Tuesday, November 15, 2016

He is not even the president yet and already Donald Trump has China making threats against the United States.

Courtesy of The Guardian: 

US president-elect Donald Trump would be a “naive” fool to launch an all-out trade war against China, a Communist party-controlled newspaper has claimed. 

During the acrimonious race for the White House Trump repeatedly lashed out at China, vowing to punish Beijing with “defensive” 45% tariffs on Chinese imports and to officially declare it a currency manipulator. 

On Monday the state-run Global Times warned that such measures would be a grave mistake. 

“If Trump wrecks Sino-US trade, a number of US industries will be impaired. Finally the new president will be condemned for his recklessness, ignorance and incompetence,” the newspaper said in an editorial. 

The Global Times claimed any new tariffs would trigger immediate “countermeasures” and “tit-for-tat approach” from Beijing. 

“A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus. US auto and iPhone sales in China will suffer a setback, and US soybean and maize imports will be halted. China can also limit the number of Chinese students studying in the US.” 

“Making things difficult for China politically will do him no good,” the newspaper warned.

You know it's called diplomacy, and presidents who don't learn it end up starting wars and damaging our relations with other countries.

I predict that by the time Trump finishes his four years in the White House we will no longer be on speaking terms with any other nation on earth.

Except Russia of course. 


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Never underestimate the power of racism, this is why Trump got as many votes as he did.
    His campaign gave the racists a reason to vote, he fired them up.
    The hallmark of his campaign was racism, us against them.

    We can only hope that he is impeached for his connections with Russia, and his fraud and other lawsuits.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      How will he be impeached? We have a red Senate and House.

    2. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Nobody is above the federal election laws. Broken election laws galore.

    3. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Maybe you should be more specific in your 'broken election laws galore' 7:13. Certainly did not Hillary say anything about broken election laws in her concession speech. lol.

    4. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Impeached? By this rethuglicans congress?? W took America to war on lies and deceptions, clearly high crimes and misdemeanors and not a peep from congress. But use a private e-mail server-----EXECUTION!!!!

    5. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Articles of impeachment start in the House . Even tho the Dems got more votes they are still in the minority because of gerrymandering.So as long as they are in power i doubt they will impeach.Though we can remain hopeful. But these Repubs are not good people. They are vicious and mean spirited.Bohner was a joke but Ryan is worse.He's vowing to get rid of Medicare and Medicade and Obamacare?Why would anyone with a shred of human decency want to enact policies that would hurt people???? I guess i answered my own ?.

  2. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Donald calls them Jina.

    Next time he says Mexico will pay for the wall, Mexico will also retaliate.

  3. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Trump is so ignorant he thought the TPP included China and would put China in a position to take advantage of the US. If anything, TPP is a check on China. He's an idiot. This is what you get when you elect a know nothing man who amassed his adoring uneducated aggrieved crowds by spouting the most ridiculous tripe.

    And while he might have had a nice "chat" with the Chinese leader, the subtext of China's position was spelled out loud and clear in its state run newspaper.

    1. These threats? Anything but empty, also too. Not limited to trade, either. But, he's at least got President Duterte back in the fold (yeah right)!

  4. abbafan5:21 AM

    This fuckin' orange goof has NO fuckin' concept of Sino-U.S. trade, only when it suits his business. China IS a huge market for American-made goods, and a major importer of raw resources.

    If this bloated buffoon and his gang of misfits succeed in fucking up and imposing those tariffs, the Chinese government will retaliate and close their borders to ALL American products. Which of course, will lead to a recession bigger than the one caused by Dumbya's failed policies.

    So, when all of the so-called "big-money" "jobs" that their "saviour" promised them NEVER return (and they won't!), his supporters will realize that they were duped.

    Remember, republicans DO NOT look out for the best interests of the people; only their own, and their corporate masters!

    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      I'm not sure they will ever realize they've been duped. I mean, Bush got away with TWO unfunded wars, and they still blame Obama for the deficit caused by the Bush economic BS and putting the wars ON the books. They believe Trump will 'uphold the constitution," even though he is already shredding it to pieces. They are afraid of anyone not white and male, and so far, he does fit those categories. Do you think a SofS Henry Clinton would have been investigated for emails?

    2. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Jobs, what jobs are they to do? They are all technical. They are stupid his voters.

  5. Anonymous5:22 AM

    I would be the first person to welcome a legit new president. Donald John Trump did not win legit. He won by rigging and theft. I am not republican nor democrat and am loyal to none. I do not protest for Hilary or Bernie. I protest the liars, the riggers, the con artist, the racist, the hate groups. Citizen United was the biggest crime against America besides this rigged election. I do not appreciate the tainted twisted media making excuses and defending liars and riggers.

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      I'm reading about all the states that had large voter suppression. Esp in districts that suppressed the AA vote. Nauseating.

  6. Anonymous5:24 AM

    None of our presidents have helped us with china, the biggest world threat.

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      I don't see China threatening anyone. They have agreed to cut coal usage. They desire fair trade. They have happily taken Trump's manufacturing jobs, but remember..HE sent them there. If he does indeed owe them close to a billion, as is FINALLY being reported, he is in no position to bully anyone. He is such a fool. And so is anyone who feel for his crap.

    2. Excepting the current one, of course, who was alive to the issues (all of them Katie) before taking office and engineered tangible and effective measures to deal.

  7. Anonymous5:29 AM

    China does have a long history as a currency manipulator....Just sayin.'

  8. Anonymous5:53 AM

    If that man is not impeached, my hope is that we are safe at the hands of the least desirable of our society. Placing Americans at the demise of a self admitted abuser, user, rapist and con man is beyond words. I may never vote republican or democrat again due to this election. Both parties are flawed beyond repair. Independents are just a place to park the vote because you cannot stand the major party people who don't represent the 99%.

  9. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Watching Obama at a press conference in Greece right now. Trying to imagine Trump doing the same thing. Can't.

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      "Greece? Do they speak English there? Don't they have urns or something? How far away is it? Can we get back to be my in Trump Tower by midnight? Can I send Ivanka instead?"

    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Greece? Wasn't that a movie?

  10. Anonymous6:16 AM

    I seriously doubt the jerk is going to last four years!

    1. Sarah7:06 AM

      I agree!

      My credentials as a quitter can't be refudiated!

      Also too even though he hasn't been in elected office before his business bankruptcies are kind of like financial resignations!

      Next thing ya now the libtards will be saying bad things about him. Just like they did to me and my happy family!

      Buck up and get in the truck!

  11. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Trump won't last 4 yrs. They'll get rid of him--impeachment for illegalities--not hard with that idiot. And then they'll install who they really want as prez--a true Christian fascist like Mike Pence--a Far more controllable Republican than Fuckface Von Clownstick.

  12. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Diplomacy is a win win situation which is counter to Trump's pattern od I win You lose. As a wealthy person and businessman he has a long history of bullying and harassing small business owners and localities with his tactics. Doing the same to entire countries that have power may have them laughing at him and his adult children due to their failure to weigh consequences short and long term globally and economically.

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM

      I hope they laugh them right off their pedestals. The four of them are already counting the ways they can screw us and rob the Treasury. Security Clearance for his three robber barons? Come on, folks, this is not a joke, and POTUS is not an entry level position. He and his porn model wife will never represent me.

  13. Anonymous8:40 AM

    @ Anonymous 7:47 AM said:
    I don't see China threatening anyone. They have agreed to cut coal usage.

    Trump is threatening China and ramping up coal production. Why? Because he's forced to do it. Catering to a certain class of folks is what got him votes which got him into the White House

  14. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Where's Trump's taxes?

  15. Anonymous8:45 AM

    During visits abroad, Trump won't be able to speak without reading someone else's prepared speech from a teleprompter. During the General election he was a babbling bully when he didn't read from the teleprompter.

  16. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Guiliani or gilligan, ugh, someone who belings in the swamp literally.

  17. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Walmart will not be amused... The morons who voted for Trump and his stupid 'economic" plan will learn soon enough when their supply of cheap shit from China dries up.

  18. Anonymous10:03 AM

    One of the saddest things about this, is for the first time in my life - I'm 58 - I am relieved to be white.
    I hate that I feel this way. I wasn't raised to think I was any different or any better than anyone else. We are all the same.
    I fear much has now changed in America. I am afraid for my minority family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The racism that we thought was receding is coming back with a vengeance. It was growing during Trump's campaign. Bannon on the White House staff has set them free. It's going to be very,very bad.
    Just one of the many acts in this tragedy unfolding before our eyes. Hopefully things will move slowly. Using reconciliation means a budget has to be worked out and that should take some time. Democrats in the Senate need to be vocal, and filibuster.
    Midterms in 2018. Plan to vote.
    Support your local teachers. The uneducated harm us all.


  19. Trump, 1992: “I love getting even with people”


    “Given the opportunity, I will get even with people who are disloyal to me.... I would define them as disloyal.”

  20. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I don't think it is the brightest idea to get a few billion Chinese angry at you.

    They could wipe us out on man power alone.

  21. More indications of impending disaster:

    "Donald Trump has picked Myron Ebell to lead the transition at the Environmental Protection Agency, an organization whose mission is to “protect human health and the environment.”

    Ebell will play a pivotal role in choosing EPA personnel and help shape the future of government agencies that address climate and environmental policy.

    But here’s the rub: The 63-year-old is no environmental steward. A noted climate contrarian, he’s spent decades trying to dispel what he calls the “myths of global warming,” defending the use of fossil fuels and shutting down any climate policy that would diminish dependence on them. And he’s expressed great pride at being one of world’s most reviled “climate criminals.” "


    Obama is optimistic because he says the office changes you. Sorry. Trump is incapable of change.


    ""This office has a way of waking you up," Obama said. "Those aspects of his positions or predispositions that don't match up with reality, he will find shaken up pretty quick because reality has a way of asserting itself."

    The two men met in the Oval Office last week to begin the transition of power. Obama said on Monday he believed Trump would be pragmatic in office and not approach the country's problems from an ideological perspective.

    "There are going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well, unless he recognizes them and corrects them," Obama said.

    "Because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial it has less impact than it does when you're president of the United States. Everybody around the world is paying attention. Markets move," he said."

    I don't think Trump gives a shit. He's a combination of not knowing what to say or do until one of his pantysniffers tells him and stubbornly clinging to what is an obvious failure because, like a spoiled two year old, that's what he wants.

    Drumpf will be a disaster. He already is as witnessed by his cabinet appointments.

  22. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Did you vote for someone who will attempt to run businesses and run the country while already very stupid?

  23. Trump wants to make America great again?

    How about making us #1 in the world in Solar energy. We're #5.

    Aside from China which has increased their solar power generation BIGLY in the last few years has surpassed the U.S. easily. They generate 2-3 times what we do. Even small countries like Germany, Italy and Japan exceed U.S. solar production. Germany doesn't get nearly the amount of sun we do.

    If Trump wants to make us great again, he needs to look at making us #1 in a lot of areas where we totally suck. Like healthcare, renewable energy, wages. The only thing we seem to be #1 in for industrialized nations is incarcerations, teenage pregnancy and gun ownership.

    Our percentage of GDP spent on education trails third world countries.

    Our average lifespan also sucks. Some of that is related to our lifestyle but some is the quality of food and environment and some is lack of healthcare.


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