a shyster.

    1. Or that they were moving 2200 jobs and are only keeping 800. When that incentive expires, Carrier will move those jobs too.

      There is another, smaller company in Indiana planning to do the same thing. But their 300 workers didn't get the same deal.

      Meanwhile those 1200 jobs in Ohio and Michigan that GM announced the day AFTER the election that they were moving to Mexico in January.....crickets.

      So much for you, Ohio and Michigan. Gonna suck to be you.


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