Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Donald Trump congratulates himself for the consumer confidence that resulted from eight years of the Obama administration's hard work.

Seriously, who does this?

Not only did Trump rub one out to his own imagined awesomeness, he also bitched that President Obama was still acting like the President.
To be clear all the President has done is to continue doing his job, apparently Trump wants him to STFU and let him just step in and start destroying the country even before he is sworn in.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Guess someone has to pat the village idiot on the back,even if it's himself. Waiting for our president to respond.

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Why should he respond?
      Wrestling with pigs adage.....

    2. Anonymous11:43 AM

      There's no need for President Obama to respond to such nonsense. We all know who to thank.

      Let the braggart keep patting himself on the back for someone else's accomplishments. Anyone with a functioning brain can see what a disaster of a human being Trump is. The President is in a different league altogether.

  2. These factoids will eat the little orange orangutan up:

    He is not sexy. Obama is.
    Trump is grossly unattractive and Obama exudes vitality.

    He is not accepted by society's elites in NY. Obama is welcome anywhere in the world.

    The Don is blatantly narcissistic and compulsive. Obama is measured and humble.

    Obama polls better than asshole.

    Every damn time.

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Obama is dignified, from the deepest well of that concept. In ways large and small, important and trivial. Trump does not know what that means.

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      President Obama has a wife who is being asked to run for office. Mrs. tRump (escort) will NEVER be asked to run for anything, unless it is for a porn site.

    3. Anonymous10:09 AM

      And, it drives the ego driven fat boy nuts because the black man outdoes him in every area that can be measured!

      Trump will be a horrible potus and hopefully will be impeached quickly for doing things against the law!

    4. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Even the dumpster knows that Melania will never be accepted as FLOTUS so we get Ivanka? LMAO. I doubt that designers are clamorong to dress her either.

      Come January 20th, 59 years of respecting the office is done. Finito. Kaput.

    5. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Trump will never have my respect - nor the folks he is appointing to his administration - most especially his spoiled-rotten offspring!

      I can hardly wait to watch him taken down because he won't follow the laws and rules. He'll either die in office or face impeachment!

    6. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Trump knows that Obama is the very definition of cool, and he is far from it. He tries to act like he's cool and he's even used the word at a couple rallies, but Trump has to see that he is anything but. He surely saw pics of slender, athletic, and handsome BO playing golf in Hawaii last week and it killed him. Trump looked so old and blimpy playing with Tiger Woods.

  3. We can be assured that the fallout from the Republicans' disastrous economic policy of the next four years will be blamed on the Obama administration.

    1. Anonymous10:07 AM

      The rest of us need to counter everything the Republicans say and do in Congress! You can be sure they will blame President Obama for everything and try to bring his presidency down for the two terms - all because he is a was very successful and an extremely smart black man!

      Fuck the white fools!

    2. Too late.

      He's already taken responsibility for the rise in stock prices. He owns it all now.

    3. Anonymous1:39 PM


      He doesn't "own" anything, unless you are one of the stupid deplorables that believe him. The intelligent portion of society will never buy into this lies, we know better.

    4. Anonymous5:17 PM

      12:14 is right. He does own it all now. He is responsible for the stock market, Christmas sales, the CCI, and all other positive financial news since he was elected. So everything that happens from now on is because of him. So when the economy tanks and he tries to blame Obama, we just read him the above tweets and all his others claiming credit

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I guess it's good for Trump to be as ridiculous ASAP, in case we might have the good luck that he will crash and burn, as Michael Moore has predicted. I can't really imagine we will be that lucky. I think it is the WORLD that will crash and burn due to T's bumbling. If only "duck and cover" worked. So so so so very scary.

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I/You could see it in Putin's eyes 'during' the closing ceremony> He had cheated and conned the world and WON!

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Putin and Trump are two peas in a pod. Both lie, cheat and steal right to your face and don't flinch!

      Fuck them both!!! Would not give either one of them the time of day!

  6. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Cruz" they’ve been “radicalized.” Cruz is positioning himself as Trump’s Senate defender, the man who will fight the crazy lefties on his behalf." Circling.....

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

      They share a major donor, one Robert Mercer, a hedge fund boss of Renaissance Technologies.
      Mercer backed all the GOP candidates during the primaries, even donating 1mill to Jeb. His $12million 'donation' to Cruz bought Cruz's obedience.
      Read this article at from last October "reclusive mega-donor fueling donald trumps white house hopes". The Conway Connection explained.

    2. Anonymous11:59 AM

      The Mercers do cover ALL the bases even going as far as to donate to Palin and invite her to their home multiple times, just in case she ever managed to make anything of herself. Guess they can't win them all ;-)

  7. Anonymous9:19 AM

    A house of cards. The shit will hit the fan very soon for this unqualified phony.

  8. Anonymous9:20 AM

    The Final Interview With The Obamas

  9. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Obama Promises Not To Leave Us All Alone With The Scary Clown-Man In The White House

    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      I think President Obama will support us and be very anti Trump as time moves along.

      I'll also wager he knew Trump was not to be trusted when he first started dealing with him at the White House.

      President Obama is too smart and knowledgeable about people that cannot be trusted.

      I can hardly wait to watch him counter Trump and I think he will jump out there were needed.

      Remember too, the Republicans will try to take everything apart that President Obama and his Administration have accomplished in spite of their constant obstruction throughout these past two terms.

      President Obama isn't finished yet and knows the country will sorely need him even MORE! Thank God he and Michelle are going to continue living in D.C. That will be another gift to Americans!

    2. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Obama must really dread this though, he thought he could just retire and pursue his personal interests yet now he's effectively involved in the nation's politics again for another 4 years in order to play watchdog. I feel badly for him and his family.

  10. Anonymous9:22 AM

    When Obama took office, the Consumer Confidence Index was a woeful 37.7 and had gone up 86 percent just four years later. By the end of 2014, consumer confidence was back to it’s January 2007 high.

  11. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Baby Trump-ass is immersed in a world of make believe where he is the greatest and most awesome human being ever to exist. It looks like mental illness to me. Odin help us.

  12. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Nothing about tbt last 8 years resulted in the current situation which is not as great as some would have you believe. The birth rate is declining for a reason and people are having fewer kids than they planned for a reason. In cases where people make under 100k having more than one kid is a risk.

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Mindless nonsense^ @10:05.

    2. Anonymous11:15 AM

      You couldn't pay me to bring kids into our world today. (I'm now elderly!)

      I only had one back in the 70's and really questioned myself for having her at the time.

      I love President Obama but do not trust what the Republicans will do our country and world - other than lie, rob, diminish people and show us their constant racists ways. We have WWIII ahead of us w/them in charge and more than likely we are going to observe fighting amongst ourselves - race against race. And, yes, I can see myself being a part of that fiasco!

      Whites are going to be diminished as to the population and that is what is frightening the white boys in Congress.

      I can hardly wait to see the Asians, Mexicans and Black folks overtake them!

    3. Anonymous12:07 PM

      People are finally coming to their senses that there's a whole lot of life to enjoy and are choosing not to ruin it by having thankless spawn.

      We're a lot more selfish than our parents were and it's manifesting in a lower birthrate. Out of 10 couples that I'm close to only one of them had a child and all we ever heard from them was how sorry they were that they couldn't travel with us or go out with us and more often than not they were remorseful about their choice to have a child.

      None of us felt that this world was a good one to bring a child into, and really for most of us after putting off having a child one day we woke up, we were 40 and it was no longer an option

      None of us regret our decision and in fact we realize that our lives were much richer for not having to share them with children, richer in experiences and richer in savings and personal wealth, that's for sure. Not having to spend over a hundred grand on tuition sure was a bonus :-)

    4. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Bully for you. We had two kids, and both got through college with no dent. One got all her tuition paid at a private school due to her status as a National Merit Scholar. She is now an attorney, and got through law school only paying for books due to her high LSAT score. Our son has an engineering degree from a Big 10 school, and is in his 17th year with the same company. He had no debt either, thanks to wise investing my his dad over the years.
      Neither cost us our lives. We now have two adorable intelligent grandkids who are caring, loving, and top of their classes as well. Kids flock to them because they are honest, fair, and good friends. I wouldn't have missed having them in our lives. We just took the whole crew to Orlando for a week and had a ball. So you can keep your privacy and your money and your 'experiences.' Who will be around for you in 20 years?

    5. Anonymous1:16 PM

      The birth rate is declining because contraceptives are more available. Geez.

    6. Anonymous1:38 PM


      Different strokes and all that. Kids just didn't appeal and the thought of being burdened by grandkids at this point in life, 50 and retired, is even worse.

      I'll be here for me in 20 years or whenever I find that I need assistance in my daily life. I've made a financial plan that will either provide for in-home care or for assisted living, whichever I require, same for my partner.

      Why would you assume that just because you have children that they want to care for you in your old-age? My parents have made it clear that my brother and I would never be responsible for them. We've never even lived in the same area for the last 30 years so to ask someone to uproot their lives to care for you just because they are your child? That's a little selfish and I certainly don't have that sort of relationship with my parents and if I had children would never expect it of them.

      Parenthood is for some and certainly not for others. If it enriched your life, good for you, but some of us just knew it would do the opposite and made our life decisions accordingly.

      My parents had us because that's what you did back then. They raised us well, we made them proud and they've been able to enjoy their lives for the last 30 years. We enjoy traveling together and they are not in the least sad that my brother and I didn't provide grandchildren.

    7. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Bully for you 1:16 indeed. I live in the South where far too many grandparents are saddled with raising or at least babysitting their kids's kids and paying out money constantly for the kids's kids benefit to the extent of creating bitterness.

    8. 1:38 it doesn't bother me a bit that you are a biological dead end.

  13. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Put the damned toddler Twit in a playpen and take away his ability to use social media!

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Give him a pacifier so he can't yell at anyone too-tapes it to his fat jowls.

  14. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Obama beats Trump where it will sting: He’s the most admired man in America

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Love it, love it! Really will get to the fat, white guy's ego. The black man beat him again!!!

      Fuck you, Donald Trump that will never be my potus!!

      I so hope Trump will be impeached not long after he takes the oath! He'll govern like a mob leader and I can't help but wonder who he'll have murdered first while in office?

  15. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Donald Trump can’t help but overplay his hand

  16. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Congress Wants Donald Trump to Have Less Power Than Obama Did as President

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Does that mean Grover is making them sign ANOTHER pledge to block all legislation?

  17. Anonymous10:33 AM

    "Seriously, who does this?"

    An orange shitgibbon.

  18. Anonymous10:37 AM


    North Carolina GOP held yet another secret session, but this time instead of taking away more of our rights..........they voted to give out-going, genitalia-obsessed Pat McCrory health insurance. FOR LIFE.
    Yes,the same McCrory who refused the federal dollars to expand the ACA here in NC to help out the poor/majority of the citizenry. There are LOTS of poor working people here, working 2-3 jobs and not able to cover the basics.

    He's ok with the working poor paying for his health care he could easily afford out of pocket.
    Meanwhile, our home cannot afford to sign on with any insurance in this state, and there are very very few jobs here that offer health care insurance, as NC is a service-oriented jobs state. The few employers that could offer health ins. overwhelmingly choose to pay the fine, which is cheaper than offering employees the h.c.i. The cheapest we could find would cost us over $600/month with a $15thou deductible, and no wellness checkups covered, no sick office visits either. It's useless, and we can't afford it, period.

    The NC Dems are fine with all this. I am so disappointed with Roy Cooper. He's going to sleep just fiiiiine.

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      I hope ugly doctors only so he cant live long.

    2. Anonymous1:10 PM

      I think you are wrong. The ACA provides a mandatory free yearly checkup, free immunizations and free contraceptives for all plans. My sister whine stop my mom about this same stuff, and she is just wrong.

  19. Anonymous10:48 AM

  20. Anonymous10:55 AM

    WaPo has created a site for "contextualizing" his tweets that Sean Spicer calls "an exciting part of his presidency????" FFS!

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Just wait until the psychiatrists and psychologists weigh in on Trump's tweets. I wonder how "exciting' little Sean will find that.

  21. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Say what you will about the Donald's boasting, but haven't you noticed lately that the days have been getting longer? Lets see what happens in the coming weeks. I think he just may be the miracle man.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      I guess if we have a sunny day, that will be because Donnie smiles? And if there is a blizzard, it;s due to his frowning over a nasty tweet from someone? None of that will surprise me in the least. He does think the sun rises and sets on his ugly mug.

    2. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Are you nuts? the days are getting longer because we pasted the winter solstice, little finger donnie does not rule the sun.

      OMG, what are you going to say when they days get longer?


    "Pakistan's defence minister has threatened to retaliate in kind to any Israeli nuclear strike after apparently being tricked by a fake news site into a confrontation on social media.

    Khawaja Asif was responding to an invented story published on the website AWDNews and headlined: "Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack."

    "Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh (Islamic State).Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too" the Pakistani minister TWEETED Friday."

    "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich praised the style and substance of Donald Trump’s suggestion for a new nuclear arms race, calling the president-elect’s use of TWITTER to make major policy pronouncements “brilliant.” "

    Just what we need. And ignorant, angry, greedy man using Twitter for his daily security briefing and his official press conferences.

    Someone better deactivate that nuclear button from Midnight until 9am so that he doesn't vaporize us all at 3am in response to some petty insult on Twitter.

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      This is the sort of thing that could bring about a nuclear holocaust. It's also the main reason why no leader of a major country should ever speak lightly about nuclear weapons. We've had two such instances within a week: first from Donald Trump and then from his pal, Vladimir Putin. They should both know better.
      Beagle mom
      PS I hope this "fake news" website has been taken down.

    2. You can't take down all of the fake news.

      Even if you could, some dumbshit would make up some fake news or misinterpret some and then tweet about it.

      Trump gets his information from Twitter. (Where the Twits go to be informed). He believes that shit.

      Can you see him at 3 am reading that Russia (Or North Korea or MEXICO) just launched missiles at the U.S and Mr. Itchy Fingers can't wait for confirmation to retaliate.

      Never mind that Mexico doesn't have nuclear capabilities. He is *that* stupid.

      This is the guy who kept asking why we don't use them if we've got them.

      He's beyond a nightmare.

      You OWN him all you fucking Deplorables that voted for him. You couldn't look beyond that fucking nose on your spiteful face.

  23. Anonymous12:25 PM

    So he's taking credit for anything positive even before he's in office, can't wait to see the blame tweets once he takes office and things start to crumble around him.

  24. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Donald Trump emerged from hiding on Wednesday to do what he has done via Twitter for the past several days: Take credit for President Barack Obama’s strong economy.

    While any job created in America is a good thing, the announcement from these two companies, if it turns out to be true, is small potatoes compared to the 15 million jobs created during Obama’s tenure. It should also be noted that despite Trump now taking ownership of an economy he claimed was in bad shape during the campaign, it’s not at all his economy until he is sworn in on January 20.

    It should also be noted that despite Trump now taking ownership of an economy he claimed was in bad shape during the campaign, it’s not his until he is sworn in on January 20.

  25. Anonymous4:29 PM

    We have one president at a time and right now that president is Barack Obama – thank goodness.

    Also, I’m not sure if the president-elect paid much attention to the state of the country before he decided to run for office, but things were going pretty well prior to his candidacy.

  26. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Is it consumer confidence or do consumers think this is the last hurrah before tightening the belt for the next 4 years? Stocking up before the dictator takes over.

    Too bad Pres Obama can’t make little donnie wait to move into the White House like George and Laura made the Obamas wait.


    "True to form, Trump exaggerated the numbers: Holiday shopping is expected to reach $656 billion, not $1 trillion, and consumer confidence is reaching a 13-year high, not a 15-year high.

    The tweets illustrate what we already knew about Trump ― that he’s happy to hold up relatively innocuous economic data and claim that it’s proof of his greatness."

    "Trump may be quick to take credit for rosy economic indicators now. But Democrats will be eager to tie him to any disappointing outcomes that take hold in the coming years.

    In fact, Trump’s grandiose promises to bring back jobs may make his political fortunes especially vulnerable in the event of lackluster economic performance in the future, according to Jared Bernstein, a senior fellow at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and a former economic adviser for Vice President Joe Biden.

    “Promising things you cannot do is ultimately going to disappoint constituents,” Bernstein said, citing Trump’s vows to bring back coal mining jobs that in reality have largely disappeared for good."

    I'm thinking some discouraged Deplorable will be the one to take pot shots at his former god for not making good. Could even be an out of work coal miner who just lost his health care.

  28. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Anything trump screws up, he will always blame President Obama.

    He cannot take responsibility for his own actions.


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