Thursday, December 22, 2016

Like his fascist idol, Donald Trump also his own propaganda outlet. It's called the National Enquirer.

Courtesy of Think Progress: 

Since election day, the Enquirer has trumpeted the president-elect’s controversial decision to hire white nationalist figures like Steve Bannon, his economically untenable and largely falsified plan to save a few jobs from leaving Indiana, and his bold leadership in convincing Apple to move 4.5 million jobs to the United States (no such plan exists).

It remains to be seen if the National Enquirer’s current standing as a disreputable rag changes in a Trump administration. For years, the paper has tried to build its credibility as more than a peddler of gossip and fiction, most recently in 2008 when they were the first to break the story about John Edwards’ long history of affairs. Though their reporting lacked basic journalistic standards, subsequent reporting by actual journalists lent weight to the Enquirer’s story. 

But there is some evidence that the Enquirer will have a powerful ally and a captive audience working in the West Wing. It was the Enquirer that first pushed a fake story about Ted Cruz’s father being seen with Lee Harvey Oswald months before the assassination of JFK. Within hours, Donald Trump himself was sharing the story to his millions of followers on social media, citing the Enquirer – “They actually have a very good record of being right,” he said at the time – in the way most people cite the New York Times.

Well I guess it stands to reason that a fake president would have a tabloid famous for printing fake news promoting his version of reality.

You know I have had some dealings with the Enquirer in the past, and there were a few folks there that I thought were actually good reporters with ethics and everything. But overall the paper is a shit show which ONLY cares about printing lurid headlines that entice shoppers to buy them, only to discover later that often the headline does not match the content.

Clearly they are positioning themselves to gain access to Trump and therefore get the kinds of exclusives which might resurrect their reputation.

Which might work out well since neither Trump nor the Enquirer seem to have a terribly strong affinity for the truth.


  1. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Your title doesn't make any sense.

    Secondly, Malia Litman sure does squawk about the Enquirer's story on Shailey Tripp. So was that story a lie or the truth?

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      Probably used to silence and control some one special in good places.

    2. Anonymous5:25 AM

      Oh may goodness, Not sure? Did the palin's respond to Malia Litman and Shaliy Tripp? Was there court hearings regarding this? What did the National Enquirer do with the story?

    3. Anonymous5:41 AM

      Even a broken clock is right a couple of times a day.

    4. Anonymous5:52 AM

      Did the National Enquirer ever touch this story?

      or this story?

      I wonder if Donald Trump's connection to the owner had anything to do with that?

    5. Leland6:42 AM


      Try adding the word "has" between the words "also" and "his"

  2. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Oh yes, My vote was swayed after reading the national enquirer for the last year. Everyone wondered how john Edwards was bamboozled? well now ya know! Don't stay at "certain resorts". Don't donate to "certain foundations" don't trust certain media.

  3. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Ugly liars.

  4. Anonymous2:40 AM


  5. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Not even good for toilet paper.

  6. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Burn it.

  7. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Glad to see that the world now knows it. I only see the front page of the "National Enquirer" when I'm in line at the grocery store. Throughout the campaign, when the cover was not putting Hillary and/or Bill Clinton behind bars or vilifying the Obama family, it was extolling the virtues of Donald Trump. Perfect media outlet for the Trumps. I wonder if this rag will have a front row seat at White House press conferences.

    1. Anonymous5:28 AM

      I turn the rag over while in line. It should be banned and placed with the porn and garbage at local dildo shop.

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      I also noticed the covers leading up to the election, and figured tRump must have bought them out. I also figured it was the perfect media outlet for tRump's low-information dumb-sh*t supporters: what could possibly be better than a NE headline to shape their world view?
      G is right: there was a time when they were striving for some semblance of legitimacy, but no longer.

    3. Anonymous10:55 AM

      5:28. Wow, prude much? Local dildo shop? I agree the National Enquirer is garbage, but what do you have against sex toys?

    4. Aren't they the one that always has alien abductions and Elvis' love child on the cover? I can't believe people believe some of the shit on the cover.

  8. Anonymous3:39 AM

    An Enquirer headline serves the same purpose as a Trump tweet -- just stating and repeating lies. Low-information voters will stand in line at the grocery store and absorb the cover headlines. They don't have to buy the paper. All the damage that can be done will be done -- for free, for Trump -- every day in every supermarket in America.

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Those would be those Trump supporters on food stamps (the ones who think THEY deserve food stamps unlike those lazy colored people) who spend their days buying processed crap at the grocery store.

  9. Anonymous3:55 AM

    5 BILLION$free...

  10. Anonymous4:17 AM

  11. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Every trump rally includes calling the main street media "LIARS".
    A pattern obviously setting up his twitter and Kellyanne Conway as the only source for truth.
    Dictatorships are like that.

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      I honestly don't know how she sleeps at night.

    2. Anonymous6:19 AM

      Y all should not play hack peek a poo with comments.

    3. Anonymous6:37 AM

      From the looks of her, 6:05, I'd say Kellyanne hasn't slept in years(or eaten).

  12. Anonymous6:38 AM

    The lies about Trump are one thing, but the shit about Malia on the cover is going low, even for that rag!

  13. Anonymous9:11 AM

    he who must not be named is cozy with the owner of that rag. Since he refuses to release his tax returns, he may possibly OWN it.

    Just another propaganda outlet to reach those stuck in lines at the store. Subliminal programming anyone?


    "Sean Spicer, a top surrogate for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign who’s now a senior communications adviser for his transition, has been named White House press secretary."

    "Reince Priebus, the incoming White House chief of staff and Spicer’s former boss at the RNC, said last week that the Trump team is re-examining customs like the daily press briefing and seating arrangement.

    During an interview Thursday on Fox News, Spicer said Trump won’t kick out news outlets in response to negative coverage, a serious concern given that the campaign denied press credentials to nearly a dozen news outlets, including The Huffington Post. Still, Spicer said the incoming White House will “look at at everything” and it may not be necessary to hold daily briefings or continue the practice of televising them.

    The next day, on stage at a Politico event, Spicer said there should be more ways for the public to communicate with the White House press office and suggested the media pecking order in the briefing room should be reassessed. "


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