Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Keith Olbermann's newest video for The Resistance. Update!

I have heard a couple of you calling on me to lead an underground movement of sorts to oppose Donald Trump and to obtain and disseminate information that will hopefully undermine his presidency and sabotage his plans for the country.

Okay, I'm on board.

But I cannot do it alone.

Remember I am a solo gig all the way up here in Alaska so I need comrades in arms. Others who are just as fed up with what is happening as I am. Others who have resources that I do not.

One of those others must certainly be Keith Olbermann, who, to his credit, has been banging the drum for opposition against Donald Trump since even before the election.

I dearly love Rachel Maddow, and have great respect for some of the hosts on MSNBC, CNN, and other news outlets, but THEY are hampered by the corporations they work for and the need for advertising dollars.

Keith Olbermann is free to say just about anything he wants to about Donald Trump, the state of the country, and what we need to do to fight back against tyranny.

So as far as I can tell he may be the perfect front man for this resistance.

He was a hero of mine during the Bush years and he may be the very hero we need during these trying times as well. 

So with that piece in place, let's start recruiting others to join with us in opposing Donald Trump, and hopefully with enough help we can work to minimize the damage that he will surely do before wrenching back control and putting it into more competent hands.

Viva la Resistance!

Update: Well it looks as if I may have underestimated Rachel Maddow.

She had one of the authors of "The Indivisible, A Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda." She essentially advertised what was in the guide while also promoting the fact that it has inspired numerous groups around the country.

I have received that link a number of times, and read what it says. But now it looks as if it has actually inspired a following, and is becoming the blueprint for the resistance movement.

Now we're cooking with gas.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM



    New policy


    We will save money and arguments regarding questionable intel by hiring Sarah Palin as the CIA Director whose first job would be to dismantle the CIA.

    The United States of America would then outsource it's Intelligence Community and Covert Operations to the KGB.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      But Trump said Buy American and hire Americans?

      According to some people, is he lying like he normally does?

      What about the Trump shirts, ties, water, suits etc?

      What about Ivanka's jewelry, clothes, shoes etc?

      Buy Foreign and Hire Foreigners?

    2. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Also, his wine and vineyard. He wants to hire Mexicans on special visa for that.

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Keith Olbermann you're my hero

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Anti Trump people get ready to eat crow when President Trump reveals what he knows.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Like we would believe what Trump says. The guy is a pathological liar (like Palin).

    2. Hi Comrade!
      Re: "... reveals what he knows."

      He might could start with his taxes!
      I could start a revolution when I read those. Therein lies the truth. Taxes reveal armloads of shit.
      BTW. If you all get really lonely in your gulag and manage to get out to a bar... be sure to lie about your AGI.

      That might make the orange mango bravado and tiny dicked putrid great whenever.

    3. After Trump tanks the economy and destroys our country, we maybe reduced to eating crow. And pidgeon, opossum and cats if they're not fast enough.

      If a coyote can eat it, then so can I.

      Trump may drive us to the point where we aren't sending horsemeat to Mexico any more and we won't be criticizing Indonesia and China for eating dog.

      I'm serious.

      How bad can it get in 4-8 years?

    4. Anonymous2:57 AM

      those of us who are comfortable now but who grew up very poor will be in a lesser state of shock. The coomsday preppers will be fine as well lol. Everyone who voted for bmp drumpf will be in for the biggest shock.
      Buy cornstarch and vitamins - stock up. It is cheap and a good source of calories. Tastes awful, but take some vitamins and you could muddle along for a long time as long as you have potable water.

    5. Anonymous4:21 AM

      Might I suggest you learn how to grow a few vegetables, and/or learn how to forage on native edibles? It's not rocket science but you DO have to learn a few things and pay attentions and all.

    6. Anonymous5:39 AM

      That would be "illegitimate" President (elect) Trump. He's still a private (communist) citizen until his illegitimate inauguration which is unlikely to happen. So to call him anything else but Comrade Trump at this point is laughable

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Are you going to actually connect with Keith Olbermann and do this together? I also have great admiration for him and think he'd be a great help to all of us!

    Are there other needs besides numbers?

    Fight the Trump! Resist the Trump! Admonish the Trump!

    Thank you, Gryphen!

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Spread this, and DO IT!!!

    1. No.

      The best way is to call the LOCAL office. Those are D.C. numbers, they are almost as useless as e-mail or writing a letter.

      Call the local office and speak to a staffer. They are more likely to pass the message on. At the very least they will record it with the others they receive.

      Then when your representative has a town hall or meeting, go there. Speak up. Ask questions. Stay afterwards. Go every time. Get your face recognized and your name known.

      That is how you do it.

      Always the local level.

      BTW you also need to contact your state representatives. We need to organize taking back our state legislatures and governor's offices. If we can't do that, it won't matter much who is in Congress or the White House.

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    We need Keith Olbermann to create a video about Trump's income tax. Where are they? We need to know how much debt he is into the Russians and Chinese?

  7. Anonymous5:24 PM

    If we are going to resist, going to fight the power, we need some music. Fight The Power by the Isley Brothers. "Time is truly wasting, there's no guarantee, smiles in the makin, you gotta fight the powers that be"

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      I always loved that song.
      Dating myself........

    2. Anonymous4:22 AM

      Make America Rage Again!!!

      Rage Against the Machine

    3. If those opposed to Trump were to really resist, how about withholding taxes?

      But you'd never get enough people to band together to do it. Plus most people have taxes withheld from their paychecks already. So you've got nothing to withhold.

      Workers can go on strike and refuse to work.

      But what can citizens do to "go on strike" against their government?

  8. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I planned to share the link for the "The Indivisable" resistance guidebook with you. Glad to discover your update!

    Dear IM readers/commenters, please click the link in the post update above, read the handbook, and consider how you fit in.

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I am watching her show too and think she is one dynamic woman - on our side of things when it comes to Trump!

    She's always factual and if she ever makes a mistake - she always apologizes and corrects the information.

    Admire her a great deal plus she is one smart cookie! She has her doctorate as to her education. She could be called Dr. Maddow, but doesn't use the designation in her daily life.

    1. Anonymous7:38 PM

      I'm a huge Maddow fan and agree with everything you say! Look what she did with Flint, MI for example. She's going to blow a few lids off of things this coming year I'm sure. She's a digger and I love how she explains things in layman's language & brings to the forefront what's really happening.

    2. Anonymous9:17 PM

      And I have to say that she has great hair that still captures my attention after all these years. She and Ellen. Cool short cuts. Lesbian coincidence. Hally Berry's hair is as cool and of course she's hetero. Rachel rocks.

    3. Anonymous3:02 AM

      I, too, love and admire Rachel. BUT, I emailed her waaay back about Paln and all the evidence on the fake pregnancy. Crickets. She is brilliant, but , I hate to say this, as she has never had a kid, did she dismiss me as a crazy? Any woman who has had a kid and is smart and really looks at the evidence, knows....
      Other than that , she is great. Wish sh had blown the lid back then and I bet she does too.

    4. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Yes, you were dismissed as crazy.

      It isn't even worth explaining why, as since you are crazy, logic and reason aren't your forte.

    5. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Oh really?
      Ten please explain how Sarah's gestating uterus went from flat to huge in 7 weeks without rupturing?
      Explain how a family practice ohysician, with a specialty in abused children, acted as a high risk obstetrician and induced labor in a small local hospital not credentialed or licensed to do so? With no neonatal specialist on board?
      How did a premie TriG get sent home in a day and go to work with his mother at day three of life.
      Just fuck off. The evidence is overwhelming that Sarah Pain put a pillow in her panties and pretended to birth a TriG.

  10. Olivia6:28 PM

    Never . underestimate . Rachel Maddow

    1. Anonymous4:23 AM

      Or how much they're paying her!

  11. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Put everything out there that this idiot is costing us .

    Melania not wanting to take her "special" kid out of his New York school equals 1 million dollars a day! This First Lady wont even move to the White House and we have heard nothing but bitching about President Obama and his "Hawaiian vacations".

    We are paying for security for Ivanka and his other kids. It's bullshit. There are very good schools in Washington who can handle Barron Trump.It's obvious Melania does not want to be First Lady, never thought she actually would have to be and now she is stuck.

    She was never born an American all she was was a high priced hooker and arm candy to an ugly idiot.

    Another first would be her nude White House portrait, after all every world leader knows what our First Lady's looks like nude.You have to admit that is a first for America.

    Can you see these two at State dinners between courses of beluga caviar, failed Trump Steaks served on gold plated plates with the Trump crest stamped on them discussing what? My past as a nude model? or Trump University and all my lawsuits?

    Never let our distaste for this asshole go unnoticed .Not my President.

    Perhaps we can have a f

    1. Anonymous7:49 PM

      I bet you dollars to pennies that she is actually a spy.

    2. I'll bet she never moves in to the White House. Ivanka will be "first lady" until Trump resigns, dies or is impeached.

    3. Anonymous3:03 AM

      I fully beleive she can't get the security clearances to move into the WH, because of her father.

    4. Anonymous4:25 AM

      I'll definitely give her an 'f'.

  12. Another great inspiration is Joy Reid.

    1. Anonymous9:12 PM

      Hell, yes. Love whenever she's on. I try to catch her weekend show but can't always, so I am thrilled when she subs during the week.

    2. Anonymous10:58 PM

      She's subbing for Chris Hayes this week.

    3. Anonymous4:34 AM

      I agree - Joy does a Hell of a job too!

  13. Anonymous7:09 PM

    This dispels my anxiety. Thank you Keith, Gryphen, Rachel, IMer's, yes fight we will.

  14. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Yay I like that word! #resistance is trending on twitter and growing!:

    Bruce Alan Beal ‏@ChiTownIndie 3m3 minutes ago

    Grass roots #resistance to Donald Trump grows … via @msnbc We will STOP the #GOPutin American Genocide Act

    Keith Olbermann ‏@KeithOlbermann 42m42 minutes ago

    Trump once called for the death penalty for Julian Assange. Now he believes HIM, not US Intel, on Russian hacking

    #resistance !!!

  15. Anonymous7:36 PM

    The global corrupt zit united, alt right, etc etc wanted weak in debt rump to fake a win. This group of criminals want to mine uranium in certain protected usa national parks and public land, over develop for profit, drill for oil and dictate. Brainwash and privatize everything. And they will fail.

  16. Hugh Jorgan8:01 PM

    I'm in!

    And out!

    And in!

    And out!

    And in!

    And out!

    1. I agree with you, Hugh. Still waiting to see if this is all a National Security sting operation and Trump will say, "Just kidding, folks. I was just trolling you."

  17. Anonymous8:17 PM

  18. Anonymous8:30 PM


  19. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Sanders uses oversized Trump tweet as floor prop

    1. Because tech isn't allowed. They can't do a powerpoint or use a smart board.

  20. Anonymous8:36 PM

    President-elect Donald Trump will begin to dismantle the Affordable Care Act almost immediately when he takes office this month through a series of executive orders, Mike Pence reportedly told House Republicans in a meeting on Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning.

    1. The House does the budget.

      All they have to do to kill anything is cut off the funding.

      That's how they are killing public education.

  21. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Wednesday, at the same time that the Senate was in session talking about repealing the ACA on one C-SPAN channel, at another C-SPAN channel the House was working on this:

    House Republicans have passed legislation that would allow Congress to overturn, with a single vote, executive branch regulations finalized near the end of an outgoing president's term.

    The bill was approved Wednesday by a 238-184 vote. It is part of the GOP's efforts to block or undo scores of regulations and executive orders issued by President Barack Obama.

    Republicans say the bill would stem what they call a growing trend by presidents of both parties to impose costly "midnight rules" during their last few months in office.

    The bill's chief sponsor, Rep. Darrell Issa of California, says it would strengthen executive-branch oversight and "ensure that unaccountable, last-minute regulations don't continue crippling our economy, crushing small businesses and raising costs on middle-class families."

    The bill now goes to the Senate.

    Read more here:

    1. Darrell Issa that fucking asshole embarrassment.

      This is overreach. This is Congress trying to take over the executive branch.

      This is pulling a NORTH CAROLINA.

      I hope the Supreme Court torpedoes this at least 5-3.

  22. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Well, I may have to set my alarm for 3 AM Thurs. to see what Morning Joe has to say about all the crazy shit that went down today. Will Joe get real again, or will he continue to be an ass kisser-excuser for Trump?

  23. there are the young turks too ... keith is way too incendiary ...

    1. Anonymous4:28 AM

      Turks hate drumpf. Some of the segments are hilarious. They won't have any qualms holding his tiny hands and feet to the fire. Stay tuned.

  24. Mitch McConnell has the audacity to tell the Democrats they better not block any Supreme Court Nominations after he orchestrated a block on Merrick Garland for 293 days.

    Three words. Fuck you, Mitch.

    "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) issued a warning to Democrats on Wednesday, one day after the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland expired without any Senate action: Don’t consider staging a similar blockade on any of President-elect Donald Trump’s high court nominees.

    “I think that’s something the American people simply will not tolerate and we’ll be looking forward to receiving a Supreme Court nomination and moving forward on it,” McConnell told reporters."

    Really? They tolerated it just fine when the FASCISTS were doing it. Wanna bet they'll be just fine with the Democrats doing it when Trump tries to put some Nazi Fascist on the court?

    "His darts were aimed at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday that he’d do everything within his power to keep the Supreme Court seat open.

    Schumer said on Wednesday that Democrats would oppose any “out-of-the-mainstream” Trump nominees — perhaps a nod to Garland, who was as mainstream a candidate as President Barack Obama could have offered."

    Here's the message to the BananaRepublicans et al.

    There is exactly one nominee that will not be obstructed: Merrick Garland.

    Trump can renominate Merrick Garland or have his nominees obstructed and shot down one after the other until he's impeached, quits or dies. Then we'll obstruct everyone Mike Pence nominates.

    Two can play at that game and I think the Democrats ought to start LEARNING HOW TO PLAY!

    Trump has no mandate. 2.875 million votes say so.

    So it's Merrick Garland or the highway.

    1. Anonymous4:29 AM

      Gotta quote GeorgiaPeach:
      "Fuck you, Mitch McConnell"

    2. Anonymous4:31 AM

      I say treat the Republicans (especially 'obstruction' McConnell) exactly the way they did President Obama. Fuck Republicans....all are total jerks in the U.S.Congress.

    3. Anonymous5:54 AM

      Meh, Trump's not going to re-nominate Garland. And my prediction is the Dems have the will to resist vigorously only two of Trump's cabinet nominees: Sessions and Tillerson.

    4. Dems aren't going to resist squat. They're feckless, spineless, impotent wimps.

      They're aren't united.

      They won't vote as a block.

      They won't agree and stick with it.

      The Black Caucus has already said they'll work with Trump if he gives them what they want. So Trump can simply bypass leadership and go directly to the caucus. AND THEY WILL.

  25. Resistance Central11:01 PM

    On Twitter, also check out Summer Brennan, Sarah Kendzior and Leah McElrath.

  26. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Let's go!


  27. Gryphen,
    You have earned my respect. Do what it takes to hook up with Keith. He needs to hear the Palin story from your lips.
    Your day in the sun is coming.

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Lol. Another crazy person still trying to freshen up Palin as still having any relevance.

  28. Anonymous6:42 AM

    One of the mantras of the Republicans during the Watergate hearings was "what did he (Nixon) know and when did he know it?" When the truth was finally known, Nixon had to resign or be impeached and tried. We need to ask the same questions and demand the truth: what did Trump know and when did he know it? I suspect he's known a lot about the ties to Russia and he's been involved for a long time. He owes them money; Russians would not be subtle about debts owed.

  29. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Do it Gryph! I'll support you and Olberman in any way I can. I am down here in Houston and I am doing the same thing with my local dem groups - trying to start up our own pocket of Indivisible Resistance. And we are recruiting big time (or is that bigly?) on Twitter under #TheResistance. I am there as @BrokenLiberal. We are organizing, we are multitudes, we are coming for Trump.


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