Monday, December 05, 2016

I know this is just a comic, but seriously this is a good idea.

The rational side of me thinks "No way would Donald Trump actually start a nuclear war."

But then the irrational side of me remembers that it was the side that was right in thinking he would be elected, and that makes the rational side of me wet its pants just a little.


  1. The first thought to go through my head in the pre-dawn hours of November 9, was that I was glad I didn't have children. Nobody who voted for Trump could convince me they love their own offspring.

    The dentures are already made, and on January 3 I get all my uppers out. This is increasingly striking me as a waste of money. How much is any of us going to need his or her pretty smile once that lunatic has the power?

    Oh, and this was some good reading yesterday:
    "And as with all deals with the Devil, it feels like winning at first. In the rush of the moment you think you’ve beaten the house—until later you learn that the house always wins; that the game is set up for your failure, that the Devil never makes an even deal. One day the temporary high of the win wears off and you realize you’ve been had; that you took a sucker bet and lost everything—and by then it’s too late."

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM


    2. Anonymous7:33 AM

      "Trump is highly unlikely to ignore evangelicals because both evangelicals and Catholics turned out to for Trump “at even higher rates than they voted for the last two Republican presidential nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney,” according to Pew Research Center analysis.", there is more to fear than just a corrupt celebrity sitting in the White House ruling to increase his personal wealth and power."

      Chernobyl will be "ground zero" for Putin> "SHOWU"
      Are you scared yet?
      Iran will be "ground Zero" for drumpf and netanyahu
      Nazi and a Jew.........

  2. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Well yes, In hollywierd reality show, the boat of deplorable loyal trumpets survive. The rest of us look like that old poster from the 60's. Survivors live in pollution ripped torn America of doom. The only building that stands? Trump Tower.

  3. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Trump is trying to start something, there can be no doubt after his actions of the past few days. And then there's Putin praising him as "clever" and Israel wanting to get together to terminate the Iran deal. And everyone else will just feed his wallet to win his favour. Trouble is they'll all be manipulating US foreign policy for their own ends. What Trump will do domestically isn't going to be anything like his followers were expecting either.

    1. Trump is the puppet of every right-wing terrorist now, domestic and foreign. He is too stupid to realize it.

  4. Yep, that's one of the ones I leave up on Facebook.

  5. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Yesterdays RWNJ gun nutter in DC:

    As CNN reported in mid-November, Flynn Jr routinely circulates conspiracy theories and makes racist comments of all sorts. Nor is this some tenuous guilt by association. The younger Flynn is not only his father's son. He is also his chief of staff and top aide at the security consulting firm Flynn has run since leaving the military. Indeed, in the fever swamps in which this conspiracy theory germinated and grew, Flynn has been cheered as the figure set to break open the truth about the (non-existent) Clinton/Podesta child sex ring.

  6. Anonymous5:17 AM

    When will we see Trump's taxes?

    The media should not let him off the hook.

  7. Anonymous6:23 AM

    He's not going To start random wars. Obama took is into too many for him to think about more.

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      OMG are you drinking this early in the morning? Are you trying to say Obama got us into a war?

      The alcohol has pickled your brain, BUSH/CHENEY lied their way into two wars.

      By the way WAR is not random, it is deliberate, moron.

    2. Anonymous7:15 AM

      Horse shit.

  8. Anonymous6:43 AM

    They had better give him a fake code.

  9. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I would bet he would push the button, then get on twitter and lie saying “they started it first”.

    I just hope the other guys that have the code, disobey orders, then lock up trump in some padded room.

  10. I'm wondering if they're going to keep Kellyanne on and are just looking for a title that sounds better than Chief Babysitter.

    This asshole is going to start a nuclear war at 3 am. That's when all his twitter rages start. I am sure this is a manifestation of this mental illness.

  11. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Yep, everyone's got to worry about Trump with the nuclear codes. But don't forget to keep your wives & daughters away from the orange, Tic-Tac fresh, pussy-grabber.

  12. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Speaking of crazies,did you see the article about fake news/Palin,today?? She's now trying to attach her outrage to the article that she herself claimed to have written, to be fake news. The article also states that no,Palins words were Very Clear.



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