Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump surrogate suggests that the American people elected a "real man" in this last election. WTF?

Courtesy of Raw Story:

During an interview on MSNBC’s Chris Jansen, Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn downplayed reports that members of the Rockettes had objected to performing at the president-elect’s inauguration. 

“It’s about the people,” he insisted. “It’s not about any performers, any celebrities. This inauguration and this presidency is going to be all about the people. And people all over this country, who are coming out, who are supporting Donald J. Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and are supporting the Trump movement, which is all about unity and coming together.” 

Epshteyn argued that Trump was “already the leader of this country.” (The fuck he is!)

“It’s about the message — it’s about the message of America being the city on a hill once again,” the adviser opined. “About America being a leader in the world once again. And that’s what Donald J. Trump is going to be speaking about.” 

“Of course, there’s going to be a lot of the authentic parts of Donald Trump,” Epshteyn said of the inaugural address. “Because that’s why he is the president-elect, that’s why he’s becoming president because the people elected a real man, a true man, a man who loves this country to the very bottom of his heart.”

Actually with over 2.8 million more votes than Donald Trump, it could be argued that the people elected a REAL woman to be the President, and that the electoral college elected her runner up.

Besides what kind of "real man" requires the interference of Russia and the FBI to win an election?

Barack Obama won without cheating.

Until Donald Trump can say the same he and his ass kissing little surrogates are not even qualified to wipe President Obama's ass.


  1. A. J. Billings4:42 AM

    Woman abuser
    Child rapist (accused)
    Doesn't pay his bills
    Desperate for attention
    Spoiled rotten
    Horrifically narcissistic
    Rage bot
    Grudge holder (worse than Palin)
    Disgustingly lewd, crude
    No intellectual curiosity
    No sense of history, or knowledge thereof
    3000 lawsuits past, pending, and future
    Avowed and self confessed sexual predator
    Religious fake and panderer
    Titanic Hypocrite
    Horrible speaker


  2. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Not one of these little pansy assed pussy boys have any idea what a real man is. Fucking cowards, every one of them.

    They sure do know all about lying, stealing, cheating, back stabbing, dirty dealing, double talking, ass kissing, classless.....

    donald duck trump a real man? No! He is not.

    Do you know how to tell if donald is lying?
    Kella-anne's mouth is moving.

  3. Anonymous5:02 AM

    A real man does not grade women on a scale of 1 to 10. A real man does not talk about grabbing women by the p*ssy. A real man does not marry a passed around, nude model escort. A real man does not lust after his own daughter, he protects her. tRump is uneducated, he was not first in his class as he claims. He is exactly what Vlad Putin angled for, he calls him "a useful idiot". tRump can not even speak i full sentences, he is a dullard. Not fit to shine President Obamas shoes. A disgrace to this country, and to the goons who helped get the orange oaf into office. He may be a useful idiot to Vlad, but to most of the citizens of the US he is simply AN IDIOT. On a scale of one to ten, as he rates women I would rate him a MINUS 8. He is a repulsive looking lard ass.

  4. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Trump? Real man? LOL! Man o man, Trumps ass lickers are a lot like Joseph Goebbels.

  5. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Who is this Boris guy? Is he one of Vladimir's agents sent to "help" Trump?

  6. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Donnie Tinyhands has to have some dude publicly state that Donnie is a "real man"?
    Isn't that just a little bit gay?

  7. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Vvvvery Iiiinteresting? But Stupid!!!! Oh boris you are so funny. Was he at the compound too? I heard ms palen has called on the usa to leave the un? Will this be the theme of the deploraball ?

  8. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Real men and women don't lie cheat steal.

  9. The orange not-exactly-Hugh Hefner vulgarian will never ever ever be considered a super stud. THAT bugs him.

    Trump-a real man?
    In his own inimitable wording...

  10. Anonymous6:16 AM

    It is very obvious who is involved in this minor little spy game. In fact it is down right entertaining at this point watching the lying eyes shift. Lol...bad silly actors.

  11. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Yesterday Obama accused a bunch of Russian diplomats of spying, then told them to GTFO and leave the keys to their swanky spy mansions, so Putin has decided thought about kicking some U.S. diplomats out of Russia, and closed an international k-12 school (that they say is “fake”). Meanwhile, Russia’s prime minister Dmitry Medvedev is tweeting how Obama gave him butthurt right in the fee-fees. Maybe the Russian reset button worked after all?

  12. Anonymous6:19 AM

    China Finally Gives Donald Trump The Huge Cock He’s Always Wanted

    Look at the size of that thing.

  13. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Is the conway related to the putin? Ancestry is so interesting. And how does religion players play into the possible mix. graham huckbee smith and mormen choir? odd weird cult like stuff. Freaky and Creepy Bears

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      You mean Kelly Anne Conjob?

  14. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Who are they trying to fool? Fox no news sheep? They fed this shit to fake fox news people for years now and look at them? Freaken zoombies believing boris and mary sweet con way. Good gosh!!! cut fox off the cable.

  15. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Oh look, Michael Wear just admitted that Christians voted for a very un-Christian dude! But that is Democrats’ fault too, because didn’t they, like, try to normalize not being a Christian??? As if some people are Jewish, and some are Muslim, and some are atheistical, and some just can’t stop grabbing pussy? If Democrats had just stopped insisting on freedom of religion, and admitted that we should be a Christian theocracy, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      You mean, lie? Sorry, we Democrats have integrity and honor. Something the GOP sold to the Devil long ago,.

  16. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Ex-Nixon lawyer: Trump can’t stop lying — even on rare times when he knows what he’s talking about

    1. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Many people are like this, they lie when the truth is easier and it is easy to check if they are lying. They continue to do it no matter if you catch them at it red handed. Control freaks are like that. Habitual liars, about everything even shit they don't need to lie about.

  17. Anonymous7:06 AM

    " Not only does the document reveal that U.S. intelligence knew about the hacking of Politkovskaya’s email, it also shows that the NSA is adept at tracking cyberattacks by Russian intelligence."
    drumpf " it was impossible to know who was responsible for the leaks. On Thursday, Trump said he would meet with intelligence officials next week to discuss the issue but said again that “it’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.”
    DETAILS of what the agencies know about the Russian attack. " 13 page report that trump wants to wait a Ivanka can read it to him? He reads and knows NOTHING. President Obama please Read it to the American people.

  18. Anonymous7:12 AM

    President Obama Set A Trap For Trump With Russian Sanctions

    Trump has only two equally detrimental choices in dealing with the effects of President Obama’s sanctions against Russia. and they're both damning.

    ...Unlike Donald Trump, when President Obama says he will do something, he follows through; particularly when America was attacked no matter if it was the incoming administration’s most ardent foreign supporters or not. And, it is noteworthy that President Obama is not remotely like most Republicans and Trump; he serves, supports and defends the United States of America and not Russia and certainly not Israel.

    Kind of jarring that the Russian tweets are beginning to sound just like @realDonaldTrump

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      9th Dimension chess has ALWAYS been O's specialty.

  19. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Freedom & Unity Concert & Telethon - Jan 20

    1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    2. Anonymous8:17 AM


    3. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Chamberlin: "Tyranny is now on our doorstep; it has been sneaking its way into our lives through stealth. Now it will burst into our homes through storm. I hope that we and many others will work together with greater diligence and awareness to calmly and bravely work together to defend our freedoms and our rights for our families, our friends, and our fellow citizens. I hope we can throw off the labels and really listen to each other with respect, love, compassion, and a true desire to bring our energies and souls together in solving the difficult problems that lie in our wake." "I simply cannot continue with the recent turn of events. I could never look myself in the mirror again with self-respect,"
      More reflection from others:
      "Finding out that it has been decided for us that Rockettes will be performing at the Presidential inauguration makes me feel embarrassed and disappointed," dancer Phoebe Pearl wrote. "The women I work with are intelligent and are full of love and the decision of performing for a man that stands for everything we're against is appalling."


  20. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Russian Embassy Calls Obama A ‘Lame Duck’ President – Internet Explodes With Laughter (TWEETS)

  21. Anonymous7:27 AM

    In some respects, there’s literally nothing “bigger” in the United States at the moment than the fact that a man whose presidential campaign was energized by the illegal activities of a government that is historically hostile towards the United States is about to become the next president.

    Sign the petition to U.S. Senators: Block all Trump appointees

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Petitions surrounding President-Elect Donald Trump aka President Anus Mouth.

  22. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Obama boxes in Trump with sanctions on Russia

    ...Sen. John McCain, who obviously plans to be a thorn in Trump’s side on Russia, openly mocked Trump for suggesting we should simply “get on” with our lives.

    “I agree with the president-elect that we need to get on with our lives — without having elections being affected by any outside influence, especially Vladimir Putin, who is a thug and murderer,” said McCain.

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Wow, go mccain.

  23. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Moral grandstanding.”>
    “Moral grandstanding is the use of moral talk for self-promotion,” “It’s people using moral conversation, making moral claims, to present an impressive image of themselves to others.” I am good because I have said this important thing now, here, on the Internet! "
    " “It doesn’t really impress people if you’re good at compromising, if you’re good at listening to the other side. It impresses people if you can DESTROY other people.”

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      OT?" this election was and continues to be about so much more than “politics.” This is about values and respect. including my rights as a gay man and yours as a woman.
      "guilt, rationalization, or righteousness"
      The rationalizers can’t face the FACT that there will be NO PEACE because Trump is a bigot who ran a hate-filled campaign and has shown no remorse for doing so, nor is he making any attempt to heal any wounds." CRUSH-KILL-DESTROY.

    2. Anonymous8:13 AM

      "Being in positions of authority provides them with the only source of external emotional stimulation they can understand, nurturing their egos and making other people feel miserable."These people are the most dangerous of all the mental health dysfunctional types" "they have no ethical limits because they look at you in the same way that a non-psychopath looks at the piece of toilet paper they just used"
      "The FAVorite method of psychopaths is to get people to carry out acts for them"

      drumpf IS a $adi$t Voyeur.

  24. Anonymous8:09 AM

    KellyAnnie is bad enough I can't even listen to her much less see her anymore. This ep-sh*t-shteyn is much worse. He exhales lies. "Pardon My French, but you're an asshole!"

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

  25. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Look For The Privatization of Everything as Trump and GOP Go Full Acquisition Mode AKA selling us down the river.

    John Tirman, executive director of MIT’s Center for International Studies, writes that “The worldview of Trump and those he’s bringing into government is one in which seeking private interest is paramount, not only as a business aspiration but as a governing ideology.”

    In other words, Trump wants to privatize everything. Trump didn’t invent this idea of course. Tirman points out that,

    “There has long been an ideological divide in U.S. politics in which liberals see the production and protection of public goods as a rightful — though not exclusive — function of government, while conservatives deplore interference in the free, private market.”

    So yes, Republicans have been dutifully applying this impulse for awhile now, trying to privatize things for awhile now, particular our public schools, and the objective there, as noted above, is to make money for the people involved.

  26. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Me too. Mamakellyann to fat orange blob, is a just a liar. She has lost most credibility. Just the dummies listen to her, while intelligence watches to get the main truth to work with. She really is a dc scum, easily lies like nothing.

  27. Anonymous8:37 AM

    How Trump Made Russia's Hacking More Effective

    It was the president-elect’s hyperbolic characterizations of the pilfered material that turned routine documents into the stuff of scandal.

    You can bet this fucking traitor had a direct hand in helping Putin to hack us. No accident that all of this is happening since he gave our secrets away. And then he has the fucking gall to ask to be pardoned by O? No damn way, he can rot in Russia.

    Leaked Snowden Document Hints At Why Feds Are So Sure Russia Hacked Election

    NSA apparently learned successful tactics tracking Russian cyberattack on murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

  28. Anonymous8:48 AM

  29. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Obama = dignity, strength and intelligence.

    dRUMPf = malignant narcissism, low self esteem, and despicable deplorable idiot.

  30. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Piss on todd.."Todd FEELS BURNED by the process he just slogged through – and is aware that Trump played the media in ways that no other candidate had ever done before."
    "In March, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg reported on a phenomenon that many of us print types had been griping about since mid-2015: the decision by Todd and other Sunday TV hosts, to allow Trump to conduct “pajama interviews” – phone-in calls to the shows that flouted the tradition of in-person sit-down format. “It’s why the programs were named ‘Face the Nation’ and ‘Meet the Press’ — not ‘Call the Nation’ or ‘Phone the Press,’ Rutenberg quipped."
    "‘Why not a TV studio in Palm Beach?’ And they said yes.”
    {TV studio, like sara? and with 'daddy issues' too.}
    "“Look, he’s not the first president to have daddy issues,” Todd said with a laugh. “There’s nothing like a parental issue to add a chip… My name is Chuck Todd and I have a chip on my shoulder about my dad… Everybody has the chip. For Barack Obama, it was where is dad? For Bill Clinton, it was where is dad? For George W. Bush, it’s living up to dad. For George H.W. Bush, living up to dad. It is fascinating, and there’s something about — look, I think one of the under covered aspects of Hillary Clinton is her relationship with her father was very, very troubling.”<like todd would know? Men.

  31. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Hard to believe it, but Boris is only 34. Looks old for his age, and it's not just b/c of his hairline. Went to school with Eric. He's yet another Russian (family moved here when he was 11) Trump has surrounded himself with. Trump has such an odd fascination with people from the former USSR, going back to Ivana (but now I have to wonder if there's a longer history that even includes Fred), and especially Russia. Boris is such a kiss-up. I actually googled to see if he's gay b/c of how he comes across as being in love with Trump. All election season, he was on CNN almost every night and sounding so adoring of the orange lardass. What I hate about all these Trump people on TV is that they can never ever admit that Trump makes mistakes and they act like there is never ever anything that can be criticized.

  32. Anonymous9:44 AM

    FBI Analysis Fingers Russian Spy Agencies For U.S. Election Hacks

    The FBI squarely blamed Russian intelligence services on Thursday for meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, releasing the most definitive report yet on the issue, including samples of malicious computer code said to have been used in a broad hacking campaign.

    Starting in mid-2015, Russia’s foreign intelligence agency, the FSB, emailed a malicious link to more than 1,000 recipients, including U.S. government targets, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a 13-page report co-authored with the Department of Homeland Security. (

    While the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence had said Russia was behind the hacking in October, the report is the first detailed technical analysis provided by the government and the first official FBI statement.

    Russia has consistently denied the hacking allegations.

    The FBI issued its report on the same day that President Barack Obama announced a series of retaliatory measures, including the expulsion of 35 Russian intelligence operatives and the sanctioning of the GRU and FSB. The Kremlin denounced the sanctions as unlawful and promised “adequate” retaliation.

    According to the FBI report, among the groups compromised by the FSB hacks was the Democratic National Committee, which was again infiltrated in early 2016 by another Russian agency, the military GRU.

  33. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Real men don't divorce two wives. Real men don't cheat on whomever they are sleeping with at the moment. Real men don't pretend nude models have 'class.' Real men don't lie. Real men don't cal people vicious names. Real men don't think twitter is communication. Real men don't joke about nuclear war and torture. Real men don't think hiring Enron to run the State Dept. is splendid. Real men are honest. Real men help raise their children. Real men don't cheat us out of their contribution to this nation through our taxes. Real men don't cheat there employees and force them into court to collect. Real men don't conspire with foreign nations to undermine this one.
    "Love this nation to the bottom of his heart." Yeah, right. He loves that he's been able to screw this nation for 70 years and get away with it. That's what he loves. Oh, and himself.

  34. Citing Trump as manly provides the Rethuglikan Party with the least common denominator, thereby giving the rest of their numbers validity to assume that title. "I know you are, but what am I?"


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