Thursday, December 08, 2016

The RNC will be holding their annual Christmas party at the Trump hotel in DC. When asked for a response Donald Trump replied "Ka-Ching!" Update!

Courtesy of HuffPo:

The Republican National Committee will host its Christmas Party this year at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., the newest property of its newfound leader. 

The event, which two GOP sources confirmed to The Huffington Post, is said to be a more exclusive and celebratory affair this year owing to the unexpected election victories enjoyed by the party this November. But in moving the proceedings to Donald Trump’s downtown D.C. hotel, which only opened this past fall, the committee risks furthering the perception that the president-elect is leveraging his newfound political power for private gains.

You know perhaps I misunderstood the definition for "crony capitalism," because if this ain't it then I don't know what is.

Remember that Trump is also making money for housing his Secret Service detail in New York, and using his new leverage to help his daughter close deals with foreign manufacturers.

Essentially Trump is using the presidency as a sort of can never be denied credit card for making purchases that benefit his businesses.

And since he apparently has no intention of putting his financial holdings in a blind trust (Though he now claims to have sold his stock portfolio. I believe that as much as I believe that he sent private investigators to Hawaii to check on President Obama's birth certificate.), he will continue to make policy decisions that fill his coffers and enrich his family, while leaving the American people to impotently protest in the streets.

Well this would seem to be the actual thing that Sarah Palin has been railing against for years, so surely she will soon come out with an epic rant on Facebook attacking Donald Trump for being a loathsome opportunist.

Yep, any day now.



Update: We are now learning that Trump has another source of income he can rely on during his part time job as president.

Courtesy of Variety: 

Donald Trump will remain an exec producer on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” which is returning Jan. 2 after a two-year hiatus with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The larger issue for MGM, NBC, and the White House is the payment that Trump will receive for the series. It’s unclear what his per-episode fee is, but it is likely to be in the low five-figures, at minimum. NBC has ordered eight episodes of “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump’s fees will be paid through MGM, the production entity on the show, not NBC. MGM declined to comment on the financial terms of Trump’s deal. A spokeswoman for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment. NBC declined to comment. 

Trump is also a profit participant on the “Apprentice” franchise, which has been sold as a format in various markets around the world since it first became a hit on NBC in 2004. 

A five figure paycheck for each episode, PLUS a piece of the action on franchises, and NONE of this has been placed in a blind trust as of yet?

Does that mean that during the SOTU speech Trump will talk about his successful TV series?

Will The Apprentice be advertised in commercial breaks during televised interviews with a president Trump?

Will he make guest appearances on the program to increase ratings?

I don't know the answer to any of those questions, but I then again, maybe I do.


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    It just never ends. He and the GOP just keep saying a big F-You to everyone and everything decent about this country.

    Everyone also ought to go look at HuffPo's main story right now on the Labor Sec choice who loves to use sex in his ads--so much so that they are always suggestive of oral sex and ejaculations--to sell burgers.

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Hoping all these blind eyes are actually the establishmentsame setting Trump up.

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I hope they choke on the hors d'oeuvres.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Salmonella poisoning anyone?

      Haven't his restaurants been cited for health violations?

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Today, he's in Columbus, Ohio, for his tour and to visit with families--none of which lost a loved one--to the knife wielding young man from Somalia, and with John Glenn's death there's even more to exploit. He keeps having luck with timing. Whenever something in serious need of talking about is there, so is his PR and exploitation.

  5. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Not invited to the party?
    "“I saw people and heard about people whose names I haven’t heard in 25 to 30 years,”

  6. Anonymous2:54 PM

    the committee risks furthering the perception that the president-elect is leveraging his newfound political power for private gains.
    If they were so worried about it, they would have chosen a different site for the venue.

    Basically they are sending a bigly FU to all the trump supporters who were stupid enough to buy the lie that trump was going to change the status quo.

    I will believe he sold his stock portfolio when I see the transactions.

    1. You'd only have to look at the market if he dumped that much stock. Either he didn't own very much or he's LIEING about selling it.

      Guess which is the one.

  7. Anonymous3:22 PM

    O/ T OMG, does he think president of the USA is a part time job? Between twitter and producing the apprentice, when is he planning on running the country?

    Talk about making a mockery and degrading the office of the president.

    Report: Donald Trump Will Remain As 'Apprentice' Executive Producer
    Donald Trump will remain an executive producer on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” even after he takes office as president.

    Variety reported Thursday that Trump would retain his executive producer credit on the show--renamed "The New Celebrity Apprentice"--as it enters its 15th season, even as he is replaced as its host by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    The first episode of the show is slated to air on Jan. 2, and NBC has ordered eight episodes total, according to Variety.

    Trump’s name will appear above Schwarzenegger’s and after creator Mark Burnett’s in the credits, according to Variety. Representatives for MGM, who would be responsible for paying Trump as a producer, did not respond to Variety’s requests for comment, nor did representatives from NBC or Trump.

    It is unclear how the money Trump receives from the show will be handled, Variety reports: ...............

  8. Anonymous3:30 PM

    He never released his taxes. The medical report from his goofy doctor was a joke. He will NEVER give up his businesses, or the Apprentice. The man is a joke, unfortunately the joke is on us.

  9. Trump is doing exactly what he promised to do.

    "President-elect Donald Trump is doing exactly what he always said he was going to do with his company, the Trump Organization. But he’s spinning it as a new decision — and the press is buying it.

    The New York Times, citing unnamed sources, reported Wednesday evening that Trump won’t sell his stake in his company. His adult sons will run the business, but he won’t transfer ownership to them. And he certainly won’t be doing anything remotely resembling divesting or installing an independent administrator to run the Trump Organization.

    It’s a plan that does almost nothing to address the massive conflicts of interest inherent in owning a real estate and branding business while serving as president of the United States.

    It’s also the same thing he’s been promising to do for months."

    "Trump’s reported refusal to divest from his business — despite the recommendations of ethics experts from both parties as well as in a bizarre stream of tweets by the Office of Government Ethics — may technically be allowed under federal law. His foreign holdings and debts, however, could very well be unconstitutional under the emoluments clause, which bars government officials from receiving payments or gifts from foreign governments or foreign government-owned corporations.

    Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the government-owned Bank of China, while the Trump Tower in New York City rents space to the government-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Since his election, the Trump International Hotel in D.C. has become a hotspot for holiday events held by foreign governments, including Bahrain and Azerbaijan."

    "The president-elect obviously wants his company to succeed ― to keep him rich, to keep his children employed and successful, and to ensure them great wealth upon his retirement.

    These aren’t just apparent conflicts of interest. They are actual conflicts of interest.

    “It goes to the core of what presidents are supposed to do,” said Norm Eisen, former ethics adviser to President Barack Obama. “They’re there to serve the public interest and not the private interest, and the worst private interest of all is their own financial interest.”

    That’s the interest Trump seems to be refusing to leave behind as he enters office."

  10. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Believe drumpf when he tells you:

  11. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Sarah will comment when she realizes she is not invited to the soiree.

    1. She's out. Otherwise she never would have criticized him for crony capitalism.

      She doesn't have enough money to circulate in Trump's crowd.

  12. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I've not commented for some time, and my depression over the outcome of this election had not helped. I find him offensive and unfit for office. His wife and children make me sick. I am more embarrassed to be an American than I was when GW was president. I weep for Our Country. God help us all.

  13. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Man the vapors are strong around here. Hope your couch is big enough to catch all the fainting.

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Pull your head out of your ass and the vapors will diminish.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      3:59, those vapors are the Palin body odor and breath.

  14. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Good. He'll have to file an income tax form

  15. A blind trust? As satirist Don Asmussen emphasized in his column called The Bad Reporter, "Trump says businesses will be run by a Blond Trust ... He also promises voters she'll be a 10."

    Don the Doucharlatan continues toward his goal to become a dictator, wielding unfettered power and amassing personal wealth at the expense of the populace.

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      So that's why he admires Putin!

  16. Anonymous4:33 PM

    He can't even bring himself to stop being a producer of the Apprentice. Sad.

  17. Anonymous4:38 PM

    OT, but somehow I missed seeing this pic of Melania and Barron that came out the other day. It's so like those creepy Trump/Ivanka ones. I'll paste in two links. In one you can see things better. I mean, he's standing in front of her and has one leg bent towards her--and it looks like it's centered in her crotch area but I can't tell--and she's grabbing hold of his upper thigh. She looks wanton and he doesn't come off as a "boy" even though we know he is one. This photo shouldn't have been considered appropriate for releasing to the public. The Trumps never learn.

  18. Everyday that passes and each new story about Donald Trump is one more reminder that this man has no idea of what the president of the United States does. And, even if he did know, he has no ability or desire to do that job. What in the world...?

  19. Proof positive Trump does NOT want to be president.

    "President-elect Donald Trump is staying on as an executive producer of NBC’s “The New Celebrity Apprentice” despite his impending responsibilities as leader of the free world, Variety reported on Thursday.

    The popular program, which propelled the businessman to national prominence and paved the way for his eventual presidential win, is set to begin airing again in January with its new host, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The show went off the air during Trump’s presidential bid.

    MGM, which produces the show for NBC, confirmed to Variety that Trump will still be one of the program’s executive producers, and that MGM, not NBC, will pay the president-elect’s fees. (MGM did not return a request for comment from The Huffington Post.)

    Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed the news, noting that the president-elect has a “big stake” in the program, which has licensed several international editions.

    “Mr. Trump has a big stake in the show and conceived of it with Mark Burnett. Additional details regarding his business interests will be shared December 15th,” Hicks said in a statement.

    Trump’s role is rife with potential entanglements. While his paycheck will come from MGM, the program airs on NBC, a major broadcast network with an influential news division (which employs reporters Trump has personally attacked). It’s also the same network that airs “Saturday Night Live,” a show Trump has criticized on numerous occasions for its unflattering depiction of him. And NBC is owned by Comcast, a corporation that was recently slapped with a hefty fine by the Federal Communications Commission ― an entity that will soon be under Trump’s control. "

    Not to mention FCC! They license the networks and make the rules. Can you see Trump telling NBC to cancel SNL or he'll cancel their broadcasting license? Yeah, he's that vindictive. At the very least, he would get them to stop any bits about Trump or using Alec Baldwin on the show.

    It's almost like Trump is going out of he way to see how far he can push the envelope before the Electors can't bring themselves to confirm him.

    Yeah, I'm starting to believe Michael Moore. That Trump never wanted to win and now he's stuck. His ego can't get him out of this by resigning so he's going to try to get the Electoral College to turn against him so he can cry that he won but doesn't have to do the job after all.

    What else would explain that atrocious, inept, dysfunctional cabinet he is assembling.

    If the Electoral College threw this to the House, they would NOT elect Donald Trump. They'd probably go with Kasich. Not great but certainly better than Trump. At this point, even Pence would be better. Not by much but at least we wouldn't be the butt of the world's jokes.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Darn, I missed the Last Word tonight. Usually, you can count on Lawrence to make note of Trump's Apprentice involvement and any scoops that are available on the topic. If he said anything re it, I'll have to catch the show's rerun in a couple hours.

  20. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I admit I watched this stupid show one time two max. I felt the same then as I do today. yucky. It is pure all about nothing garbage. And that man should go do that instead of hijack our country.

  21. Anonymous5:24 PM


    I predict #NOTMYPRESIDENT and #NOTMYPRESIDENT'S kids will do paid cameo rolls on the Apprentice and may even produce a couple of episodes at the White House or at his ho house down the road from the White House with tasks at different places in Washington DC.

    Also predict #NOTMYPRESIDENT will appear on the Apprentice arriving with his motorcade because he likes the dramatics of reality shows and rallies.

    #NOTMYPRESIDENT needs to be loved.

  22. Anonymous5:36 PM

    AARnold should decline to do the show. I know he won't, but it would be the right thing to do.

    1. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Would be, but they've already shown him in promo clips.

    2. I'm surprised he's still doing it.

      He did not support Trump. Said he was not voting for him and was quite eloquent. Said he was putting country first and party second; that was the patriotic thing to do. Trump wasn't qualified or fit to be president.

  23. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Conflict Of Interests surrounds not my president

    LANDLORD/TENANT: In January the landlord is the tenant. Trump is the president (government landlord) and tenant at the Trump hotel.

    In January President-elect Donald Trump will be the Executive White House reality star and the Executive producer of NBC’s “The New Celebrity Apprentice” despite his impending responsibilities as leader of the free world, Variety reported on Thursday.


  24. Anonymous5:52 PM

    ~ "It's like you hit the lotto, but instead of winning $6 million you got kicked in the nuts.

    ~ Trump may not go on to serve out his term.

    Business Insider:
    After correctly predicting that Donald Trump would win the US presidency, Michael Moore has made a new prediction that Trump may not go on to serve out his term.

    The Oscar-winning director made waves back in July when he predicted that Trump would win, and now he says he takes no pleasure in being right.

    "I never wanted to be more wrong," Moore told Seth Meyers on Wednesday's "Late Night." "I remember when I said this on the show, the audience moaned, like 'no,' all because it didn't seem possible. She was ahead in the polls, she was winning the debates, it was a great convention. And he's crazy."

    Moore, who even correctly named the states that would clinch the election for Trump, joked that people had begun to ask him for the winning lottery numbers.

    To which Meyers responded, "It's like you hit the lotto, but instead of winning $6 million you got kicked in the nuts."

    While he was right before, Moore said he had a new Trump prediction and told the crowd to prepare its moans.

    He's not president until noon on January 20 of 2017," Moore said. "So that's more than six weeks away. Would you not agree, regardless of which side of the political fence you're on, this has been the craziest election year? Nothing anyone has predicted has happened. The opposite has happened. So is it possible that in these next six weeks something else might happen, something crazy, something we're not expecting?"

    To which Meyers asked, "Do you think it's possible that he now realizes this job is way more work than he wanted it to be?"

    "Oh, he is so bummed out," Moore said. "He may decide he just wants to quit before he even takes office. Everyone in the audience is saying that's not possible. Everybody in this audience at some point in their life on the first day of their job knew they had taken the wrong job."....

  25. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Trump will be impeached at some point. How embarrassing is this? A reality star self promoting asshole is now the President of America.

    I knew when Palin came on the scene that there were a lot of idiots out there but after Obama was elected i thought they were still the minority. Wrong! . Trump is the sum of all the butt hurt out there who blame a too PC society for their ills.

    Just wait until he cant deliver all those jobs and the Nineteen Fifties will never come back. Their Massiah, their savior is made of clay.

    We have a new President who tweets. We have a new President who targets private citizens because he is intellectually 12 years old.

    This man has to deal with world leaders. Are you scared? I am.

    1. Anonymous6:08 AM

      Made of clay? Did you mean orange Play-Doh?

  26. Anonymous7:59 PM

    We know he is nowhere near as fabulously healthy as his quack Dr said in that letter. I am honestly hoping he is stricken with a fatal heart attack, stroke or is diagnosed with metastatic cancer very soon. The life of our country depends on it.

    1. We've only got 8 days left for him to have a stoke or his plane crash. Maybe choke on a KFC chicken bone.

    2. Anonymous2:33 AM

      A sad state of mind wishes such on a fellow human. Even enemies.

    3. Anonymous2:39 AM

      I too have come to the point of wishing death on people.
      Cheney. Trump. The "mom" in Indiana who injected shit into her 15 year old cancer stricken son's IV..6 times...I'm sure my list will grow.

  27. Anonymous8:18 PM

    And through all this Melania Trump has stayed in the background. A weak First Lady who uses her kid as an excuse to not live in the White House.

    She never wanted this and now she is stuck. Typical boughten bride. This is your First Lady America! Cowering, submissive, barely speaks English after 20 years here.

    An illegal alien who gained her citizenship by marrying Trump. Posed nude for all the world to see.

    And yet the highley educated Michelle Obama was called a wookie. I think we should post Melanias nude pics every chance we get! What say you? Every time Trump has a State dinner bring it on and let the so called religeos right wing justify it.

    This is who is representing America! My God we have delved into reality show mindset running America. Fight! with words. Hold this idiot accountable. Take it to the streets in protest.

    1. I will refer to them as President Twit and the First Twat.

    2. Anonymous3:03 AM

      I agree. How can the "christian's" be ok with nude provocative photos of melanomia on one hand, yet wear their long skirts and frumpy shirts like that Kenfucky chick who wouldn't give marriage licenses to same sex couplesbecause showing your body is sinful??

    3. Anonymous6:13 AM

      I am snickering, thanks for that one mlaiuppa. Yesterday, somewhere, I saw president whatever, also made me chuckle.

  28. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Trump dumped Sarah Palin & her drug addled alcoholic brawling embarrassing family just like he dumped Chris Christie. They are both toxic.

    Sarah consider yourself lucky that he hasn't made you head of the Liquor Cabinet.

    She's quiet now, keeping her fingers crossed, waiting by the phone. Face it Sarah you're too nutzo even by the Trump family standards. Besides he doesn't want the attention on you sucking up any of his oxygen out of the room.

    You shall remain and forever on the sidelines. There goes your hopes on Duhkota & Barstool becoming a political power couple. As much as I dislike the Trumps at least they don't drink & brawl like valley trash you are so proud of being.

    1. Used and discarded.

      Kellyanne will get the boot soon too.

      Once your usefulness is over....

    2. Anonymous3:05 AM

      Internet poll:

      I am in love with the humor of some of you!
      Is Palin better suited to be:

      1) Secretary of the Inferior
      2) Head of the Liquor Cabinet?

  29. Anonymous8:55 PM

    If Obama had been white we would not be here right now.

    We thought America was ready, we were not.

    The hate and the prejudice burst out this election. Trump gave them the voice and we will never see a women or a minority in office for years.

    I see women fighting with each other, making the working Mom and the stay at home Mom rival for significance.

    Who cares? Leave each other alone. If you don't breast feed you are considered bad. We are are own worst enemies. We as women have power! No matter what anyone tells you stand up! Do you have to be lead? Get rid of the guilt no one cares. Don't brag about breastfeeding, don't show your boobs in public, i repeat who the hell cares.

    And then this is the kind of crap that got Trump elected. Everything is a cause. Pick your battles.

    1. Anonymous10:11 PM

      Breastfeeding freaks are just misogynistic jerks who think women to be attached at the tit to their kids. It's abject bullshit. Formula is perfectly fine for babies.

    2. Anonymous3:07 AM

      So fucking true.
      It is why the nursing profession is made up of very educated slave laborers at the bedside. Working long long shifts with no time to eat or pee....shift work, holidays...all for below level wages for education..because it is a work force of WOMEN. We definitely are a jealous and sabotaging group in general.

    3. Anonymous3:49 AM

      It's not perfectly fine for all babies. I work in a pediatric hospital. Babies have foemula allergies to the proteins and end up with bloody diarrhea. Sometimes it takes a while to find a blend that they can tolerate. Meanwhile, they fail to thrive and are miserale and parents are besides themselves.
      So, no, it is NOT perfectly fine for everyone.
      Breastmilk in first time moms also needs to be studied .....humans can store toxins in their fat and there is concern that the breastmilk is giving kids toxins the first few weeks after milk comes in ....what an environmental nightmare we have created.

    4. Anonymous 10:11 PM wrote: Formula is perfectly fine for babies.

      Sure, sure …

  30. It's going to be a sad 4 years. Trump's GOP is going to try to take away Medicare, Medicaid & Paul Ryan take away our social Security we've all paid in to. His billionaires are the top 1% he's putting in office. It's supposed to be trickle down but fat chance of that ever happening. They are giddy and fawning over the chance to get even richer by kissing his orange ass. Nothing will change until his followers get hit in the pocket book where it hurts at home. And that day WILL come. GOP will make sure of it to have no government oversight to protect us as citizens but to enrich themselves.

  31. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Oh goody. Lots of rooms for every type of con artist. Party party party money money money. Hey and even bozo will be there to entertain the masses of friends. One guy wrote about the parties at the tower, going room to room like an old coke party of yesteryear. Full of nasty predators and delusional coke heads.

  32. Anonymous2:31 AM

    When will the 10% begin paying taxes?

  33. Anonymous5:00 AM

    O/T SarahPAC's latest filing through 11/28/16:

    They have less than $100,000 left in cash.
    Only took in $9,203 for this reporting period.

    Cash on hand 1/1/16 380,963.17
    Cash on hand 10/20/16 143,537.66
    Total Receipts 9,203.51
    Total Disbursements 53,689.16
    Cash on Hand at Close of Reporting Period 99,052.01

  34. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Looks like Sarah had to pay her own way to campaign for Trump in early November. The Las Vegas Trump Hotel charge was for her attendance at the debate.

    Trump International Las Vegas
    10/18/2016 lodging 250.00

    Westin Detroit Airport
    11/07/2016 lodging 526.28

    Easton Hilton Columbus, Ohio
    11/08/2016 lodging 320.00

    Delta Airlines
    11/07/2016 airfare 210.00

    United Airlines
    11/08/2016 airfare 210.00

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      She didn't pay for anything!!!

      Her PAC paid, hence the morons that send her money paid for everything.

    2. Anonymous10:52 AM

      It's almost fitting, that moron Palin supporters have been underwriting her and her demon spawn's lifestyle all these years...except for the seniors ("gorks," is that what Toad called them?) who were tricked into signing up for regular payments. But there is kind of an occupational hazard associated with bilking infirm elderly people: they die on you.


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