Monday, November 07, 2016

The New York Times records the final, frantic, days of the Donald Trump campaign.

Here are a few of the highlights from the New York Times piece.

Trump's state of mind:

He requires constant assurance that his candidacy is on track. “Look at that crowd!” he exclaimed a few days ago as he flew across Florida, turning to his young press secretary as a TV tuned to Fox News showed images of what he claimed were thousands of people waiting for him on the ground below. 

And he is struggling to suppress his bottomless need for attention.


In the final days of the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump’s candidacy is a jarring split screen: the choreographed show of calm and confidence orchestrated by his staff, and the neediness and vulnerability of a once-boastful candidate now uncertain of victory. 

On the surface, there is the semblance of stability that is robbing Hillary Clinton of her most potent weapon: Mr. Trump’s self-sabotaging eruptions, which have repeatedly undermined his candidacy. Underneath that veneer, turbulence still reigns, making it difficult for him to overcome all of the obstacles blocking his path to the White House.

On how his staff is controlling him:

Aides to Mr. Trump have finally wrested away the Twitter account that he used to colorfully — and often counterproductively — savage his rivals.


Taking away Twitter turned out to be an essential move by his press team, which deprived him of a previously unfiltered channel for his aggressions. 

On Thursday, as his plane idled on the tarmac in Miami, Mr. Trump spotted Air Force One outside his window. As he glowered at the larger plane, he told Ms. Hicks, his spokeswoman, to jot down a proposed tweet about President Obama, who was campaigning nearby for Mrs. Clinton. 

“Why is he campaigning instead of creating jobs and fixing Obamacare?” Mr. Trump said. “Get back to work.” After some light editing — Ms. Hicks added “for the American people” at the end — she published it.

The article is filled with references to staff walking on eggshells around the famously brittle candidate, and doing their best to reshape bad news into more palatable positive information to keep him firmly in a state of denial.

They are essentially creating a fact free bubble within which Trump can remain calm, blissfully unaware of the damage that has been done to his campaign and the fact that any chance of victory is all a mirage.

Back on his plane, heading into the campaign’s final weekend, Mr. Trump reclined in his leather chair and refused to entertain any suggestions that his unorthodox, unpredictable and now uncertain campaign for the presidency would end in defeat. 

“I’m going to win,” he said.

 I think the day after this election Donald Trump's response is going to be reminiscent of a toddler who has just been told there is no more chocolate ice cream for dessert.

The only difference is that a toddler does not have millions of unstable supporters ready to take to the streets in protest, and with thoughts of civil war bubbling in their pea sized brains.

As always I urge you to read the entire article as it is a fascinating look into a megalomaniac's rapidly deteriorating political ambitions and the efforts that his sycophants are undertaking to keep him tranquil (Well as tranquil as Donald Trump ever gets.) and under control until election day.


  1. All the more fun when the Russians unleash a cyber attack that throws the election results into doubt, don't you think?

    1. Anonymous5:55 AM

      Even if they don't Trump will say they did.

    2. Anonymous11:54 PM

      In the Trump picture that accompanies this post, it appears that his tongue is protruding out from under his lower lip. *gack*


  2. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Hey the less jet fuel the better for America from that gas bag flying around lying.

    Trump and the how to lie and speaking tour will help in the many court cases he started in one way or another.

    way to go republicans, way to go, you own this!

  3. Anonymous4:41 AM

    A pitiful pathetic disgusting man, Trump is.

    Tomorrow our long national nightmare will be over. Thank you Jesus.

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Not quite. Now you know who is willing to stand for Trump! and some are sitting in our congress and some in our elected and appointed official positions. This must also be corrected. We cannot allow treason and espionage among our military, our law enforcement communities or influencing our citizens.

    2. Anonymous6:16 AM

      First on Agenda.
      Overturn Citizen United.
      Federal Election Committee overhaul.

    3. Anonymous6:39 AM

      @Anonymous 6:13 AM

      Our long national nightmare of this campaign IS over tomorrow. Thank you Jesus.
      The stuff you are talking about is a whole other thing

    4. Anonymous7:34 AM

      I can hardly wait to watch President Hillary Clinton get to work! She'll be an outstanding POTUS.

  4. IF Hillary wins and we can try to move on, the whole world could suffer from PTSD. This "man" is a monster and there is a reason we are afraid of him.

    We were born to fear predators, and Donald Trump fits the profile of a psychopath, right down to the fine print.

  5. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Remember? Don is part of the tele marketing and info commercial group! A lousy salesman with bad actors behaving badly.

  6. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Well, for the last 70 years Trump has worked hard at inflating his own ego, I hope that it evaporates by the end of election day. Vote for Hillary Clinton and for Democrats everywhere on the ballot.

    1. Anonymous5:26 AM

      Don't count on it, after the election he is going to get his revenge.

      He is never going to get over losing to a woman.

    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Can hardly wait for people to no longer give him credit or attention after he becomes a "loser"!

      The majority of Americans are sick to death of him and would prefer his having a major heart attack and leaving this earth! He has been nothing more than scum upon our wonderful country!

    3. Anonymous6:23 AM

      Enough eyes are on him and those associated with him now. His zombies will disappear into their bunkers after he stops selling the baloney.

    4. Anonymous8:05 AM

      @Anonymous 5:26 AM

      ''Don't count on it, after the election he is going to get his revenge.''
      Stop being so negative.

    5. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Facing the truth is not so negative. It is positive to be so truthful.

  7. Anonymous5:09 AM





  8. Anonymous5:10 AM

  9. Having his precious Twitter gun taken away from him is like he's being told to stand up against the wall with his nose touching it... He'll have his revenge bigly in due course. Life must be hell for his keepers. Why do they do it?

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      And, he should be POTUS? Give me a fucking break! They have to control him - take his twitter account away - so he doesn't say anything more idiotic?

      That is NOT someone that should be POTUS! Amazing that the Republican party picked him as their candidate. Boy, have they screwed up their party for eons.

      May we never hear from the bloviated, egomaniac, lying, fraud after he has become a 'loser' tomorrow night!

  10. Anonymous5:12 AM

    While I can no longer watch Trump or any of his crazy surrogates on TV, I will be paying close attention to the lot of them when the results of the election are announced. Trump is not gracious in victory - his meltdown on losing will be wonderful to watch (assuming he leaves his golden tower to show up at his "victory" party.

    1. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Yes! crossed fingers. VOTE!!! if for nothing else than to see his meltdown, Wizard of Oz wicked witch like.

    2. Anonymous8:27 AM

      It seems he is too chicken to have his loser party at his name-sake Tower. Instead, he is going to the Hilton!
      I hope, the Hilton demanded up-front payment, including deposit for potential damages!

  11. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Saw on the news this morning that a whopping 69% of people with no college education are voting for Trump. That explains a lot.

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Is that all people with no college education or white males? I cannot imagine any African Americans or Hispanics voting for Trump.

    2. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Yes, like donnie is going to do anything for those losers.

      The only jobs they would be qualified for is making his suits and he depends on Mexicans and Chinese to do that.

    3. A. J. Billings6:56 AM

      It has to be 69% of white males. Trump is going to lose, and lose big with Hispanics, Blacks, women, millenials, and most of us with a college education

  12. Anonymous5:22 AM

    400 people. lol

    Nearly 400 people came out to Cheboygan Republican GOP headquarters to hear former governor Sarah Palin campaign for Trump.
    The Trig Effect

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Still too many.

    2. Anonymous5:47 AM

      What was the fuss Scarah was ranting about a beer place on Sunday if you are Hillary?

      Sarah Palin leaves Detroit campaign event early after fight breaks out

      Town Pump Tavern in Detroit, Michigan on Sunday, November 6, 2016

    3. a. j. billings5:48 AM

      Asking the Wasilla Village idiot to appear for your campaign is a sure sign of desperation, and utter lunacy.


    4. Anonymous5:54 AM

      That was certainly more than showed up for Eric's "dad is going to make everyone say Merry Christmas again" speech at the shooting range, I counted maybe 20 people.

    5. Anonymous6:16 AM


      Palin's support was so strong that she was reportedly on the short list to join Trump as his potential vice president. The campaign was saved by Track Palin living his home schooled terrorist life with a girlfriend in mommy's basement.

      Now after treating the Palins like the plague, Ivanka allows the out-o-control leader to keep the devalued Palin family out of sight in small venues.

      Smart to have her far away to Trump in Michigan, Ohio

      Hamilton County Grassroots Meet & Greet
      Cincinnati, Anderson Bar & Grill

      Trump's campaign has banned him from Twitter.

      What next? Will they ban him from making his own concession speech? The useful fool would be perfect for that job.

      Sarah Palin planned to call her husband America's 'first ever Second Dude', leaked victory speech reveals

      Have you seen Todd?

    6. Anonymous7:27 AM

      @ anon 5:47am
      Sara was in a bar on a Sunday??????
      Oh No, she was just jumping all over Hillary for doing so.

  13. Anonymous5:25 AM

    It boggles the mind that this race is even close, thanks to the FBI.

    Today we will have the “pleasure of Donnie, Donnie Jr, Ivanka and Pense here in MI. Of course they are sticking with well-known bastions of republicans Grand Rapids (De Vos, teabagger land land), Traverse City-at the airport, nothing like actually leaving the plane, Hudsonville- Ivanka is going to a roundtable for businesswomen and how to ruin a brand and Warren.

    Obama, Chelsea and Hillary will also be here !!

    If I recall Obama took MI both times winning only 2-3 counties, enough to take the state.

    That is too bad that Donnie doesn’t have his twitter account, only one more day to insult a few more people. The guy that is going to destroy ISIS is too afraid of more rally signs and they don’t want him to tell anyone.

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      Here's hoping they give him back his Twitter password on election night - I so want to read Donnie lose it bigly on Twitter. Who knows, he might stay up all night fuming and tweeting how it was all rigged and give us some insight on who he plans to wreak vengeance on LOL

    2. Anonymous5:56 AM


      Rudy and Newt and Kellyanne will be out in force on cable, making the case for victory, or hollow victory, or rallying the troops for revolution, long into the night and into the next day.
      I can't wait to see the motorcade with Trump and family traveling from the Hilton to Trump Tower, just a few blocks away -- I believe the Secret Service will have vanished. Perhaps he'll have to concede in order to lose the SS protection. That would be the last blow to his ego. Returning home a vanquished loser, with nothing but bitterness and twitter into the future.

    3. Anonymous8:14 AM

      I am looking forward to Sarah Palins concession speech.

  14. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Which of the venomous crew will be at the Cherry Capitol Air Port? It disturbs me to think that any of them will be this close to where I live. Yikes.

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Mike Pence, Beaglemom. In a hangar at Cherry Capitol at 1:00 PM. I find it disturbing, as well.

      Your fan one county up East GT Bay

  15. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I can hardly wait for his concession speech and yes I believe he will make a speech, not necessarily concede, but Donnie isn’t going to let a chance to be in the spotlight pass him by.

    I also think it will go on record as the most vulgar, nasty, hatefilled concession speech in the history of the USA because Donnie is not a gracious loser and you can’t teach an old predator new tricks.

    He may even give Sarah a chance to give the speech she wanted to give 8 years ago; she has been practicing, unless someone pulls the plug on the lights again.

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Somehow I don't see a Donald Trump sharing a stage with a Sarah Palin when and if he provides a concession speech.

      There would be zero reason for her to brought forward - zero!

    2. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Sarah is all woman and a political force. On top of that she is holy evangelical meat.

      Trump is medicated to keep away the depression of knowing his reality, he needs woman Sarah with her family example.

      Meanlania fails him and could be locked up by ICE any minute now.

    3. Anonymous1:12 PM

      >>Sarah is all woman and a political force.

      Dream on, idiot. Sarah has been mistaken for a man on multiple occasions and her political 'force' ended a long, long, long time ago. She's a used up, never was good for much, screeching, drunk, drug addled harlot, desperate for relevance, hiding behind her FB pages, spitting vile, twisted, conspiracies, lies and outright slander. There is NOTHING that is powerful or even appealing about her. She's an international punch line, a horrid and abusive mother (Trigg not having the care and training he needed to live a more independent life) and she's can't even master basic skills like hygiene. She's always greasy and inappropriate in most of her outfits. Family example? Yeah, that one where her kids were drunk and getting into fist fights? Or the one where all the kids grift and promote lies on their respective digital pages? Yeah, that prime example of what a family can be. Sarah is a mentally ill loser.

  16. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Welcome President Trump! America has been waiting for you for a long time.

    Now send that TRAITOR of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton, to prison for life and while you're at it, send that RAPIST, William Jefferson Clinton, to prison for life for crimes committed while in office and for the rape of endless women.

    Thrown in the bunch from the Clinton Foundation in for good measure.

    Drain the Swamp Mr. Trump! Drain the f*cking swamp.

    America thanks advance. We will be swimming in the liberals' tears on November 8th and enjoying every moment of President Trump's victory.

    1. Anonymous6:50 AM

      6:00 AM Must have gotten into Sarah's and Track's drug stash.

    2. A. J. Billings6:50 AM

      @6:00 am. Dream on fool. When Clinton wins we will be sure to forget you supported the sociopathic child rapist named Trump.

      Get ready for Trump to be the most embarassed and humiliated idiot since Palin

    3. Anonymous7:07 AM

      That pill you took, whatever it was? It made you a hopeless loser.

    4. Anonymous7:12 AM

      Waiting since the civil war?

    5. Anonymous7:30 AM

      It's you, 4F tRump, and the deplorables that will be crying on November 9th.

    6. Anonymous8:19 AM

      7:30 AM

      There is no time to cry when there are so many plans of revenge.

    7. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Go look in the mirror, 6:00am! There is a big 'L' on your forehead!

    8. Anonymous8:56 AM

      6:00 am: dream on, D.L.! (Deplorable Loser, in case you can't figure it out!)

  17. Anonymous6:03 AM

    A classic example of the slide of the Republican Party: Grand Rapids, which was once represented by Gerald Ford, as one of the more progressive members of the party, has now sunk into the depths of trump mania, perhaps never to return.

  18. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Kellyanne Conway irks me when she says "we have them running around the country" then she shifts to boast of all of Trump's campaign stops. As if it is great if Trump travels to five cities in a day but to scoff at if Clinton and surrogates are busting it the final days too.

    Some answers from Trump supporters about the emails are Clinton ordered the attack on Benghazi and she funded ISIS!

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      I really hope Kellyann doesn't get paid.

  19. I hope that the NYT article is widely read. It is a realistic snapshot of Trump's waking hours which are devoted to his psyche.
    We knew it, but this article spells it out.

    Lots of parallels with Palin's behavior.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Published on: 7 November 2016

      Sarah Palin loses it during incoherent rant over Donald Trump's sinking poll numbers Former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is being used in an attempt to get voters to head to the polls and support Donald Trump.

      Family Devalued. What do they do best? Sow confusion for election night. Why else would Trump need them?

      Tensions within John McCain's presidential campaign boiled over on Election Night last November when Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate, repeatedly ignored directions from senior staffers who told her she would not be delivering her own concession speech.

      The Donald believes he is a winner, if they can throw an election he can use the courts ad nauseam and keep America in misery and limbo.

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Trump wins if he can keep USA non-functioning and crippled.

    3. Anonymous8:49 AM

      He won't be able to! Smarter folks than he - from the other side - will surround and confront him! He won't know what has hit him!

      Plus, he's going to be a 'loser' now and I think he could commit suicide due to being mentally off - as we've witnessed for the past year.

  20. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I can't imagine how anyone who has worked of this wreck of a campaign can recover from the experience. I see long, lonely nights of drug and alcohol abuse in the future for too many of them if they don't get serious professional help.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      I don't feel sorry for them at all. Someone should have had the balls to tell the truth about how unstable he is.

  21. Randall6:44 AM

    I read the Times article...
    when I hear of the Trump sycophants I'm reminded of Nichole Wallace - Sarah Palin's "handler" back in 2008 - and her revelation that she couldn't vote for the Republican ticket.

  22. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Amigos, Don the Con's troubles will get far worse after the election. His brand is (rightfully) in the toilet, faces litigation for years to come, he's in debt needing financing, most banks will not lend him $ (they haven't for years),people are boycotting his hotels & products--the Trump camp is beginning to notice his scampaign is costing them more than votes. But most significantly he's made so many more enemies now--very powerful ones. They will never forgive his wrecking the GOP (richly deserved though) and trying to run off with the Republic. Both sides of the aisle. Don the Con is doomed. Running for prez was the stupidest thing he could have ever done to his 'brand'! His supporters don't spend $750 a night on Trump hotels--they won't keep him afloat. He'd have been far better off just sticking to being a flaming asshole in the private sector. Give it a couple of years--cascade of bankruptcies. Sweet :) Trump-licensed prop in Toronto just went belly up--opening of another in Vancouver delayed.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      He'll have earned every bit of his upcoming demise!

      His kids are going to be pissed when they realize the harm their father has brought them - both financially and the distain of their name!

  23. Anonymous7:05 AM

    I will sure as hell not miss seeing that chin of his. He should spend the remainder of the year at a dermatology office.

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      He needs to spend the billions he does not have with Jack Meoff and his staph infections.

  24. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Again with the Hitler comparisons but it can't be helped when it is truth. Hitler fell apart when his utopian dreams weren't coming to fruition. Not only that but all the cowards that helped him jumped ship. Then his girlfriend, cousin, Eva committed suicide with him. We are human. We have grandiose schemes and we are always trying to micromanage. Reality is, being human means we have to do this together or not. Donald Trump never learned to network in a positive manner. If he wasn't cheating, groping, or doing all that negative stuff, he probably didn't feel whole. Weird how he downgraded women and a woman is who he runs against. Karma? Hope so.

  25. Anonymous7:33 AM

    How will election day go down?

  26. Anonymous7:54 AM

    "more palatable positive information to keep him firmly in a state of denial"

    Exactly what they did with GWB, and we know how that whole fiasco turned out.

  27. Anonymous7:56 AM


    Two men protesting Palin were tossed out of the bar.

    Brave Sarah: “I wish you had the guts to come in here and say that to my face,” she said to the protesters through an open window. After they were thrown out.....

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Sarah will never be near beer on the Holy Day.

    2. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Sarah is about as exciting as "near beer"

  28. Anonymous8:46 AM

    There she goes again - always inciting violence. The woman is a fucking idiot and matches Trump perfectly.

    Someone should slap her face silly the next opportunity that arises when she asks them to confront her face-to-face. God, but I'd love to have been there!

  29. Anonymous2:36 PM

    He already looks like a broken man, turn out the lights, Don, the party's over.

  30. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Hillary will have two speeches ready. An acceptance speech and a concession speech.

    Trump will have nothing ready. He figures he'll wing his acceptance like he normally does.

    His campaign will have prepared a carefully worded concession speech which he will NOT read. Not of the teleprompters. Not in front of cameras. Nothing.

    Whoa be the staffer that returns that phone to his twitter-less hands and lets loose the dogs of tweet.

    He is absolutely going to lose it. Heads will roll. And NO ONE WILL BE PAID because they didn't earn it, they didn't do their jobs well enough, he DIDN'T WIN.

    Just watch the lawsuits pile up after he loses. He won't pay anyone. Except himself for use of the offices in Trump tower, etc. He'll drain the PAC of that money into his own pockets. But no one else will see a penny.

    Kellyanne deserves to be stiffed. That's what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.


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