Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It's election day! And here is just another reminder as to why it is so damn important that you participate.

This is a Donald Trump supporter seen at a rally in Minnesota.

And his candidate is a guy who has absolutely NO respect for the First Amendment, and would like to treat our journalists just like his pal Vladimir Putin treats them in Russia.

And these are the people who will see nothing wrong with that.

THEY must not prevail!


  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Sarah Palin had the smallest crowds I've ever seen

    1. Anonymous5:41 AM

      I'll bet they were the smallest crowds she has ever seen either.
      Better get used to it, $ara.... 300 fat old white men and you in the back of a truck. Wow, just wow. That'll be the best you can do, until your eventual funeral. THAT will draw a CROWD, believe me. Everyone will want to see for themselves that it is indeed your carcass in the casket, and know they'll sleep a little bit safer.

  2. Early voted last Wednesday. I get to try to keep my mind preoccupied all day and into the night.

  3. Anonymous3:23 AM

    The difference between the crowds at a Clinton rally vs a Trump rally are jarring. I'm just hoping that good people will overcome evil today.

  4. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Finally America can do to Trump what he has done to women, minorities, disabled persons and everyone else. Bend over Donald, it's time you got fucked.

  5. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Consider this as you vote:
    The Standing Rock Sioux are peacefully protesting a big oil corp.which is illegally destroying their land & their sacred cemeteries. Cops from several states, armed to the teeth & looking and acting like the Army are bashing in heads, macing people who are praying(and unarmed), snipers are stationed on hillsides, etc. These are private citizens arrested and beaten up, and what does POTUS say? Why doesn't Hillary call out Trump for having stock in DAPL? It's no secret.
    This is happening right here right now in our America. No Donald Trump needed to make this possible.
    These natives have had EVERYTHING taken from them by whites, yet they still pray and protest to save NOT THEIR water but all our water.They are getting their asses beat down and MACED(ever been pepper sprayed? These folks are getting it full on in the face by fire-extinguisher sized mace cannisters...for having a morning water prayer service. DAPL doesn't own that river, WE DO).
    Why, at a Democratic event, would "No To DAPL" signs be covered up by "Hillary/Kaine" signs?

    This has been happening and we didn't need a Donald Trump to do it.

  6. Anonymous4:17 AM

    My groggy husband this morning: "What's a good, neutral station to watch today?"

    Me: Snort!

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      We early voted. No more tv today for me until after 10pm, as I need a serious palate cleanser. I'll try to listen to some returns then.
      Until then, take my unsolicited advice and listen to whatever music turns you on. Listen to it all day! For me, it's Maria Callas singing anything. My soul needs the nourishment.

    2. Anonymous5:59 AM

      We're avoiding election news by going out to dinner and a movie. When we get back I'll check in with IM and Politicususa before even switching on the television. I cannot stand the pundits.

    3. Anonymous7:02 AM

      One advantage of not having cable is not being bombarded by the talking heads yakking about nothing all day to fill in the time.

    4. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Thankfully, no TV in our house (except for Netflix - no TV reception in our area). So, that is taken away. No radio for me today, either, and no Internet after this. Only CDs being played with soothing music.

    5. Leland8:11 AM

      Beaglemom, I hope you are planning on going to a restaurant with no TV's!

    6. Anonymous9:00 AM

      It's Comedy Central re-runs all day for me. They have an election day chryon running that is cracking me up.

      EX: "Bad Hombre" now most popular male baby name in America

    7. Anita Winecooler2:55 PM

      This is our first year we're not having a "watch" party in our home. This empty nest stuff takes some getting used to. I just want to see the look on Donald and Melania's mugs when they realize they lost huuuuuuugely.

  7. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I was on the sea-o-pee yesterday and they were all salivating over the prospect of watching Clinton supporters cry today.

    It's curious, why are the democrats who have the polls in their favor so worried or at best, cautiously optimistic, yet the right-wingers are all so cock-sure they're going to win even when the polling is against them.

    So delusional and so scary, but I can't wait to go over to the sea-o-pee and watch them piss and moan and cry!

    1. Anonymous5:55 AM

      I've been waiting for that myself!

    2. Anonymous6:24 AM

      It will be my stop after the results tonight, as well!

  8. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Ha ha ha!!! Get it?

    "Let's make our country great again by lynching journalists"

    tee hee heee!! It's comedy gold! ON A T-SHIRT!!!

    See? I told you Drumpf's Amerika would be awesome!

    Instead of watching TV after work we can have neighborhood lynching committees to organize the events and to decide who the mob should target next. (once all the journalists are all killed, of course)

    Make it a social thing. The little wimmin can make casseroles and cookies and the fellers can come back to the lodge after each night's lynching party to down a few brewskies and revel in tales of the night's courageous mob violence.

    (see? they couldnt call it a lynching 'party' if it weren't 'sposed to be fun, now, could they?)

    Maybe have an activity fer the young'ns. Maybe have 'em hang stray dogs and cats. Dunno... Just spitballin' here..

    Lynching journalists... Heh heh heh... yeah, there's an idea...

    Thank you Lord Jeebus for President Drumpf!

    Holy shit, you've got to vote!

  9. Anonymous5:08 AM

    The media played a very dangerous game all in the name of ratings. If tRump is elected, they will rue the greed that drove them to do it.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      I agree with you but I don't think the media will recognize its role in promoting Trump and in vilifying Clinton at every possible moment - until it was almost too late. Two photo series in today's NYT show starkly different campaigns: lots of smiles and interaction with audiences on the Clinton side and frowns and surly faces and no interaction between audiences and the candidate on the Trump side. Lots of optimism on the Clinton side; lots of pessimism on the Trump side. Yet, remember how the media kept telling us that Hillary Clinton was too removed from her audiences and that there was very little enthusiasm there. Not so, according to the photos.

  10. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Trump and his supporters want to jail and even hang people for crimes Trump invents rejecting institutions of law, legal systems, truth and facts. Opinions based on facts is different than making up facts to self aggrandize by demonizing others.

    All of Trump's BS false allegations of a "rigged" system that began as blame if he did not win is nothing more than blowing smoke because he can not tolerate losing or being the best.

  11. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Some people never grow up. The baby boomers (I am one) did not do a good job with their offspring. They are spoiled dipsticks , very slow .Those same offspring are making their offspring even dumber. Disgusting idiots!!!
    Recognized by wearing t-shirts that reflect stupidity!!!!

    1. Leland8:13 AM

      A bit of a large group-identifying paint brush there, 6:18.

    2. Speak for yourself, 6:18.

      This boomer raised 5 kids who all worked their way through college, 2 with the GI Bill. All voted Blue.

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Just frustrated. Sorry about the broad stroke.

  12. Anonymous6:25 AM


    1. Anonymous7:15 AM

      And Curt Shilling wants to run against Senator Warren here in Massachusetts.

  13. Anonymous6:58 AM


    against Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2018.

  14. Anonymous7:44 AM

    There was a knock on the door this morning. It was a Trump supporter. We have No Trespassing signs up which my daughter pointed out. The man said this is a special occasion. My daugter replied no it isn't and we were Democrats and had already voted . The fucking POS started screaming Crooked Hillary and flipping her off!!!!We're going to do phone calls this afternoon. She has a migraine and feels terrible and I said you stay home and she said no after that there is NO WAY I'm staying home.This is the POS kind of deplorables tRump attracts.

  15. Anonymous8:46 AM

    My sister-in-law lives in Florida and she went to vote on the last day of early voting. She is having back surgery and is constant pain and walks with a limp. She got to the library where she was suppose to vote and she said a 600 pound man was getting out of a van in a wheelchair with one of those lift things. He started screaming Vote for trump and crooked Hillary. She said she was walking so slow that he got to the door before she did and there were probably 12 people ahead of her. She said 600 lb man kept yelling in the library and got in big trouble with the librarian and poll watchers. She said she voted and when she left the asshole was sitting on the sidewalk and yelling crooked Hillary and people were walking out in the street to avoid him. She said not me. As she approached he said "if you voted for Hillary you're a crook!" She looked at him and said "well you're an asshole now shut the hell up". She said a woman approaching from the other direction said "you tell him girl!" She said the guy shut up and went back to his van without another word!

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      GO S.I.L.!

      Yeah, us Nasty Women are going to get shit done and shut the assholes up.

  16. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Trump got BOOd at the ballot box.


    "Donald Trump received a less-than-warm welcome at the polls on Tuesday morning when he arrived to cast his ballot.

    The GOP presidential nominee, who voted at PS 59, a public school in midtown Manhattan, has been trailing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in his home state’s pre-election polls.

    Earlier in the day, anti-Trump protesters were arrested at the school.

    Still, in Fox News’ parallel universe, Trump was actually being cheered on as he went to vote. "


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