Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hey remember when Mitch McConnell was a real stickler for cabinet appointees to have their paperwork finished before any hearings? Yeah neither does he apparently.

Courtesy of Think Progress:  

The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate plans to rush forward this week with confirmation hearings for many of Donald Trump’s nominees for cabinet and other key executive positions. Though many of the picks have not yet completed the customarily required ethics clearances and background checks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has shown no willingness to delay.

But back in 2009, McConnell took the exact opposite view. A letter to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), posted on Twitter by Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington co-founder and former Obama administration ethics adviser Norm Eisen on Sunday, shows he demanded that “financial disclosures must be complete” before any confirmation hearings be scheduled.

In his letter, McConnell wrote that his party’s duty to “conduct the appropriate review” of presidential nominations, “consistent with the long standing and best practices of committees, regardless of which party is in the majority,” was one it took seriously. “These best practices serve the Senate well,” he added, “and we will insist on their fair and consistent application.” The then-Senate Minority Leader called the financial disclosure process and other ethical steps essential “to fairly review a nominee’s record and to make an informed decision prior to a vote.”

Yep, that ole Mitch McConnell is a by the book kind of guy.

Right up until it inconveniences a president from his party that is.


  1. Buy the book kind of guy? He must have bought one or more of Sarah Palin's books.

  2. SallyinMI2:49 AM

    The House passed a bill saying that any financial dealings of members are PRIVATE, and not subject to review by any ethics board or the House itself. Yup. No corruption there. These guys have been planning this for a while. There's a nice little black book somewhere "When we take power, this is what we do first." They are not deplorable; they are EVIL.

  3. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Chuck Schumer put turtlehead in his place, sent the same letter back with some slight changes, ie names. Go Chuck!!!!


  4. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Kinfucky had the chance to get rid of him last November but didn't. There are no rules to follow anymore; they do what they want, and claim they're standing with the Constitution???

    1. And their miners lost their healthcare too!

      Only the DEMOCRATS were trying to save their healthcare for them.

      Talk about voting against your own best interests.

      Maybe the Democrats should stop trying to help the red states for a while. Let them stew in their own voting record.

  5. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Betsy doesn’t appear to believe in doing her homework or the dog ate it.
    Senate Delays Confirmation Hearing For Education Nominee Betsy DeVos

    ..... An aide to Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), the committee's ranking member, told the Washington Post that Murray hopes "this additional time will allow Ms. DeVos to complete the required ethics paperwork in time for the Office of Government Ethics to submit it to the HELP Committee before her hearing, just as every single one of President Obama’s nominees did and as Leader McConnell demanded eight years ago."......


  6. Anonymous6:04 AM

    You mean -- until it inconveniences a president of his own party that is -- appointing his wife to his cabinet.

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Here are the direct links to the Democratic opposition research reports on four of Trump's cabinet picks that were made public yesterday, ahead of confirmation hearings.






  8. Why aren't you showing the about face edited letter that Chuck Schumer sent right back to Bitch McConjob?

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      That's the funniest thing that I had seen for a long time; Schumer trolled that asshole so hard!


  9. Anonymous12:31 PM

    O/T They are going to need their health benefits after drinking the polluted water:
    The Latest: McConnell suggests regulations Trump should nix

    The Associated Press

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants President-elect Donald Trump to overturn certain environmental regulations imposed by President Barack Obama.
    The Kentucky Republican urged Trump in a letter to scrap several regulations that Republicans consider overly burdensome, including a rule to protect streams from coal-mining debris and separate rule to protect small streams and wetlands from development.

    McConnell also asked Trump to drop a legal defense of the Clean Power Plan, Obama's signature effort to limit carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. The linchpin of Obama's strategy to fight climate change is currently on hold awaiting a court ruling.

    McConnell also urged Trump to protect health benefits for thousands of retired miners who face a loss of benefits this spring


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