Saturday, December 24, 2016

Las Vegas becomes the largest American city to switch to 100% green energy.

Courtesy of the Independent:

Last week, Las Vegas reached its decade-long goal of completely powering the city with renewable energy, making it the largest city in the United States to do so. 

“Las Vegas is one of the few cities in the entire world that can boast using all of its power from green sources,” Mayor Carolyn Goodman told reporters at city hall last Monday. 

The city reached the goal thanks to the opening of Boulder Solar 1, a 100-megawatt solar plant located near Boulder City. Now, the city’s government buildings, streetlights, and parks are fueled the renewable energy.

Apparently the city has been working toward this goal since 2008, and  have now reduced energy emissions by 30%.

And this Sarah Palin is why we do not need to spend billions on oil exploration in the Arctic.

Thank you President Obama.


  1. why, oh why can't the world be more like las vegas?!? - words that have never been strung together in my mind or from my mouth

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Careful ~ you don't know what's 'Manchurian' these days...

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    You do realize Gryph, the the 'entire' city of Las Vegas is NOT running 100% on renewable energy don't you? Like it is not even close lol.

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      @6:49 AM All City Government offices are, dimwit. lol troll.

    2. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Hey 7:19 -- No need to be rude to 6:49. The addition of more (and correct) info is always welcome to most of us who live in this imperfect world. "Entire city" was at first reported by many, and shortly thereafter it was corrected. I like my news fresh, like IM offers it. Even if it risks not giving us the last word on an emerging story.

      Hostile comments like yours, as Mrs Obama said on Oprah, are not about the target, they are about the one who makes the hostile comment.

    3. Anonymous7:22 AM

      @7:19 ~ Нет оплаты от Путина для вас на этой неделе, как вы не плохой американский тролль.

      ( is a GREAT tool for YUGE fun whipping on Russian-paid trolls.)

  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Meanwhile...President Anus Mouth continues stirring up the world:

    Chinese Media Makes VERY Frightening Donald Trump Announcement, Get Ready (DETAILS)

    Chinese state media has warned of a “showdown with the U.S.” following President-elect Trump’s pick of Peter Navarro for White House trade advisor.

    Navarro, an anti-China economist and academic, is well known for his strong bias against China. Following the announcement of his new position, Chinese media outlet China Daily published a piece warning foreign readers that Navarro’s appointment could potentially strain U.S.-China relations:

    ‘The so-called economic war Navarro claims China is waging is the competition that has risen as China’s economy has moved up the value chain. Indeed the revelations of Edward Snowden showed that it is the US that has been using unfair means to gain an economic advantage.’

    Beijing’s Ministry of Commerce has remained rather reserved following the announcement, although they warned the Trump administration that any move that would potentially jeopardize the trade relationship between the two most powerful economies in the world would result in a loss for both nations.

    China Daily echoed a similar sentiment, writing,

    ‘Individuals such as Navarro who have a bias against China are being picked to work in leading positions in the next administration, is no laughing matter.’

    China Daily continued, warning readers that “the new administration should bear in mind that with economic and trade ties between the world’s two largest economies now the closest they have ever been, any move to damage the win-win relationship will only result in a loss for both sides.”

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      The evangelicals are praying for God to kill Trump so that Pence can be #NotMyPresident.

      I want to jump out of the frying pan and run through the fire to the woods. I'd rather take my chances on a hostile forest.

  4. Anonymous7:08 AM

    All I want for Christmas is another four years of Obama.

    1. Anonymous9:45 AM

      This Year’s Kennedy Center Honors Doubled as a Public Obama Farewell

      ...The Late Show host introduced these five artists to the packed Kennedy Center Opera House. His thank-you to the president, though, is what set off a lengthy and thunderous standing ovation: “We can agree that the White House has given us a leader who is passionate, intelligent, and dignified,” Colbert said.

  5. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Jeb Bush partners with oil and gas lobbying firm, then defends Trump’s EPA pick
    The former Florida governor is now working with the “go-to” law and lobbying firm for the energy industry.

    On Tuesday, former Florida governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush penned an op-ed at Its purpose was to defend President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to tap Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma Attorney General and vocal critic of the EPA, to head that agency. Pruitt wants to roll back key EPA regulations, like the Clean Power Plan and the Waters of the United States Rule, and has argued that the EPA, in its current form, exerts too much power over environmental regulations.

  6. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Snopes says: "The energy achievement touted by Las Vegas encompasses only municipal buildings and facilities, it does not include private businesses (such as casinos), and city spokesman Jace Radke pointed out that most of the Las Vegas Strip actually lies outside of city limits in an unincorporated area:"

  7. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Donald Trump is giving Vladimir Putin political cover to ramp up military aggression in places crucial for Russian oil-distribution networks. What’s worse is Trump may well run a foreign policy solely for the benefit of Russia and Exxon-Mobil to the detriment of everybody else, everywhere.

  8. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Even though this feat does not include the whole city (only The City -- i.e., municipal power sources), it is still a great accomplishment. As this moves forward to more complete sourcing from solar, don't you think the old sources (oil, natural gas, coal) are going to fight like hell until solar (with its now lower cost) prevaiis?

    Fight like hell, fight dirty, fight to get miners back into the hell-holes of the mines (hi, Trump!), fight to keep our cars on gasoline rather than all electric. You didn't think that whole industry was going to go away quietly, did you?

    We had a preview of this battle in the late 1940s when there was an effort to do more with public transportation, like light rail in the SF Bay Area. The gas and steel interests conspired to nip that in the bud to create more demand for cars. They won, as we all know now. Today's journey into renewables (solar, electric cars) seems more likely to succeed, esp here in California, but no one is writing about how the oil/gas industries are going to accept it. Lying down? I don't think so.

    Lots of dirty doings ahead, esp in the next 4 yrs.

  9. Anonymous8:22 AM

    drumpf“you can’t respect PEOPLE because most people aren’t worthy of respect.”when Mr. Trump feels he has been made a fool of, his response can be volcanic." NUCLEAR is more likely. REAL TRUTH!
    At Age 13>TRUMP: " Mr. Trump describes a passionate enjoyment of fighting, which started during his adolescence in Queens. It did not matter, he said, whether an altercation was verbal or physical. He LOVED IT ALL the same. THEN a mention, “I love it.” I loved it. It was the first time I was ever in a newspaper. I was a young kid, right? I was probably a sophomore in high school. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I thought it was amazing. … It felt good." {Ejaculated all over himself.} "He was HOOKed." "He seemed to revel in the masculine culture of confrontation there."
    {Drumpf is still there in 'his 13 year old stuck mind.}
    "He quickly figured out that media attention was free advertising for his new hotels and golf courses, a FACT that led him to frequently participate in newspaper interviews and television shows."No matter the newspaper, magazine or show, Mr. Trump was always keeping score — of how positive the coverage was and how often he was featured, just as he does today."
    "He recounted his experience as a guest on Barbara Walters’s ABC special “10 Most Fascinating People,” boasting that he was on the show twice.
    Just one other person had earned that distinction, Mr. Trump grudgingly acknowledged: Hillary Clinton. (In FACT, Mrs. Clinton had made the list four times.)" 4X HRC!
    Self reflection: "favorite song, performed by Peggy Lee,
    “Is That All There Is?” — a poignant ballad about unfulfilled dreams and dissatisfaction with life."
    declining Mr. D’Antonio’s invitation to further explain how the song makes him feel about himself, saying "he might not like what he discovers." WOW mirror mirror refection?
    Mr. Trump is certain: He needs the world’s attention and its embrace, a life force that has sustained him" NO DOUBT! He likes to watch and BE WATCHED. He is who he is, BELIEVE HIM.

  10. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I would guess that in the coming consumer defection to solar, the oil/gas money would hire someone like Sarah to keep up the call to return to the past. Of course, the real action will not be in the misguided Sarah-type of pronouncements, although they will prob get 99% of the media coverage.

    The real action is in the back-rooms and board-rooms of the owners of the gas/oil interests: they have soooooo much to lose, at long last. They have surely planned exit strategies that yield them their near-last grabs of huge wealth. At our expense, at the expense of delaying the transition into emission-free power. My guess is that this will receive very little media coverage. That any wannabe media coverage of it will be suppressed. In this perfect climate to do so, in the next 4 years.

    Fight back: go rooftop solar and buy an all-electric car.

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      By the way, rooftop solar is almost free now, and the amount you won't spend for gas with an electric car goes a long way toward the monthly payment for the new car. AND you are doing the right thing.

    2. Anonymous7:16 AM

      It's been 10 years since we cobbled together our first roof-top solar system in East Tennessee.

      Technology has come a long way since then, and although it's not much cheaper than 10 years ago, it's much more simple now to tie into the grid ~ and that will be our solar upgrade :)

  11. Anonymous8:33 AM

    In this case, let's hope that what happens in Las Vegas doesn't stay in Las Vegas.


  12. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Trump to Earth: Drop Dead

  13. Anonymous10:30 AM

    And it is still one of the armpits of America.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      OMG! I hope Las Vegas doesn't go broke because you feel that way!

  14. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Just got back a few days ago and did a lot of side trips for hiking and climbing and everywhere we drove in the dessert there were massive installations of solar, really impressive.

  15. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Moved to Vegas from Wisconsin last year and we love it ....

  16. Okay, so the headline is a bit misleading because, according to Snopes, it's municipal buildings and facilities that are off the grid.

    However . . . my brother moved to Vegas in May. In his subdivision, about 3/4 of the houses are solar-powered by panels built into the roofs with battery storage, controllers, etc. that were built into the houses. He pays $27 a month (I think that's what he told me). When the solar panels are generating more power than the house is using, the surplus flows into the grid. He does have to do something to the batteries once a week. Part of the monthly fee is a lease on the batteries, which must be replaced every few years (I think that's what he told me). He's never had an interruption of service; long-time residents tell him they never notice they are not on the power grid.

  17. Anonymous2:13 PM

    President Trump doesn't like green energy, windmills or anything that will save the planet. What will President Trump do to Las Vegas to get it back to the old way of providing electricity?

  18. San Diego also signed up and we are ahead of schedule in meeting our goals.

    I have PV on my roof and haven't paid for electricity in a decade.

  19. Huffington Post may be a liberal rag, but they reported this two days earlier, on Dec. 20.

    "All Las Vegas city facilities ― from government buildings to streetlights ― are now running entirely on renewable energy, city officials have announced.

    “We can brag that the city, this city of Las Vegas, is one of the few cities in the entire world that can boast using all of its power from a green source,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said in a news conference Monday.

    The achievement marks the completion of the city’s nearly decade-long goal to fully transition to clean energy only ― a project that was expedited after the city partnered with public utility company NV Energy almost a year ago. While all government facilities are now only powered by renewable energy, many residential and commercial buildings are not."


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