Thursday, December 08, 2016

Ohio Senate passes bill to criminalize abortions once fetus has heart beat. Around six weeks.

Courtesy of HuffPo:  

Ohio’s Republican-led House and Senate passed legislation Tuesday night that would ban abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected― as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. 

The measure was attached at the last minute as an amendment to an unrelated child abuse bill. It has no exceptions for rape or incest. 

If it’s passed into law, physicians could face a year in prison if they perform an abortion after a heartbeat is detected or if they fail to check for one before a procedure. 

The measure is the most extreme abortion restriction in the country, effectively banning the procedure before most women even realize they’re pregnant, pro-abortion rights advocates said. 

“After years of passing anti-abortion laws under the guise of protecting women’s health and safety, they lay bare their true motives: to ban abortion in the state of Ohio,” said Dawn Laguens, a spokesperson for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Let's face it a lot of women will not even know they are pregnant by six weeks, which means that for all intents and purposes some of them will already be denied access to an abortion before they realize they might need one.

A similar thing had been tried in Arkansas, only in that case it was a 12 week old fetus, and the courts rejected it. However this definitely shows that conservatives are still focused on taking a woman's right to choose away from them, and once Trump starts appointing judges it might provide the tools for them to do just that.

I fear that Roe vs Wade will not survive the Trump administration intact.


  1. Ohio---babies are us unless you want to give birth to them and want them to have an actual life after birth.

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    If a person lives in Ohio and finds out they're 7 weeks pregnant can they go to a neighboring state and get an abortion?

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Yes. But why should they have to go to another state for health care?! Can you imagine the hardship to many?

    2. a. j. billings7:34 AM

      Yes, of course, assuming they have time off from work, money, a car or a ride to get there, and deal with the bullshit "waiting' period from 1st visit to procedure.

      The Christian Domninionists will not stop until all people are subject to bible based Inquisition at the point of a gun

    3. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Yes...for now.

  3. Why not do some research. You don't have to be a victim. This site has good information as to what, where, price....empower yourself.

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM

      You are assuming a lot.

      NOT EVERYONE has a PC/mac/phone with internet access

      NOT EVERYONE can use internet devices due to vision loss, or even understand their options due to disability.

      It is about "being a victim" it's understanding that a lot of people don't have money, cars, or even the ability to read a website for information.

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Let's stop calling it pro-abortion's pro-choice rights. No one I know is pro-abortion, but we are pro-choice.

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      Exactly. And no one is anti-life. It's all about choice.

  5. Anonymous7:04 AM

    MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous7:05 AM

    I betcha if Tiffany Trump was raped I'm sure her father would send her out of the country, maybe to Taiwan, to get an abortion if it was illegal in America.

    1. Anonymous7:35 AM

      The rich have always had access to safe abortions. And she would only have to go to Canada. What restricting or outlawing abortion does is restrict safe abortions from the lower middle class and poor that can't afford to travel. Now that you have more people living in abject poverty you have a workforce that will work for scraps of bread and pennies.

    2. Anonymous8:01 AM

      only if by daddy drumpf "Tiffany Trump was raped" would it happen. He has already done that more then once with other young blonds. Ordered Abortions!

    3. Anonymous9:58 PM

      Actually, he urged Marla Maples to abort Tiffany. I'm sure the jerk has paid for many, many abortions of pregnancies he was responsible for. I have no problem with that, because I support abortion rights 100%, but the hypocrisy of the evangelical right wing Christians just galls me. Tiffany of probably the only child of his who may end up being a decent human. The oldrest three kids disgust me and I do not hold any hope for the little bastard he has with Melania. I plan to attack Barron Trump every chance I get in payback for the way the Obama girls have been treated.

  7. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I don't have the answers. But I do think that irresponsible people breed and that we have generational dysfunction that run in families. Eliminating the D&C procedure that the irresponsible men and women use for birth control may prevent a pregnancy but the continued behavior remains. Education about the responsibility for actions and life is a must. FCC has allowed the nasty unethical media to rig and flood the airwaves and internet with glorified nasty irresponsible sex and sex acts.

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      FYI, D&C procedures are used AFTER a miscarriage or when women have screwed up menstrual cycles that have been ongoing for months with minimal breaks between them.

    2. Anonymous11:15 AM

      @8:02 am
      Unlike 7:18am
      I have no issues with abortions. But I do have to agree that the same D&C and D&E procedures are used in abortions and not just after spontaneous abortions( miscarriages).

    3. I have to insert a rant here about Dolly Parton's recent movie, the sequel to her coat of many colors movie/book.

      It's the Christmas version.

      Dad is away working in a coal mine leaving something like nine kids at home with Mom. They've got no running water, indoor plumbing, etc. The only source of heat is a stove or the fireplace, not sure.

      But they're snowed in and the kids sold all the food in the larder to buy their Mom a wedding ring for Christmas. So what are they reduced to? Pine needle soup. (Really? The turpentine doesn't kill you?)

      So they're basically starving and then Dad comes home and everything is hunky dory. Little Dolly made a deal for two wedding rings with the local Grinchette by way of her teacher selling her most prized family heirloom.

      And what is the punch line? What gift has Momma got for Poppa? SHE'S PREGNANT? Ignorant white trash family that can't support all of the kids they already have are going to add another. (Well, actually three because there were twelve kids in the family.)

      And of course all of the rubes, hicks, red necks, Deplorables and Quiverfulls are just drooling with aw shucks.

      Sorry, I know it's her family history and she's reallly Christian and all, but I find this the most AWFUL ending to a movie.

      They all almost die but a cloud in the form of an Angel saves them and to help them "God" gives them another mouth to feed. Or starve.


      I think this is why I detest country music.

    4. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Thanks for sharing Mailuppa. I'm with you, this is one of many reasons I hate country music.

  8. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Sooo, will insurancecompanies pay for pregnancy test a few das after wr all have sex??
    Such utter fucking bullshit! Cut care also for all the deformed kids who are born without brains,
    This country sucks. Bigly.

    1. Nope.

      They won't pay for birthcontrol of pregnancy tests.

      Women should stock up on the morning after pill (from Canada) and then pop them like candy every morning after a night of sex, whether he used a condom or not.

      And she should skim the grocery money and create a private account to save up to travel to another state in case she does get pregnant.

  9. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Roe vs Wade will not survive the next 4 yrs. All the GoPee needs to do is get a conservative supreme court justice and have one of these inane "personhood" cases get through the Supreme Court it means RvsW will be gone.
    This election was about so much more than Bernie, Hillary, or Trump. This election was solely about who would select our next supreme court justice.
    Those that had hissy fits and didn't vote or voted for a3rd party candidate are responsible, those that had hissy fits and voted for Trump instead of the Democratic candidate are responsible, and every GoPee voter is responsible for this.
    BTW, once abortions are gone expect BC pills and plan B to be next.

  10. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Abortions only illegally and for those who can pay.

    The developers of birth control have pointed out that once a pill is available OTC (or blackmarket), like RU86, the pro-choice/anti-choice war will be over, because abortions will be done in the privacy of one's own home. Less safe, of course, but who cares? Only the woman, and she does not count.

    1. Anonymous7:57 AM

      If men don't have to know about it or think about it, that's okay with them. Ditto for child support. Just so long as their viagra is paid for by insurance.

    2. Anonymous8:49 AM

      MEN don't KNOW>period!

    3. All Canadian pharmacies have to do is make it available "over the counter" and women can get it mail order.

      I hope both Canada and Mexico do it.

    4. Anonymous4:58 PM

      Unfortunately RU86 will not stop deaths. Not every spontaneous abortion, even those caused by drugs necessarily evacuate everything from the uterus. Many times a D&C is needed, especially the later you get into a pregnancy. What will happen to those women that need follow up medical care? Will they be arrested? Will the Drs that treat them be arrested?

  11. Anonymous7:46 AM

    angry doesn't begin to describe how this nonsense make me feel

    women did to fight this every where and any where

    Let's start proposing laws that for every fetus forced to come to term and be delivered - dna test must be done and the father forced to fully give financial support (not just a token amount) for that child all the way through college ! (no guarantee of visitation rights since the father may be unfit, or even an abuser and/or rapist).

    If the father can be found, or is deceased, and also if the child is born with severe medical conditions - than the state MUST pay the full cost of support said child.

    watch how fast those ignorant privileged white guys scramble to make sure that men never have to pay their dues for unwanted pregnancy

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM


    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Is it bad of me to hope that Zika becomes very common throughout the bible belt?

    3. Anonymous10:00 PM

      No 11:17 it is not. I'm hoping the same thing and I live in the Buybull Belt.

  12. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Roe v Wade was about privacy. Between a woman and her MD. Men have that privacy, women soon will not.

  13. Anonymous7:57 AM

    O/T Yes, the election was rigged and the judges are preventing the truth, we already know there were fewer votes counted in Wayne County than people who voted.

    The republicans don’t want the truth to get out, they lost the election!!!!! The would rather the sociopath take office and send our country down the drain than admit they LOST.

    It makes me absolutely sick how evil the republicans are, however they will get theirs.

    Recount Ends In Michigan After 3 Days, Ongoing In Wisconsin

    DETROIT (AP) — Michigan's recount of presidential votes is over after a judge lifted an order that forced a statewide review of millions of ballots.

    The recount lasted three days in more than 20 of the state's 83 counties. Some counties hadn't planned to start until later.

    Federal Judge Mark Goldsmith said Wednesday he must follow a decision by the Michigan appeals court, which found that Green Party candidate Jill Stein couldn't seek a recount. She got 1 percent of the vote and presented no evidence of fraud. Republican Donald Trump narrowly won.

    The Michigan elections board stopped the recount because of Goldsmith's ruling. It then canceled a planned Thursday meeting because it became moot.

    A recount is ongoing in Wisconsin, and Stein is seeking one in Pennsylvania. Trump won those states, too.

    1. Michigan has now taken the "We can't run a fucking election" trophy from Florida.

      What the recount succeeded in doing was showing how shoddy and inept states are at running something as important as a national election.

  14. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Well I hope all those Hillary haters that live in Ohio don’t need an abortion.

    Can’t say we didn’t warn you, the War on Women will be full speed ahead in 2017.

  15. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Afterbirth>WE are ALL FAIR GAME>
    a person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or ATTACK.

  16. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Wonder how many women out there were drunk/drug raped by married Trump and had to get abortions?

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      It goes waaaaayyyy further back.....

  17. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Don't worry Ivanka, daddy has a special doctor who will get rid of our little secret. Just don't tell your stepmother.

  18. Anonymous8:28 AM

    "We NEVER hold those who propagate this mental illness, this INSANE hate, responsible. NEVER. Those like Alex Jones and Michael Savage and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and James Tracy, we NEVER make them PROVE their conspiracies or suffer LEGAL consequences for promulgating provably false narratives, for inflicting insanity on those susceptible to such." CEOs and "if he was an ordained preacher, we'd give him a tax break for spreading insanity."

  19. Anonymous8:34 AM

    When they defund Planned Parenthood, there will be no one to fight them in court. And with the CS overloaded with idiots, it wouldn't do any good anyway.

    Few listened when the dire warnings about Dominionism were broadcast. It has come home to roost.

    Why did the rethugs back dRUMPf? They knew that they could get away with ANYthing if he was put in the WH (US whore house now), they could take us back to the 1860's (with the addition of twitter).

    America, you are FUCKED. Unless electors with a conscience decide en masse not to cast their ballots for cheeto jeebus.

  20. Here's some more research re Vasectomy.

    After all, it takes two.

    1. Anonymous2:17 PM

      Glad you are sooooo rational, but not every man seriously considers a vasectomy. After all, what would the "missus" think if some little girl's daddy suddenly got clipped?

      I'd love to see the statistics on how many rapists are considerate enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Pretty sure most would love to give themselves additional proof of their imaginary manhood.

      And very importantly, please remember that horrible things can go wrong during even a perfect and wanted pregnancy. Abortion must stay safe and legal.

      Wild Tortoise

    2. All of the MEN legislating this bullshit and those that support them don't believe it is their responsibility for birth control. Many don't even think they should wear condoms.

      They believe it is the woman's responsibility. It's her job not to get pregnant and if she does, it's her job to have the baby and raise it.

      They don't even believe in child support.

      If a woman gets pregnant it's to "trap" them into marriage

      I've read the comment of these fuckers.

      That's whose running the country. That's who voted for Trump.

      Women are object to use for their personal gratification. Beyond that, they don't give a fuck don't bother them. Oh, but no abortions. That's against the bible. (or as Trump would say, the bibbel.)

    3. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Vasectomies are a great option for those not wanting children or done having children. But it really won't help the single women, the dating women, those couples who , at the moment, can't afford a child but hope to in the future. Plus you need healthcare to get surgery.

  21. A blurb about cost and location:

    "If you are interested in getting a vasectomy, talk with a health care provider. Contact your local Planned Parenthood health center, your family doctor, a local hospital, a local public health department, or a urologist. A vasectomy can be performed in a medical office, hospital, or clinic.

    Nationwide, the cost of a vasectomy ranges from $0–$1,000, including the follow-up sperm count. (Sterilization for women can cost up to six times as much.) Some clinics and doctors use a sliding scale according to income."
    - See more at:

    1. I'm sure the Anti-Abortion crowd is Anti-Vasectomy too. Because it's against God's plan or some crap.

      But they're all for Viagra. That's why the insurance companies have always covered Viagra (at $50 a pill) but won't pay for birth control.

      We are a parasitic plague on this planet, multiplying out of control. We will consume everything and then die.

      At least what life survives after we are gone will have a better chance at survival without us. What we don't consume we kill for pleasure or destroy for some other gratification or laziness.

  22. Anonymous7:43 PM

    So once you can confirm/diagnose a pregnancy, you cannot abort. SMH.


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