Sunday, November 20, 2016

Members of the Alt Right meet in Washington DC to celebrate election of Donald Trump.

Courtesy of Politico: 

“Donald Trump’s campaign was the first step towards identity politics in the United States,” cheered Richard Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute, an arm of the alt-right, at an afternoon press conference. “…I do think we have a psychic connection, a deeper connection with Donald Trump, in a way we simply do not have with most Republicans.”

The alt-right, a nationalist movement that embraces white identity politics and has been associated with racism and anti-Semitism, gathered over the weekend at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center downtown to regroup after the election and plot a path forward. 

Spencer made clear that he doesn’t think Trump is a member of the alt-right, and Trump himself has condemned bigoted attacks from his supporters. But the alt-right views his election as a validation of sorts, and in an hour-long press availability, Spencer and several other leaders of the movement said they expected Trump’s successful campaign to usher in a new era of populism, hardline immigration policy and a foreign policy that deemphasizes NATO and rebuilds strong ties with Russia.

Of course the Alt Right, or as they are better known the White Nationalists, are celebrating the election of Donald Trump.

After all when was a better time in recent history to be a straight white male racist?

Now these people can openly discriminate and denigrate, not only Muslims and African Americans, but also women and the LGBTQ community.

Let's face right now bigotry is as American as apple pie and burning crosses.

The only problem of course is that after these ignorant schmucks come down off their racist high they are going to realize that Trump simply cannot deliver on his promise to build the Great Wall of Texas, or deport millions of Mexicans, nor stop people from entering this country based on their religion.

And then they will have to confront those facts they have been evading this last year, which are that Donald Trump is a corpulent orange habitual liar who simply spouts whatever pops into his pea sized brain with no idea or plan to actually make it happen.

The letdown will be spectacular, but until it happens we are still stuck with rampant racist attacks and ever increasing hate crimes.

After all elections have consequences, and those who voted third party or voted against Hillary based on manipulations by Russia and the FBI are now learning that the hard way.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    "those who voted third party or voted against Hillary based on manipulations by Russia and the FBI are now learning that the hard way." Naw, they will never learn just like they didn't learn in 2000.

    Because after all "Hillary is exactly the same as Trump." /s

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    i.e. good people who work hard and want everyone else to work hard and support THEMSELVES without acting as if there's a fallback. The country could be so much better if no one knew about things like medicaid and welfare.

    1. Okay it's official, you are too ignorant to be allowed on this blog.

      Please go read something about the history of the united States, about the Civil Rights movement, about the Depression, about something other than People magazine and Facebook posts.

    2. Anonymous9:04 AM

      8;35/8:38, Free Native Healthcare is Welfare. The Palins don't work, and they receive Free Native Healthcare/Welfare. You depend upon your elderly parents who receive social security and medicare and the Republicans are planning on gutting both programs. You had better find a job along with the unemployed Palins who have been living off of OPM for 8 years. All of the strong medications needed by you are expensive.

    3. Leland9:05 AM

      Hhhmmm. I suppose you have never fallen on bad times? Or had the bad luck to be in an industry that collapsed, thus closing the mills near you? Or in a location with jobs that technology passed over or eliminated?

      This is a republic. As such, it is the DUTY of the government to help those in need, just as it is the duty of government to protect the minorities from those who would eliminate them.

      As for Medicaid, I suppose that when it comes to children who are born - through no fault of their own - with problems, that you would allow them to just die? I suppose also, that your favorite line from A CHRISTMAS CAROL is: "If they are going to die, let them do so and reduce the surplus population.

      That is so modernly CHRISTIAN of you!

      Do some REAL studying from honest sources. And Breitbart is NOT one of them.

    4. Anonymous9:51 AM

      This is typical simplistic right-wing thinking. The "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" stuff is simplistic justification for those who are resentful to share their earnings to support the betterment of society as a whole.

      For a homeless vet to find a job is not easy or straightforward. Even if you give him a razor to shave and buy him an old suit from Goodwill, he will have a hard time competing against the 100's of others competing for some blue collar jobs.

      Regarding Medicaid and social security, these are in place to support those in society who are at a disadvantage.

      Even with taking simple compassion and empathy out of the equation, as you wish to do, there is still an argument to be made for these institutions. Without them, those in need become desperate, and the compounded costs of their resulting actions would overwhelm society well past the point of providing enough in welfare and other programs to keep them going.

      The overall cost of maintaining society is well balanced when a certain amount of aid is provided to the citizens who can't fully support themselves. Many European countries recognize this and their overall quality of life is far better than ours (yes, this is an argument for European-stle socialism)

      Luckily, I don't need to rationalize things to this degree to recognize why we should support the disadvantaged. My parents raised me with a moral compass and I have a sufficient sense of empathy that allows me not to feel resentful when my tax dollars go to these programs. Also, when I see a homeless man on the street with a change bucket, I am always compelled to give him at least a dollar. That dollar will make a far greater difference in his outlook and have far more benefit to him than it would to me (i.e. since I earn well enough to not miss that dollar).

    5. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Yeah, let's go back to the past when children and seniors died homeless in the streets by slowly starving to death. BTW I am betting 10 to 1 that you call yourself a christian.

    6. Anonymous10:25 AM

      So you want to cut off federal "welfare' to all the red states that get back more than they pay in? That's where the majority of welfare dollars go to, not to individuals.

    7. Hedgewytch10:42 AM

      Social security - you mean the money that is automatically deducted from my paycheck so that when I retire I have SOMETHING, even if inadequate, to help me out?
      Unemployment - you mean the money that is deducted from my paycheck so if I loose my job for whatever reason, I get SOMETHING even if inadequate to cover the cost of living, to help me out while I'm looking for another job?

      Medicare - you mean the tax deduction that is taken out of my paycheck so that if I find myself sick and out of work I can have SOMETHING no matter how inadequate, to help me pay my medical needs?

      Yeah, its entitlement, as I'm entitled to get something back for the money that is automatically taken from my paycheck whether I want it to or not.

      But if you feel that way about it, I'm sure you will just return that money to the government when its your turn to need it.

    8. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Something else all these, work hard etc types better wake up and realize. Medicaid is what kicks in when Medicare won't. Let me repeat that (they think awful slowly.) When a person is elderly, has a stroke, develops dementia, etc, a hospital or rehab facility is the only thing that MediCARE will pay. Once the patient isn't making progress towards recovery which is he case with many stroke and dementia patients, they kick you out. Nursing home care runs $50-60K today. Far beyond most folks security or savings. The ReTHUGS want to do away with one (Medicaid) and privatize the other two (Social Security and Medicare.) what then?

    9. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Just to clarify...

      You don't want your taxes to help feed a child who's hungry because her single parent is working 3 part-time minimum wage jobs and still doesn't have enough money to pay for housing, clothing, child care, and food.

      But I'll bet you've never complained about them going to pay for military airplanes the military doesn't even want, salaries for members of Congress who work a quarter of the year, and tax refunds for corporations that are making more profits than in any time in history.

      Some people just make me ashamed to be part of the same human race.

    10. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Since those white supremacists are parading in Washington, I will assume they are collecting welfare or unemployment since they aren't at work.

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    White nationalist? Why not use the real name: Nazi.

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Exactly. Saw this in an editorial cartoon this week:

      ALT = NEO
      RIGHT = NAZI

    2. YES to this, a thousand times yes! Gryphen, please stop now using "Alt-Right" in headlines, or in the texts. We must insist on the right word for these groups of so-called "White Nationalists" -- They ARE Neo Nazis. They totally fit the definition of Nazi. Bigots, hate mongers: NAZIS. Hitler would be proud of them. Disgusting.

    3. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Yes please. Gryph, call them what they ARE.

    4. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Thank you. The word that best defines them is being set aside, and in place of this is wording that sounds too in recognition of and in approval of the group. Nationalist comes off as complimentary. Alt comes off as being ahead of the times and not behind the times.

    5. We absolutely need to start BRANDING these people.

      No one knows what Alt-Right is. That is the polite term used in place of Nazi. Because the media don't want to insult anyone. That just gives them a false cover. It hides their purpose.

      Bill Maher is right. (I really wish he was not on hiatus until 2017.) We need to stop being politically correct. We need to call a spade a spade and start using Donald Trump's marketing strategy against him.

      We need to label. We need to brand.

      We need to call a Nazi a Nazi when we see and hear one. Nazis weren't just for duty history books that Trump supporters never read in high school.

      It's incredible that there are more Nazis in the U.S. than Germany. They have done a great job of suppressing this sort of racism and bigotry in their country. They also have better healthcare and generate more solar power than the U.S. but that is something else.

      No more "alt-right". They are Nazis. We need to say it out loud and the media needs to do the same. Print it. Brand them Alt-Right = Nazi. Most Americans still recognize the name and associate it with bad things. Even the stupid recognize NAZI when they hear it.

    6. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Alt-right sounds stupid, like some computer short cut command.

      They are fascist or Nazi's.

      Trump told us we don't need to be politically correct anymore, so let's call it what it is.

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Funny. People are discussing media distractions now that it's a republican in office even though he isn't republican. Ya didn't care when obama led us into several secret wars and tried to pass things under radar.

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Alex Jones have the day off today?
      Must be why you're here!

    2. "even though he isn't republican"
      Oh yes he is. He claims to be one, he ran as one and the republican party proudly nominated him. The republicans own his lumbering ass. Every lie he tells, every corrupt move he makes, every civil right he wants taken away, every unconstitutional move he makes is supported by and on the republican party.

    3. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Led us "into several secret wars"? What were those secret wars? If they were secret how do you know about them?

      Were they anything like the open wars that GWB lied us into? Did THOSE bother you?

    4. Anonymous7:13 PM

      Did they empty more mental institutions recently?

    5. BWA HA hahahaha!

      Hey, everyone, look who opened is mouth and removed all doubt!

  5. Anonymous9:40 AM

    When I first seen Barron walked on stage with his family when it was predicted Trump won the presidency, I thought something was wrong with Barron. He looked like he was lost or something. Then I thought maybe that is how rich kids acts like in public. Then I read the comments below and then it started to make sense. I do remember Trump was bringing up autism and vaccines at a earlier debate which kind of threw me when he said he witnessed it first hand. Now the pieces of the puzzle is making sense.


    Anonymous said 6:23 AM:

    Does Donald Trump have what Barron Has?

    What does Barron have?

    Video suggests Autism

    Google: Barron Trump Autism

    All sorts of information pops up.


    Anonymous said 6:42 AM:

    Autism: Why is Donald Trump concerned about vaccines and autism during a debate and also tweeted about vaccines and autism?

    Donald J. Trump

    I'm not against vaccinations for your children, I'm against them in 1 massive dose. Spread them out over a period of time & autism will drop!

    8:10 AM - 4 Sep 2014

    Watch the debate video below and Trump talks about vaccines causes autism. Trump said "I've seen it", then he talks about vile in a tube meant for a horse pumped into a baby. Is Trump talking about Barron?

    Internet says vaccines causes autism is unsupported:
    Parents may first become aware of autistic symptoms in their child around the time of a routine vaccination. This has led to unsupported theories blaming vaccine "overload", a vaccine preservative, or the MMR vaccine for causing autism. The latter theory was supported by a litigation-funded study that has since been shown to have been "an elaborate fraud".


    Anonymous 6:46 AM said:

    Google "Donald Trump vaccines"
    You will be surprised

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM
      Answer> 60 year old sperm filled with VIAGRA!
      Could that be the cause of the UP surge in AUTISM?’-sperm

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Rumors have it that young Baron has mental health issues( yes children can have mental health issues, they don't just magically appear at age 18) and that he is autistic.

    3. Anonymous11:59 AM

      @anon 11:20am
      While that may be true, the biggest or should I say bigly reason for the uptick in autism rates is that more and more pediatricians are more aware of the signs of autism and it is being diagnosed earlier and also not just in the extreme cases of autism.

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    That man in the white tank up needs to lose weight and do some exercises. Those man boobs sure are droopy.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      TRANS??? "Cain't tell for sure"???
      HE/SHE or SHE/HE??

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM

      They're such fine examples of white superiority, aren't they?

      Ignorant, obese, and hateful. Just what I personally aspire to!

  7. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Sarah Palin, Todd, Piper and Trig do not have to worry about healthcare. They will all soon be on Sarah's new government healthcare plan once she gets her cabinet job in Trump's administration. We all know the job Sarah Palin is getting is payback for endorsing the new KKK, White Nationalists and Nazi hero. Is that considered government welfare since Sarah will be hired and doesn't know what the fu@k she's doing?

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      We shall see if she's hired. If it's anything she hates, it's work. Welcome underlings that she can boss around. Redo her office into a brothel. That she CAN do.

    2. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Trig would also too be collecting SSI for his disabilities since birth.

  8. Anonymous9:53 AM

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    2. Theater has ways to deal with that.

      The production pauses. The ushers remove the offending whoever about whatever.

      The performance resumes.

      The only thing that is accomplished is to annoy the rest of the audience. They sit they are curse that fucking Trump supporter for being an ass and interrupting a show they paid an exorbitant amount of money to see.

      Trump Nazi not really accomplishing anything.

    3. Anonymous12:46 PM

      "Manners Aristotle's Poetics defines as those elements which make up what we recognize as a person's character, and it is essential that the person acts and speaks according to his character all through the play, while sentiment is how the one speaking explains his meaning. By these two a person is described, but it is from his actions that his quality is derived.
      So, what causes the actions? In the Poetics, Aristotle sees two causes:
      Sentiments and Moral habit, "and through these actions all men obtain or fail of the object of their wishes."

      Comedy & Tragedy

  9. Anonymous9:57 AM

    "Admiral Rogers met with Mr. Trump on Thursday, apparently without the White House’s knowledge".

  10. Anonymous10:00 AM

  11. Anonymous10:02 AM

    White supremacist is the term most should use. Alt right is too milk toast.

    1. Nazi is a better term.

      Some of the stupid don't know what a white supremacist is. Too many syllables.

  12. Anonymous10:02 AM

    When you cal them the alt right you play their ugly game.

    Call them what they are.

  13. Anonymous10:03 AM

    The term Alt right is being used to normalize the white supremacy movement. I wish you would use either white supremacy or neonazi instead.

  14. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Donald Trump Charity Gave to Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaxx Crusade

    Donald Trump has not only spread dangerous misinformation about the links between vaccines and autism, but he’s also given money to the anti-vaxxer cause.
    His monetary support for the conspiracy theory came in the form of a $10,000 check to an anti-vaccine charity run by former Playboy model and television host Jenny McCarthy.
    Trump’s monetary and moral support for McCarthy’s discredited ideas have real, harmful effects—they contribute to the mainstreaming of a conspiracy theory at a time when parents are increasingly deciding to opt out of vaccines despite medical advice....

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that there is no link between vaccination and autism, and those advocating for higher immunization rates charge that McCarthy is not only promoting a dangerous concept, but also brands those on the autistic spectrum as damaged individuals...

    “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes—AUTISM. Many such cases!” Trump tweeted in March 2014.
    After catching flack for these comments, Trump later tweeted in September 2014 that he was being “proven right” and that “doctors lied” about vaccinations—adding that many parents of autistic children had thanked him....

    1. Former Playboy model.

      There you have it.

      He probably fucked her in her prime, when she was still a 10. So he owes her.

  15. Anonymous10:10 AM

    "I think librarians should rule the world!"

    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      I wish that particular news wasn't fake!

    2. Yes, they should.

      But short of that, media literacy should be taught starting in the third grade up through graduate school.

      A semester minimum should be required every year of high school.

      It should be taught by credentialed librarians. That requires post graduate work.

      Media Literacy must be taught by librarians, not regular classroom teachers that have taken a 2 hour inservice or a half day workshop. Absolutely not by classified staff that have no education or training at all.

      The problem is, there just aren't that many librarians around. Before I retired, I was one of only a handful of credentialed librarians in a district with over 4,000 teachers and over a dozen high schools. Several hundred elementary, middle and high schools. Less than 10 certificated librarians for the entire district. Most of the librarians were in middle and high school. Most were shared by at least two school. None of the elementary schools had ever had librarians. Some schools, even middle and high schools, had never had a librarian. The libraries were run by classified staff, clerks, who knew how to check books in and out and shelve. That's it. Teachers think the extent of knowing how to use a library is to find your book, check it out and then return them on time.

      The year I retired, three more librarians had been "excessed" and moved into a classroom. One taught math, another English as a second language. In the years before that every year one or two would be excessed and put into a classroom.

      Teachers are absolutely unprepared to teach media literacy. I witnessed teachers that didn't bother to teach citations for required reports.

      Only teacher librarians are trained and qualified to teach the media literacy it's obvious our future voters need. They are being eliminated as a profession because of BUDGET CUTS.

      The decades long choking of education funding by the Republicans has resulted in our current low information voter. That has benefitted the Republican party as we can see by this election.

      There is no quick fix. You would need librarians to teach several generations of students in order for our voters to have the tools they need to sift through the bullshit and accurately vet their sources.

      What can be done? Well, you could hire librarians to vet news sources for Facebook, all of the major news sites, networks, etc. But that isn't going to happen.

      Can you imagine Fox News employing a librarian to evaluate their news stories as to what is true, what is misleading and what is false before they air? Not going to happen. They make their money with lies. Those teenagers in Greece proved it. Lies sell. They made tons off money off of their fake Facebook sites. They were smart enough to see that feeding the Trump supporters false news stories made them more money, so that's what they did.

      If Facebook really wanted to do something, they would bar all "news" sites from Facebook. Make it social media only. Even then they couldn't stop it. Not unless the also prohibited links to off site articles. That would be their death.

      So we're back to the consumer needing the tools and education to evaluate for themselves. That isn't going to happen either. Mostly because people are too lazy and don't have the training. They also don't care. They only want news that supports a viewpoint they've already embraced.

      I have a masters in library and information science. I taught media literacy K-12 over my last decade of employment. No one cared. Not the teachers. Certainly not the administration. If they don't care, how do you get anyone else to care?

  16. Anonymous10:20 AM

    The photo was taken in July, 2015 in front of the South Carolina Statehouse.

  17. Anonymous10:23 AM

    America what have you done?

    You elected a man who believes grabbing pussy is his right.

    You elected a man who does not believe in Climate Change.

    You elected a man with no political knowledge, who hired his kids with no political knowledge to fill cabinet jobs and who sits in on meetings with foreign diplomats.

    You elected a man who believes vaccination causes autism.

    Trump’s views appear to be having an effect on the party he now heads. A study conducted for The Daily Beast earlier this year showed a link between Republican Party affiliation and anti-vaccine sentiment—with Donald Trump most frequently mentioned by anti-vaccination survey participants as a public figure who shared their views.

  18. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Breaking News:

    Trump to make major concession on illegal immigrants.

    90% MUST go home, but housekeepers and gardeners for the rich, along with maids, cooks and other kitchen staff working at Trump properties can stay but no more minimum wage entitlements and health care will be eight asprin a month or two Tylenol per family for said workers.

  19. Anonymous10:50 AM

    "Trump himself has condemned bigoted attacks from his supporters."

    When and where, or video please, because I sure don't remember that.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Anything he's said has been limited to a couple words and it has only happened when an interviewer has forced him to acknowledge it!

    2. Anonymous7:17 PM

      All I heard was he supposedly said "Stop it" on the 60 mins interview.

      Any other president elect would have addressed the nation on this issue.

  20. Anonymous10:57 AM

    This new prez this whole stuff is all just bizaar. I wouldnt put past these power hungry people to go in cohoots with bad countries to target places of blue to get votes forever. No mre usa. Usa is dying.

  21. Anonymous11:25 AM

    We heard last week that Trump plans an continuing the practice of rallies. What will those be like now that he's sent all the neo-Nazis and various other haters the message that they are free to speak up and with gusto. Even if he has people in place to try to keep this at bay, those supporters will still hang around the periphery and be seen and heard, at least at the outdoor rallies--if the media does their job.

    1. Isn't that what Hitler did after he was voted in as Chancellor? He kept up the rallies, whipped up that hate, bigotry and racism until he was declared Führer.

      Watch it happen again.

      Because the fucking dumbshits in this country didn't pay attention in school and fucking repeated history.

    2. Anonymous9:58 PM

      Watched on NBC, Richard Engels talking about the pattern of a soon to be dictatorship. He said that rallies like this were one of them. Then the suppression of the press. It's like a recipe. Read up on Hitler and how he did it. Funny, how we are all separately at our computers miles apart and discussing a soon to be dictatorship like it's not happening in our own backyards. We are complacent so therefore maybe we don't deserve a democracy. Maybe Trumps plan to drain the swamp is to start a civil war.

  22. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Autism: Caused by fathering by old dudes.

  23. Anonymous12:06 PM


    Energized By Trump's Win, White Nationalists Gather To 'Change The World

    'Loyalists of the self-described white nationalist, alt-right movement from around the country gathered in D.C. Saturday afternoon, enthused by the election of Donald Trump and optimistic that their controversial, offensive views such as calling for a white, ethnocentric state were on the rise throughout the country.

    "The alt-right is here, the alt-right is not going anywhere, the alt-right is going to change the world,"....

  24. Anonymous12:08 PM

  25. Anonymous12:10 PM

    So our president elect has bad seeds in his stretched out ballsacks? How are Ivanka, Erik, Donald and Tiffany? Are they normal?

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Don the Con was much younger when he seeded the older four. You be the judge if they are "normal." They all look very much alike, even Ivana if you get the makeup scraped off and discount the dental veneers she looks like Eric. Tiffany looks like her mom except for her mouth kissed with her father's lips. Tiffany and her mom, Marla, have probably been paid off...but the older fearsome four ferrets have their dad's weasel genes. Rich with entitlement.

  26. Anonymous12:29 PM

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM

      MUST WATCH^^^^^^^
      "This is a must-watch; and must-share."

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      MUST WATCH> THIS TOO>How Adolf Hitler rose to power in a democratic country:


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