Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Well this is going to drive Donald Trump off the deep end.

Yes I realize that Trump lives off the deep end, but I have a feeling this is going to plunge him even further.

However not quite the distance that he is from winning the popular vote.


  1. Anonymous4:56 AM

    More than likely Senator Bernie Sanders won. So?
    Yes, winning by deceit is never good! That lingering feeling of undeserving, unloved, not worthy being called names such as liar, cheater that stole something from innocent normal little people in who ville.

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Sanders lost fair and square. Get over it or go home.

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Hillary lost fair and square after cheating and conspiring with the DNC to ensure her nomination.

      Looks like none of the recounts will result in any changes and Trump will win with a blowout 306 to 232 electoral votes.

    3. Anonymous9:50 AM

      I am a bernie supporter that voted hillary..
      Get over the Division Folks..
      It helps nothing.
      we have more important concerns NOW..

    4. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Bernie is not a Democrat, 8:53.

    5. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Excuse you? Sorry, but during the primaries, wasn't Bernie running for the Democratic nomination, on the Democratic ticket 12:13? Go ahead and answer the question yes or no.

      By the way, if you want to look at a candidate that really wasn't a Democrat- take a good look at corporate Hillary.

      You fools all lost your way and now you lost the party. Thank the crazy lady combo of Hillary, DWS, Donna Brazile, and Pocahontas, supported by a bunch of neutered puppies. Good luck.

    6. Trump won't get 306.

      There will be at least one sane faithless elector with integrity.

      *That* will send Trump off the deep end.

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    What I national nightmare. I feel like I am living in the twilight zone.

    How could this racist, unprofessional, unqualified, undignified, thin-skinned, sexual predator, filthy pathological lying piece of shit, get this far?!

    What has this country come to, when they reach down to the bottom of the cesspool and choose a president?!

  3. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Donald Trump says: “In Europe pics like this are very fashionable and common”

    Ahhhh that explains why Trump bought those beauty pageants.

    You guys were making President-elect Trump out to be a pervert going backstage to peer at naked underage beauty pageant contestants when in actuality President-elect Trump was peering at these naked and semi-naked girls as "fashionable and common" not as a dirty old nasty man.

    I agree the pictures at the website below are fashionable and common if you are a smelly old Vodka breath European truck driver who hangs out at parks and at schools with his hands in his pockets.

    By the way, is grabbing pussy in Europe "fashionable and common" practice?

    STARS AND STRIPS Revealed, all the steamy pictures of Donald Trump’s wife Melania when she posed naked for saucy shoot – including lesbian clinch

    The presidential hopeful's spouse was photographed frolicking naked with a Swedish model for Max magazine aged 25

    THE model wife of presidential hopeful Donald Trump poses naked in a series of saucy pictures including a lesbian clinch.

    Melania who could be the next First Lady of the US got into bed with a Swedish bombshell for an erotic magazine shoot.

    Raunchy…. the Slovenian, then 25, and Emma Eriksson, 21, lay cheek-to-cheek with arms wrapped around one another.

    Donald Trump says: “In Europe pics like this are very fashionable and common”


    1. Anonymous12:15 PM

      Since when did the right wing troglodytes appreciate anything European?

    2. "Anonymous12:15 PM Since when did the right wing troglodytes appreciate anything European?"
      About the same time they decided that the previously vilified godless commie russkies were actually totally awesome.

    3. I was in Italy for 22 days in June of this year.

      Not once was my ass grabbed or pinched.

      So no, I'd say Europe is a lot more mature than the U.S., in so many ways.

    4. Anonymous7:43 PM

      Maybe nobody wanted to...

  4. Anonymous5:57 AM

    I voted for Hillary . Focusing on pop vote is not the remedy . The Democratic Party is a coastal party and needs to win the middle America or we will keep losing elections. Hillary and the leadership should be ashamed of losing the congress and the executive branch .. This is a deep malaise. Winnning California is just not going to cut it

    1. Anonymous7:16 AM

      I voted for Hillary Clinton too and sadly look at what is in front of us w/Donald Trump at the helm!

      He's an ego driven liar and fraud - cannot admit that he did not win the majority vote (Hillary did by a landslide) - will enhance the chances for WWIII and will promote civil discourse within our own states, cities and neighborhoods.

      Plus, he is a self-declared racist (minorities and Muslims)! We all need to help protect our American neighbors and friends - no matter their color or faith!

      Be prepared and ready - especially those folks living in Republican majority states. We need to fight these politicians every step of the way and I don't mean 'fight them physically' as to my statement.

      Especially watch your Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and anything else Republicans can get their hands on so as to reduce care and benefits and massively increase costs to Seniors (via the United States Congress - D.C.).

      Watch over your older parents and grandparents - they are probably scared to death and would never want to be a burden to anyone!

      The United States Congress (Ryan/Speaker of the House) is going to lead the Republican fight as to Social Security and Medicare when they reconvene in January.

      These are benefits we paid to have (for retirement) throughout our working careers!

      If fully retired, seniors pay for Medicare and our supplemental insurance (i.e. Blue Cross) as to a monthly premium (for those that might not understand how it actually works).

      And, even then, a senior might still have to come out of pocket if some procedure and care is not covered. Seniors are going to see more and more of this (if the U.S. Congress is successful in the changes they want to make - led by Republican majority) to Medicare.

      The initial purpose for Medicare was to have it cover 80% and the secondary to provide 20% for a total of 100% medical insurance coverage. Mine all became effective at the age of 65 when I fully retired. The age for access to Medicare has been increased as medical improvements have been made and seniors are living longer. That is very understandable.

      Be careful for whom you cast your votes - it is so important. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan should never be reelected - ever again. We need younger people in office, with fresh ideas and get rid of the obstruction in government that we've been watching for the past eight years - led by Republicans country wide - mainly to obscure President Obama from being elected for a second term (didn't work!) and to negate his presidency.

      I'm not suggesting there should never be ethical changes made to the Medicare program. I just don't want it to be gutted to where seniors cannot afford to pay for it and maintain responsibility for themselves! (Which most retirees planned for as to building savings, retirement plans, etc.)

      And, remember folks - Alaska has the highest medical costs in the nation!

  5. Anonymous6:09 AM


    Drumpf dc dump

  6. Anonymous7:10 AM

    "But the sudden focus on a general election recount from Clinton partisans is hypocritical, given the Democratic Party establishment has yet to acknowledge the broken rules and voting discrepancies the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign ignored throughout the Democratic primaries.

    Election Justice USA—a nonpartisan coalition of statisticians, attorneys and activists advocating for voting rights—discovered voting irregularities and suppression at work throughout the Democratic primaries helped Clinton win. They related these in a 100-page report released on July 25."

    Look,the DNC and HRC fucked us Dems.
    Time to quit bein' whiners and suck it up and move on.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      EJUSA is a sham group set up to smear Hliary Clinton.

    2. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Another post from the Bernie cry baby.

  7. WA Skeptic7:16 AM

    I can't figure out why the Cheeto-faced Twatwaffle is so fixated on calling the recounts a bad thing. After all, most of the recounts so far have confirmed his wins in various counties.

    Is he worried that someone will find out that there WERE rigged election results??? And it's his that were rigged?

    He's protesting too much, methinks.

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      cheeto-faced Twatwaffle.. That is so funny,Love it. Thanks for the laugh.

    2. Yes, that's exactly what he's afraid of.

  8. ericafromdallas8:09 AM

    Looks like a good way to discover problems with the vote would start with a recount. Learning how the ballots were corrupted is very important. If they have been tainted in any way we must discover the root of this problem.

    1. You mean besides gerrymandering districts and disenfranchising voters through various methods?

      They can start by getting rid of the paperless Diebold electronic machines. But they won't.

      You're asking the fox to better secure the hen house. Not gonna happen.

  9. Cartoonists, Late Night, all have to keep calling Trump a LOSER and he'll go apeshit. They just have to show how even though he won the presidency he is still a LOSER.

    Not only did he lose the popular vote by the largest gap in HISTORY but after the electoral college votes in January they can point to how many electoral votes he lost from his own people turning "faithless" and voting for someone else. Sure, he'll get his 270. But he won't get ALL of the electoral votes he thinks he deserves.

    He will be foaming at the mouth. He'll then attack the electoral college as rigged.

    1. I agree. People have to be relentless in calling him out with every accurate insult that they can, because he can not handle it.

      That's why he can't stand a free press or people thinking they have a right to question him or disagree with him.

    2. Nefer:

      It why one of the first things he's going to do is get rid of Net Neutrality. Then he can control the internet.

      The FCC will take care of TV/Cable.

      You are going to see censorship like you've never seen before.

      It will be 10 times worse than the U.S. during McCarthyism.

    3. Anonymous7:44 PM

      Somebody is really losing grip tonight.


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