Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Washington Post creates plug in that automatically fact checks Trump tweets.

Courtesy of Ars Technica:  

In an apparent first for any American news outlet, the Washington Post released a Chrome plug-in on Friday designed to fact-check posts from a single Twitter account. Can you guess which one? 

The new "RealDonaldContext" plug-in for the Google Chrome browser, released by WaPo reporter Philip Bump, adds fact-check summaries to selected posts by President-elect Donald Trump. Users will need to click a post in The Donald's Twitter feed to see any fact-check information from the Washington Post, which appears as a gray text box beneath the tweet. 

With the extension installed, Trump's Twitter account now includes dozens of fact-check notes on any post with a statement that WaPo's editors deem inaccurate or misleading. In these cases, the added gray box includes a simple headline, a few explanatory sentences, and a link to a longer WaPo article that offers fuller context. Samples of the extension at work have been posted in the above gallery. 

The extension does not appear to offer context or statements in the case of a post being accurate, and Bump tells Ars Technica that the fact-checking has only gone back to late November. His announcement post about the extension claims that "our goal is to provide additional context where needed for Trump's tweets moving forward (and a few golden oldies)." 

You know I will probably get this simply because I want to support ALL efforts to fact check Trump.

However I have to admit that my go to position on most Trump tweets is that they are bullshit until I hear otherwise from trusted news outlets. 

So far that has worked pretty damn well.


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I abhor Donald Trump and ALL of his FALSE commentary. He is a liar, fraud and cheat! Nothing more and nothing less.

    Preibus says that 80% of Americans approve of Trump! Total bullshit and the Republican party knows it.

    Perhaps 80% of Republicans - but, that is hardly a majority of Americans across the nation. Trump is not trusted throughout the world!

    The media is trying so hard to get America to like and find Trump to be a worthy person....again, Americans are NOT sheep that can be led to slaughter!

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Media schemedia. I hold them complacent in the ascension of the orangutan that should have been laughed off the stage from day one.

      As for Preibus, he'd sell his soul to the devil. They all would....and have.

    2. Anonymous9:50 AM

      " 52 percent of Republican voters think Trump won the popular vote in November, although he lost by 3 million votes."“Trump’s lying about the popular vote has dangerous real-world consequences,” Frum wrote before accusing the president-elect of suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, and believing “the lies he tells, after he tells them.”

    3. I doubt they have 80% of Republicans. He didn't even have the Republicans that voted for him. They only voted for him because they refused to vote for Hillary or the other candidates, didn't want to leave it blank or voted for him to prevent Hillary from winning. But they weren't *for* him. Now that it's over they're still not *for* him.

      The longer this goes the more Republicans will turn against him. There actually are Republicans that do not agree with the capitalistic rape of our country his cabinet is going to wreak. Some even care about human rights.

      His approval ratings are an embarrassment going in to his inauguration and will only sink lower.

      I think a good indication is his failure to find any top celebrities to perform at his inauguration. He's getting a lot of polite refusals, even from those that professed to support him. He's even offering ambassadorships in return for performing.

      Someone will also have to protect him from the fact that his inaugural broadcast on TV will have the lowest ratings in 20 years. I plan on never watching anything to do with Trump. No speeches, nothing. As far as I'm concerned he doesn't exist for the next four years.

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM



  3. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Very very little coming out of Trump is not a lie. His supporters don't care because they are abysmally ignorant (Fox 'educated') and believe all he says. How do you wake up folks who trust RW propaganda outlets and reject all else? They don't have the critical thinking skills to even discern reality.

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM


  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    what a NASTY Bitch>

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Stfu, This is Michelle's felling how it is. She has been in the thick of it from day one. No on knows how it is, was, has been for them. So stfu judge. Keep your s@it to yourself.

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      First Lady Michelle is spot on with that statement and now the Republican party will try to bring her popularity (far above theirs and The Donald's!) down as they have tried to do w/President Obama - w/ZERO success!

      Yea for First Lady Michelle! She is the very 'best' of our country and the majority love and respect her!

      Too bad the same can't be said for Donald Trump who will never represent me as potus and does not have the majority of Americans back him!

    3. Trump got about 19% of the nation's vote, perhaps a bit less. While it may be a stretch to say that 80% of the U.S. are against the Trump administration, 54% of the voters voted against him. Some that didn't vote or weren't allowed to vote by the Fascist Republican controlled states would have voted against him.

      So lost hope? Pretty much. With every passing announcement of another oligarch put in place to rape our resources, poison our water and air and strip us of our rights, we lose more hope.

      Obama was an 8 year hiatus on our slow descent into a Fascist State. That's what the Republicans wanted and with the help of Russia and the FBI, that's exactly what they got. I hope they are proud. History will lay this at their feet and will not be kind. They OWN Trump, the voter suppression and election mismanagement. They own it all.

  5. It will be interesting to see which media outlets will implement fact check systems such as this one. Had these been put in place during the campaigning in the last two years, we may have had a more legitimate ending. Some polls have suggested that at least 44% of exiting voters voted from news on Facebook. Facebook was inundated with crap like Pizzagate and worse from every possible direction.

    The Russians and other Trump trolls are fiercely stepping up judging from the comments on liberal outlets. This is at least one way of fighting back against the perpetual bullshit.
    Paul Ryan was just exposed for lying about Medicare being broke according to the news on Joy Reid on MSNBC. Medicare is NOT broke. A big gong should start sounding on the broadcast false statements.

    I am going to concentrate on staying warm today in sunny MN where temps are -20 to -40 windchill.

    While cloistered in relative comfort, I will be formulating how to voodoo Trump's executive office with some chicken blood and selected hair strands.

    (Assuming that the electoral college has been either bought off or threatened sufficiently to NOT do their job.)

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    2. Anonymous8:22 AM

      LMAO, voodoo. Yeah voodoo, shamans,...alt stuff as god is busy with sarsh....lmao

    3. Anonymous9:13 AM

      I wouldn't want the evangelical voters - those Christians are not what they profess to be! They, first off, don't live up to the things they are taught from the pulpit!

  6. Anonymous7:02 AM

    WATCH: Saturday Night Live HUMILIATES Trump For Being A Useful Idiot To Putin

    1. Trump is going to have to live with that ridicule for the rest of his life (and after his death.)

      It won't matter how long his term is. It will not stop. He's a public figure and even if he resigns, is impeached, doesn't even get the electoral college vote or simply dies, that ridicule and humiliation will follow him forever. That is *his* legacy.

      And the legacy of the Fascist Republicans will be that they allowed Russia and Putin to steal our votes and make this country into a Fascist State just so they could WIN.

      Fuck them.

  7. Anonymous7:05 AM


    Reince Preibus: ‘Every single thing’ Trump does is ‘factual’ and 80 percent of Americans approve

    Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asserted over the weekend that “every single thing” President-elect Donald Trump has done “has been factual” and is supported by 80 percent of Americans.

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Yes washpost needs to have snother channel for his cabinent lies as well.

    2. He only got 46.1% OF THE VOTE and only about 45% voted.

      Priebus is a Republican, so naturally every thing he says is a fucking lie.

  8. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Three professors of psychiatry call for ‘neuropsychiatric evaluation’ of Trump out of fears he’s mentally ill

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      I think we all know he is crazy, doesn't need a professional psych exam to tell us what we see.

      However, I think an MRI and EEG would tell us there is significant physiological brain damage, possibly due to untreated syphilis.

  9. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Trump To Supporters: 'You Were Nasty And Mean And Vicious' During Campaign

    1. Anonymous7:33 AM

      " In 2008, the candidate knew that half the job of running for office was simply asking people for their votes. “Evangelicals have come to BELIEVE often times that Democrats are anti-faith,” Obama told Christianity Today then.", YES! because it is TRUE!

    2. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Democrats are anti-faith?
      Look at legislation passed in the last fifty years alone and by whom, and who are now poised to undo it all. Jesus was a liberal.

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it, evangelicals!

    3. *NOW* he admits it.

  10. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Follow The Money, See Why Trump Is Putin's Useful Idiot

    Congratulations, America: The Whole World Is Laughing

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Because Donald Trump is a fucking idiot! And, is no more qualified to be potus than I am!

      Damn, but our country is in mass trouble. I see war on the horizon that will occur in our country FIRST!

  11. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Trump campaign struck deal with media company for more favorable coverage

    The campaign reportedly traded access for interviews broadcast without commentary.

    ...The Trump campaign also sought out allies, like Fox News’ Sean Hannity, to counteract the media’s attempt at straightforward coverage with airtime unencumbered by tough questions (over $31 million in free airtime, in fact). Now it seems Hannity wasn’t the only one. The campaign struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group for similarly uncritical coverage, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly told a group of business executives in Manhattan Friday.

    Sinclair got more access to Trump and the campaign and, in return, broadcast Trump interviews without commentary to its television stations across the country, six people who heard Kushner’s remarks told Politico.

    “Kushner highlighted that Sinclair, in states like Ohio, reaches a much wider audience — around 250,000 listeners — than networks like CNN, which reach somewhere around 30,000.”

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Already conflict. You fsvor me you get access. Pos!!!!

  12. Anonymous7:31 AM

    It occurs to me in thinking about the post-election world that President-elect Trump is using a technique that anyone who has been in an emotionally abusive relationship will recognize right away: He's using established norms to manipulate behavior.

    What do I mean by that? An emotionally abusive person (note, this is NOT only in context of an intimate relationship) knows how to use societal and personal norms to apply pressure on their target to behave in specific ways.

  13. Anonymous7:33 AM

    My interview with the man who connected the dots on the FBI conspiracy to screw Hillary

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

  14. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Trump's unpresidented overreaction after the next terrorist attack

  15. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Ivanka Trump to Assume First Lady Role. Why Is Our Media Pretending This Is Normal??

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Ivanka knows that her father is incapable of being President so she and her brothers are going to try to run the country to hid the fact that he can't.

    2. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Why did melaporn die?

    3. Anonymous8:48 AM

      I'm sure Trump's wife wants nothing to do with the asshole, except for his money and they kid they produced together.

      I would not like having to walk in her shoes - no matter the money involved. It didn't bring her happiness, which is so obvious!

    4. Anonymous9:11 AM

      More of this with Daddy?

      How about this?

      Or this?

    5. Anonymous9:12 AM

      8:25 AM - because a no speaky the Englee call girl has no place as First Lady. Designers won't dress her. SNL had it right last night, "here's the musical acts willing to play at your inauguration" on a post-it note.

      This is an effing nightmare.

  16. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Van Jones Blasts Trump For Refusing To Admit That Russia Cyber Attack Was An Act Of War

    Our country is under attack by the Russians and Donald Trump won't even say it's wrong. Van Jones blasted Trump on CNN, "Cyber war is real war! So you have an active attack on our country and you have the president-elect cannot find it in himself to say this is wrong."

    ...“This is baffling to anybody with a functioning brain stem. Yes other presidents tried to say nice things about the Russians… not in the face of an active attack on the country,” the CNN commentator said.

    “Cyber war is real war! So you have an active attack on our country and you have the president-elect cannot find it in himself to say this is wrong and it needs to stop,” Van Jones continued.

    Van Jones raised an excellent point that for someone as thin-skinned as Trump who responds to even perceived personal slights, it’s unacceptable that he can’t find it in himself to even be mildly upset about an attack of war on our country, “You can respond personally to an attack, you can respond as a partisan to an attack, but he can’t respond as a patriot to an attack?”

    “This is an attack on our country! This is not normal and it’s dangerous,” Van Jones said, putting the cherry on his burst of truth that seems to be falling on deaf ears in the Republican Party, save for Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

  17. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Did Donald sale property in trump tower to Russian citizen? And also in florida was that a sale to Russian manure salesman? Did his daughter vacation with putins girlfriend? and the photo of miss palin and the Russian porn star? was that real? Was there any contact with snowden in russia? or actor steve segal now a Russian citizen? The national enquirer is a mag rag, does mr trump own that and certain media? can we see the last 10 yrs of emails, tweets and 30yrs of tax records, court? What and who was the communication server and who set it up? These are REAL questions being ask by REAL people living in usa around the local kitchen tables....75% of American business and people pay federal state county city taxes and do not have the luxury to evade taxation and cost of living.

  18. Anonymous8:07 AM

    OT?65 MILLION Displaced worldwide.
    "failing to communicate clearly to the public that this is not just some abstract “war on science,” this is a war on your children’s future, a war on human civilization."
    "Rather than calling it out as misleading or false, major media outlets have been reinforcing the disinformation spread by Trump and those associated with his transition in their headlines — headlines that are inevitably read by far more people than the actual story." “The science of climate change is pretty much irrefutable at this point.”
    But now we live in a world of fake news" OXY-MORON induced. How APOPOS a WORD...Then this>The WSJ, NYT and "Washington Post to run nonsense headlines that haven’t been fact-checked", It will be LESS THEN 5 generations for $ure.

  19. They couldn't put this in place *BEFORE* the election?

    Another too little too late quick fix. Like any of his Deplorables would follow that link or read anything.

  20. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Wonder if I can see the fact checking in my Firefox browser??

  21. Check the time/date stamp.

    That is from his surrogate/fixer. The same one that fixed "unpresidented."

  22. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I have a feeling this app is going to "break' from working over time.

    Too bad the media didn't fact check before the election, starting a year ago. They were too busy tripping over themselves to give free air time to the con man to be bothered.

    So far I have only seen on tweet in which traitor trump did NOT lie: the election was rigged.

    1. Anonymous3:00 AM

      amen sister and brother

  23. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Americans, not the d or r's but Americans vote for hope and change. We hope for a healthy future for all Americans. We hope for change in division, racism, hate, war, pollution, education, healthcare, jobs, families and children our pets and homes. Yes we are for hope and change. We hope for a future and hope for change from the greed and liars destroying our elections, liberty, votes, beliefs, hope and change. Some Americans live for hope and change and have fought and died for it.

  24. Anonymous2:59 AM

    The war is in space. cybercrime rigged elections around the world, stolen money, cause chaos. And Republicans defunded infrastructure and security. Boots on the ground? No, Bring our kids home and use technology instead of blood and money.


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