Saturday, January 28, 2017

Donald Trump checks in with his boss from the new office he helped him get.

Yes Vlad things are going as planned, except everybody hates me and it's not as fun as you told me it would be.
Courtesy of New York Daily News:  

President Trump chatted with Vladimir Putin Saturday, his first known conversation since taking office with the Russian leader he frequently complimented on the campaign trail. 

A gaggle of White House staffers — Vice President Pence, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon — were in the room when Trump made the call.

It is not clear what the two presidents talked about.

Oh I think I can guess the topic of conversation.

Putin put Trump in place to remove the sanctions, and that is what he expects him to do.
Do you notice that both Bannon and Flynn are in the room for the phone call?

Bannon is essentially running the show by writing the executive orders that Trump signs, and Flynn is his go between with Putin.

As reported earlier I think Pence and Priebus were forced on Trump in order to keep up appearances for the photograph.

I would bet money that there is a more private conversation later, assuming of course that there have not already been several private conversations before this. 


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I think you're right. But I also think that he's using Preibus because he has shit on him. And Ryan.

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Trump is just a puppet for Putin, Pence, Bannon and Priebus. That's why you see them with him in every photo. They must be there to pull the strings.

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    O/T I am expecting a lone wolf terrorist attack coming soon. Wonder if the chatter from terrorist groups has gone up? Remember when we had the color code security levels under Bush? I think we are going to need it again.

    Trump said his immigration order is "working out very nicely” at the airports. Has he seen the airports?

    As protests erupt at major American airports over the White House’s new immigration and entry ban from seven majority-Muslim countries, President Trump had a surprisingly sanguine assessment of the situation.

    “It’s working out very nicely,” Trump told reporters early Saturday evening. In fact, Trump pointed to the airports themselves as proof: “You see it at the airports, you see it all over, its working out very nicely, and we’re going to have a very strict ban, and we’re going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years.”

    The “extreme vetting” that Trump mentioned has so far barred an award-winning Iranian scientist from moving to the U.S. for a new job, and stranded a Clemson University professor abroad, among others
    If you do look at the airports, you see that there are significant protests at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and Dulles Airport outside of Washington, where large crowds have gathered to oppose Trump’s new executive order, provide legal assistance to those being detained, and cheer those being allowed to enter through security and into the US.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Power to the people.

      I'll be damned if this rat bastard will dictate how I live.

    2. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Working out very nicely, what a clueless moron

      O/T "Immoral," "Stupid," and "Counterproductive": National Security Experts Slam Trump's "Muslim Ban"

      "At the moment we need them most, we're telling these people, 'Get screwed.'"

      ......Not only is it immoral and stupid, it's also counterproductive," says Patrick Skinner, a former CIA counterterrorism case officer who now works at the Soufan Group, a security consulting firm. "We've got military, intelligence, and diplomatic personnel on the ground right now in Syria, Libya, and Iraq who are working side by side with the people, embedded in combat, and training and advising. At no time in the US's history have we depended more on local—and I mean local—partnerships for counterterrorism. We need people in Al Bab, Syria; we depend on people in a certain part of eastern Mosul, Iraq; in Cert, Libya. At the exact moment we need them most, we're telling these people, 'Get screwed.'"

      Kirk W. Johnson, who spent a year on the reconstruction in Fallujah in Iraq with the US Agency for International Development (USAID), echoes Skinner's fears: "This will have immediate national security implications, in that we are not going to be able to recruit people to help us right now, and people are not going to step forward to help us in any future wars if this is our stance."

    3. Anonymous5:04 PM

      The Far Right Trump admin has nothing but disdain for educated people, I have no doubt they'd love to exile every professor and every scientist.

      It's time to fight. "Fight" doesn't mean fretting and wringing our hands when a professor or a scientist is a victim of fascism.

  4. Anonymous4:52 PM

    People need to cancel orders from all his and his kids businesses right now. Cancel stay at dc hotel.

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Do we have a list of business to avoid?

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Here's the website detailing all retailers and products -

    3. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Trump has put a target on the back of our troops and Americans all over the globe. I'd wager that he's also putting a target on himself, his family and anything he owns. This makes me wonder how many people will not stay at his hotels for fear of being bombed or another 9/11 style attack. I sure wouldn't!

    4. Anonymous7:17 PM

      And call those businesses and hotels with massive complaints about dRUMPf!

    5. Anonymous9:15 AM

      I have no doubt that his hotels are bugged. He himself said that people should be wary, that any traveler knows hotels are bugged. Even if I could afford to stay at one of his garish places, I wold not. ANYWHERE else would be better.

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Given that Republicans in any office are lying sneaks you can bet there have been several secret conversations with Putin- he's not going to lose any time using all the new power he has over the United States of Wherever.

  6. Anonymous4:54 PM

    The Jew-haters getting into bed with the Commies?

    Remind me again what the Greatest Generation fought for....

  7. Anonymous4:54 PM

    From all the movies we have seen wgere is the guy fighting back by going aftwr his kids? All scripts have the guy doing the samething. He started it all. Fat guy in office.

  8. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Get the app blocktrump to find out who has supported him so you can boycott.

  9. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Great photo title !!,

    “President Trump chatted with Vladimir Putin Saturday, his first known conversation since taking office”

    The keyword here is KNOWN !!!

    Did other president's have "keepers" present when speaking with foreign dignitaries?

    1. I would hope the phone calls were recorded for review. Surely with the questions surrounding Trumpco there are plenty of suspecions.

      BTW, has anyone verifid that Julian Assange is still alive?

  10. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Great photo title !!,

    “President Trump chatted with Vladimir Putin Saturday, his first known conversation since taking office”

    The keyword here is KNOWN !!! This is the photo op conversation. What about the others, like during the campaign!!

  11. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Now if we could only get a BAN ON TRUMP !!

    His first defeat, let’s see how he handles it !!!!

    A Federal Judge Just Issued A Stay Against Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban"

    A federal judge in Brooklyn just issued an emergency stay against the implementation of Donald Trump's executive order banning immigration from certain middle eastern countries.

    Judge Donnelly "The stay is granted!"
    — Jackie Vimo (@JackieVimo) January 29, 2017

    Judge: "Class is pretty well defined as outline in the papers - otherwise would be reviewing stays for a hundred people" so stay is national
    — Jackie Vimo (@JackieVimo) January 29, 2017

    The lawsuit was brought by the ACLU on behalf of two men detained at JFK airport in New York. The men were subsequently released.

    You can read the ACLU's original complaint below:

    1. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Immigrant visas are green cards ie folks planning on becoming citizens, non-immigrant are temporary visas like H1, students etc.

      UPDATE: Here's a copy of Donnelly's order. It applies to "individuals with refugee applications approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as part of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, holders of valid immigrant and non-immigrant visas, and other individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen legally authorized to enter the United States."

  12. Anonymous5:16 PM

    What a nasty woman !!!!

    Federal Judge “stayed” Muslim ban, Get use to it And we’re just getting started !!!!

    Kellyanne Conway just topped her own record of pure hatred and vindictiveness

    This is what ‘Special Adviser’ to Donald Trump had to tweet out on Saturday after Trump’s first week of multiple executive orders exemplifying hatred, division, racism, xenophobia and a pure lack of compassion for fellow human beings.

    Kellyanne Conway
    Get used to it. @POTUS is a man of action and impact.
    Promises made, promises kept.
    Shock to the system.
    And he's just getting started
    10:03 AM - 28 Jan 2017

    He’s just getting started? Well, so are we.

  13. Anonymous5:28 PM

  14. Anonymous5:29 PM

    O/T, but *very*
    interesting to see...

  15. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Whoops! Noticed you are already on it on another article! BTW, a federal judge just ordered a stay on the Muslim Ban put in place by the Orange Menace. Baby steps...

  16. Anonymous5:44 PM

    See why little Stevie was in the room

    Trump boots top officials — but includes Steve Bannon — in reshuffled National Security Council

    ...Unlike previous presidential administrations, Trump’s Saturday memo specified that the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs will only attend principals committee meetings that pertain to their specific “responsibilities and expertise.”.....

    ..... On the council, Bannon will be privy to some of the country’s most highly classified military and intelligence secrets. Typically membership on the council is reserved to the president and key administrators and is, as columnist and author Dan Froomkin said Saturday night “off limits to political hacks.”......

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Is is going to sell classified info to the enemy? ie russians

  17. I still have duct tape. Guess where I'd put it?

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      ooooh! So many possibilities, MrsTB.
      Could it be around Kellyanne's obnoxious, smirking grin? Or maybe Trumpie's little twitter fingers? Or around his collection of sharpies.. Oh oh, or between Trumpie and the nuclear button!!

  18. I love your caption under the photo Gryph. When I read it I hear it in Alec Baldwin's voice. In fact any quote I read or tweet from Donald Trump comes out in my head in Baldwin's voice.

  19. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Gosh, good thing she wasn’t a russian spy or terrorist :)


    Officials say intruder gained access to GOP retreat

    Officials who organized this week's closed-door conference of House and Senate Republicans believe an "unauthorized person" gained access to the event and may be the source of audio recordings distributed to the press.

    In a letter to lawmakers obtained by POLITICO, officials from the Congressional Institute said that a woman "infiltrated" the GOP retreat -- held in downtown Philadelphia -- on Thursday and identified herself as a lawmaker's spouse. She snuck into the event on the same day that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence addressed lawmakers.

    "She was able to gain access using counterfeit credentials," Institute officials wrote to lawmakers, who noted that she went through security screening and was ultimately asked to leave at 6:30 p.m. that night.

    They added that they are working with Capitol Police to identify the intruder and pledged to keep members of Congress in the loop about the investigation.

  20. Anonymous6:59 PM

    This is hilarious. These Rethugs are supposed to berunning the country, wiping out ISIS and they can't even monitor their own meetings - if this is true, which I strongly doubt!!

  21. Anonymous7:13 PM

    The US is in prison, being made to bend over...without any lube.

    1. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Wow, if the govt can assasinate jfk and his son. Should be esay here.

  22. Anonymous7:25 PM

    The countries that were not included in the ban but where terrorists are active are countries where Drumpf has businesses!

    1. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Of course he's not about to ban any country that enriches his family coffers. Even though many terrorists are from Saudi Arabia he gives them a free pass.

      Trump registered eight companies in Saudi Arabia DURING campaign: report

  23. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Look at that fat lard ass splitting in his made in China suits.

    Hey Trump you need to go up a size you fat ignorant idiot. Now that he has White House chefs at his disposal 24 7 he can eat like the King he thinks he is.

    While Melania gets botox fat bastard will continue to try to rule the world.

    I can't even imagine how small his dick is even with viagra.

    He is just an angry blowhard who mistakes calm for weakness and srength as shoving his fat ass in everyones face.

    I want my Country back. I want grace restored. No one can question our resolve that we have if it is needed. This idiot want's to wield power like a dictator.

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      Yeah and melonface just loves that fat arse. Eww

  24. Anonymous8:39 PM

    This fat asshole needs to be impeached. Look at the damage he has done already. If he thinks we will not protest he is wrong.

    We will not give up, we will take it to the streets in bigly numbers.

  25. Anonymous8:49 PM


  26. Anonymous12:51 AM

    AP article, Underground fires toxins in unfunded clean up of old coal mines in Preston County, West Virginia. One of thousands of decade old coal sites in west Virginia. Its been burning underground for years releasing toxins to homes close by.
    It is truly pathetic that citizen united has attempted this destruction of our country. It is time for citizens to fight for life. These assholes are killing each State in this union along with their citizens. The evil lurks in State Reps, Congressman, Board of Supervisors, Governors, etc that stand with this outrageous lack of representation and ignorance for our survival. Stand up and fight for your Life. This is it.

  27. They will have the building of the concentration camps and gas chambers in the same bill to pa for the fucking wall! #nofuckingwall #nobannowall

  28. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Release your tax returns trump!!!!! cant hide behind that scientology audit excuse much longer.

  29. Stinky Pete4:51 AM

    Where's the MLK bust?

  30. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Well kellyann the countries can just stop the flow of oil. Others can send but we are gonna see 9.00 or over to get gas. The countries will lose $ as well. Why is no one in our govt stopping this mental patient? Never in my life have I seen nothing being done about emoluments, crazies unfit person in his cabinent. I thought we bought with our taxes to stop these crazies in power ever.

    1. Plenty of countries can choose to not buy U.S. goods and now send goods to the U.S.

      Trump is an economic disaster, both directly and indirectly.

  31. Anonymous5:49 AM

    No one pay taxes until 4/15 very last day you can. Refunders get your taxes done asap.

  32. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Or everyone fill out extentions.

  33. How nice. pain, protests, injustice at our airports, and trump prattles away on the phone to his boss.

    Fucking traitor.

  34. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Silly me, his supporters probably mostly don't even pay taxes. Most sound silly and have little intelligence, the wealthy also don't pay enough taxes or none. Who pays the most taxes? We pay taxes for out govt to stop these types of mental patients in office. We pay!
    We must stop purchasing staying at the orange pos business and his kids. We must soeak up, be activist...

  35. Anonymous7:20 AM

    I don't understand why he has not already been
    taken out. CIA, Black Op. and more. He and those
    around him must be stopped. It is like a cancer
    operation. The tumor is removed plus more tissue
    around the tumor. If one cancer cell has been missed, the cancer will return.. They all must go!

  36. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Reminds me of a Nazi photo when these types of men gathered around Hitler. False men with power.


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