Friday, January 20, 2017

Jobless claims are the lowest in 43 years. And yet we are replacing the guy that made that happen.

You're welcome folks.
Courtesy of KRQE News: 

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest level in more than 43 years, another sign that most American workers enjoy job security. 

THE NUMBERS: The Labor Department said Thursday that 234,000 Americans sought jobless aid, a drop of 15,000 from the previous week and lowest since November 1973. The four-week average, which is less volatile, fell by 10,250 to 246,750, also the lowest since November 1973. The total number of people receiving unemployment benefits was 2.05 million, down 7.7 percent from a year earlier. 

THE TAKEAWAY: Unemployment claims are a proxy for layoffs. They have now come in below 300,000 for 98 straight weeks.

Remember this is the President that the Republicans accuse of screwing up the country.

And today he is leaving and we are welcoming a guy who is famous for not paying the people who work for him.

We are so fucked. 


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Kellyanne Conway looks like a freakin' clown in her drum majorette costume.

    1. I agree she looks ridiculous. She IS deplorable.

      50th? Naw.
      Anyway, Happy 70th Birthday wench.

    2. Anonymous7:43 AM

      She looks ill, seriously ill! i don't care for her personally but my maternal side wants to feed her a good nourishing meal and put her down for a loooong nap. When I see someone so skinny and tired looking it pulls at my caring side. Ja, i know she's a POS.

    3. Becky Baker7:45 AM

      She looks fabulous especially for a woman in her late 80s, you haterz!!!!

    4. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Gucci outfit, $3600, no word on if the hideous thing was purchased by kellyanne or the GOP coffers ala palin 2008.

    5. Anonymous8:58 AM

      I find her a physically very unattractive woman (too thin - doesn't look healthy - her hair is NOT healthy looking at all - and, her nastiness shows on her physically!)!

      Plus, she is evil in her spirit and nastiness. Fits perfectly though w/The Donald!

    6. Anonymous11:06 AM

      " Trump's own hats worn at the inauguration were made in China."

    7. Anonymous11:13 AM


    8. Her fashion sense is on par with Trump's interior decorating.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Another beautiful photo of President Obama with that gorgeous smile of his! God, is he going to be missed.

    I'm not watching anything concerning Trump today. As I've said before, the fat ass will NEVER represent me as potus. He'll be a deplorable leader no matter how the media is turning their stance on him 'again' and applauding! Make me literally want to puke!

    America is going to be in so much trouble! Be ready and protect yourselves!

    1. Does Trump ever smile? I mean a real smile of joy, not that sarcastic grimace.

  3. Anonymous6:33 AM

    On top of everything else, Republicans have a shit poor record when it comes to the economy. It's not going to be pretty in four years time. Will need a Democrat to dig America out of the hole (again again again).

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      Yup. Even a financial advisor agreed with me a few years ago that the economy always does better when the Democrats are in charge.

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Most of us excelled financially throughout the President Obama administration and leadership. I know I did and have zero worries as to my retirement unless Trump figures some way to get to it. Think I've protected myself pretty well though.

  4. Anonymous6:53 AM

    I will mourn today and tomorrow I will march!

    1. I will ignore today and tomorrow I will march in my beautiful pink Pussyhat.

  5. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Sorry, Gryphen, you're being WAY too negative about Dear Leader even before the official coronation takes place. What is wrong with you? smh

    Instead of directing all that energy you waste in your sad little whiny reality-based criticisms of Emperor Drumpf's divine ascension you pursued a more magical-thinking, whistling-past-the-graveyard approach to this national abomination, you would be a MUCH happier person!

    In other coronation news: is reporting that Emperor Drumpf will break with tradition by taking the oath of office holding his right hand on a copy of his best-selling mythical novel "The Art of The Deal" while provocatively displaying the crossed index and middle fingers of his left hand.

    Let The Apocalypse begin!

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Did anyone look at his hand on the Bible - was he displaying a projected middle finger?

    2. 9:02.

      More like his fingers were crossed.

  6. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Trump declared the unemployment rate was 50% adding to his pile of pathalogical lies while projecting his chronic lying.

    For any of us who were involved or a target of revenge with a personality like Trump we know the tumultuous chaos to hell on earth they can and will reign justifying it falsely accusing others.

    IMO Trump winning the election is a big statement of mankind in our country and it is not a flattering one. His portrayal of Clinton to manipulate votes and honor Russia as if the hacking was no big deal was successful for him and the beginning of him dessimating democracy and founding principals of our country. Today is a sad day in history this con man takes office who is extraordinarily unqualified.

    1. Anonymous9:05 AM

      I really look differently as to my Republican friends. I know some of them supported Trump and learning that truly did alter my feelings for them.

      I'm not the only one feeling that way! I suspect the majority throughout America are looking at each other with questions and distrust.

      Trump truly has been a massive divider and racist! And, he is talking about two terms! Hopefully, he'll not make it through his first!

    2. Anonymous10:38 AM

      If he makes it through the next four years, he will indeed stay for four more. The gerrymandering and voter suppression that is going on with the GOP in the last eight years will be ramped up to the n'th degree. Mark my words. Remember, #NOTMYPRESIDENT has himself said that the White race is better than the brown/yellow/black race, and that thus those people should not have the right to vote!

    3. He had to say that so that his first day of office he could announce the true numbers and take credit for instantly lowering unemployment on day one.

      And his gullible Deplorables will believe him.

  7. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I seriously doubt Trump will make a four-year term, 6:33 AM and I assuredly don't see him serving two terms (as he's already talking about!).

    The guy sucks from the top of his bald head to the fat, wide soles of his feet!

  8. Anonymous7:02 AM

    The tiny handed vulgarian has taken credit for every piece of good news since the day of his election, so he will take credit for this too.

    1. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Trump is a #1 asshole trying to take credit for the good leadership accomplishments of President Obama!

      Trump is a rabid liar, cheat, ego maniac and fraud! And, worst of all, he's not bright!

      In fact, I'll go on to say that he is a fraudulent piece of shit! No one worse than him in our country!

      Just watch how the Republican led United States Congress is going to try and negate everything President Obama has done throughout his two terms.

      I'm betting that President Obama has figured out a way to block some of the things so the Republicans can't touch them!

      Love that President Obama has a much higher approval rating than Trump and the United States Congress. It's galling the Hell out of them that a black POTUS has outscored them in every sense of the word!

      Thank you, President Obama and First Lady Michelle! You've done an outstanding job representing Americans throughout our country and world.

      I cannot think of one Republican that is going to be able to follow in their footsteps! Not one and especially not Donald Trump and his porn wife!

      Trump will be a friggin' disaster!

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Did you see the size of his crowd? I believe it might fit in the palm of his hand.

      All together now... he's got the whole mall in his hand, he's got the whole mall....

    3. PalinsHoax9:35 AM

      Anonymous8:52 AM
      Did you see the size of his crowd? I believe it might fit in the palm of his hand.
      - - - - -
      I believe that should be: "fit in the palm of his TEENY, TINY hand."

  9. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Mr and Mrs Clinton have arrived at the shit show and they both look really great. #trueclass
    I'm sort of taking one for the team and checkin in here and there on the shit show.
    TYT reported that there's LOTS of parking still available, and the garages are saying they're 40% full(on a regular business day there's nowhere near this amount of available parking). The street scenes look devoid of crowds. Sure, there are some people about, but nowhere NEAR the throngs of crowds for PBO #1 or #2.

    1. Anonymous7:14 AM


    2. Anonymous7:17 AM

      OMG MIchelle looks beautiful in her matching red coat and dress!

    3. I have great admiration for the Clinton's and you are right... they look marvelous!

      Trump will blame the very obvious and highly reported lack of adoring masses on a tsunami.

    4. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Melania Trump’s Rip Off Of Jackie O Is A Sad, Empty Trump Show

    5. Anonymous9:18 AM

      As far as folks being in the streets, it looks more like protesters than loads of fans. Some are being arrested for just putting one foot in the street(against the rules to to that today). The cops are dresses all military style. The footage I've seen shows peaceful protesters.

    6. Don't know about George but H.W. and Barbara begged off due to health.

      I'll bet George is reveling in this. He's thinking, thank you Trump, now I'm no longer the worst president the U.S. has ever had.

  10. Anonymous7:15 AM

    An early warning for "President" Trump.

    Here’s the warning. Watch your ass buddy. You’re not a candidate anymore. You’re not the Republican nominee anymore. You’re not even the President Elect anymore. No more fun and games, your salad days are already over, and you didn’t even get cherry tomatoes on it.

    At 12:01 PM EST you will become the 45th President of the United States (God help us all). Do you understand what that means? Do you really? What it means shitheels is that you’re screwed. Put your big boy pants on, and belt them up tight. For the next four years you are no longer a mogul. You are no longer omnipotent. You can’t just fire somebody at a whim. The Secret Service doesn’t give a shit what you want to do on a whim, if your destination hasn’t been vetted, scanned and approved, you ain’t going. Get used to it. Your personal chef has to be be vetted to work in the White House, and you can’t change the fixtures or most of the furniture, the White House is a national museum. No gold fixtures in other words.

    What you’ll be, moron, is just another lousy civil servant. “We, the people” will be paying your salary. You can’t fire us, but we sure as shit can fire you in four years. And guess what? You can’t fire the Congressmen and women or the Senators who disagree with you either. And you can’t jail them or cow them into submission. And no matter how you try by banishing them from the White House, you can’t stop the press from digging into your closet and uncovering skeletons and sharing them with the rest of us. And you can’t jail them as traitors afterward either. You’re just another lousy government employee, and we all know what your supporters feel about the gubb’ment.

    But even worse for you, we’re going to be watching you. And you can’t do a damn thing about it, you answer to us sucker. The resistance, led by the wonderful publication of “Indivisible” have been so effective that in two months, they have driven GOP lawmakers to the chickenshit tactics of holding conference call town halls or internet chat town halls so they don’t have to all end up looking like Colorado Representative Mike Coffman, caught slithering out of a side door at the hotel rather than face angry constituents, or or Washington Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, being booed off the stage at an event in her own home state. What do you think all of us are going to do to you? Enjoy your current popularity rating at 40%. What do you think your over weaning ego is going to say when you sink into the 20% rankings, like a brontosaurus into a tar pit? What’s the old saying that applies here? Oh yeah, “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide”.

    So, strap in Donnie, you’re in for a rough ride, and we’re gonna make sure of that. And it ain’t just us. You made a lot of promises to your faithful Trombies during the campaign, and while they dismissed a lot of what you said as political bullshit, they expect results. The two most important ones I’ve heard from Trump supporters that have been interviewed by the media are the return of high paying manufacturing jobs, and getting the coal industry back on its feet again. Good luck with those buddy, you ever heard of the global economy and renewable energy? My advice to you? Pay close attention to your Secret Service detail, a lot of your supporters own a whole bunch of those semi automatic weapons that everybody else wants off of the streets, and they have short attention spans. Like you, they prefer instant gratification.

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      The ugliness beneath can’t be hidden. It is in the soulless eyes of the man whose very life is a lie and who is about to invite you to participate in his own horrific version of the Game of Thrones.

      It’s playing today. Everywhere. Starting at 11:30 am ET.

    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      The jerk will never last four years - impeachment or assassination will be the result is my projection - before the four years has been completed.

      Too many (including the members of the U.S. Congress) do not like or respect him in our country - much less the world.

      It's going to be a rough ride for a while, but it's going to be fun watching him go down!

    3. He'll be a prisoner of his own office. Security will put him in a cage.

      And it will also be a fishbowl. He will be the target of every political cartoonist and late night talk show host.

      Man, I can't wait until Bill Maher tonight. Keith Olbermann is going to be on.

    4. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Thanks for posting this! I feel much better- and NO cherry tomatoes, just a soggy taco bowl without enough hot sauce...

      Wild Tortoise

    5. Anonymous12:02 PM


      It's a nice day for a Red Wedding ;-)

  11. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Being shallow here, but Mrs Clinton looks fabulous, white pantsuit and matching coat pearl earrings, and shes standing next to ole GW, who's losing his hair!

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Love the Clintons and Obamas! Classy folks.

      The younger Bush must so worried about his Dad and Mom! Good to hear he and his lovely wife are there too even though I never voted for either of the Bushes.

  12. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Just waiting for the newspaper headline:

    Donald, you're fired.

    RJ in Brownbackistan

  13. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Melania and Donald Trump visited Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath-laying in honor of the nation’s fallen soldiers. But as Melania made her way down the steps, passing soldiers on her way, she didn’t even have the common decency to remove her oversized Gucci sunglasses to show respect for the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives to serve our country.

    Of course, Twitter didn’t let the third Mrs. Trump get away with it.

    Here are some of the responses from outraged Americans as they watched the event unfold:

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      That bugged the hell out of me. I was so glad people complained.

      And today--I had to watch the inauguration to see the Obamas, Bidens, and Clintons--I loved that twice Chris Matthews complained about Trump not buttoning his jacket.

    2. Was she still wearing her Russian Spy outfit?

  14. Anonymous8:01 AM

    America is clearly not celebrating the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Be fair.

      Some people are saying the reason that inauguration crowds appear smaller for Drumpf is that he graciously sent HAND-PRINTED invitations to each invitee - only close family members, registered sycophants and major creditors while Obama hastily nailed up photocopied notices all around D.C. the night before the ceremony promising anyone who attended a raffle ticket for a "like-new iPhone or similar cellphone device".

      You can hardly blame Drumpf's lower attendance on the inarguable fact that he's a bloated psychopathic insufferable prevaricating douchebag.

      Be fair.

    2. 8:29

      First of all, Bwa ha ha ha! Where do you get this shit? Free iPhone?

      Second, no, we don't have to be fair at all. The Republicans haven't been for 8 years.

      We also don't need to cut him some slack or give him a break. He's president now. If he wasn't up for the job he shouldn't have applied. When you run for president, you should be prepared to BE president.

      So every single short coming is going to be exposed and picked at.

      He is now a target. He is free game. No limits.

      And you can be sure we are going to make him suffer.

      Payback for the last 8 years.

      We owe you that and more for all that birther crap.

    3. Anonymous10:57 AM

      I'm a strong believer in that we should treat Trump exactly as he and the Republicans treated President Obama from the minute he took his first oath!

      Trump was the asshole that tried to make it appear as though President Obama did not have a birth right to be the POTUS for Christ's sake!

      Trump has already proven himself to be a pathological liar time and time again! You cannot believe a thing that comes out of his weird-shaped mouth!

      We need to obstruct and project ourselves as being against Trump in unity. We already know that he was NOT supported by the popular vote! It went to Hillary Clinton hands down - although he keeps saying the exact opposite!

      The people need to speak loudly in going after the Republican led U.S. Congress when they try to enact their crappy laws!

      And, most especially pay attention to the actions of Paul Ryan and the asshole Mitch McConnell (known racist from Kentucky) who are leaders in the U.S. Congress!

      Journalists will truly need to do their jobs as a lot of what the Republicans will do will be hidden from Americans (and the media) as much as possible. Republicans and Trump can not be allowed to operate in that manner. Remember "Freedom of the Press"!

      We will be required to be extremely observant and questioning! I still do not see how Trump will last through his first term!

      There is just too much hate, racism, anti women's rights and anti Muslims rhetoric out there (created by Trump in speeches he made while campaigning). It's way past time these negative actions and words be stopped America!

      Time to focus on the doings of ALL Republicans - in Congress, state legislatures, cities and communities throughout our country!

      Take strong actions to assure they will be voted out of office next time they come up for reelection (if they actually run again!). And, really check out new candidates running under the Republican and Independent banners...check their histories, statements made publically, see who they supported politically, go to their town hall meetings and ask specific, well prepared questions of them.

    4. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Here are the details for the 2018 midterms. I think the best thing we can do is focus on this race and increasing our voice in Congress or at least not losing any seats.

      This is our only voice, our vote, this is our protest, our vote, this is the only way we can change things and quite frankly we liberals have a pretty poor track record in the midterms (2010 anyone?) and this is our chance to prove everyone wrong :-)

      If you google "why don't Dems show up for the midterms" and read some of the articles you'll become energized, trust me, especially if you're not happy with today's events.,_2018

      23 seats, half of our current Democratic representation in the Senate are on the ballot for 2018. It's critical that these candidates receive our support and we don't lose any ground in this election.,_2018

      We need to add 24 seats in the House to claim a majority and while that is unlikely let's make sure that our numbers don't go backwards. Here are the details on the house race by state.,_2018

  15. Anonymous8:02 AM

  16. Anonymous8:04 AM

    A Thank You Letter From President Barack Obama

  17. Anonymous8:07 AM

    “The road ahead will be long, our climb will be steep,we may not get there in one year, or even one term,but America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.”

  18. Anonymous8:09 AM

    LGBT dance party shuts down inauguration entrance

     Before the sun rose Friday morning, hundreds of demonstrators shut down several entrances to the National Mall, delaying Donald Trump’s supporters who had come to see him take the oath of office.

    Each “blockade” group had a different theme, with contingents representing the Black Lives Matter movement, environmental justice, feminism, and LGBT rights. Waving rainbow flags, blasting music, dancing, waving homemade signs, and sprinkling glitter in their wake, dozens of queer activists took over a central downtown security checkpoint.

    “We’re here to be non-violent and have a good time, but take up space and slow down the inauguration,” explained Mike McVicker-Weaver, an organizer from Baltimore. “We are the queer resistance.”

  19. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Trump supporters greeted by massive projection of quotes from sexual assault survivors

  20. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Kellyanne Conway’s “Trump Revolutionary Wear” Is Roundly Mocked on Twitter

  21. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Robert Reich on Trump Inauguration: "Sickening...a tragedy for America and world"

    ...This is a sickening event in the history of the United States, a tragedy for America and the world, and a victory for hatefulness, racism, misogyny, and authoritarianism.

    Tomorrow we say farewell to the first African-American President —a man of decency, integrity, and dignity — and turn the national reigns over to a thin-skinned, vindictive, impulsive, sociopath. Trump is a conman and bully who is ignorant about democracy and disdainful of its basic institutions. He lies constantly. He has cheated his customers, investors, and contractors. His countless tweets and stream-of-consciousness statements at his rallies reveal a nasty, greedy, mendacious, bigoted human being, with a level of egotism and narcissism rare even among politicians and celebrities.

  22. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Let the record show that I did not consent to this.

    Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension.

    Let History record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protestors and disregarded people of color.

    Let it record my repulsion at his tremendous cruelty, his lack of compassion, his contempt for dissension, his absence of simple decency.

    Let witnesses mark down my disgust at the way he boasted of infidelity, at how he ridiculed a disabled reporter, at the way he attacked female opponents for their appearance, at the way he marginalized immigrants.

    Let it be remembered that I did not look the other way when women accused him of assault, when the reality of his Russian alliances came to light, when he refused to share his tax records—though large portions of the American media and its people chose to.

    Let it be remembered that I did not buy into the fear that he perpetuated of those with brown skin or hijabs or foreign birthplaces.

    Let the record show that I looked on with disbelief as he spent countless early morning and middle-of-the-night hours following the election on social media, broadcasting a steady stream of petulant, insecure, incoherent messages instead of preparing to do a job he was ill-equipped for and seemingly not all that interested in.

    Let the record show that I watched him assemble a Cabinet of billionaires and bigots, of people woefully unqualified to steward our children, our safety, our healthcare, our financial stability—and that I was horrified by it all.

    Let it be remembered that my faith would not allow me to fall in line behind this man while so many professed religious people did; that I saw nothing resembling Jesus in him, and that to declare him Christian would have been to toss aside everything I grew up believing faith in Christ manifested in a life.

    Let History record my grieving at the racism and bigotry and homophobia that characterized his campaign, marked his supporters, and is evident in his assembling Administration.

    Let it be known that I was one of the more than 65 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton; who understood that though not perfect, she was an intelligent, experienced, passionate public servant with the temperament, commitment, and qualifications to lead and lead well.

    Let the record show that I greatly lamented the day of his inauguration, and that I promised to join together with other good people to loudly resist and oppose every unscrupulous, dangerous, unjust and dishonest act this new Administration engages in.

    History has been littered with horrible people who did terrible things with power, because too many good people remained silent. And since my fear is that we are surely entering one of those periods in our story, I wanted to make sure that I was recorded for posterity:

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      I so agree with you as to your thoughts 8:30 AM! You stated them so well displayed them beautifully! Thank you!

      I think the majority of Americans will oppose The Donald and his pending deeds - as well as though coming from the Republican led United States Congress!

      The Donald can't do anything without the approval of the Republican led Congress except declare war (which is horribly frightening in itself!).

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      @9:27 CORRECTION:
      "Congress does, according to the U.S. Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 unambiguously states that “CONGRESS shall have power to...declare War.” The president is designated commander in chief, with the authority to direct the military."
      Second source:
      "Who has the power to declare war?
      Congress does, according to the U.S. Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 unambiguously states that “Congress shall have power to...declare War.” The president is designated commander in chief, with the authority to direct the military. James Madison declared the War Powers Clause to be the most important in the Constitution because history had shown that “the executive is the branch of POWER most interested in WAR,” and therefore must be tempered by a deliberative Congress."

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      "The Academy of American Poets reached out to Salon to share Jane Hirsjhfield’s poem>

      "Let them not say: we did not see it.
      We saw.
      Let them not say: we did not hear it.
      We heard.
      Let them not say: they did not taste it.
      We ate, we trembled.
      Let them not say: it was not spoken, not written.
      We spoke,
      we witnessed with voices and hands.
      Let them not say: they did nothing.
      We did not-enough.
      Let them say, as they must say something:
      A kerosene beauty.
      It burned.
      Let them say we warmed ourselves by it,
      read by its light, praised,
      and it burned."

      I would add this epilogue>
      "Eventually out....for all."

  23. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Wish cheeto fatty would just br gone. Ugh.

  24. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I do not believe this man’s actions are normal.
    I do not believe he is emotionally stable.
    I do not believe he cares about the full, beautiful diversity of America.
    I do not believe he respects women.
    I do not believe he is pro-life other than his own.
    I do not believe the sick and the poor and the hurting matter to him in the slightest.
    I do not believe he is a man of faith or integrity or nobility.
    I do not believe his concern is for anything outside his reflection in the mirror.

    I believe he is a danger to our children.
    I believe he is a threat to our safety.
    I believe he is careless with our people.
    I believe he is reckless with his power.
    I believe America will be less secure, less diverse, less compassionate, and less decent under his leadership.

    And if I prove to be wrong, it will be one of the most joyful errors of my life. I will own these words and if necessary, willingly and gladly admit my misjudgment because it will mean that America is a better and stronger nation, and the world a more peaceful place.

    But right now I don’t see that happening.

    Right now I am worried for my country, concerned for our planet, scared for the future of my children, and greatly saddened that 62 million Americans seem okay with all of this.

    Let the record show that I was not okay with it.

    Not at all.

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Once again - agree with you completely!

      Stay vigilant America and be prepared to counter whatever Trump and the Republican led Congress throw at us.

  25. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Cheeto is very ignorant.

  26. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Violence Breaks out in DC

  27. Anonymous8:35 AM

    The last good tweet

  28. Anonymous9:25 AM

    A sea of white faces looking up and adoring
    their comrade, taking in every lie out of his anus mouth. As my President, President Obama and
    First Lady Michelle lift off, and as they
    look back at the fake president and first lady,
    and the White House becomes lost in the mist,
    my thoughts, also looking back at the fake p. and fake vp. and their comrades , IF ASSHOLES COULD FLY THIS PLACE WOULD BE AN AIRPORT!

  29. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I loved that there was such a small crowd. Someone pointed out that the people who actually live in the area are Dems and African American, so it made sense that Trump's crowd was small, but still--there should have been more. I loved when they joked on MSNBC that Trump would lie about the numbers later.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      In 2009 people poured in from all over to be part of history, and celebrate America. But then Obama actually won the election. Trump supporters are few in number, cowardly, low-information, low-energy types.

  30. Donald Trump fancies himself Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin.

    He wanted a military style inaugural with tanks, missile launchers, the whole bit. While the military usually tries to please they said no, citing the streets of D.C. possibly not being able to support the weight. (I'm thinking they just didn't want Pennsylvania Ave to look like Red Square.)

    He is getting a big, fat military flyover though.

    Cowardly putz. He's a fucking draft dodger but he wants to make a big show of his military power. Surprised he doesn't fire off a celebratory nuke, you know, just because he can.

  31. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Anonymous says they are at work to make Drumpf's life miserable.

    They got us Obama by barricading the hacking the Republicans did to the Ohio voting machines but they were not quick enough on this Nazi front we now have in power.

    Let's hope they are stronger in the future since they couldn't overcome Putin's push for Drumpf. They say they have info for Drumpf's connection with Russian mobsters, child traffickers and money launderers.

    Our nation and world's futures are at stake.

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Anonymous are not Hillary supporters, that's why they didn't work towards her win, rather very much against it, they are a bit libertarian and anarchist in their goals, and yes, they really dislike Trump. Liberals tend to only support their work in that we share an enemy.

      Perhaps trying to keep him from winning the primary would have been a good strategy, rather than just hounding him after he's already in office? Just sayin'.

      You can see from their official webpage that they have little love for Clinton:

  32. Anonymous10:07 AM


  33. The best cut is silence.

    If the crowd had cheered the Obamas and fell silent for the Trumps, that cuts sharper than any knife.

    The best way to deal with this narcissistic sociopath is to shun him. Indifference. No applause, no praise, no attention whatsoever. Not even negative attention.

    Stop commenting on his Tweets. Just unfriend him or whatever. Drop his Twitter feed. Unfriend or leave his Facebook. Just ignore that giant orange Nazi. Treat him like he doesn't exist.

    That is the surest way to get under his skin and there is nothing he can do about it.

    I've seen it done.

    Went to the opera for a school matinee as a chaperone. It was filled with kids who had been taught proper deportment. No cheering, no booing or hissing. Clap for who you like and if you didn't like the performance, don't clap. Simple.

    They clapped for the singers they liked. One wasn't very good. When she took her bow most of the clapping stopped. Her face just fell. It was polite but the message was sent. The students learned something too. A message can be sent without being an asshole.

    We need to do similar to Trump.

  34. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I wonder, if the unemployment numbers are so low, because most of the benefits have run out, and those that are long term unemployed are falling between the cracks? (I hope that I am wrong!)

    1. Anonymous11:37 AM

      The labor force participation rate has remained rather constant for the last year but there was a lot of talk about unemployment being low because benefits had run out for many.

      Also there has been a lot of media coverage regarding many of those who found employment did so in the low-paying services sector making minimum wage or just above, which I guess any income is better than none, but is also a good argument for increasing minimum wage since so man highly skilled people land there as a last resort.

  35. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The press is still free! They are reporting the protests blocks from the parade route. Trump wins in history for most protests against his r acisim, bigotry and inequality.

  36. Anonymous11:04 AM



  37. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I Wonder what Barron is really thinking?

  38. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Am I wrong, or did you see what I saw. When the
    Trump children were announced and filed in,with the chosen one, Ivanka leading, then Tiffany, the token one, then the two sons and then Barron hunched over and looking lost. Evidently, there
    was a designated space between each person
    as they filed in. All of a sudden they all stopped
    and Barron got close to the backs of his two
    step brothers . The one brother turned with a
    stern look on his face and with his arm and hand
    sternly directed Barron, said something and Barron moved back , hunched over and looking down.
    Why didn't the
    two adult sons take that little boy
    and put him between them with their arms around him. they are such jerks. Remember they go to
    Africa and kill beautiful animals just for fun
    and take pictures of themselves of their kill with
    smug smiles! Barron looked scared during the sudden stop and it seemed to me that he wanted
    to get close to his step brothers and stay there.
    Watch for it!
    I am also 9:25 AM, and when I said a sea of white
    faces, I am also white , and thinking, how could
    they, these white traitors against the USA!

  39. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hey, did anyone else take notice of Melania touching up her makeup as soon as she got in the car? After the luncheon and the Trumps got into their tinted-glass car, the camera was on her side and you could see her through the glass for several seconds. It was semi-silhouette but very clearly her and she had both hands held up in front of her face as she dabbed around her mouth area. It looked like she applied lipstick and then blotted it with a tissue. Her first act as first lady (no caps on purpose).

  40. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Jobless rate is low? According to Trump's inauguration speech we're lucky he's here. I hope he doesn't bankrupt America like he did his companies

  41. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Trump holding his childhood bible, the Lincoln
    he forgot his Hitler "Bible". He must have left it
    on his night stand, by his bed, where he keeps it and studies every night. Melania told on him
    last year!


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