Monday, January 23, 2017

In Sean Spicer's second press briefing he complains that the press is hurting his boss's little fee fees.

So here is that exchange between the reporter and Sean Spicer courtesy of the Washington Post: 

Journalist: Getting back to Saturday at the CIA and your statement here at the podium. Why make this crowd side issue -- or crowd size issue something to talk about at all? I mean, why get into it? Did it bother the president that much that he felt that you needed to come out here and straighten that out for us? And why did he choose the CIA as the venue to talk about that? 

Spicer:Look, I think that one of the things that happened, Jim, was he kept hearing about this rift that existed. 

He talked about it a couple of weeks ago at his briefing about how proud he is and how much he respects the intelligence community. And I think when he walked into that and he saw it, he wanted to make sure that people knew that what you're hearing on television or in reports about this rift -- I -- I have the utmost respect for you, I honor your service, I'm proud of what you're doing and the sacrifices that you're making. 

And I think that he wanted them to know that you see and hear all of this stuff on T.V. about this rift that so-called exists and clearly it doesn't matter; like, don't believe what you're hearing, know that I -- I -- I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, I appreciate everything that you are doing. 

And I think that's why he wanted to do it is to make sure that they understand they heard first hand how much he respects them. How much he wanted to dispel the myth that there was a "rift." 

Journalist:But -- but in terms of the crowd size issue, why bring that up at the CIA? And why did you come out Saturday afternoon to talk about that? Did he tell you, Sean, I'm upset about this, I want you to come out and -- 

Spicer: No, I'm not going to get into conversations that I have with the president. But I will tell you that it's not -- it's not just about a crowd size. It's about this constant -- you know, he's not going to run. Then if he runs, he's going to drop out. Then if he runs, he can't win, there's no way he can win Pennsylvania, there's no way he can win Michigan. 

Spicer: Then, if won, it's oh, well he(ph) -- there is this constant theme to undercut the enormous support that he has. And I think that it's just unbelievably frustrating when you're continually told it's not big enough, it's not good enough, you can't win.

 Journalist: And -- and if I may --

Spicer: Hold on -- because I -- I think it's important. He's gone out there and defied the odds over and over and over again. And he keeps getting told what he can't do by this narrative that's out there. And he exceeds it every single time. And I think there's an overall frustration when you -- when you turn on the television over and over again and get told that there's this narrative that you didn't win. You weren't going to run. You can't pick up this state. 

That's not -- you know, that's a fool's errand to go to Pennsylvania. Why is he in Michigan? How silly, they'll never vote for a him. A Republican hasn't won that state since '88. And then he goes and he does it and then what's the next narrative? Well, it must have been because of this. He didn't win that. And then people aren't attending anything or John Lewis is the first person to skip his inauguration. Not true. 

And over and over again, the MLK bust. (What is with these assholes and that MLK bust? The reporter apologized for making that mistake, but these guys simply CANNOT leave it alone.) I think over and over again there's this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement that he represents. And it's frustrating for not just him, but I think so many of us that are trying to work to get this message out. And so I mentioned this to John, part of this is a two- way street. We want to have a healthy dialogue, not just with you but the American people because he's fighting for jobs, he's fighting to make this country safer. 

But when you're constantly getting told that can't be true, we doubt that you can do this, this won't happen, and that's the narrative when you turn on television every single day, it's a little frustrating. 

And I think that for those people around him, his senior team especially, but so many of the other folks that are either here in the administration, that gave up their time during the transition, they left a job to work for three or four weeks because they are so committed to having his nominees get through, it's a little demoralizing to turn on the TV day after day and hear, can't do this, this guy's not going to get confirmed, not way they're going to go through. Journalist: But isn't that just part of the conversation that happens in Washington... 

Spicer: No, it's not. I think... 

Journalist: ... in D.C., that comes from being president of the United States and working at the White House? 

Spicer: No. No, look, I've been doing this a long time, you've been doing this too. I've never seen it like this, Jim, (Was he unconscious during the Obama presidency?) I've never -- and again, I'm not looking to go back and forth, but you're asking for an explanation. And I think that it's important to understand, that whether it's the president himself, the vice president, the senior team, the volunteers or the people who are out there just in America that voted for him or walked the streets or put up a sign, that to constantly be told no, no, no and watch him go yes, yes, yes every time and to come up to the next hurdle and see someone put a block up gets a little frustrating. And I think that we are -- and so, you see this historic thing. And he stands there at the Capitol and I was not that close but, you know, on the platform, and you look out and all your -- it's an amazing view. And it's just so many people who got in long lines, who had to go around all this different stuff to get in. And that was for the first time that we did have to go through fencing that far out. And then to hear, "Well, look at this shot," and it's not -- "It wasn't that big." It's a little demoralizing because when you're sitting there and you're looking out and you're in awe of just how awesome that view is and how many people are there and you go back and you turn on the television and you see shots of comparing this and that. And then you look at the stuff that's happening.

Do you believe that shit?

Remember this is the press secretary for the guy who led the charge in calling our last President illegitimate and forced him to show his fucking birth certificate.

How fucking demoralizing do you think that was for President Obama to have to prove to Donald Trump and the Right Wing that he was even allowed to be the President?

Not only that but literally EVER SINGLE THING Obama tried to do was met with a wall of resistance that would not even consider what he was proposing and both hated it and argued against it before he could even propose it. 

So for Trump, and his own personal Baghdad Bob, to come out sobbing about unfair treatment by the press, that is beyond pathetic.

Earlier in the press conference Spicer also defended his lie about more people watching Trump's inauguration than ANY other inauguration, by pivoting to include online viewership which apparently cannot be tracked.

That is two press briefings, and two times this administration outright lied about facts and bitched about how they were being treated by the press.

Apparently this is the new normal.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” meltdown may be the end of her

    CIA agents were not applauding Donald Trump’s speech. He brought his own cheering section.

    ...So if you were disturbed by the idea of CIA agents applauding Trump’s attacks on the media, don’t worry, it wasn’t them. It’s just that your “president” is so dishonest that he trying to trick you into believing it happened, which may not be any more comforting.

    According to brand new reporting, Donald Trump’s newly installed National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn is currently being investigated for his potentially illegal collaboration with Russia by at least three different federal agencies, including the CIA, FBI, and NSA. You read that last part correctly. It now appears that, while they’re not the same thing the National Security Agency is the bizarre situation of investigating the National Security Advisor.

    The news came from the Wall Street Journal tonight, naming Michael Flynn as the fourth top Donald Trump campaign advisor being investigated for illicit ties to Russia, after Paul Manafort and Carter Page and Roger Stone were all named earlier in the week. But all three of them officially exited the campaign at various points, and none of them ended up taking official jobs in Trump’s White House. In contrast, Flynn just took a key role in the Trump administration.

    It’s worth pointing out that National Security Advisor is a position which does not require Senate confirmation, raising questions as to whether Trump chose Flynn for the NSA role in order to avoid confirmation hearings.

    1. Sphincter promised he wouldn't lie. Then he continued to lie.

      Nail him every time.

      He doesn't like it? Tough shit. Let him scream like a baby, like his boss. Time for them all to put on their big boy pants. After the treatment the press has been given, no one is going to cut them any slack. They will be called out at every opportunity.

      I hope #Spicerfacts continues to have a healthy, long iLife. Serves the schmuck right for trying to pass off fiction as fact. Let him remember that every time he tries it.

      See how long his thin skinned boss wants to keep that albatross around his neck. Sphincter is gonna get fired when it's clear he can't control the press.

      And calling on others (right wing sycophants) is NOT going to make it go away. It will only make it worse.

    2. Anonymous6:30 PM

      Now that his "cheerleaders" have been outed, look for a soundtrack of laughter and clapping to be dubbed in.

    3. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Thanks for all this!

    4. Anonymous7:15 PM

      So, he feels sorry for the hurt feelings of Witwe YUUUGE orange a$$hat.
      How does he think our beloved ex-President, Barack Obama, feels about this orange shitgibbon setting out to DESTROY everything he has accomplished against all odds?!

    5. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Oh! Duh! President Obama could handle it so nobody had to worry about his fee - fees. The orange baby, well, poor flabby baby. Give him a silver spoon.

    6. Anonymous8:22 PM


      Please for the love of all that is holy make sure this is retweeted 100 billions times. #spicerfacts #alternativefact

    7. Anonymous8:24 PM

      13 Sean Spicer Memes That Put His Absurd Inaugural Crowd Claims In Their Place

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Former Acting Director Told Cheering For Trump Didn’t Come From The CIA

    ...Former acting director McLaughlin’s answer was very fair, but it was also quite revealing. The CIA is pushing back hard on the spin coming from the White House that the CIA loved the President, and he received a loud and wild five-minute standing ovation.

    The truth is likely that the CIA was polite to Trump, but the loud cheering and laughing came from the studio audience that the president brought with him. McLaughlin’s insights match up with the CBS report that the cheering was coming from Trump’s cheering section.

    The rift between Trump and the CIA clearly hasn’t been repaired. In fact, the White House’s insistence on exaggeration is probably making things worse, not better.

    1. The CIA is NOT the FBI. The sooner Trump realizes that then maybe he won't publicly embarrass himself.

      Putting his brown noser in charge won't change anything.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Further, he apparently "forgot" to ask the assemblage to be seated...therefore, they continued to stand.

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Ugh, what a whiner! That was just ridiculous. Day one and they're already complaining that the press is being too tough and not singing their praises. Have you been watching coverage of President Obama for the last eight years? Buckle up, dummies, you're not at a rally anymore. They're the press, not the choir, and I think they've got your number now. Feet, meet fire. And for god's sake, Sean, find another way to start a sentence besides "I think Mr. Trump has made it very clear". Oy.

    And how wonderful was that to see Kellyanne Talk-the-Legs-Off-a-Table Conway get her ass handed to her by Chuck Todd in a rare display of balls? She is an accomplished rapid-fire liar and deflector, and Chuck Todd kept after her admirably. She knows full well who Trump is, a dangerously insecure and easily manipulated man-baby with no self-awareness or intellectual curiosity, and she aided and abetted his election anyway. I hope the stink of him will follow her to her grave.

    1. Anonymous1:30 AM

      She looks as though she could use some sleep. Rode hard, put up wet comes to mind every time she appears on TV. Shrew is another good descriptive word for her also, too.

  4. OFFS I'm already sick of this whiny ass administration. Trump is crying so badly because he knows he was involved with the Russians and they stole the election for his stupid orange ass. Sean Spicer will burn out in less than a year. I hope he doesn't get a facial tick.

    Who cares that Trump doesn't feel loved and fawned over. He needs to realize that will not happen except with his clueless supporters. And soon they will be pissed. Even Melania lives in NYC far enough away that she doesn't have to look at his face.

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Keep pounding away at those fragile 'fee fees'. I think if he loses it on TV, we are saved. A quick 2 years blocking and fighting the gop and we can get back our freedom in 2020.

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    wee wee Mee Mee

    1. Anonymous8:28 PM

      All in the matter of a few days, two things that Trump repeatedly bragged about since announcing his presidential campaign – polls and crowd sizes – are now his biggest embarrassments.


    "“But reporters were clapping and laughing, they loved it.”  —  a commenter defending Trump’s first press conference.

    “But members of the CIA were clearly laughing at his jokes and clapping, so what he was saying couldn’t have been inappropriate.”  —  CNN pundit defending Trump’s CIA speech where he talked about his war with the media, in front of a memorial to men and women who lost their lives in actual wars.

    The clapping and laughing you hear in both instances are Trump’s own people, who initiate and get the crowd to follow. They are sycophants who he brings to cheer him on and make it seem like what he’s saying is being well-received. And it’s working."

    "This is how he’s going to chip away at our understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s real and what’s not. This is even stronger, more powerful gaslighting —  making us question our own instincts and even start doing things because we want to fit in with “everyone else” who from what we know, seem to think this is all fine.

    Trump wants a cheering section at all his press conferences and if you don’t realize that those are not the reporters clapping, it will seriously fuck with you.

    The media needs to take a cue from one of Trump’s own complaints during the campaign: Show us the crowd. Let us see who is clapping, and who is not. "

    1. Anonymous3:31 AM

      How did they ever get an audience of Trump sycophants into the CIA building just for the purposes of applauding him? On would think that security precautions would have prevented it.

  8. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Yep, Rachel just was broadcasting the "take your oil". Yep, middle east is secretly becoming one, due to stupid idiot illegitamat little finger's words. They are very different countries. They kill and never ask quetions. This baffoon with little fingers.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Maybe Trump and Tillerson will be able to just steal the oil without us having to lose thousands of soldiers?

    2. Anonymous1:34 AM

      I wonder what happened to change the votes of Rubio, McCain and Graham? Blocks of oil stock from Exxon???

  9. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Yeah, and Rubio alternative factual boldness with Tillerson. What a loser. Yep, no backbone.

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Having a backbone is hard work. We all know that Rubio doesn't do hard work.

    2. Rubio is the DNC's fault.

      First they undercut Grayson to run a former Republican turned dipshit. Then they withdrew money and support for dipshit when Marco decided to run and the polls showed him strong. They didn't even TRY to fight.

      Fucking DNC. No balls. No backbone. And they're going to keep doing what they've always done, only double down. You just watch who gets voted for Chair.

    3. Anonymous6:31 PM

      mlaiuppa, it pains me to say I agree with you.

    4. Anonymous9:31 PM


      You are correct and I fully expect 2018 and 2020 midterms to be a total fail.

      It will be a long time before the party recovers after the ass-whooping it took in 2010, regardless of Obama's 2nd term.

      By not showing up to the midterms voters basically neutered the President beginning in 2011 and rendered his administration ineffective.

      Sad but true, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory should be the Democratic motto.

    5. Anonymous4:30 AM

      Backbone? Not from Marco Jello.

  10. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Little fingers is hurt over the crowd size still. Poor, poor little fingers. While the world has shifted.

    1. Anonymous1:36 AM

      He had to be shocked, riding the limo down almost empty Pennsylvania Ave. Empty stands said it loud and clear - unpopular nominee made it into office.

  11. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Here's the problem in a nutshell : Trump didn't run for or really want to be POTUS. He wants to be the alpha male in the room, the most popular in the senior class superlatives voting. His fragile ego can't handle not being the center of attention. In reality, someone should point out to Sean Spicer that it doesn't matter a tinker's damn if 100 or 100 million saw the inauguration; Donald Trump is still (more's the pity) POTUS 45. Now it's time to dtop being a bunch of whiny little bitches and *ACT* like it. Like the dog that chases cars - you caught it, now what?

    1. Trump can't stand the fact that he is not popular. He can't live with being detested by the majority of the nation.

      He lost the popular vote.

      His inauguration numbers were down in person and on TV.

      Everyone is doubting, questioning and fact checking what he says.

      His favorabilities are the worst since EISENHOWER.

      He's UNPOPULAR.

      No one likes him.

      I honestly think he is clueless as to why.

      He's always had suck ups fawning over him and telling him what a great guy he is. He doesn't understand he has no true friends. He only has people who agree with him out of fear and retribution. He has acquaintances and business associates. But he doesn't have anything like a best friend. NO ONE.

      I may not have a lot of friends but at least no one pretends to like me because they are afraid of what I would do to them if they didn't.

      Trump doesn't have friends. He has people that fear him. That's not the same thing. Something else he doesn't understand.

    2. Anonymous6:30 PM

      62 million voted for him
      74 million voted against him

    3. Anonymous1:41 AM

      I thought it was very telling having Kushner as his aide. He just HAS to have Ivanka and her husband close by, but WHY? Neither are qualified to run the WH anymore than orange asshat is. Maybe nobody who is truly qualified wanted that job, too much ass kissing involved? Also, too maybe they want more permanent jobs, since HE will not be in office long. He has broken all the rules already.

    4. Anonymous4:32 AM

      He's always had the best friends money can buy.

    5. Cracklin Charlie7:57 AM

      You wanna know why I think he keeps her nearby?

      You do?
      I think his daughter is kept nearby, because she has been threatened by someone that is trying to control her father.

      Just my opinion.

  12. Anonymous5:43 PM

    The United States of America has a new holiday.

    Gryphen don't believe me? Search the internet for

    National Day Of Patriotism Devotion

    1. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Sounds like some real North Korea shit right there. Not surprised. We've been in trouble for a while and Trump is the one who is finally going to make the holdouts realize that we're second world, if that.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Well we don’t have to worry too much about celebrating it, only for HIS inauguration day, Jan 2017 and there won’t be another one of those.

      HA HA that is what dictators do, OMG he is such a pathetic insecure little boy.

      Read some of the comments: sounds like Hitler’s National day awakening, another page from the Nixon playbook, has a Pyongyang ring to it.

    3. Anonymous6:41 PM

      He just can't get enough of himself !!!

      On Monday, the paperwork was filed with the federal government declaring officially that Jan. 20, 2017 — the day of Trump's inauguration — would officially be known as the “National Day of Patriotic Devotion.”

      “Now, therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Jan. 20, 2017, as National Day of Patriotic Devotion, in order to strengthen our bonds to each other and to our country — and to renew the duties of government to the people,” the order says.

    4. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Veyersn day, memorial day, and another. Gee.

    5. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Veteran. Stupid phone.

    6. Anonymous6:46 PM

      What was Obama's? he had one too? Wasn't it like reconciliation day?

    7. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Maybe someone will file the paperwork to designate Jan 20, 2017: the day democracy died in the USA day.

      Also for someone that whined that Obama was breaking the law by signing Executive Orders, trump sure has been busy signing them non stop. The power really has gone to his head.

    8. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Well, he also already approved not one, but TWO re-election committees for him for 2020!

    9. Anonymous9:27 PM

      So to honor the National Day of Patriotic Devotion all towns and cities should host parades where no one shows up?

    10. Anonymous3:29 AM

      Anon at 9:27 pm, Next we'll hear that the world-wide marches on Saturday were really in celebration of the inauguration. That's not why I marched.
      Beagle mom

  13. Anonymous5:54 PM

    ACLU National ✔ @ACLU

    Should President-elect Donald Trump attempt to implement his unconstitutional campaign promises, we'll see him in court.

    8:29 AM - 9 Nov 2016

    ACLU to Trump: 'See you in court'

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Looks like donnie is going to be in court a lot, ACLU, Ethics groups.

      I hope it doesn't interfere with him keeping track of his poll numbers:)

    2. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Remember, a sitting president cannot be forced to appear in court...

  14. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Big fat orange baby with the tiny hands and pendulous gut and twenty five chins and only a few millions when he pretends to be a billionaire you're telling me that fat fucking blowhard with an ego the size of Alaska has his feelings hurt because he lost the popular vote and even some of those that voted for him don't like him because he lied to them and then no one showed up for his inauguration and then 5 times more women marched around the world in protest towards the way he treats women and he has his feelings hurt?

    Sorry for the run on sentence (done on purpose) but seriously Barack Obama put up with about 2 million times this sort of bullshit and never once did he ask anyone to feel sorry for him because his fucking feelings were hurt.

    This guy is such a fucking pussy that it really makes all those knitted hats mean something.

    1. Anonymous8:14 PM

      The fat baby is not orange. He wears make up on his face.

    2. Anonymous1:46 AM

      Wait until it hit him that signing papers is NOT all there is to this job. He is incapable of REAL WORK. He should resign now, before he makes even more mistakes that will land him in prison.

  15. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Trump and Spicer are whiny little crybabies spitting their binkies.

    Trump is already miserable. Bring it on.

    1. Anonymous1:48 AM

      tRump must have honestly thought everyone loved him, then reality hit - hard. He is a sub par himan being, grossly self centered and unable to face reality. What a disgrace for this country to have a "leader" like this. He thought he could be the US version of Vlad Putin, or the little troll in N. Korea.

  16. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Buckle up, Buttercup, it's going to be a rough ride...for as long as Sean can keep up with uttering lies.

  17. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Trump is the one that brought up the numbers at the inauguration on twitter, then it was tv numbers and they continued with the story for three days, so boo hoo hoo if the media fact checks his statements and then prints the truth.

    Blah, blah complain about what happened during the campaign, trump should be kissing their butts for all the free media time he got with no tough questions, no fact checking, they literally gave him a free ride to the W.H.

    This is why the so-called businessman, who by the way never actually ran a business others did it for him, has no business being president. He has to answer to us now, not himself.

    Little donnie has been busy redecorating the oval office, yes GOLD DRAPES!!! Does that make him feel more like putin?

  18. So much BULLSHIT! So little truth.

    They whine more than one of those palin babies. Much more...

  19. Anonymous6:47 PM

    So I just looked up some of the home values for liberals who post here.

    Some of you guys are WEALTHY.

    The WA house is valued at about 800k.


    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      What in the hell are you talking about?

    2. Cracklin Charlie7:51 PM


      Are we supposed to be mad about that?

      You'll have to tell us what the reaction is that we're supposed to have. Are we supposed to be mad at the WA house? Mad at each other because at least one person has a nice house? Are liberals allowed to live only in shacks by the railroad tracks?

      My momma used to tell me to mind my own business.

    3. Anonymous8:12 PM

      Aah wrong blog?

    4. I'm not really wealthy but I'm very good at saving money.If you want to come over from the "dark side" I would love to give you some money saving advice. :-)

  20. Anonymous6:48 PM

  21. Anonymous6:51 PM

    It's not not normal, but it's not new either. Nixon and his staff's bunker mentality just took longer to develop than what we are witnessing in little donnie's domain.

    Less famous than "...twist slowly, twist slowly in the wind..." but just as appropriate today is:

    This is the operative statement. The others are inoperative. Ron Ziegler
    Read more at:

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      Time to re-read "All the President's Men" by Woodward and Bernstein

      Also made into a movie

    2. Anonymous3:25 AM

      There are some real differences. Nixon was not in league with a potential enemy state. Nixon and many members of Congress had served in the military during WWII and had some lingering respect for the country, its ideals and its Constitution. Congress was not controlled by the GOP; Democrats were in the majority. Because some GOP members of Congress took their oath to uphold he Constitution seriously, when they became convinced by the evidence of Nixon's crimes, they agreed that Nixon had to go. This will not happen now.

  22. Anonymous6:52 PM

    New Executive Order:

    The media is only allowed to report "the truth" if it bolsters the idea that Trump is adored and brilliant. Otherwise, they are to report "alternative facts". And if the media is unsure which "alternative facts" to report, they can check Trump on Twitter and then be prepared to adjust the story depending on the spin offered by Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.

    Any media that does not follow the rules, can expect to be called out for being among "the most dishonest human beings on Earth" and will not be allowed to ask questions.

    And yep, I wish this was just snark. But it appears to be a new unwritten policy.

  23. Anonymous6:56 PM

    What just a minute, “America first”, what is the bust of Churchill doing in the Oval Office?
    I know trump doesn’t read and isn’t that bright, but he should at least know that Churchill was British from watching movies.

    And those tacky gold drapes, pure trump. Thank God they can’t touch any of the historic rooms.

    Donald Trump Brings Gold Curtains, Winston Churchill Bust to the Oval Office

    Gone are the deep red curtains that hung in the office during the Obama presidency, replaced by bright gold curtains reminiscent of Trump’s apartment inside Trump Tower.....

    ......Any changes to historic rooms like the Lincoln Bedroom and Queen's Bedroom must be approved by the Committee for the Preservation of the White House.

  24. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Oh, just cut each state rep to 4. Limit term limits. Saves loads, yuuuge amounts of money. Then drop Ec. One vote. There, billions saved.

  25. Anonymous7:08 PM

    They really expect us to stay silent. We will not sit quietly and watch Nero Trump fiddle as America burns. Remember when the interrupted president Obama during his speech and called him a liar. Here is the perfect response to the chachi's of America. "I listened as they called my President a Muslim, as though that in itself is a crime.
    I listened as they called him and his family a pack of monkeys.
    I listened as they said he wasn't born here.
    I watched as they blocked every single path to progress that they could.
    I saw the pictures of him as Hitler.
    I watched them shut down the government and hurt the entire nation twice.
    I watched them turn their backs on every opportunity to open worthwhile dialog.
    I watched them say that they would not even listen to any choice for Supreme Court no matter who the nominee was.
    I listened as they openly said that they will oppose him at every turn.
    I watched as they did just that.
    I listened.
    I watched.
    I paid attention.
    Now, I'm being called on to be tolerant.
    To move forward.
    To denounce protesters.
    To "Get over it."
    To accept this...
    I will not.
    I will do my part to make sure this great American mistake becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be.
    I will do this as quickly as possible every chance I get.
    I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country.
    I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice.
    I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to them.
    Them. The people who voted for him.
    The ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win.
    I will do this so that they never forget.
    And they will hear me.
    They will see it in my eyes when I look at them.
    They will hear it in my voice when I talk to them.
    They will know that I know who they are.
    They will know that I know what they are.
    Do not call for my tolerance. I've tolerated all I can.
    Now it's their turn to tolerate ridicule.
    Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day
    forward is now Trump's fault just as much as they thought it was Obama's.
    I find it unreasonable for them to expect from me what they were entirely unwilling to give."
    Author unknown. (Copy and Paste Everywhere)

    1. Anonymous1:54 AM

      Excellent! Hit every point. The Groping Old Pervert party now has the most unfit, ridiculous, orange tinted shitgibbon as their REPRESENTATIVE. What a joke.

    2. Anonymous3:17 AM

      Amazingly accurate summation of the plight we're in right now.

  26. Anonymous7:23 PM

    No White House Leaks Like This ... Until Now
    We now have a story from The Washington Post ("The first days inside Trump’s White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot") to match yesterday's from The Times ("Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Top Aides"). They are each a classic type for a major newspaper......

    We are three days into the administration and the Trump White House leaks not so much like a sieve as a bucket with no bottom.

    The Trump White House not only leaks like crazy. It casually leaks the most intimate and humiliating details about the President - hurt feelings, ego injury, childlike behavior, self-destructive rages over tweets, media failure to credit his own grandiosity. We have simply never seen this level of leaking, with this little respect for the President's dignity or reputation, this early.

    A few examples. From the Times ...

    Mr. Trump grew increasingly angry on Inauguration Day after reading a series of Twitter messages pointing out that the size of his inaugural crowd did not rival that of Mr. Obama’s in 2009. But he spent his Friday night in a whirlwind of celebration and affirmation. When he awoke on Saturday morning, after his first night in the Executive Mansion, the glow was gone, several people close to him said, and the new president was filled anew with a sense of injury.

    From The Post ...

    Trump has been resentful, even furious, at what he views as the media’s failure to reflect the magnitude of his achievements, and he feels demoralized that the public’s perception of his presidency so far does not necessarily align with his own sense of accomplishment.

    From Politico ...

    One person who frequently talks to Trump said aides have to push back privately against his worst impulses in the White House, like the news conference idea, and have to control information that may infuriate him. He gets bored and likes to watch TV, this person said, so it is important to minimize that.

    There is, to put it mildly, a rather clearly recurring theme: a torqued up man-child, alternatively rageful and fragile, both grandiose and profoundly insecure. To a degree it is difficult to maintain perspective since the contrast between the departed and incoming Presidents could simply not be any greater - either in the composure and steadiness of the man in question or in his associates' willingness to share his secrets with the press. Would it even be possible to mount a leak investigation when everyone seems to be leaking?

    It is a bracing picture, chilling and hilarious. But don't lose the point: no White House leaks like this, leaks this much or leaks this casually about the President's emotional weakness.

  27. Anonymous7:28 PM

    What a bunch of whiner's! It's to cold!It's too hot! Too wet ! Not wet enough!
    These people are the biggest crybaby hypocrites.
    Inbred sociopathic bunch of complainers/ liars.
    Start Governing you pathetic low rent assholes!

  28. Pompeo was sworn in as head of the CIA.

    The vote was 66-32.

    Why wasn't it 52-48?

    Because of spineless, ball-less Democratic cock suckers.

    Fuck them all. The Democrats and the Republicans. They're two side of the same rotten, corrupt coin.

    Every vote should be no less than 52-48. Every one.

    Fucking COWARDS.

    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      That's why a truly Democratic majority in Congress would have to include probably an extra 10-20% of them in each branch, because they are ALL part of the problem, they ALL all purchased by special interests and for every 3 honest Democrats there's at least another 1 shyster.

      One good thing about this Trump shakeup is it just shines more light on how the actual system itself is broken and unsustainable and needs be rethought.

    2. Cracklin Charlie7:52 AM

      Are Democrats voting to take away your health care, destroy the environment, and remove the social safety net?

      Do democrats consider the rights of women, children, and minorities less important than those of white men?

      Do democrats cheat with hostile, foreign governments to win elections?

      Democrats and republicans are obviously very different, no matter how much Fox News would like you to believe otherwise.

      And, there is nothing, repeat nothing, good about a trump presidency.

  29. Anonymous7:35 PM

    NPR had excellent program on with journalist from Russia and other contributing members. The essence of it was that EVERYTHING going on with Drumpf and his admin staff is exactly the way they want it. All the buffoonery, lies and fabrications are sucking up all the oxygen and entertaining the viewers and listeners. Meanwhile, like Putin's MO no one is aware of what is really happening and almost no coverage is given to the actions taking place in our fascist headed government.

    All according to plan so those pundits interviewed assured the listeners.

    Pay attention! Our country is at a stake.

  30. Anonymous7:40 PM

    "And I think that it's just unbelievably frustrating when you're continually told it's not big enough, it's not good enough, you can't win."
    THAT, THAT RIGHT THERE is someone who could NEVER EVER get his daddy to love him no matter how HARD he tried. WE are all paying the price for this f*ckheads psychological daddy issues. A**hole. What sh*thead? You couldn't have just gone to therapy like regular folks?

  31. Cracklin Charlie7:42 PM

    You know what?

    I really can't believe the shit I am hearing from these people. I have never seen such a whiny bunch of "winners". Maybe if they would spend a little more time figuring out how to do their jobs, instead of monitoring the teevee airwaves for critical wording, the media, and the American people, wouldn't have so much to criticize them for.

    These people are just a bunch of chuckleheads, who seem not to have clue one about how government works, and have no business being anywhere near any position of responsibility.

    And just how much time does the President(ha!) spend watching teevee every day?

    Four minutes to Wapner!

    1. Anonymous10:12 PM

      Precedent Trump is the best that I can manage in terms of 'respect for the office.'

      And we must be careful about the precedent setting that P. Trump's administration tries to foist off on us (we the people), America, and the world.


  32. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Home from work today, disabled husband says "small man syndrome" when Spicer is mentioned on news.

    Not my president, never will be, and every last one he has picked that congress approves shows where we're headed. FIGHT.

  33. Anonymous8:14 PM

    So he looks at everyone's poo in the white house and declared his is the biggest?! Lmao.

  34. Anonymous9:01 PM

    What a prick.

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer waged a five-year Twitter feud against Dippin’ Dots

    ... Starting in 2010, the man who would become the top spokesman for the President of the United States devoted scoops of tweets to attacking the beady frozen treat known as the “Ice Cream of the Future.”

    Sean Spicer kept his cream conflict going for five years — stretching through his tenure with the Republican National Committee.

  35. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway allegedly punched a man in the face at President Trump's inaugural ball

    ... Conway, who serves as President Trump's senior counselor, apparently stepped between two men after they got into a scuffle at the invite-only Liberty Ball on Friday evening, an attendee told the Daily News.

    But the two men wouldn't break up the fight and Conway apparently punched one of them in the face with closed fists at least three times, according to the stunned onlooker.

    1. Anonymous2:01 AM

      Looks like someone punched back!! What a shrew.

    2. Anonymous3:13 AM

      She and Bristol Palin should get together.

    3. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Is this true?

      Maybe they were grabbing her...

  36. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Herr Trump signs executive order declaring his Inauguration Day as a national day of patriotism

  37. Anonymous9:16 PM

    "No one respects women more" than Trump.

  38. Anonymous9:23 PM

    FACT CHECK: WH's new press secretary lied 4 times during a 5 minute speech. #Trump #SpicerFacts

  39. Anonymous9:47 PM

    There is nothing normal about Trump.

    1. Anonymous4:40 AM

      I agree.

  40. EPA freezes grants and tells employees not to talk about it.

    Fascist state. Only under a Fascist state.

  41. "President Donald Trump told Capitol Hill leaders Monday evening that he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million “illegals” voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to three sources in both parties familiar with the meeting.

    Trump has repeatedly claimed that he lost the popular vote in November’s election because of voter fraud. There is no evidence of this, and none that millions of undocumented immigrants voted for Clinton. It’s a fixation for Trump, who won the election because of Electoral College votes, but has had trouble accepting that Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million.

    “I don’t think he was joking,” said one person familiar with what happened in the meeting. “He spent 10 minutes on his win and said he won the popular vote, except 3 to 5 million illegals voted for” Clinton."

    He's not just obsessed. He's mentally unstable. He is going to break down. It's only a few days and already he's cracking.

    "President Trump had just returned to the White House on Saturday from his final inauguration event, a tranquil interfaith prayer service, when the flashes of anger began to build.

    Trump turned on the television to see a jarring juxtaposition — massive demonstrations around the globe protesting his day-old presidency and footage of the sparser crowd at his inauguration, with large patches of white empty space on the Mall.

    As his press secretary, Sean Spicer, was still unpacking boxes in his spacious new West Wing office, Trump grew increasingly and visibly enraged.

    Pundits were dissing his turnout. The National Park Service had retweeted a photo unfavorably comparing the size of his inauguration crowd with the one that attended Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony in 2009. A journalist had misreported that Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office. And celebrities at the protests were denouncing the new commander in chief — Madonna even referenced “blowing up the White House.”"

    "Over the objections of his aides and advisers — who urged him to focus on policy and the broader goals of his presidency — the new president issued a decree: He wanted a fiery public response, and he wanted it to come from his press secretary.

    Spicer’s resulting statement — delivered in an extended shout and brimming with falsehoods — underscores the extent to which the turbulence and competing factions that were a hallmark of Trump’s campaign have been transported to the White House."

  42. OH BOY!

    Stephen Colbert is going to host the Prime Time Emmys.

    I'm going to watch for sure.

  43. Anonymous1:57 AM

    The thing is, narcissists require constant, excessive admiration.

    That's what Trump actually thought that he was signing up for. He does a good job of attacking the occasional critic, by calling them fat and ugly if they're a woman, or a tiny penised loser if they're a man. Having the whole world suddenly dumping on him might actually push him completely over the deep end.

  44. Anonymous3:12 AM

    For some bizarre reasons, Donald Trump and the GOP are intent on completely obliterating the presidency of Barack Obama and probably, after that, any Democratic presidency that ever took place. On noon, January 20, 2017, the United States became a grotesque propaganda-filled regime that will treat its citizens a little more cruelly every day until we all submit.

    This is the worst political nightmare any of us could ever possibly have had. And, because the GOP cares only about its corporate masters and not about the country, there is not one member of the majority in Congress who will hold anyone in the Trump administration accountable for shredding the Constitution to bits before our very eyes.

  45. Anonymous3:53 AM

    After hearing his little speech at the CIA, wow. The con is mental. His world is in the govt. White old men. No real work. No people of color unless they are albino.
    He probably would not know how to act with a person of color in his administration.
    The con is mental. Yeah get over with it and put Pence in already.
    We are a weak country now.

  46. Anonymous3:54 AM

    He will close off the usa to the world. Just like his world. You can't change an old dog. He is old. And he will not change. No.

  47. "... forced him to show his fucking birth certificate."
    No, trump did not force the President to show his birth certificate.

    Then candidate Obama willingly presented his birth certificate, the same certificate anyone born in Hawaii receives from the state when they request an official copy of their birth certificate, way back in 2008 during the campaign.

    After listening to the whining of racist pigs over the next few years, including trump's, the President's team finally decided to make a special request of the state of Hawaii to release the "long-form" certificate. Which of course was no different than the standard certificate released years earlier by the president.

    Don't make it sound as though the President hid his birth certificate until trump forced him to show it.

  48. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Rubio, caved. Donors "I paid for you, you will vote in Tillerson", is how I imagine how it went. Shows how money in politics work. They really are just prostitutes.

  49. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Turns out little Rubio is little.

  50. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Pathetic Liars in the white house.

  51. Anonymous8:15 AM

    This must not be allowed to be the new normal!

    We must fight not to be relegated to the us banana republic.

  52. Gryphen - as much as this possible scenario terrifies me, I've begun to seriously wonder why Mitch fucking McConnell was SO AGAINST the SCOTUS nomination by our former real president? Did McConnell already know at that time that trump was getting help from a powerful outside force and he KNEW he'd win? Why else would McConnell be so sure HRC wouldn't win and just push through the nomination of same one or someone similar? SMH. I believe the conspiracy goes far deeper than any we've ever seen. The possibility leaves me shaking with rage and fear.


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