Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Not even president yet and already Donald Trump is threatening to punish Americans for exercising their right to free speech.

So not only does Trump want to diminish the rights of the press to do their job, he also wants to punish American citizens for demonstrating their First Amendment rights as well.

How much longer do we think it will be before he threatens to take away our right to assemble peacefully or petition the government for a redress of our grievances?

Are you afraid yet Trump supporters?

Well if you were smarter you would be. 


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    What a MONSTER!

    1. Anonymous9:19 AM


    2. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Evil and the devil incarnate!!! Plus, he is fucking nuts!

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    If Trump wants to imprison flag-burners, imagine what he’ll try to do to journalists who report on his corruption


    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Trump Rips CNN’s Jeff Zeleny After Report on ‘Blatant and Baseless’ Voter Fraud Allegations


  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo blisters ‘Morning Joe’ rivals — and calls them Trump’s ‘transition spokesmen’


    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      That's exactly what they sound like...

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Protection of public lands cast in doubt after Trump’s victory

    Scientists and conservationists are just beginning to grasp what may lay ahead for more than 600 million acres of national forests, monuments, parks, conservation areas and other federal public lands. But, they say Trump’s statements promoting fossil fuels development on public lands make it clear that the days of managing these lands with renewable energy, conservation and climate change in mind may soon be over.


    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Scientists and conservationists should have known since the morning after the election that public lands are at terrible risk now.

    2. I knew it before the election was over.

      I also knew if he won you could kiss Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security goodbye.

      Ditto the food stamps program, Welfare, Head Start, CHIP and any other social net we have.

      Minimum wage will be lowered, not raised. He might even try to reduce or eliminate Unemployment insurance.

      If it benefits the 99% it's gone. If it can be transferred to the 1% it will be.

      This isn't rocket science. I like to think of it as constructive anticipatory pessimism. It's a win win.

      If I'm right, I'm prepared. If I'm wrong, all the better.

      I'm anticipating the stock market dropping so I'm looking at stocks to dump as soon as they hit a certain point.

      I'm refinancing my house now while interest rates are low and my home value is still high.

      Trump is going to revoke every single mechanism we have for protecting our economy. Dodd-Frank, gone. Volcker, gone.

      I'm glad I have a state pension and not a 401K or Social Security. I have three more years on my company insurance before I need to start paying for it. I'll pay for it out of my pension to keep it. I anticipate Medicare will be gone by then so everything I paid INTO Medicare to get it when I turn 65 will pay for those tax cuts for the 1%ers.

      Fuck Trump. Fuck the Republicans. Most of all Fuck Karl Rove.

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Nobody should be allowed to grab coochie - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!

    If Trump posts that, will he be given a life sentence in the bootie farm?

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Or, his balls are hacked off! What about raping a 12 or 13 year old like a younger Trump supposedly did?

      This is a tyrant that needs to be taken off the streets of America! He should never become our president. He has no clue how to lead and would be a friggin' disaster! And, his wife would not be a quality first lady in any stretch of the imagination!

  6. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Trump Moves Toward Impeachable Offenses By Signaling Intention To Violate His Oath Of Office






    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      String him up - he's begging for it!

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    They can share a cell with the women who got abortions in Trump's Amurika!

    Really - he's like a spoiled, immature 6 year old rattling off simple simon rules. The man is not just a lunatic - he is a STUPID lunatic.

  8. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Well that didn’t take long.

    Within minutes of President-elect Donald Trump taking to Twitter to casually assert that people who burn the American flag should, in his words, face a “loss of citizenship or year in jail,” his team was already making the rounds defending the indefensible.


  9. Lindsay8:45 AM

    I am not sure if he really believes this is possible or if he is just telling his minions what they want to hear. Either way he is an idiot!

    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      His regime will do it.

  10. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Fucking asshole!

    House Majority Leader: Repeal Obamacare First Then Replace Later


    1. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Even those idiots (Republicans) know they can't do that - it would leave millions w/o medical insurance coverage. Riots would begin and deaths would be incurred across the land!

      I'm ready if they try to do anything like this! Protect each other!!

    2. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Repeal without replacement is strongly opposed by the health insurance industry, so that is unlikely to happen.

    3. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Keep telling yourself they aren't that stupid.

      They really are that stupid!

      When worst comes to worst these @$$holes think they will be raptured.

  11. Anonymous8:54 AM

    2500+(with a holiday included)

  12. Anonymous8:55 AM

    If Trump wants to drain the swamp then the guy he just hired as White House counsel knows all about the swamp and how it got there.


  13. Anonymous8:56 AM


  14. Anonymous9:00 AM


    wake up

  15. Anonymous9:08 AM

    "Magnanimously" declines $400k salary, but charges $700 MILLION a year for Secret Service Security at his Dump Tower. (And remember the incessant whining after that made up story of a $200 million trip to Asia by President Obama?)

  16. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Some people don't seem to understand that you can't just love American ideals when it's easy. You can't claim to love Freedom of Expression and then want to suppress it when it's something you don't like. If Hilary really did defend an alleged child rapist (not sure if that is true or not) it makes her a Patriot. In the United States of America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and entitled to a lawyer, not just when it's easy! If Freedom of Religion means that Christians can pray at school than so can Muslims, Budhhists, and Satanists! I get sooo sick of people who love America when it is easy!

  17. Anonymous9:18 AM

    "Appearing on Fox Business later in the morning, Napolitano let out a belly laugh before host Stuart Varney could finish reading Trump’s tweet.

    “There are two Supreme Court opinions that say I can burn my flag, I can’t burn yours,” Napolitano explained. “Burning the American flag is a form of protected freedom of speech as reprehensible as it is, as demonstrative of a hatred of American values as it is — I fully agree with the president elect on that.”

    “But you cannot prosecute for it,” he added. “The reason I chuckled is the penalty of stripping citizenship has been prohibited in the United States of America since 1789!”

    “Get a new Supreme Court and get a different ruling,” Varney suggested.

    “Get a different constitution!” Napolitano shot back. “Rather than the one in which he was elected president.”

    “People cannot be prosecuted for expressing unpopular opinions,” the judge insisted.

    “Not yet,” Varney laughed. "


  18. Anonymous9:19 AM

    In 2005 Hillary proposed a law against flag burning. What a monster!

    1. The Flag Protection Act was proposed as a compromise bill when conservatives were talking about outlawing flag burning altogether, and only applied when the burning was an attempt to incite violence, intimidate, or as an act of terrorism, not as a protest.


      False equivalency.

  19. Anonymous9:25 AM

    OCT 24, 2016 AT 5:06 PM

    The ~20 Times Trump Has Threatened To Sue Someone During This Campaign

    Of the 20 instances that I could find in which Trump threatened to sue, he followed through twice. (Let me know if I missed one.)

    1. On June 30, 2015*, Trump threatened to sue Univision over the Miss USA pageant. He sued.

    2. On July 2, 2015, Trump threatened to sue the National Hispanic Media Coalition after it called one his speeches a “bigoted, racist, anti-Latino rant.”

    3. On Sept. 21, 2015, Trump threatened to sue the Club for Growth, a D.C.-based nonprofit, over negative ads.

    4. On Sept. 22, 2015, Trump threatened to sue StopTrump.us over selling anti-Trump shirts.

    5. On Oct. 14, 2015, Trump threatened to sue Culinary Workers Union and Bartenders Union for saying Trump spent the night at the unionized Treasure Island casino-resort instead of his own hotel. He sued.

    6. On Nov. 19, 2015, Trump threatened to sue John Kasich over negative ads.

    7. On Nov. 20, 2015*, Trump threatened to sue New Day For America (a super PAC) over negative ads.

    8. On Dec. 7, 2015*, Trump threatened to sue Mike Fernandez, a Jeb Bush donor, over negative ads.

    9. On Jan. 18, 2016*, Trump threatened to sue The Washington Post for writing an article about how one of his casinos filed for bankruptcy.

    10. On Feb. 3, 2016, Trump threatened to sue Ted Cruz over voter fraud in the Iowa caucuses.

    11. On Feb. 12, 2016, Trump threatened to sue Ted Cruz for “not being a natural born citizen.”

    12. On Feb. 17, 2016*, Trump threatened to sue Ted Cruz for attack ads.

    13. On March 27, 2016, Trump threatened to sue the Republican Party over a dispute about Louisiana delegates.

    14. On April 12, 2016, Trump threatened to sue the Associated Press for publishing an article about the handling of a Trump-branded condo development in Panama.

    15. On April 27, 2016, Trump threatened to sue David Cay Johnston if he didn’t like what Johnston reported.

    16. On May 18, 2016, Trump threatened to sue the Washington Post for libel.

    17. On July 18, 2016, Trump threatened to sue Tony Schwartz, co-author of “The Art of the Deal,” for negative statements Schwartz made to The New Yorker.

    18. On Oct. 4, 2016*, Trump threatened to sue The New York Times for publishing an article on Trump’s tax returns.

    19. On Oct. 12, 2016, Trump threatened to sue The New York Times for publishing an article about two women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

    20. On Oct. 22, 2016, Trump threatened to sue nearly a dozen women for accusing him of sexual assault.



    Donald Trump threatens to sue over attack ad - Oct 04, 2016 · Henderson, Nevada (CNN)Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to sue over a ...

    Donald Trump Threatens to Sue The Times Oct 12, 2016 · Donald J. Trump threatened to sue The New York Times for libel on Wednesday night in ...



    Melania Trump threatens to sue People Magazine
    Oct 13, 2016 · Melania Trump says portions of a People Magazine story alleging a sexual assault by ....

    Melania Trump Threatens to Sue YouTuber Over Video Speculating Her Son Has Autism
    The Hollywood Reporter
    19 hours ago

    Aug 22, 2016 · Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, has threatened to sue The Daily Mail,

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Melania dittles her own Pu$$y>

    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Trump and his wife are fucking nuts! Let them continue the threatening to sue! They aren't going to. It makes them look as though they are massively retarded!

      And, this is the type leader America wants? The guy needs to be derailed before he even get one step close to taking the oath.

      I detest the man! And, he'll never be potus!

  20. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I wonder what Comrade Drumpf thinks the penalty should be for raping a 13 year old girl

    1. Anonymous10:07 AM

      and the "disappearance" of another 12 year and death to the 13 year olds family.
      You got to wonder???

    2. Anonymous10:26 AM

      An atta boy for him and a severe thrashing for you for daring to print such a thing.

      Now off to the 'you've been naughty to me' camp for people that do and say naughty things about the orange parasite...opps, I mean the many people are saying bestest guy ever.

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Don't confuse the Trumpsters with facts.


  21. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Gee it must be nice to be president-elect of the United States of America.

    - After Donald Trump's proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants, the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called for the removal of Trump's name from the building.

    Later, following Trump's support of Erdogan's jailing of nearly 50,000 people following a failed coup, calls to rename the towers ceased.

  22. Anonymous9:47 AM

    The Hitler arm salute to Trump! What a fucker he is! Way past time to get rid of him folks! Impeach, impeach, impeach! His fat ass needs to be run out of D.C. - he should not be allowed to take the oath of office!

    1. Do you really think you're going to get a majority in the House to impeach him and a majority in the Senate to convict him?

      Dream on.

  23. Anonymous9:56 AM


    It must be hard to drain the swamp when you hire a new GOP Secretary who was a former GOP Secretary who happens to be married to the current GOP Majority Leader?

    Was she rehired as a Pay To Play for GOP Mitch McConnell's loyalty?

    Trump source says Elaine Chao is Transportation pick


    Chao is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
    (He's the one who said, his number-one goal was to make sure that Barack Obama was a one-term president.”)

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      For Georgia Peach>
      Fuck Mitch Mc-CON-nell and wife


    2. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Wow!!! McConnell's wife? That is ANOTHER bad move/decision made by Hitler Trump. I find this unbelievable to watch!

      McConnell has been the head of obstruction for the past nearly completed eight years of our wonderful President's second term!

      And, thank God, President Obama outsmarted McConnell and the majority Republicans on so many occasions.

      President Obama has been an outstanding president and it drives all the Republicans nuts that his approval ratings are higher than ANY of theirs!

      Fuck Republicans, fuck McConnell and his wife, fuck Ryan, fuck Trump and his wife, and fuck all the folks Hitler Trump is appointing for is administration. These individuals truly are 'deplorable'!

      Plus, may Trump never reach the point of taking the oath of office to become the leader of our country.

      The asshole needs to be stopped now no matter the consequences!

    3. It gets WORSE.

      Lookee who's hired from Mike Pence's back yard.


      "President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Seema Verma, a consultant who helped craft the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan, to serve as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Verma worked closely to shape the health care policy of both former Gov. Mitch Daniels and Gov. Mike Pence."

      "Largely invisible to the public, Verma's work has included the design of the Healthy Indiana Plan, a consumer-driven insurance program for low-income Hoosiers now being touted nationally as an alternative to Obamacare. In all, Verma and her small consulting firm, SVC Inc., have received more than $3.5 million in state contracts.

      At the same time, Verma has worked for one of the state's largest Medicaid vendors — a division of Silicon Valley tech giant Hewlett-Packard. That company agreed to pay Verma more than $1 million and has landed more than $500 million in state contracts during her tenure as Indiana's go-to health-care consultant, according to documents obtained by The Indianapolis Star.

      Verma's dual roles raise an important question: Who is she working for when she advises the state on how to spend billions of dollars in Medicaid funds — Hoosier taxpayers or one of the state's largest contractors?"

      "But the recently ousted head of the state agency administering Verma's contract told The Star that Verma once attempted to negotiate with state officials on behalf of Hewlett-Packard, while also being paid by the state."

      "Seema Verma, a highly paid consultant who helped craft the Healthy Indiana Plan, has been tapped by Donald Trump to serve as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services."

  24. Anonymous10:10 AM

    "Are you afraid yet Trump supporters?

    Well if you were smarter you would be."

    Hey, we're smart enough to go on with our lives and let you sit there on your dead ass and be afraid for us.

    Carry on loser

    1. Anonymous 10:10 AM wrote: ey, we're smart enough to go on with our lives …

      So, you figure you have enough guns and ammunition to go on with your lives with the Gedrumpf Staatspolizei at your door? Your bravery is an inspiration to us all.

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      10:10 AM would run just as fast as Trump if up against a confrontation. Both would be scared shitless and probably pee their trousers!

    3. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Personally, my ass is alive! And yet, I don't speak through it like you do.

    4. Yes, if by carry on with your lives you mean gleefully assaulting anyone you like because that's how trumpanzees roll.

      People who voted for trump are losers in all that is important in life.

    5. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Your arrogance is surpassed only by your stunning stupidity. Wait for it. You WILL have buyer's remorse. You aren't paying attention to what he plans to do to decimate the middle class. Idiot. Carry on with your head firmly up your ass.

  25. Anonymous10:15 AM

    The US Code provides that it is illegal to burn the flag, but the United States Supreme Court has held, several times, that burning the flag is a protected form of speech.

    If President Trump wants to imprison Americans for burning the American flag during a protest...

    What will President Trump do to domestic terrorists who wears Nazi uniforms, fly the Nazi swastika flag and draws swastikas on walls?

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      Applaud 'em.

    2. Anonymous11:15 AM

      But, but, but the POTUS is above the Supreme Court!

  26. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Bernie could have won this one. any new thoughts on supporting your queen gryph?

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Bernie would never have won a race to become president! He's a nice guy, but!

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      BERNIE CANNOT WIN - Bernie could never have WON, the republicans had a huge background book of info on him.

      Here's the info on Bernie and why he would never have won - it is only a tiny tip of the iceberg that would have buried him under - Here are a few tastes of what was in store for Sanders, straight out of the Republican playbook: He thinks rape is A-OK. In 1972, when he was 31, Sanders wrote a fictitious essay in which he described a woman enjoying being raped by three men. Yes, there is an explanation for it—a long, complicated one, just like the one that would make clear why the Clinton emails story was nonsense. And we all know how well that worked out.

      Then there’s the fact that Sanders was on unemployment until his mid-30s, and that he stole electricity from a neighbor after failing to pay his bills, and that he co-sponsored a bill to ship Vermont’s nuclear waste to a poor Hispanic community in Texas, where it could be dumped. You can just see the words “environmental racist” on Republican billboards. And if you can’t, I already did. They were in the Republican opposition research book as a proposal on how to frame the nuclear waste issue.

      Also on the list: Sanders violated campaign finance laws, criticized Clinton for supporting the 1994 crime bill that he voted for, and he voted against the Amber Alert system. His pitch for universal health care would have been used against him too, since it was tried in his home state of Vermont and collapsed due to excessive costs. Worst of all, the Republicans also had video of Sanders at a 1985 rally thrown by the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua where half a million people chanted, “Here, there, everywhere/the Yankee will die,’’ while President Daniel Ortega condemned “state terrorism” by America. Sanders said, on camera, supporting the Sandinistas was “patriotic.”

      The Republicans had at least four other damning Sanders videos (I don’t know what they showed), and the opposition research folder was almost 2-feet thick. (The section calling him a communist with connections to Castro alone would have cost him Florida.) In other words, the belief that Sanders would have walked into the White House based on polls taken before anyone really attacked him is a delusion built on a scaffolding of political ignorance. Source: Newsweek - The Myths Democrats Swallowed That Cost Them the Presidential Election

  27. Anonymous10:19 AM

    And what would be the punishment for shitting on the Constitution, something you are already doing?

  28. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Comrade Trump is pussy grabbing a right given to billionaires?

  29. Wow, Donald is pulling one shiny object after another out of his ass isn't he?

  30. Anonymous10:44 AM

    It appears G has a couple anonymous posters that have a crush on him.


  31. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Agent Orange is clearly insane.

  32. Anonymous11:01 AM


    {look> drumpf has a tiny orange dick}
    "Gingrich explained that Trump diverts the media with “rabbits,” or unimportant stories to throw them off from pursuing real stories. " “He is not going to fall into allowing the elite media to define who he is and allowing them to censor what the American people learned.”

  33. Anonymous11:06 AM

    If I go out and buy a flag, I'll do whatever I want with it. And if I buy fabric and sew my own flag, I sure as hell will burn it if I wish. Where do these guys get off objecting to what is done to a flag that we own and may have even made ourselves.

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      The flag means nothing if our country is in ruins. Burn it, piss on it, step on it, who cares? It's a symbol of the strength of this country, and this country is no longer strong, in fact, Germany is the strongest democracy in the world now; we gave up our mantle with this latest election.

      Ironic, yes?

    2. Anonymous2:31 PM

      @1:26 PM
      It is ironic the country that created nazis are more against them then USA. Thats pretty wierd huh?

    3. Anonymous2:32 PM

      And they voted woman as their leader

  34. Anonymous11:14 AM

    You need to see this. It is hilarious!

  35. Anonymous11:32 AM

    When does he start building the ovens for the journalists, Muslims, flag burners to be marched into ?

  36. We've known all along Trump is no fan of the First Amendment.

    He'll be lying when he takes his oath of office.

    He won't be defending the Constitution. Only the parts he agrees with. He'll be working to override, eliminate or ignore the parts he doesn't like. The First Amendment being #1 on his hit list.

    Trump - truly a FASCIST.


    "President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested that people who burn the American flag should lose their citizenship.

    This goes against current U.S. law, as well as a landmark Supreme Court case."

    Until he controls the Supreme Court. Once he has TWO of his picks on the Supreme Court, it's 5-4 in favor Trump and the Republicans for 25-30 YEARS.

    Just think of the damage he will do.

  37. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Guess who isis number 1?

  38. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I think this had more to do with grabbing the headlines as the vote count continues, and as some sort of political maneuver to shade story that he just appointed Mitch McConnell's wife to his cabinet-especially as apparently McConnell came out as against punishment for flag burning. If Trump REALLY wants to drain the swamp he needs to get McConnell out.

  39. Anonymous7:47 PM

    More people then politicians - it seems someone forgot to tell the Donald...

    And legally you have to be a terrorist to be 'losing your citizenship' and it won't be a year!

    What a maroon with the face of a mackerel!


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