Saturday, December 24, 2016

Carrie Fisher, "Princess Leia" of Star Wars fame, is hospitalized after massive heart attack during flight.

Courtesy of The Guardian:  

Carrie Fisher, the actor beloved for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, is being treated in intensive care after suffering a serious heart attack on a flight to Los Angeles from London, her brother has said. 

Todd Fisher said the 60-year-old Star Wars legend was receiving treatment in an intensive care unit of a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a medical emergency on the United Airlines flight from London on Friday. 

He added his older sister was receiving excellent care, but said he could not classify her condition. He had earlier told reporters that she had been stabilised and was out of the emergency room. 

But he later clarified his comments: “It’s not fair to say ‘stable’. I am not saying she is fine, or not fine,” he told Reuters by telephone. “She is in the ICU.” But in a subsequent interview he said many details about her condition or what caused the medical emergency are unknown.

There have been conflicting reports on Fisher's condition ever since she was taken off that plane on a gurney, and that has thrown the internet into a tizzy over fear that 2016 will claim another victim.

We have recently seen Fisher return in not just one Star Wars movie, but two (Spoiler alert.), and it has appeared that she was enjoying a rather dramatic comeback after years of struggling with drug addiction and depression.

So having this happen now seems especially upsetting.

And to have 2016, that giant steaming turd of a year, claim yet another of our precious celebrity icons (Don't forget besides Prince we also lost Alan Rickman and David Bowie.) seems almost too much to bear.

As you know I have no confidence in the power of prayer, however there is one power in which I believe wholeheartedly.

May the force be with you Princess Leia.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Yeah 2016 sucks, lost Arnold Palmer and Muhammad Ali too.

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The few things that have slipped out ("cardiac arrest) and the things they are not saying are not good. Hoping against hope that I am wrong.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Yes, the absence of any announcement that she has pulled through is worrying.

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    You forgot about Leonard Cohen already! (I double Alan Thicke can be called a celebrity icon) Zsa Zsa was 98, so you can't really count her as a victim of 2016.

    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if Fisher ends up like Ariel Sharon, in a permanent vegetative state--or worse, she could just be on life support systems until after the holidays. Then they'll pull the plug.

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

      This isn't TMZ.
      I can provide the link if you want. RME.

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM


  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    This makes me so incredibly sad! It has to have been massive if reports saying they put her on life support to give her heart a rest are correct.

    I watched her HBO special this last year where she candidly and humorously addressed her mental illness and depression, how hard it was to grow up as the child of a famous couple, and an iconic character that people will always see you as instead of the person you are. Some stories so relatable as a mere human on the planet as she sees herself that I found myself nodding, "been there..."

    As to Princess Leia, she said that the hairdo was done "because you have too fat of a face" by casting crew. There was nothing to her at that time!

    Why I hardly ever will give Hollywood one dime of my money nor put up with the likes of the "we are just TOO fucking cool" plastic Palins!

    Pulling for you, Carrie......

    1. Her one-woman show, WISHFUL DRINKING, which HBO cannily taped last year is fantastic. Have watched it several times. Hilarious. Frighteningly perceptive. (Spanish subtitles!)

  6. I see Carrie Fisher as embodying the collective hope of humanity, just as she (as Princess Leia) embodied the collective hope of the free beings of the galaxy in Star Wars.

  7. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I did see one statement saying she was "stable," but other accounts sound so worrisome. I've been enjoying seeing the Empire Strikes Back on TV. I must admit I've watched it twice in the past couple weeks. Princess L's so beautiful. And cool. Totally cool

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      The brother said she'd been stabilized, but that's not "medically stable." Later reports said on life-support.
      I have a bad feeling about this, Chewy.

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      I do too!

  8. 2016 has indeed been a bitch of a year. Lost my dh in February. Plus all of the famous peeps that are no longer with us.

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      ... deepest condolences for your loss.

      2016 has been a year of 4 devastating emotional losses for my family. I wish they had been all just monetary :(


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