Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Yeah I think we all predicted this.

Now Professor Cohen is a neo-con who was all in for the Iraq War, so that fact that the Trump team did now welcome him with open arms should not worry us too much.

However we are also hearing that Trump is essentially rejecting advice from EVERYBODY who was not with him since the beginning, and that does not exactly leave a lot of people left who know what it takes to do that job.

We knew this was going to be bad, and we were right. 

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  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    IF this were a goofy unreality tv show with bad F actors? I would say boring, click. But! Since we have an extraordinary situation we must declare and demand answers, action and outcome.
    So the hacking was China, along with Russia.
    ALL products made in china were used. Iphones, androids, satalite stuff, Samsung products, Ancestry, banking programs, and on on on so many. They hacked americans and used the info to rig the election, to create division and chaos.
    I don't know about the rest of you? But this is as close to modern war as it gets. THEY RIGGED OUR ELECTION. I want this chit pile in roll off dumpsters and shipped back to china. Then I want to see factories up and working to build our products. I BLAME ELECTED. ALL ELECTED FOR THIS HAPPENING.

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      Stop fucking whining and being the victim of the "ELECTED". Blame the voters. The "ELECTED" are the result of the VOTERS. When will people take responsibility for there actions? If ever there was a moment for introspection it is now.

    2. Anonymous5:48 AM

      Oh yes indeed now is the time to say, "Go F yourself" and let me add "like it" because your ignorance is not mine and stupid poopy like you are the problem. Get some help.

    3. Anonymous6:04 AM

      their actions

    4. Anonymous6:24 AM

      The voters elected Donald Trump. Some are even blaming President Obama for Trump's election, which is pure bullshit!

      The voters put Trump in charge and the ones that did are going to rue the day - as well as the rest of us.

      We now have a racist and evil man in charge! Prepare for major disruption throughout the country and protect your money and assets.

      Plus, help others such as our American minority friends. They are the ones I'm most concerned will have harm come to them. And, don't forget our Muslim friends - there is great fear amongst them and none of them should have to be afraid for their lives or being 'rounded up' and deported!

      Trump is NOT my president and I find him totally deplorable!

    5. Anonymous6:31 AM

      "stupid poopy"?

    6. I blame the dumb fucks that are protesting NOW but couldn't be bothered to register to vote or were registered but couldn't be bothered to vote.

      You know what? You have no right to complain. Complaining is restricted to those that actually voted. You dumb fucks that were too lazy to vote? Just sit down and shut the fuck up.

      Voter turn out in this country is a disgrace.

      We allowed 20% of the population to put a fascist in the White House.

  2. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Did Joe and Meeka apply at trump white house? They should. I'm all giddy and giggles about the new ass administration. We can hardly wait for the kkk interviews, and the deplorable bunch to show their face and explain their policy. It was said today that certain people knew about the hacking but let it happed to millions of americans. This caused so much damage that we must bring justice to them and for us. Any ideas?

  3. Anonymous4:24 AM

    It seems a bit as if he's gone really bonkers, that orange "businessman" who's now in charge. The NYTimes has a front page full of articles about the mad disarray at Trump Tower right now. Except for the fact that all of this is going to have a dreadful effect on us (as in "us, 'the people'"), it would be quite comical. Apparently Trump is not satisfied with having "won" the Electoral College, he's also fuming that he did not win the popular vote. Shades of his friend Vladimir who gets to win by 90+ percent.

  4. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Finally the republicans are really really themselves!!! They are finally empowered.
    The Champion won with alittle help from his frinds, the Chinese and Russia. Yep. All those great products from china. IPhones, Androids, Refrigerators, wash machines, all electronics? Well chit, Now is that not special? Train wrecks, exploding washing machines, tracking iPhone users that they want to extort. Let us think back? Republicans sent all manufacturing jobs to china, they flooded our country with cheap crap from china, republicans defunded our national security budget. Republicans are liars, cheats, and deplorable humans. NEW ELECTION. America does not allow china or Russia to RIG the election for the deplorable.
    Send All chit from china back, Restrict all products from china and elsewhere. Charge china with war crimes, and throw everyone out of office that were involved in this outrageous security breech today.

    1. Anonymous5:45 AM

      chit ??? you mean SHIT ? then spell it right!

    2. Anonymous6:28 AM

      Hey 5:45, how about you capitalize correctly? And what's with all those extra spaces..?

    3. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Nope, I meant Chit. Its code for the really really bad thing that should be said. You know? A civil society. Oh poopy chit bag yer funny kin arnt ya. This will be the best taping of outhouse tv talk show. Ever.

    4. Anonymous6:50 AM

      That would be the space between the ear wax. (: no brainer.

    5. Anonymous7:29 AM

      China has the repubs at gunpoint. 9/11 WTC site was a crime scene. Post haste all the steel was shipped to China. No one could examine the thermate burns, do forensics etc. we had to settle with doing the forensics on the DUST. And we did.
      China says jump... repubs say " how high?"

    6. Anonymous7:29 AM

      China has the repubs at gunpoint. 9/11 WTC site was a crime scene. Post haste all the steel was shipped to China. No one could examine the thermate burns, do forensics etc. we had to settle with doing the forensics on the DUST. And we did.
      China says jump... repubs say " how high?"

  5. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Something wrong with Trump, his children and campaign.
    Also predicted9:

    US News:
    The Trump Campaign Keeps a List of His Enemies
    'It's so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that when we get in to the White House, we know where we stand,' Trump surrogate Omarosa Manigault said.

    What does President-elect Donald Trump have in common with Santa Claus?

    He's keeping a list – and probably checking it twice.

    Trump campaign surrogate and head of African-American outreach Omarosa Manigault told the Independent Journal Review on Tuesday that the campaign has been keeping a list of his enemies.

    "It’s so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that when we get in to the White House, we know where we stand," Manigault said. "I would never judge anybody for exercising their right to and the freedom to choose who they want. But let me just tell you, Mr. Trump has a long memory and we’re keeping a list.”

    Manigault said in a September "Frontline" special that "every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”...

    On Thursday night's episode of "The Late Show," host Stephen Colbert mocked the Trump campaign for the list

    Omarosa YouTube:

    Read more at:

  6. Anonymous5:12 AM

    For Gryph

    Editorial Cartoons on Donald Trump

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Yeah, cartoons were all the rage in this election. We were all laughing at Trump. People love to be entertained (some euphemistically call it "inspired"). They don't want to think. They want to "feel". Al Gore wasn't "inspiring". John Kerry wasn't "inspiring". Hillary Clinton wasn't "inspiring". So the stupid "inspired" voters gave us GWB, GWB, DJT. Fuck the stupid voters.

    2. I think I like this one best.

  7. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Your -- "team did now welcome" did NOT welcome ...

  8. Anonymous5:49 AM

    The only comfort I have in all this god-awful news is hearing it from Rachel Maddow. It's weird, but as long as I can see that she's keeping her sense of humor and wit in all this, I can bear to keep up with it all. Chris Matthews, on the other hand...ugh! I am even less able to listen to him now, with his constant interrupting of guests before they can make their points, especially if those points are at odds with his. He starts talking over them as soon as he senses a good point coming! I really can't stand him, especially now when my nerves are shot...

    1. Anonymous6:53 AM

      Yes I agree. He is so rude he belongs on fox no news channel. They do that too. I actually like hearing an answer after a question.

    2. Anonymous7:34 AM

      I so agree and have said much the same on this blog many times.

      I find Dr. Rachel Maddow to have the most outstanding show currently on TV!

      Plus, she's a great teacher as to politics, our history and providing facts and truthfulness! Plus, she keeps a terrific sense of humor throughout it all!

      I think it time for Chris Matthews to retire. His ratings must be horrible on MSNBC. Will say though - I'm sure he had his place years ago - as he's been involved in actually being on the Hill many years ago. I think he means well - although driving some of us nuts when he talks over his guests!

      One thing many of us agree on is that Donald Trump being our new leader is bringing many of us a LOT of fear and anguish.

      I know that I have great fear for our country and fellow Americans, under his leadership!

      Now, more than ever, we need to reach out and see if others need help or assistance.

    3. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Respectfully disagree.Rachel is part of the smug elitist self-congratulatory echo-chamber that got us into this pickle. MSNBC is a huge failure - see results of last Tuesday. I say get rid of her and all the out of touch gang that encourages progressives to be self-righteous and condescending. And lose elections.

    4. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Love Rachel. Her technique of being repetitive can get on my nerves at times, but she always leads up to something significant and she really digs into her stories, so there's a reason for doing things as she does. Last night's story about Jared Kushner's scuzzy father, with his dirty dealings and even hiring a hooker to sleep with his sister's husband so that he could film it and use it as leverage, is a perfect example. I was bummed when the "lean forward" crowd started getting the ax (I especially miss Ed Schultz during election time) when MSNBC realized it had become too liberal for people to handle (btw, it was great seeing Toure back as a guest the other day), but I was very glad to see the other people kept on. Chris Hayes is great. Lawrence is therapy--without him I'd not be sane anymore.

  9. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I am beginning to think the orange menance is senile - only capable of rambling at rallies as long as his ego is being fed - and the rest of the pack is manipulating everything else - sure he is at his core heartless, cruel, vindictive, and a sociopath - but it is also weak and clueless

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      Actually if you think about it, that is the most preferred type president. Look at Bush Jr, aka cheney and rummy. Or Reagan? he lost his marbles in office too. Trump demands his kids be involved close and ready to help. Hiding dementia is not good for America. He was elected on scam and needs his enablers to be able hide the dementia. Like many fox nation clan, they repeat repeat repeat and then its real to them.

    2. Anonymous7:25 AM

      To be fair. China and Russia only had 16 candidates to choose from. Trump is most in debt to them. I love when they shouted he does not owe anyone, he owes no one, he is not a politician. He is A bk business man in debt up to his eyeballs. Had to sale the country to pay it off.

    3. Anonymous7:27 AM

      Sarah must be warm and fuzzy about now. Why did she quit Alaska again?

    4. Cracklin Charlie8:41 AM

      His fathers Alzheimer's disease became apparent at Donald's age.

    5. It wouldn't be the first time the Republicans put a sufferer of Alzheimer's in the Oval Office. And they made him a Saint.

  10. WA Skeptic6:28 AM

    Unfortunately, as stupid as the Cheeto-faced Twatwaffle is, he has some very smart and wily people working behind the scenes. I find THAT very wrong.

    And I know that anyone who protests bigoted and misogynistic behavior will be disregarded, because they are not Trump supporters or KKK adherents.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      At a census or population count. Trump voters are small amount. It was the absentee, early voters, some states etc that rigged the outcome. The deplorable are not that many. The problem is they are the bullies, haters, racist and now the champions. And the champions voted for citizen united, and the nra held gun shows on every corner for years and years and propaganda was produced and paranoia set in. And here we are wondering what happen. China and Russia held an election. The biggest Debt won.

    2. Anonymous8:00 AM

      If you're claiming the voters for Trump is just a small part of the population, then the same holds true for Clinton. As a % of the US population, Trump has 60.83 million/319 million = 19.0% of the population and Clinton has 61.78 million/319 million or 19.36% of the population. So you can't make the point the majority of the population wasn't for Trump. They weren't for Clinton either.

    3. If you're going to make that point. Then the majority of the population didn't vote at all.

      Now, who is that majority of the population? Does it include children under the voting age? Does it include legal immigrants that are not citizens and cannot vote? Does it include the undocumented? Exactly what comprises that 319 million people?

      There's lies, there's damned lies and then there's statistics.

  11. Randall6:34 AM

    To all of those who voted for Trump because they wanted CHANGE:
    well you're about to get it.
    We're ALL about to get it.
    BOY are we gonna get it...

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Yes indeed. About to really get it. I would make a doctors appointment but I think he may be a hateful republican. He gave it away when he blamed everything on Obama care that I don't even have. I was there for a routine physical. Gee whiz. Lookin for one not so insane that may have taken the Oath. The one that does not discriminate and looks to heal.

  12. Anonymous7:13 AM

    The election was rigged. It had to be. Donald Gump said so. He said it over and over and over again. He wouldn't lie, would he?
    It's going to be so much fun grabbing men by the ball sack. That's legal too, right?
    And just think, NOBODY has to pay taxes, right? Donald Gump doesn't. Why should the regular folks?

    And you don't believe we're on on the eve of destruction.................

    Fucking fools!

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      GRAB um by THE BALL SACK!
      That's LEGAL!

    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      I did a double on in the above comment. Isn't that worth 50 points?

  13. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Trump Grows Bitter Over Popular Vote Loss As Clinton Lead Surpasses 1 Million

    But there is one nagging fact that seems to be increasingly getting under Donald Trump’s thin skin: More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton by a pretty substantial margin.

    ...According to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, Hillary Clinton’s popular vote total now stands at 61,964,263 compared to 60,961,967 for Donald Trump, pushing the former Secretary of State’s raw vote lead past the 1 million mark.

    Trump, clearly not happy about the reality that most Americans – by quite a substantial margin – cast their ballot for his opponent, took to Twitter (of course) on Tuesday to vent his frustration.

    1. Anonymous7:54 AM

      I'm not for changing. Changing to the popular vote means president elections will be decided by the people living in the largest urban areas: NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio and Philadelphia. If anyone in DC was taking it seriously, the legislation would be being put forward by someone from a smaller state, not a retiring senator from California.

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Changing to the popular vote means president elections will be decided by the people living in the largest urban areas: NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio and Philadelphia.

      That makes no sense. Changing to the polar vote means one person one vote. How is that unfair?

    3. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Of course it makes sense. There are more people in urban areas. The biggest cities would decide the election in a popular vote system and candidates wouldn't bother to campaign anywhere but the largest cities. Leaving the rural areas sucking hind tit. It's exactly why the agrarian states advocated for it.

    4. Anonymous12:24 PM

      So instead, more than half the country is sucking hind tit. Cheating one group to keep the other from getting cheated is not the answer. Campaign reform is desperately needed in this country.


      They should have never given him back his twitter account. I guess they figured, now that he's won, it wouldn't matter any more.

      He was against the electoral college in 2012, at first said it hadn't changed his mind after winning, but now he says it's genius. Yeah, he is pissed that the people don't luuuuuv him and he didn't win the popular vote. He would rather have had the popular vote and lost the electoral college. That is really what he was campaigning for. He failed in that too. That's all he is is a failure. He'll fail as President too because he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing.

      I think he already knows it.

  14. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Trump Transition Team Descends Into Chaos As Nobody Wants To Join Administration

    Trump is so desperate to have people join his team that he's seeking the Obama administration's help in filling roles.

    ...The transition dysfunction extends beyond failure to promptly execute a memorandum of understanding. According to several sources close to the Trump transition team and inside the Obama administration, the president elect and his staff have had difficulty finding able-minded Republicans willing to take on critical posts. One Democratic source, who like others would only discuss sensitive talks on condition of anonymity, said transition officials had been informally asking Obama political appointees to recommend Republicans to take over their jobs.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Anyone with a brain will not join the trump train because it is going down as easy as they rigged the election. heck even ben carson the brain dr. said no.

  15. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Trump looks so foolish tweeting denials today about the disorganization and inability for people to get together with Trump to make things work and world leaders too. Then there's the security level thing for his children and Kushner. Trump denies and denies and keeps insulting the media. But we know these aren't just rumors. Things have swirled because people truly in the know have let it be known just how badly things are going. And I love it.

    1. They really need to take that twitter account away.

      When he becomes POTUS, someone else better control that twitter too or Trump will be tweeting lies, denials and we'll be subject to 3am hissy fits until he's impeached.

      How presidential.

  16. Anonymous7:59 AM

    ...This is a man who wants to use his presidential powers to intimidate the press to not criticize him; destroy corporations that supported Hillary Clinton; who wants to cancel TV shows because they make fun of him; who wants to sue women who say he did exactly what he bragged about doing to them.

  17. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Cohen warns that to work for the Trump team at this early juncture,
    “would carry a high risk of compromising one’s integrity and reputation.”

    1. To work for them at ANY time would compromise one's integrity and reputation.

      No risk. It would be a certainty.

  18. Anonymous8:22 AM

    3 NBA Teams Reportedly Stop Staying At Donald Trump Hotels

  19. Anonymous8:27 AM

    The Sanders promotion shows that Democrats appreciated his presidential campaign and his message. The Senator from Vermont will have a platform within Senate Democratic leadership to continue his political revolution from. There is no bitterness among Senate Democrats left over from the presidential primary.

    The elevation of Sanders represents part of an effort by Democrats to take their message to the grassroots level. Sen. Sanders understands the concerns of workers and families. Bernie Sanders was promoted to leadership so that he can make the case against Trump in the media and to voters nationwide.

    1. They also elevated Elizabeth Warren.

      It means one of two things.

      They either realize the mistakes made and are already pivoting to fix them.

      Or they are throwing the progressives a bone hoping to shut them up so they can continue business as usual.

      Sanders is top Democrat on the Budget Committee and is also in a new position as head of outreach. Warren is Vice Chair.

      "The lineup of moderates and liberals suggests Schumer is not inclined to go all in on progressive policies championed in Sanders’ presidential run, but is more likely to pick and choose issues to appeal to base Democratic voters and the Americans who abandoned the party for Donald Trump. He also said he is willing to work with the president-elect in select areas. "

      Willing to work with Trump. WILLING TO WORK WITH TRUMP!!!

      This is the ASSHOLE leadership we *don't* need. No, you don't work with Trump on select areas. You DON'T WORK WITH HIM AT ALL!

      This is why Democrats lose. We don't learn from history. We don't learn from our opponents. The Republicans fucked over Obama for 8 years and already the Democrats are rolling over to lick Trumps balls.

  20. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Why Mike Rogers’s departure from the Trump team is alarming

    The ouster of former congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) from Donald Trump’s transition team is a worrisome sign of continuing internecine battles in the GOP and the ascendancy of Trump’s personal political allies in shaping the president-elect’s agenda.

    Rogers, a widely respected former FBI agent who headed the House Intelligence Committee, had been seen as a figure of stability and continuity in intelligence matters. He was mentioned as a possible next director of the CIA or director of national intelligence. But Rogers was told last weekend by Rick Dearborn, executive director of the transition team, that he was being removed from his role in the national-security group advising Trump. He was replaced by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who took over as the committee’s chairman after Rogers left Congress in 2014 and has been a far more partisan chairman.

    Rogers had angered House GOP hard-liners when his committee issued a bipartisan report in 2014 clearing Hillary Clinton of personal wrongdoing in the 2012 Benghazi incident. That report was characteristic of the way Rogers chaired the committee, in a working partnership with then-ranking Democrat, Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (Md.). (Rogers added “additional views” that criticized “senior State Department officials” for dismissing threat warnings, denying requests for extra security in eastern Libya and other errors.)

    But this consensual approach clearly didn’t suit Trump’s inner circle.

  21. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Do you mean "Happy Days are here again" duh duh duh duh duh ? So we can plan on endless laughter until January 20, 2017 when the real president of usa will emerge and take over and make America great again after this most embarrassing asinine bunch of nimwits fell in poopy.

  22. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Glad mccain stated what he did. Mam you are old mccain, not long left. Do whatever the hell you want now. You are going i'm afraid.

  23. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Wow, Hillary more votes. Trump just needs to concede, then we'll always praise him!

  24. Trump may not know how to run a government but he sure knows how to throw a party.

    Transition Team a disaster but he's got his inaugural committee up and running.

    "He may not yet have nominated a single cabinet member, or sent emissaries to the federal agencies, or held a news conference as president-elect, but Mr. Trump does have a presidential inaugural committee lined up.

    And it includes some serious money.

    The Trump transition named its inaugural committee leadership team on Tuesday evening, headed by Thomas Barrack Jr., a private equity titan. Other members include the financier Lewis M. Eisenberg; the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (one of the largest political donors on earth); Gail Icahn, the wife of the investor Carl Icahn; Woody Johnson, owner of the N.F.L.’s New York Jets; the hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci; the Texas businessmen Ray Washburne and Roy Bailey; and the luxury casino tycoon Steve Wynne."

    I think I'm going to have to switch my regular browsing to Chrome. At least there he's Drumpf and his picture is a cute pile of shit emoji.

  25. Guess who is chairman of Trump's Inaugural committee? Thomas J. Barrack.

    He served as Deputy Undersecretary of the United States Department of Interior under the Reagan Administration, and is an economic and national security adviser to the President-elect.

    Why is Trump going all the way back to the Reagan administration to hire people?

    Will no one in the Bush administration work for him or does he consider them all disasters?

    Seems Trump is hiring really OLD has beens like him. Newt Gingrich. Rudy Giuliani. John Bolton. Now this guy.

    If they have this much trouble hiring people for cabinet positions and under, what are they going to do about replacing them as, one by one, they die in office of old age?


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