Thursday, November 03, 2016

"Stay on point Donald." Trump has an internal dialogue out loud in front of his supporters.

Courtesy of CBS News: 

“It’s feeling like it already,” Donald Trump said of winning the White House, less than a week before votes would be tallied. 

 And then the GOP nominee seemed to lapse into an internal monologue. 

“We’ve gotta be nice and cool,” Trump said at his last rally of the day. “Nice and cool. All right? Stay on point, Donald. Stay on point. No sidetracks, Donald.”

You just know that this is a mantra that Trump's campaign staff are constantly trying to get him to repeat.

Nice to see that he memorized it, now if he can just remember to say it silently in his head perhaps people won't pick up on the mental illness.

Every single time I see this orange buffoon I think, "Never again will anybody be able to truthfully make the argument that America is filled with smart people."

The very fact that Donald Trump has made it this far, and is polling as well as he is, refutes that idea completely.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    And, THIS mantra is suppose to make him appear presidential? Give me a fucking break! The man is deplorable and not at all qualified to be POTUS.

    Can you imagine him following in the footsteps of President Obama? There is no comparison because President Obama far outshines him in every category!

    Vote for Hillary Clinton if you haven't already!

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Trump is a total dunce and he belongs in his own "deplorable" basket. Maybe we could add his progeny to it.

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Right on, right on, 11:41 AM!

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Excellent points Gryph, especially the last sentence of your post.
    I am astounded at, excluding the paste eaters/knuckle draggers, the numbers of what appear to be normal rational looking people caught up in his campaign of pure bullshit. Not to mention all the information that has come to light about him.
    If he is elected, those poor bastards are in for surprise when he can't deliver on what he has said he would do. And the whole world shudder in dismay and disgust.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I thought that Trump was reading the stage directions that Kellyanne typed into his teleprompter. "Don't forget to smile. Turn to the right. Now, turn to the left."

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      I'm with Sam Bee - I don't think this moron can read. Hence, his anger toward TelePrompTers and educated people.

    3. Anonymous2:26 PM

      I agree with 11:42 AM. I'm positive he read this off of his teleprompter. None of the words were more than two syllables so he was able to pronounce them.

    4. Anonymous3:32 PM

      I think he has a really low IQ or is leaning disabled. That is why he keeps talking, he thinks using a lot of words makes him sound smart.

      The problem is very few of the words are more than 2 syllables.

      That is why the deplorables identify with him so well, he is ignorant just like them.

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Donald Trump’s Income Isn’t Always What He Says It Is, Records Suggest
    -New York Times

    1. Anonymous1:58 AM

      It's never been what he says it is.

  6. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Every word is "ON POINT"^

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      More "PN POINT"

    2. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Katy Tur:

    3. Anonymous1:11 PM

      @1:04 Watch Both Katy and dRUMPf.
      Nicolle Wallace <YES!

  7. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I have reached the point in this campaign that I just can't take it anymore. I have stopped watching TV coverage, even my beloved Rachel, and I confine myself to just looking at headlines on HuffPo, Daily Beast, and Politico. I skim here, but I won't click on any videos. I've reached saturation. I'm so anxious about this election and what the Russians are going to pull out of a hat next that it's actually affecting my blood pressure. So I've made my final donation, I'll cast my vote, and then I'll curl up in a ball on election night and hope for the best. In the meantime, I'm acquainting myself with 'good news' websites and looking for cat videos. It's come to that.

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      I'm with you.


    2. Anonymous12:27 PM

      I'm joining you, my friend at high noon! I will make a bunch of calls here in Alaska between now and Monday on behalf of the GOTV (early and otherwise) for the Dems. Makes me feel like I'm doing something other than going nuts!

    3. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Me too!

  8. Anonymous12:03 PM

    We the people are not sure what form of mental disease Don J trump is suffering from. But he certainly is suffering. Mentally deficient, bk and exhausted. He is becoming increasingly delusional. \

    1. I'm not sure he is suffering, but the rest of us surely are as a result of whatever his mental disease is.

  9. WA Skeptic12:11 PM

    @Anon 12:00--I'm with you. I continue to watch The Great Maddow, but I can't stand network news. Every minute they give that madman gives me the agita so badly it raises my bp to dangerous levels.

    It's as if his "followers" don't listen to anything they don't want to hear about him.

    God help us all; and vote for HRC.

  10. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Yeah, no surprise here...

    Donald Trump’s Income Isn’t Always What He Says It Is, Records Suggest

  11. Anonymous12:18 PM

    “The FBI is Trumpland,” said one current agent.

    Comey's Recent Troubles Prove Intel Agencies Can't Be Trusted

  12. Anonymous12:19 PM

    'The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks, sources say

    ...The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.”

    The agent called the bureau “Trumplandia”, with some colleagues openly discussing voting for a GOP nominee who has garnered unprecedented condemnation from the party’s national security wing and who has pledged to jail Clinton if elected.

    1. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Yep, they are out to get her, that's clear. VOTE!

      Without Explanation, FBI Abruptly Releases Old Documents About Clinton Pardons

    2. Anonymous2:14 PM

      And Comey was afraid that talking about Trump's Russian connections might affect the election? So he and his FBI henchmen keep going after Hillary Clinton! She's not a traitor but I'm beginning to think that Comey and Trump are aligned with Putin's pals.

    3. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Hopefully the Democrats will take the senate, then I think it would be time for a few investigations into the FBI.

  13. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I agree with you, 12:00 PM! Only difference is that I'll have a bottle of vodka available on Election night as I watch the returns.

    I'll take a sip every time Hillary Clinton is announced as being victorious as her winnings are announced across the nation! nation!

    Promise, I won't overdo as to the vodka - I'll use a jigger of vodka in my glass and then mix it with water! It will still provide me the flavor of vodka and settle my nerves (yes, more of a mental fix!).

    I'm so eager to see The Donald go bye-bye and my blood pressure to decrease!

  14. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Can't help but wonder what is going to happen to 'that woman' Kellyanne's career after Trump loses the race? She will forever be connected to him and will she see any money from him?

    She could be out a future career as well as no payment from The Donald! Would serve her right!

    1. Anonymous1:23 PM

      If she were a defense lawyer making sure to rep an assigned client well it'd be one thing, but she has willfully supported a POS assaulter with no morals. She's evil. The Trumps and Conway ought to have a lot of karma bites after this.

  15. Anonymous12:24 PM


    ABC News:
    Despite Trump's Claims, Evidence From FBI's Clinton Foundation Probe 'Not Impressive,' Sources Say

    On the campaign trail today, Donald Trump touted allegations about the Clinton Foundation that reliable sources say are false and ill-informed.

    “It was reported last night that the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's pay-for-play corruption,” the Republican presidential nominee said today in Jacksonville, Florida, during his first rally of the day. “The investigation is described as a high priority. It's far-reaching and has been going on for more than one year. It was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. The FBI agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment.

    ABC News sources, however, indicated those statements -- and the Fox News reports they’re based on -- are inaccurate and without merit.



    "ABC News sources, however, indicated those statements -- and the Fox News reports they’re based on -- are inaccurate and without merit."


  16. It's time for someone at the IRS to go rogue and leak Trump's tax returns.

  17. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Get a load of who Melania Trump is plagiarizing now!

    Melania Trump is not someone used to public speaking and on top of that, English is not her first language. So she gets a little leeway. But her speech writers do not. Plagiarizing Michelle Obama was really bad. But today in in Pennsylvania might be worse!

  18. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Melania just plagiarized Trump's second wife Marla Maples.

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Damn it!
      Not again

    2. Anonymous1:42 PM

      How sad and little baron. Rumpy made his mommy read what his last wifey said. How sad. That is abuse right there.

    3. SallyinMI2:23 PM

      I saw video of her. She was angled to her right and obviously reading every word. No attempt to make contact with the deplorables at all. She is such a fraud.

    4. Anonymous3:45 PM

      SallyinMI - Oh, you must be mistaken because Donald said his lovely wife is an AMAZING public speaker and gives the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT speeches with all the BEST words.

      He said it so it must be true, right?

    5. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Melabnorma's attire was totally inappropriate. Looked like something from the rag bag for which she could not find two pieces that went together. Those boob-a-loobs in her blouse under the pleated and encircled fabric are more appropriate in a "pick-up" bar.

  19. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Donald needs to worry about his personal safety from the Russians after his usefulness to them fades. There is expertise out there on how to make a murder look like a heart attack. and no one would really question why an obese blowhard flatlined. #plumptrump

  20. Anonymous12:46 PM

    OKKK? ON David Duke> Eric drumpf""The guy does deserve a bullet. I mean, these aren't good people. These are horrible people. In fact, I commend my father. My father's the first Republican who's gone out and said, 'Listen, what's happened to the African-American community is horrible and I'm going to take care of it.'"

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Drumpf Ordered to court:

  21. Anonymous12:48 PM


    Megyn Kelly?
    Rosie O'Donnell?
    Alicia Machado?
    The dozen or so sexually harassed victims?
    Carly Fiona?
    Paris Hilton with her sextapes?
    The 13 year old rape victim?
    Fat women?
    Flat women?
    The teenage and older pageant contestants you creeped up on backstage and stared at while naked and some semi-naked?
    The women you said who just let you grab their pu$$y?
    The daughter of the mobster whose father threatened to turn you from a bull into a cow if you go after his daughter?
    And all the other women who loves you?
    Hillary Clinton to hold Election Eve rally in Philadelphia with the Obamas

    Hillary Clinton will hold an Election Eve rally in Philadelphia with her family, as well as the president and first lady.

    The Democratic presidential nominee is scheduled to campaign in Philadelphia on Monday evening, her campaign announced Thursday.

    The event will be Clinton's final rally before voters head to the polls on Tuesday. The rally's time and location have not yet been announced.

    Also slated to appear at the event are Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, President Obama and Michelle Obama


  22. Anonymous12:57 PM

    If Donald Trump doesn't win after all that time and money Putin invested into Operation Email Hack, will Trump have to hide from Putin's hatchet men?

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      We can only hope.

      How wonderful it would be to never hear that horrible voice or see that vile face again.

  23. Anonymous12:58 PM

    1) Run, don't walk, to The Daily Beast, and read the article about Trump, Giuliani, and their secret FBI moles.

    2) Notice how often Trump shows his right side. His left side shows the strange part in his hair. So, even when he's reading from a teleprompter, he reads only the one on his left, and then turns to the middle for a few seconds with a few memorized words. It's bizarre. What a vain man with nothing whatsoever to be vain about.

  24. Anonymous1:01 PM


  25. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Anybody knows where Chris Christie and Sarah Palin disappeared to?

    What about Trump's campaign buddy who took in all that Russian money?

  26. Anonymous1:32 PM


  27. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Gryphen----this is off topic but do you know what Dakota & Bristol are doing in Washington DC? Washington Post has a picture of them shopping today, carrying bags from Mens Wearhouse, Gap & Victorias Secret. Wondering what the Dynamic Duo are up to these days. Thanks

  28. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I'm reminded of a line from the old 'Pink Panther' movie; "Every day, and in every way, I'm getting better and better."

    Love his mocking tone when he sneers, "Stay on point, Donald!" Who is he making fun of? Someone who is trying to keep him on message? 'Rein him in'?

    Just keep repeating that phrase to yourself, Donnie! Maybe, someday, it might just sink in and start to work!

    And here's another one I was reminded of when he said, "We've gotta be nice and cool...nice and cool...";

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      It made me think of "The Little Engine That Could" that our son, when he was three years old, could not hear often enough: "I t think I can. I think I can. I think I can."

  29. Anonymous1:48 PM


    I think this OpEd is a great example of what happened to politics in the U.S., why the media isn't trusted and why Trump has the supporters he has:

    "And I think this, right here, is a big part of what has gotten Trump where he is. As the media landscape eroded with the arrival of the Internet, all kinds of questionable websites and “news outlets” have cropped up. FOX News paved the way with its “fair and balanced” (wink, wink) reporting – which my dad listens to non-stop and recites.

    No longer do people just watch the evening news and read the daily newspaper to get their news. They can pick and choose whatever kind of news matches their opinion."

    "Here’s an example: My sister, a nurse, told me she’d never vote for Clinton “because of what she said about nurses.” What did she say about nurses? I asked. She called them glorified babysitters, my sister said. It took me about 10 seconds to Google that claim, and find that (which attempts to separate fact from fiction in urban myths and Internet rumors) found no evidence she ever said such a thing.

    When I reported that back to my sister, she said, “Of course.”

    In other words, of course the mainstream media says it’s not true. Of course, her biased news source has it right. Of course, her brainwashed journalist sister has it wrong."

    "But this election has made it crystal clear that many people no longer trust the mainstream media to give them the facts. They are more likely to believe one of Trump’s wild allegations – something he “heard” – than the New York Times."

    "This election has exposed a huge divide between us: They don’t trust journalists like me anymore. And I don’t think we can turn back the clock to a time when they did. Not in my family, and not in America."

  30. slipstream1:49 PM

    Talking to himself, again.

    Time to adjust his meds.

  31. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Putin has them all comforted in the knowledge that Donald will win on Tuesday. They are gathering for the party in D.C. They are rigging the system so that Donald wins without real votes. I know it. I feel it. Donald is a crook. He will not win honestly. And he's surrounded himself with crooks like Christie so it a given. Be nervous Amerika.

  32. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Senator Warren:
    "“The pattern is pretty clear: He dodges his taxes, cheats his workers, scams students and misleads investors — all to line his own pockets,” said Sen. Warren, a former law professor who has raised concerns about weak investor protections and risk-disclosure requirements. “Donald Trump plays by his own set of rules, and he looks out for only one person: Donald Trump."The Trump case culminated in 1993, when the real estate mogul was a defendant in a case before future Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who had once worked for Trump’s sister."
    "That ruling helped solidify the “bespeaks caution” doctrine which allows companies to make financial predictions, but also shields them from securities fraud lawsuits if they include enough fine print warnings about risks. Trump’s case was soon cited as a model in subsequent Republican legislation designed to limit financial firms’ liability in securities fraud cases."Robert Schachter, one of the plaintiffs in the Trump case, told IBT. “It was important — the shift gave smart lawyers a way to stick all this cautionary language in documents to get a safe haven.” “The standards of liability have made it much more difficult to bring cases against wrongdoers,” said Levitt, who raised concerns about the 1995 legislation that cited the Trump case in codifying the bespeaks caution doctrine. “Congress and the judiciary have made it more difficult to bring private rights of action and investors are obviously less well protected today than they were 25 years ago — and I think that is unfortunate.”

  33. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Anonymous 1:46 Bristol and Dakota in
    Washington DC., the Dynamic Duo?
    Like the rest of us, I am sure you meant
    Dumb and Dumber! She wears herself out taking selfies, and he wears himself out
    cleaning his guns. After that, a ride in the pickup to McDonalds for takeout.

  34. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Melania Trump Warns Americans About Evil Cyber-Bullies, Like Her Husband

  35. Anonymous3:34 PM

    "“we need a new president, Donald Trump, to be the most powerful Republican in America,”

    For G.Peach Fuck Mitch McConnell!

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Thank you. May Mitch go to the hell he believes in, ASAP. From my lips to his god's ears.


    2. Anonymous2:04 AM

      I think we should relieve him of the responsibility and stress of his office by electing a Democratic majority to the Senate. Mr. McConnell has done quite enough in the service of himself, er I mean party, um, I mean country.

  36. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Whenever Trump gives a speech wearing his (foreign made?) cheap looking baseball hat, to me he looks like a Nazi or Aryan brother. Ghost white skin with hair color that fits his looks.

  37. Anonymous4:22 PM

    You know it was a talking point they say to him because he never calls himself Donald!!

  38. WA Skeptic1:01 AM

    Bwahahaha! He sounds like the dialog in "Star Wars" "Stay on target! Stay on target!"

    Bye bye, Donnie.


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