Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Gee ya think?


  1. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Trump and Ivanka already made their foreign land deals for his Trump hotels and her business deals so there's nothing really keeping them from quitting.

    1. Oh, but there are always more deals, more money to be made. You forget that $3 million as long as Melania and Barron stay in New York. Six months of profit.

      Then there are all of the presents (like gold golf clubs) and groveling he can get from all of the foreign powers sucking up to him.

      Oh, he's got plenty more to keep him in office.

      The question will be if he thinks it's worth all of the bother. The criticism. The resistance.

      I think there will come a time when even the Republicans will want to be rid of him.

      It will simply be a race to see who gets there first. Trump resigning or the Republicans impeaching.

      His supporters are already starting to turn on him.

  2. Anonymous3:52 AM

    the C4P pond is gone? Can't access it. Did Mr. T (aka Skroob) eradicate it? Make it irrelevant? Did he apply the Palin curse to she herself?
    The Skroobians are going crazy, and I am going to stop paying attention so I can enjoy Christmas.
    Palin is a nobody, and Prez.Skroob is a clown

    1. Leland11:34 AM

      The only clown that POS reminds me of is the one from the Movie "IT"!

  3. Leland4:04 AM

    Well, DUH!

  4. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I do not think he will quit, not while Ivanka is all set to be First Lady!! Maleria who?? tRump is convinced that he is King of the World, already calling himself "President" before it is even official.

  5. SallyinMI4:28 AM

    It makes you wonder just how much work this guy has ever done. I mean, he's a failure at most of his businesses, bailed out first by Daddy and then by taxpayers. He trusts Ivanka and no one else...I think she is the brains behind Trump Enterprises, and it really galls him that he can't get her high level security clearance so she and her husband can be his chief advisors. Not that that will stop him from telling them everything eh knows about everything. The man has conned the public and the voters. The world leaders do not seem to be under the same spell, except those in smaller countries who see this as a HUGE opportunity to better themselves and screw America. If the recalls fail and the Electors fail us, we are going to be 3rd world in no time.

    1. He can't tell them much and what he does will be garbled. He doesn't read and can't focus well enough to memorize all the details. They would have to be in on briefings and have access to all written and electronic material.

      They'll never get clearance and he'll violate security by giving them access anyway.

      And the Republicans will turn a blind eye as long as his plans don't cross theirs. As soon as he interferes, they'll impeach him.


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