Saturday, November 05, 2016

Two of the people behind Bridgegate are found guilty of all charges. That sound you hear is Chris Christie's sphincter closing up.

Courtesy of TPM: 

A jury on Friday found two former allies of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) guilty on all federal charges in the high-profile Bridgegate case. 

Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie's former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a former senior official at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, faced seven counts each of conspiracy and wire fraud for their alleged roles in orchestrating lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013 meant to create mass gridlock in the town of Fort Lee. 

Prosecutors and former Port Authority official David Wildstein, the admitted mastermind of the scheme, said the days-long traffic jam was meant to punish the town’s Democratic mayor for declining to back Christie’s re-election bid. Wildstein struck a plea deal for his own involvement in the plot. 

Bergen Record reporter Paul Berger said that Baroni kept a smile on his face as the verdict was read, while Kelly broke into tears.

Now you would think that news of this kind would cause Christie to have a cardiac, but instead he issued this statement.
Which seems little like whistling past the graveyard since Bridget Anne Kelly said in no uncertain terms that Christie knew about the George Washington Bridge closing a month before it happened.

Knowing this Christie must have the biggest balls in the world to think that he is going to get away scott free. 

Though for the life of me I cannot imagine where he keeps them.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    A fish rots from the head down, Lard Ass.

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Thank you for my favorite photo of Crispy Christie! He looks so "manly" in that uniform. I would not be able to keep from laughing out loud if I saw him wearing that in person. He is guilty as HELL. There goes his chances of being Atty. General in the tRump administration, eh? Rudy Ghouliani put his foot in his mouth also, too. He bragged about getting advance info from the FBI and is now trying to walk that back.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    OT Palin is reported to be campaigning with Trump in the final days and will be with him on election night in NYC.
    Whew, I think it is more likely Climton will win after Palin spews word salad. Trump campaign has nothing to lose putting FB Sarah out there. Once again Sarah the Hail Mary pass lol.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      What she does. Sit at home, although no doubt on the phone to her cohorts working this nightmare, but show up for the glory if he wins. Baby loves her spotlight!

      "I don't need a title." I've got a title for her, and it's NOT "Christian."

  4. All this man has is his awful mouth. Balls? Hell, no. He's Trump's errand boy.

    1. His balls are still hiding behind his anus sphincter muscle. It is a condition known as crtptorchidism.
      Undescended testicles.
      He can wear a baseball uniform forever because now they'll never get out.
      What a freak!

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I hope they nail is fat lying ass! He and Trump are a perfect match! Sarah Palin too!

  6. Karen Best12:44 PM

    He is sooooo sexxxxayyyy!

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Trump actually said it well when he described months ago how of course Christie knew everything that was going on. No way was he working with people and seeing them every day and they never bothered to tell Christie what they were up to.

  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    ButtFUCKers!! the whole gang Bang Guly< he loves it>

  9. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Reach down and grab that fat disgusting tiny member if you can find it girls because you can!! Yep....Don't fall into that republican donut hole.

  10. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Crispy is one of the best things tRump has going for him. Better than Rudy or Sarah.

  11. Anonymous1:05 PM

    A few weeks back when Clinton was up in the polls with no looking back I noticed that Trump and cohorts were kinda cocky. I thought to myself that maybe they had some things up their sleeves. Now I see. And they are trying to block voters. The list of the dirty anti democratic deeds that they do, not to mention the tricks from Putin's play book. And Putin will make Hitler look like a baby playing games.

  12. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Really Really bad Russian reality show actors and hacks. What a lousy bunch of un-American people. Ya all really got chit for brains!

  13. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Christie has a Bridgegate sad?

    Does Christie also regret the taxpayers of NJ spending somewhere around $10 million for that internal "investigation" of Bridgegate?

    "A federal judge on Wednesday chastised Governor Christie’s taxpayer-funded investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal — which so far has cost $8 million — saying attorneys hired by the state intentionally failed to preserve interview notes because they were mindful of a parallel legislative investigation and intense media scrutiny."

  14. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I've always wondered why kids ARE worse when their moms are in the room. THIS is spot on.

  15. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Poor trumpy is subdued and tranquilized. The final phase 3. Whew!!! Lies, extortion, bribes, galore. Lawsuits flying. Smelling worst than that day on someone else's escalator. Scratch running for president from the bucket list.

  16. Anonymous1:25 PM

    He eats like a pig. Cant stand his fat ugly face. She reached down and grabbed his smelly micro tiny di*K.... Yeah...because she can! She can just grab that tiny penis and whack...just like the famous lady Bobbitt... tune in for chapter 2

  17. Anonymous1:26 PM

    ot? play (with my) balls? :-(
    "he just sounds like a kid on the playground crying because another kid has a friend, and he doesn’t."

  18. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Trump the draft dodger started a war.

  19. Anonymous1:34 PM

    watch this>

  20. Anonymous1:37 PM

    ‘crotch-fondling slab of rancid meatloaf’

  21. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Here's a better picture of Christie's blonde hatchet woman. Taken outside the courthouse right after the conviction.*349/kelly+cries.jpg

    Bridget was asked if her four kids are still getting used to the idea that mommy's a convicted felon...

  22. What's that saying...the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Get the crying towel out!

  23. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Disgusting man. The only and I mean only decent thing about Christie is his taste in music! (Springsteen!)

  24. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Tim Robbins parts ways with his ex Susan Sarandon: ‘In a time of insanity, I’m voting for Hillary’

    ...“In a time of insanity, I’m voting for Hillary,” Robbins writes. “Aside from the despicable racism and sexism of the reality show star, aside from his tax evasion and lying and bankruptcies, Trump denies climate change. Trump wants to be a ‘law and order’ president in a time when crime is at all time lows. Trump has shown an alarming disrespect for women and teenage girls.”

    By contrast, Robbins highlights that Clinton supports the Paris Accord and alternative energy. “Hillary has promised to continue reforming the broken and racist criminal justice system,” he continued. “Hillary promises to be a president in advocacy of women and children.”

    Robbins argues that there will never be a place for progressives at the table in a Trump administration. In a Clinton White House, progressives have someone who can’t ignore them.

    “Those of us that work for change in various causes have found a place at the table in the recent Democratic administration,” he wrote. “It took a while, but our voices were heard and a mutual belief and shared mission led to real change. A pipeline was stopped, rehabilitative programs restored, sentencing for non-violent crimes reduced, funding for arts education increased, gay marriage became legal, millions of people that couldn’t afford insurance now are covered.”

  25. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Latinos Take Their Revenge On Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    Undocumented immigrants are playing a leading role in the campaign aiming to take him down.

  26. Anonymous2:28 PM

    First rule of Liar's Club:
    Deny, deny, deny!

  27. Anonymous2:35 PM

    “There is one thing you need to know about Trump — and that explains just about all of his erratic, self-destructive statements and behavior,” Aronson said. “His self-esteem is both high and fragile.”

    ...“He simply must justify his previous statement by convincing everyone that she WAS fat. Losing any argument, even a trivial one, means total failure to a person with high/fragile self-esteem.”

  28. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Christie was supposed to campaign for Trump this weekend. Pennsylvania and Ohio I think. Or maybe New Hampshire? Swing states. His gigs were canceled.

    He's sweating bullets that Trump can get elected and then pardon him for all his sins. I'm sure he's got a juicy position lined up for himself since he is in charge of the transition team. I guess that was his price for dropping out and endorsing Trump.

  29. Anonymous2:55 PM

    So are there spanks for men that help keep all that front flab that's hanging down on Chrispie under control? Cause that shit looks like it's about to BUST LOOSE! Just like a Palin at an open bar!~

  30. WA Skeptic3:24 PM

    EWWWW--I'd almost gotten that picture out of my memory banks. Now I need another application of Industrial Strength Eye Bleach!

    I kind of feel sorry for that little gal, Kelly, because she's been caught in the nastiness of Christie. But of course, she knew what he was like because she'd worked for him for years. She should have known he has no loyalty for anyone or anything except for himself.

  31. Anonymous4:32 PM

    If ya think about it.....all of these liars have the same look on their face. Maybe they will have time to actually read the Constitution of the United States of America, instead of some made up one from Russia. Oh and yes, and have the ability to interpret it and live by it.

  32. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I didn't know men could display a camel toe, but... there it is!

  33. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Yeah, nice try, Gryphen.

    That's Supreme Court Justice Chris "The Boss" Christie to you and don't you forget it!

    In fact, there's good reason to expect Emperor Drumpf will appoint Chris - may I call him Chris? - Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, Secretary of Tall & Husky Men - a new cabinet level post - and cuddly official mascot of the "Wingers", the White House softball team. Yeah, Christie is what we call a "quadruple threat' in government. Well, some kind of threat, anyway.

    Based on that last photo, I can confidently predict that Chris will be one of the biggest douchebags in Washington. Unless, of course, Hillary wins Tuesday and the Feds drop a juicy conspiracy and obstruction - of justice and NJ traffic - charge on his bountiful ass.

    Yet another reason to vote for her.


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