Thursday, November 03, 2016

Jon Stewart talks about the Twitter war he had with Donald Trump way back in 2013, and what that tells you about the Republican candidate.

In case you are thinking that perhaps Jon Stewart is making this up, here is that tweet he mentioned from Donald Trump:
In response Stewart decides to respond in a somewhat similar fashion: 

“So I decide to tweet back at him, ‘Many people don’t know this but Donald Trump’s real name is Fuckface Von Clownstick. I wish he would embrace the Von Clownstick heritage,” Stewart said, quipping that “Lincoln used to get into this shit all the time.” 

“I swear to you, this is true — the man who very likely, given the FBI’s preference, be our next President then tweeted ‘Amazing how the haters and losers keep voting the name Fuckface von Clownstick like they are so original and no one else is doing it,” Stewart recalled, attempting not to laugh too much. “Then he tweeted ‘What’s funny about the name ‘Fuckface Von Clownstick? It was not coined by Jon Leibowitz; he stole it from a moron on Twitter.'” 

“So I tweet back, ‘We seem to have hit a F*ckface Von Nervestick,” Stewart continues. He then pointed out that right-wing superman Trump then went silent until four days later in the middle of the night until he tweeted “Little Jon Stewart is a pussy and would be hopeless in a debate with me.”

Stewart then tells the crowd to "Vote wisely this November."

Which of course is very good advice.

As I watched this I could not help but feel the loss of Jon Stewart's amazing wit in this terrible, emotionally draining campaign season.

Others are trying, they're doing their best to fill the void, but it's just not the same.

By the way I am currently sleeping as it is about 2:00 AM in Alaska, but don't let that dissuade you from posting a comment. I usually have to wake up an pee around this time anyway, and I'll check the comments before I go back to sleep.


  1. I'm With Her2:10 AM

    Vote wisely, indeed. Great advice.

  2. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Why did you change "your" last name, Drumpf?

  3. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Kelly Anne Con Way gets the atta girl award this election. Way to go Kelly anne CON WAY. you are one disgusting woman for trump.

  4. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Why did the tRumps change their name from Drumpf?? Not proud of their German heritage?

  5. Anonymous3:44 AM


  6. And his name is really Drumpf. Such bald face lying from that man. Vote blue!

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      You notice how Trump puts on other folks what he does himself? Especially when he calls out Hillary Clinton!

      The guy is an ass and should never be elected to run our country - especially when he'd be nothing more than a dictator - especially toward the minorities!

      Vote wisely, Americans!

    2. He's using the same tactic as the loon from Wasilla. She was (is) a tragic example of the Crankenstein her parents created by using extremely insane religious practices by the mother and late night incestual visits by the father.

      Adding to that volatile mix is her complete lack of intellect, compassion, integrity or purpose. She has always hurled insults and accusations that reflected her own ugliness and self serving behavior. She is the poster child of projection and hypocrisy. Wish someone would throw a bucket of water on the hag and reduce her to a toxic puddle of slime. My god! Will her screeching voice never STFU?!

  7. Anonymous4:27 AM

    I guess this tweet from fuckface was before most of us learned of Trump's family name change from Drumpf. Trump is about as literate as that Palin twit so a fight with Stewart would be a damn bloodbath.

  8. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Good for Jon Stewart. I hope the veterans in the audience and their family members vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump, aka Drumpf by the way, thinks very little of veterans. They would not fare well under a Trump administration. They never fare well when the GOP is in charge.

  9. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. Trump must be ashamed of his Nazi heritage, hence the name change.

    Heaven help us if that man becomes president.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Since John Oliver made it available, i've been using a Chrome extension that changes Don's name from 'Trump' to 'Drumpf' and i can hardly think of his name as 'Trump', now teehee :)

  10. Randall6:26 AM

    Samantha Bee does a pretty good job...

  11. Anonymous6:35 AM

    You too, huh ? Pee break is at 3:00 AM for me; every night, like clockwork. No matter what time I go to bed.

    And I thought I was the only one !

  12. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Thank you! Thank you! I can't even tell you how much I miss Jon Stewart. He's such a special human.

    I just laughed so hard. I really needed that.

  13. Anonymous7:56 AM

    What a hilarious piece. Jon has it spot on as usual. He is that good.

  14. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Sounds as though you're on the same pee schedule as I, IM! 2 AM - regular as clockwork! Made me laugh - guess it's something that occurs as folks age! Haha!

    1. Funny thing is it didn't even happen last night.

      Usually if I have a glass of wine before bed, which I did last night, I can count on it. But for some reason I woke up a little around 12:45 AM because of a noise outside, but stayed in bed until I woke up for real around 4:30 AM.

    2. Gryphen - what was the noise you heard? I'm thinking it was the wasillawitch doing the low crawl across your lawn in her moose killing attire with one of track's toys - like the one he pointed at his dumbass head and threatened to "do it". (Sigh). Who stopped him anyway?? So close.....

  15. Anonymous9:50 AM

    John Stewart summed up in a nutshell why I've personally been calling Donald Trump "Trumplethinskin". And Trump is as dense, stupid, gullible, naïve, and ready to take the bait as he is impulsive. All are reasons enough to run to the polls in a panic to cast your vote for Hillary, and vote blue all the way down the ballot to ensure a Congress to back her up, not provide four more years of obstructionism!

  16. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Ever notice Trump takes everything literally? Love the part that it took four days for his retort to be tweeted. Be careful how you vote folks, wouldn't want this mensa grad to be president.

  17. Anonymous3:58 PM

    And what have we learned from this, class?

    Never, EVER get in a Twitter war with Jon Stewart!

  18. I swear I'm starting to implode over all these poll results about him closing the gap - the horror of him being elected is only matched by the horror I feel knowing how many fucked up voters are out there and actually believe he's a good choice. The tragedy is even more compounded by the fact that I know many people who openly admit they support him and will resort to hostile attacks on anyone that dares to question them. This election has given me a glimpse of how emotional and insane the civil war must have been when it created brother against brother in one of the bloodiest wars we've ever fought on American soil. That may sound extreme but I swear it has divided our nation in much the same way. I have family members who I now feel extremely angry with - in ways that make me question who they really are - it is insane.


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