Sunday, November 06, 2016

Songwriter gives voice to President Obama's inner dialogue.

Here are the lyrics: 


Lyrics Sara Bareilles, Songwriter 

Leslie Odom, Jr. Vocalist 

Let’s start with hope. 

I threw it in the middle 

Like a skipping stone, 

The ripples won, son of a gun – 

Some would not have thought so. 

But I stand here Commander-In-Chief, 

And I take that seriously. 

But along the way… 

A rogue tide turned tidal wave. 

In reaction to what I tried to do… 

A rebirth of a nation’s hatred. 

Red, White and Blue….Is Black in there too? 


One man – 

Rewriting the book on bad behavior 

Maybe cheats the neighbors… 

Feels he gets what they pay for – 


Pat him on the back and SEND HIM ON THROUGH 

No man’s ignorance 

Will ever be his virtue 

Is this the best we can be? 


Let’s talk of fear, 

And why I don’t bring it in here

It’s a dangerous word 

It spooks the herd 

And we all bleed in the stampede 

Fear makes a false friend indeed 

And I take it seriously. 

So hear me now 

Before the truth gets drowned out

By a demagogue flexing 


He’s history repeating – 



Am I Angry? 

You ask Am I Angry? 

 And I’m at a Loss for Words… 

After all we done 

Every battle hard won 

Every hair gone gray 

In the name of this place 

In a history plagued 

With incredible mistakes 

Still I pledge my allegiance to these 



Let’s end with ‘why’? 

It’s a question I 

Want to ask of us as a populace 

Why not take the time 

Or the weight of this story 


How is that for a powerful musical start to your Sunday? 


  1. Anonymous2:53 AM

    I watched and listened to this several days ago. I think it is absolutely beautiful, from the melody to the lyrics to the voice. I hope that it will become the beginning of a longer musical offering (perhaps an opera) about the last eight years through the prism of President Obama's experience. Wouldn't that be lovely?

    1. Anonymous5:46 AM

      I love the opera idea!

    2. Anonymous5:59 AM


      (Although I'm not a big fan of opera and think a more jazz styled Broadway musical would be even better)

  2. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Can we get a rogue agent to investigate this? Maybe the head rogue wiretapper and rigger, james kallstrum and buddy rushin limpballs of the MC-LEF directors aka Marine corps law enforcement can help stump for trump. After all they received 1 million dollars from trump they proudly admit! Grab them by the pussy because we can agents for trump on the stump working magic for trump. gee nano nano nano alert. F ing liars.

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Sarah Bareilles is a treasure. All her songs are thoughtful and clever.

    It really says something about Rill Murikkkuh that they swoon over Taylor Swift, the Sarah Palin of the music biz--nasty, shit-stirring, perpetual victim, whiny voice, stupid infantile things to say--and all her songs are All About Her (and usually how some random person is HURTING HER TERRIBLY because they're a BAD BAD PERSON).

    1. Anonymous5:45 AM

      There is no vacuum when it comes to right wing "I’m a victim" music.

  4. Revelation 13:4, fear and confusion the "dragon which gives the beast his power" (that's President Pence, by the way--don't be deceived).

  5. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Powerful, indeed!

  6. This music video, A Better Way, is also from This American Life but it's from Paul Ryan's perspective. I think it's hilarious.

  7. Chenagrrl7:42 AM

    Absolutely beautiful. Salves my sandpapered soul. So tired of Donald and his theatrics.

  8. linda8:44 AM

    amazingly wonderful. brought tears to my eyes!

  9. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I am going to so miss Obama. I hope and pray Clinton wins, but I will still cry because Obama is leaving. Like Pearl Jam sings, can't find a better man.


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