Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Drunk with power the first move by the Republicans in Congress is to make sure there will be no swamp draining on their watch.

Courtesy of The New York Times:  

House Republicans, overriding their top leaders, voted on Monday to significantly curtail the power of an independent ethics office set up in 2008 in the aftermath of corruption scandals that sent three members of Congress to jail. 

The move to effectively kill the Office of Congressional Ethics was not made public until late Monday, when Representative Robert W. Goodlatte, Republican of Virginia and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced that the House Republican Conference had approved the change. There was no advance notice or debate on the measure. 

The surprising vote came on the eve of the start of a new session of Congress, where emboldened Republicans are ready to push an ambitious agenda on everything from health care to infrastructure, issues that will be the subject of intense lobbying from corporate interests. The House Republicans’ move would take away both power and independence from an investigative body, and give lawmakers more control over internal inquiries.

With this office now gutted it essentially means that these lawmakers can do as they please with no independent oversight and if anybody complains they will promise to have their pals on the newly created, and totally partisan, Office of Congressional Complaint Review "look into it."

Here was Nancy Pelosi's statement: 

“Republicans claim they want to ‘drain the swamp,’ but the night before the new Congress gets sworn in, the House GOP has eliminated the only independent ethics oversight of their actions. Evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new Republican Congress. 

“The Office of Congressional Ethics is essential to an effective ethics process in the House, providing a vital element of transparency and accountability to the ethics process. The amendment Republicans approved tonight would functionally destroy this office. 

“Congress must hold itself to the highest standards of conduct. Instead, the House Republicans Conference has acted to weaken ethics and silence would-be whistleblowers.”

Remember this happened on DAY ONE. And it can only get worse from here.

Trump himself also tweeted his displeasure at this move by House Republicans.
However his opinion makes little difference. And he is undoubtedly only tweeting this to cover his gigantic orange ass.

Any moron who voted for Donald Trump and these ass clowns because they believed they were going to "drain the swamp," and clean up Washington, is a special kind of stupid.

If we thought we had seen corruption before we are about to get a taste of what REAL corruption looks like.


  1. It's especially telling that the biggest push for gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics came from those who had the most to fear from the OCE.


    1. As of a short time ago, the Repubs are backing off on this—at least for now. But it should never have been proposed!

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM


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    4. Anonymous 9:16 AM posted a link to a RawStory article dated 6:57 Anchorage time. Since then, the Repubs have walked that back (see above). It frequently pays to refresh the page before posting—things may have changed.

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I blame people who abstained from voting or voted 3rd party as much as those who voted for trump and the gop.

    1. We may have two major parties but we are not a two party system. We can have as many parties as we like and voters can vote for whoever they want.

      Saying you can only vote for the top two disenfranchises a lot of people who then cannot vote for the candidate they want or against the candidate they don't want. They may simply not vote at all.

      I think we have quite enough of that.

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Oh Gryphen, I do love you,

    "...his gigantic orange ass"

    Ha-ha, I needed a good laugh. Thanks G, you are the best!

    R in NC

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    They have voted again and reversed it.

  5. Off topic..... More Russian hacking news.



  6. Anonymous8:56 AM

    UPDATE: Congressional Republicans have caved (temporarily) to public outcry and have withdrawn their plan to make the Office of Congressional Ethics subordinate to the same people it would be investigating.


    HOWEVER -- don't go rejoicing yet. I'll bet a month's pay they'll sneak this through in a few months while we are distracted with the death of the Affordable Care Act or another atrocity.

    1. Agree.

      It's only on the back burner.

      As with whatever TPTB want, they just wait until the furor dies down and attention is distracted, then whatever it is is brought back to life and they get their way.

      I see it at the local level all the time.

      That Dakota pipeline is going to go through, too. Just wait and see.

      Keystone XL also.

  7. Anonymous9:14 AM

    MANipulating the stock market:

  8. Anonymous9:19 AM

    M.M. 17 days and counting:


  9. Anonymous9:35 AM

    And the deplorables won't even notice.

    What a sick, morally bankrupt country we live in.

  10. Anonymous9:38 AM

    OT HA!
    "Trump claimed GM imports the Chevy Cruze from Mexico, but about 97 percent are made in the U.S."


  11. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Nothing here folks, look>

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      HE'LL probably hand him a medal for saving the US from the 'criminal;' Hillary and handing the nation over to the felon tax evader woman trashing Trump.

  12. Anonymous9:42 AM


  13. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Trump had to insert the part about the office being "unfair." He couldn't just make a clean objection. He also sent Kellyann out to refer to the office in negative terms. I don't for a second believe he isn't really okay with the House's desire to gut the office. In this tweet he gets to play games like he always does with his tweeting. He avoids a real discussion with any details and gets to make it appear as if he stands for one thing when he really stands for another or had never even heard of something until now--yeah right, like he knew this office existed.

  14. a. j. billings10:03 AM

    FFS, is THERE ANYTHING the Christian Right isn't going to completely poison on their way towards theocracy imposed at the point of a gun?

    I see they have now back tracked some, but wtf, Repubs?

  15. abbafan10:06 AM

    O/T - USA Today reports Megyn Kelly bolts from Faux to join NBC! The Faux swamp is draining!

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Oh great. One more GOP voice on NBC. The swamp is draining and tilted at the one sort of liberal voice left. We don;t want Kelly. She's as bad as Kellyanne.

    2. abbafan 10:06 AM wrote: O/T - USA Today reports Megyn Kelly bolts from Faux …

      New York Times article:

    3. abbafan11:37 AM

      Mr. Powell - thank you for providing a link for other readers. I'm not very computer-literate; I'm as old-school as it gets. Thank you sir!

    4. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Wonder how Rachel Maddow feels about all these Republicans flowing to NBC? She is the only voice I watch on MSNBC anymore. I'll bet Trump tries to edge her out as well as Bill Maher. We'll just have to wait and see.

      Again, I fear for our country and the dictatorship of Donald Trump and his cronies!

  16. Anonymous10:16 AM

    ABC News Politics
    Twitter › ABCPolitics

    JUST IN: Hillary and Bill Clinton to attend inauguration of Donald Trump, aides confirm to @joshbhaskell.

    2 mins ago - Twitter

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Cool-when they haul him off in cuffs, Hill will be ready!

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM


    3. Anonymous11:48 AM

      What do you bet the cameras will be on her most of the time . . . and. . . she'll get huge rounds of applause everywhere she goes while The Trumpster will be boo'ed!!!

  17. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Hallie Jackson
    Twitter › HallieJackson

    NEW: Pres. George W. Bush & wife will attend Donald Trump's inauguration; say they're pleased to "witness the peaceful transfer of power"

    58 mins ago - Twitter

  18. Also OT....numerous Palins got themselves some bad press today on Radar.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Baby In Danger: Track Palin’s Ex Demands Full Custody Of Newborn After Drunken Brawl

      According to newly obtained court documents, she is demanding primary physical custody of the 3-month-old child because — she claims — she is “concerned” about her “safety or the safety of her children.”

      Loewe wrote in the paperwork she wanted Track’s visitation to be “COMPLETELY” at her discretion.


    2. Anonymous11:12 AM


    3. Anonymous12:50 PM

      It's obvious no one cares about Sarah Palin any longer and it's about time. Their family (to include the bitch, Sarah!) have been a toxic mess for years. It really was too bad that McCain overlooked her, and their, issues way back when! God was truly watching over us when they lost the election to President Obama and VP Biden!

      The Republican party wants nothing to do with her with the same being in the Alaska group. She's been used, bruised, proved to be unethical, has lost her physical attractiveness, has aged and is now a senior citizen, continues to be nasty and reactive and is long done politically!

      There rarely is anything written about her that is positive or supportive anymore and I'm eager to see if IM discloses any other of the facts he has had on her.

      She is not admired or respected - which reminds me of how the majority feel of Donald Trump! They are basically two peas in a pod except for the fact Trump was awarded the presidency via the electoral vote. But, he did loose the popular vote in a landslide to Hillary Clinton!

  19. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Fitting, since both families caused the mess. Sick of hippocrits and liars.

  20. Anonymous10:55 AM

    According to the Washington Post, House Republicans have backed off their plan to gut their ethics committee:

    House Republicans scrapped plans to weaken an independent ethics watchdog on Tuesday after a backlash from President-elect Donald Trump, as a new period of Republican-led governance started taking shape on a tumultuous note.

    The House GOP moved to withdraw changes made the day before to official rules that would rein in the Office of congressional Ethics. Instead, the House will study changes to the office with an August deadline.

    ...Oh please. The backlash was in full swing last night, long before Trump's tweet. And anyway, Trump didn't object to Republicans gutting the ethics office. He just thought they should do it later, when fewer people might notice. And that's what they're doing. They'll "study changes" and then gut the office in August, when everyone is on vacation.

    Can we please stop pretending that everything in the country is happening as a direct result of Trump's tweets? For God's sake.


    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      House Republicans Drop Efforts To Gut Ethics Watchdog After Onslaught Of Criticism

      ...Members reported that they had started getting a flood of phone calls from constituents concerned that Congress was neutering a key ethics watchdog.

      “The calls we’ve gotten in my district office and here in Washington has surprised me, meaning the number of calls,” said Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), who noted before the amendment was stripped that he would vote against the rules package if it remained in the measure. “People are just sick and tired.”

      Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said he would now work to completely abolish the Office of Congressional Ethics, citing concerns over anonymous whistleblowers making accusations against members and the OCE leaking information to the press.

      Asked to provide an example of the OCE leaking information to the press, King failed to come up with one and got testy.

      “Just google it,” he said.

      ...Pelosi issued a statement after the amendment was dropped, noting the “clear contempt for ethics in the People’s House” that she said Republicans showed with their plan.

      “Once again, the American people have seen the toxic dysfunction of a Republican House that will do anything to further their special interest agenda, thwart transparency and undermine the public trust,” she added. “Republicans should remember the strength of public outrage they faced in the space of 12 hours as they scheme to do lasting damage to the health and economic security of millions and millions of hard-working families.”


    2. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Not So Fast, Media: GOPer Says Trump Tweets Didn't Prompt Ethics Reversal


  21. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Bombshell Report: Megyn Kelly WALKS OUT On Fox News — For Rival NBC!
    Anchor announces her big move.


    Megyn Kelly‘s victorious move to NBC isn’t good news to everyone — especially the network’s lead anchors!

    As Radar reported, Andrew Lack, Chairman of the NBCUniversal News Group, announced today that the 45-year-old said goodbye to Fox News for good, signing a multi-year agreement under which she will host her own daytime program, anchor a Sunday night news show and work on other big-event coverage.


    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Fox News has lost the future face of their network. Kelly has been groomed a promoted for years to be the person who takes over 8 PM ET from Bill O’Reilly. Kelly and her second biggest viewership on cable news are gone, and Fox is left with a giant hole in their network, and contrary to what the Murdoch family wants to believe, the network has a thin bench with no stars the size of Kelly in waiting.


    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Megyn Kelly’s Facebook page goes berserk over NBC move: ‘You’re a sell-out and a traitor’


      ‘NBC has hired a racist’: The internet bashes network for hiring ‘ideologue’ Megyn Kelly


  22. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Trump tweeted 5+ hours ago re the ethics office. It's now about 3:15 his time. So 10-ish this morning he tweeted on the matter. It was the #1 story late last night and this morning. We know he stays up late and gets up early. Trump never waits to tweet if it's something that bugs him. His tweet was not about anything he really felt and believed. It was all machinations.

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      It Was People Power, Not Trump, That Caused House GOP Ethics Reversal

      House Republicans are admitting that it wasn't president-elect Trump, but a wave of angry constituent phone calls that caused the members to back off their plan to weaken the independent ethics safeguards.

      ...The lesson that every American can learn from the House Republican flip-flop is that people power works. Now that Republican heads are on the chopping block, the House GOP majority is signaling that can be pressured by their constituents.

      For those of you who were wondering what you can do to combat the Trump/GOP agenda, a hint of what is possible was revealed today. House Republicans are going to do their best to ignore the will of the people, but if the people stand up and scream loud enough and long enough, Republicans who are already fearing for their own job security will have no choice but to hear.

      Notice that it wasn’t emails or online petitions that made House Republicans listen. It was phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls. Anyone who wants to make Republicans feel the heat needs to commit to calling the D.C. offices of their Representatives and Senators.


    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      House GOP Faceplant On Ethics Coup Shows Public Shame Still Matters
      Public outrage blocked a secret, midnight effort to nuke the congressional ethics watchdog.

      The about-face is significant because it is a strong signal, if one were needed, that public opinion still matters. Despite losing the popular vote for the White House and getting fewer overall votes for Senate seats than Democratic candidates, Republicans are on the verge of controlling all three branches of government, and have telegraphed their intention to ram through the most aggressive agenda possible. Tuesday’s faceplant suggests less may be possible than Republicans think.


  23. Anonymous11:31 AM

    “We know why Trump was annoyed w/ timing. Focus on ethics brings public outrage– putting more focus on his own outrageous ethical violations.”


  24. Anonymous11:58 AM

    With promises of soviet whores in tRump whorertel and rubles for votes gotta pre-empt any oversight.
    Ethics shmethics!

  25. Ha!. They caved.

    Even with the short notice and secrecy, they couldn't take the blowback.


    "After a torrent of bad headlines, countless phone calls to member offices, and two tweets from President-elect Donald Trump, House Republicans dropped their plans to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics Tuesday, just minutes before the House was set to gavel in for the 115th Congress and adopt their rules package for the next two years."

    Don't know if they are still going to forbid members from using their cell phones on the House Floor.


  26. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I just hope that if NBC for Megyn Kelly means MSNBC, people like Hallie Jackson, Katy Tur, and Kristen Welker don't get shoved aside. They worked their butts off doing great work during the election and I've been glad to see them on since then. With All Due Respect came to its end shortly after the election, so I can see MSNBC making space in their lineup, but I really like these good female reporters. they have.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Yeah, and we don't need to see her dressed like a prostitute on NBC.

  27. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Trump Spokesman Completely Embarrassed On CNN By Ex-CIA Operative (VIDEO)

    "What the hell is that dude talking about"



  28. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Panelist nails Donald Trump as "an ignoramus - he does not understand domestic or foreign policy"


  29. Anonymous12:50 PM

    BOMBSHELL: Researcher Lays Out Trump’s Alleged Ties To Organized Crime And Prostitution

    Donald Trump’s ties to Russia combined with his unwillingness to release his tax returns have led some to speculate that the President-elect may be hiding some illegal, or at least unethical, business ties. Researcher Selim Sazak has his own theory, which he revealed on Twitter on Monday.

    The trail Sazak lays out is a fairly convoluted one so we’ll use a combination of direct quotes and embedded tweets to make the trail a bit easier to follow. Keep in mind that all of this is speculation on the part of Sazak, but his theories do make sense.

    Sazak begins by discussing Trump’s business ties Tevik Arif, a Turkish businessman with ties to organized crime. The first several tweets focus mostly on Arif and his ties to Turkey. The tweets allege that Arif used his influence with the Turkish government to enrich himself and his business partners.


  30. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Hollywood Celebrities Come Together With A Dire Message For Congress (VIDEO)


  31. OK boys and girls. lets get busy. Apparently this group exerted pressure on congress this morning to get the ethics bill revsion abandoned. Read about the operatives of this site and see some heavy hitters.

  32. Anonymous6:42 PM

    People of American need to be outrages and proactive when it comes to the Republican dickhead in D.C. They think they can ramrod us Americans into being docile bitches like Putin has done to his people? Holy shit! Try it.

  33. Anonymous7:07 PM

    This was just a distraction to make Punkinhead look good,nothing more. Nothing to see here,folks..

  34. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I got on this morning to bitch about it. Did anyone else at IM?? Doesn't do any good to sit around and whine.

  35. The House did manage to take away their Constitutional right to free speech.

    They have imposed a $2500 fine for taking photos or video with personal devices.

    Seems they didn't like being embarrassed publicly the last tie the Democrats had a sit in in protest of their Fascism.


    "The House of Representatives approved a rule today prohibiting members of Congress from using phones or other personal electronic devices to record or broadcast material on the chamber floor.

    The rule, passed with a series of rules to govern the newly sworn-in Congress, was written in response to a sit-in that Democrats held last summer when Republicans recessed without taking up legislation to combat gun violence.

    The sit-in quickly spread on social media even though the official cameras on the floor of the House were switched off.

    Under the new rule, however, the sergeant at arms will be able to fine members for recording or broadcasting activity in the House. Democrats argued the rule was unconstitutional, would limit their freedom of expression and weaken transparency on Capitol Hill. After the rule passed, Democrats defiantly took pictures inside the House chamber with their flashes on and were quickly urged to follow the chamber rules.

    Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who led the summer sit-in, spoke passionately on the floor against the rule and likened it to the oppression he felt during civil-rights-era protests.

    “We should never ever give up the right to protest,” he said. “We were elected to stand on the courage of our convictions not to sit here to rot and hide ... I am not afraid. I have been fined before." "


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