Tuesday, December 06, 2016

After a month the Republican candidate for North Carolina governor has admitted that he lost the election.

Courtesy of Slate:  

North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory finally admitted defeat on Monday, conceding to his Democratic rival, current state Attorney General Roy Cooper. In a video message, McCrory asserted that he has “continued questions” about possible voter fraud, but that “I personally believe that the majority of our citizens have spoken.” He noted that the election was “the closest North Carolina governor’s race in modern history.” 

McCrory’s concession was not at all inevitable. Although he faced a deficit of more than 4,000 votes the morning after Election Day—a gap that has since grown to more than 10,000—he insisted that he might be the rightful winner. For weeks, McCrory alleged that rampant voter fraud swung the election to Cooper, launching a series of baseless challenges at county election boards in an effort to disqualify as many votes for Cooper as possible. Eventually, the Republican-controlled state election board ordered a recount in Democrat-heavy Durham County. By Monday morning, it was clear that the recount would not close McCrory’s deficit, likely spurring the governor to concede formally.

Just a reminder to all of the conservatives complaining about these recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, that McCrory refused to accept defeat for a month even though it was pretty clear that he lost the day after the election.

And it should also be noted that he made the accusation that there was voter fraud in North Carolina.

Gee maybe somebody should suggest a recount for president there as well.

Just a thought.

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  1. Anonymous4:23 AM

    This was marvelous news to wake up to this morning!

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Good bloody fucking riddance. Does this mean N. Carolina will get its porn back?

    1. Anonymous6:36 AM

      The Republicans still have enough votes in the legislature to over ride any vet's to push through crap legislation. They gerrymandered the crap out of that state after 2010. So I am guessing they still won't get their porn.

  3. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Using republican "logic":

    If they lose by a huuge margin and it is because of voter fraud. If they win by a very small margin, there is no voter fraud.

    Recounts are ok if you are republican and sour grapes if you are a democrat.

    Welcome to future elections.

    1. Anonymous7:57 AM


  4. no problem with voter fraud in nc but there have been huge problems with mccrory the last four years. nc was doing well before he was elected, and since then it has been nothing but controversy, exaggerated accomplishments, backroom deals, a horrible legislature. unforunaely, we are still stuck with phil berger and tim moore, and that will hurt our state.

  5. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I'm curious what happens next in North Carolina.

    A federal judge threw out the state legislative maps due to gerrymandering week before last and ordered new maps and special elections in November. Right now, Republicans have veto-proof supermajorities in both houses of the legislature.

    The state legislature is beginning a special lame duck session at the end of the week, and there are persistent rumors that they are going to add two seats to the state Supreme Court so that McCrory can appoint two Republican judges to make it 5-4 Republican-Democrat.

    Thus I wonder if conservatives in North Carolina (read: Art Pope) convinced McCrory to fall on his sword so that the GOP can get on with the business of locking up the Supreme Court and protecting their legislative maps.

    I don't expect a lot from Roy Cooper. That's not a knock on Cooper; he's very sharp and has been a very good Attorney General. Rather, McCrory's recount demands have poisoned the well against Cooper in the minds of a decent number of people; I've seen NC friends on Facebook talk since the election about how -Cooper- was trying to steal the election from McCrory. And he's going to be facing a hostile legislature that can override every one of his vetoes. There will be people who voted for Cooper who will be disappointed that Cooper won't be able to repeal HB2, the trans bathroom bill, because of the legislative situation he faces.

  6. Anonymous8:36 AM

    ot? Chemicals in the "WATER TURNS FROGS GAY!"


    PEPE the FROG?


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