Friday, January 06, 2017

Kentucky senate president, a Republican, says women have two choices: "Conceive or not." After that it is up to the politicians.

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stiyers.
Courtesy of TPM: 

Justifying his support for a 20-week ban on abortions, the Republican president of the Kentucky Senate asserted that women had the "choice" of whether to conceive a child and "the legislature has its ability to determine" the course of a pregnancy after that. 

According to a report from the Lexington Herald Leader, Senate President Robert Stivers (R) said Tuesday afternoon that he would have preferred a ban on abortions even earlier than 20 weeks. 

“This is my belief: there are two viable beings involved,” he said, as quoted by the Herald Leader. “One had a choice early on to make a decision to conceive or not. Once conception starts, another life is involved, and the legislature has the ability to determine how that life proceeds.”

Holy shit! This is what happens when you sleep through biology class.

Until a fetus can live outside of a mother's womb it is simply NOT yet a person. And I don't care what the Bible says differently. (Spoiler Alert: It says nothing about this.)

The chances of a fetus surviving outside of the mother at 23 weeks are 20 to 35%. At 24 to 25 weeks that increases to 50 or 70%. But it is not until well around 26 to 27 weeks that a baby has a 90% chance of making it out of the hospital.

So suggesting that a baby is a person before 20 weeks is simply scientifically ignorant.

And until men can get pregnant, no man should ever even think about telling a woman what to do with her own reproductive organs.

Also keep in mind that if these knuckle draggers had their way women would also be denied access to birth control.

In their eyes a woman's only contribution to society is to make babies, and if they engage in sex they should be willing to accept the consequences and give birth to any baby that may result from that "sinful" activity.

(Of course it's not sinful when men do it because.....well because they're men.)


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    "Conceive or not." After that it is up to the politicians.

    How terrible but be happy he didn't say let President Trump grab your pussies or you will be thrown over Trump's Wall.

    1. It's The Handmaid's Tale.

      I think it's apropos it's being released as a mini-series soon.

      Too bad it wasn't before the election.

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    THIS! "not a ‘prophecy. It’s based on solid social science.”The key to society’s armageddon will be “elite overproduction” in which the number of rich grow larger while the majority of society grapples with a stagnant standard of living and poor fiscal health," perhaps by redesigning the rollercoaster altogether.” ???

    1. Anonymous9:19 AM

      I don't see much evidence that there will be that many more rich people in the future; rich people need poor people to do their work for them. You don't think that Ivanka or Melania ever clean their houses or scrub their pots and pans, do you?

    2. The number of "rich" won't get larger. It will shrink.

      What will happen is the money will pool at the top. The rich will simply amass more and more and the poor get poorer and poorer. Those not quite as rich will find themselves losing ground a bit at a time. As they slip the loses will accelerate.

      Just as the middle class is slipping down those not quite as rich will slip.

      You'll eventually have a very few at the top with the majority of the wealth. (And scheming to get that last little bit at the bottom until they have it ALL.)

      At some point on this downward slide there will be a massive revolt. The only question is, on which side will military and law enforcement side. Since they will all be with the bottom by this time, probably there. But they'll take over and we'll have a military junta running the government.

      The U.S. will become a Banana Republic.

    3. Anonymous12:29 PM

      Most of my friends, myself and all of my siblings decided against procreating. Some of us were financially well off enough to have children, but early in our careers we were too busy, then we wanted to enjoy the freedom that came from having more time and money, then we woke up one day and were 50 years old and it was too late.

      Some decided against because they felt that they could not provide the best opportunities for children due to economic constraints.

      All of us share the feeling that this world is overpopulated and that there is too much uncertainty for us to feel comfortable bringing new life into it.

      A trend towards lower birthrates, which we are seeing, is a wonderful thing as earth is stressed enough. A few decades of negative population growth will go a long way towards improving the way of life of many.

    4. Anonymous2:22 PM

      Great to hear 12:29. Personally, I think that choosing to have children these days is a very selfish thing, especially having more than two kids.

    5. If men got pregnant, no family would ever have more than one child; labor would ensure that. And abortion would be a sacrament.

      (Old saying, never truer.)

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    No surprise that it's an overweight white man from Kintucky that thinks a woman's constitutional and civil rights end if she she is pregnant.
    But I expect a "personhood" case to go through the Supreme Court and wipe out Roe VS Wade within the next 4 yrs. I also expect Plan B and hormonal BC to be banned following that.
    So for all the people of child bearing age that didn't vote, voted or Bernie or Stein, well you will be getting exactly what you asked for.
    I will not protest, I will not donate, Iwill do nothing to get it back. Not because I am mad, not because I am having a tantrum,.....mostly because I am tired, so very tired of trying to keep these rights for our younger generations already. Very few could even see that these rights could vanish with one court case. And trying to convince young men that this will affect talking to a wall.
    ct them is like
    So to the GenX and millennials this is your fight now. Most of you have taken these things for granted, and have had , IMHO, too many things handed to you that you have never thought about how hard people have fought to get and keep these rights for you. Good luck.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      I agree. I'm a 50 something woman who hasn't been able to get pregnant (thankfully!) for many years now. These Gen X & Millenuals have been taking way to much for grantedcand it's time they stepped up to the plate and began fighting their own battles instead of depending on others to do so.

    2. Anonymous9:21 AM

      I agree. I am tired too. By the time people are seventy or so they shouldn't have to keep fighting these battles but, because we care for our children and their children we'll always be there. Not in the front lines but supporting from the rear.

    3. Anonymous9:40 AM

      I have to jump in here - for years I got birth control from outside our country due to it being so much less expensive. (And, I wasn't the only one that did so!)

      There are ways to get it and it's not as difficult as one might think.

      The birth control worked perfectly and I never had a child, which was always my intent!

      Don't fear these Republican white guys - they are not representing the majority across the nation and there truly are ways to work around them - those that want to control female reproductive rights!

    4. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Hey, leave us GenXers out of it--we're in our 40s and 50s, we read Our Bodies Ourselves, and we fought for our rights. The Baby Boomers and their spawn, the Millenials, outscreamed us.

    5. Anonymous10:24 AM

      @anon 9:52am
      GenX also has the 30 yr olds.

    6. Anonymous10:25 AM

      @anon 9:40am
      BC does not work perfectly, while you did not get pregnant, BC is NOT and never will be 100% effective, that is just science.
      As for ordering from another country, do you really think if types of BC is outlawed that people will be able to do so? I highly doubt it.

    7. Leland10:53 AM

      9:40, that's all well and good until the men in control close that path to birth control as well. And they really don't need to do anything remotely like blocking the supply. All they need to do is make it a serious felony to OWN BC of ANY sort. That, added to whatever punishment they decide is right for an abortion will pretty much squash most women's attempts at abortion or control.

      And before you ask me how in hell the big boys are supposed to know, there are all sorts of ways of forcing the medical profession to do things. I do believe most of the doctors would balk at being required to report a pregnancy, but I won't hold my breath about it.

      Too many people don't want to recognize that we are dealing with FANATICS on this topic. And fanatics don't CARE about the constitutionality of a law.

    8. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I love much about Mexico, but every medicine/drug that my family has used there--bought when traveling--has been weak and not very effective or even effective at all. These have often been items bought and used here in the States, so the contrast of effectiveness has been very obvious. I'd not trust BC from there. Just wouldn't.

    9. Anonymous3:34 PM

      11:26 AM I got my birth control pills from Mexico for a number of years. Took them and never got pregnant unless I went off them and then did conceive.

      Plus, they were much less expensive than getting them in the US. I'm in my 70's now - alive and well! They did me no harm at all.

    10. Anonymous11:29 AM

      @10:24; Gen X runs from 1964 - 1984. 30-year-olds were born in 1986.

  4. Cracklin Charlie8:47 AM

    If this is the guy, I'll choose not!


    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      Seriously - if those are the choices then the preceding choice is SEX or NOT. Time to start choosing NOT.

    2. This is absolutely aimed at white women. If fertile white women start saying "no" there will be changes.

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      And these assholes will say that it says in the Bible that a woman cannot deny sex!

    4. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Well, he is so sexy, isn't he? It would be very easy to say NO to him, tRump, and many others who think they are so attractive to women.

    5. Anonymous3:30 PM

      The thought of marrying a guy like him is just unfathomable to me. He's a control freak obviously and I'll bet is the type that has always demanded sex w/his wife. I'll also bet that she feels subservient to him!

      I also fine him extremely repulsive in appearance!

  5. Anonymous8:52 AM

    How these fucking Republican white men get elected to office is beyond me! Especially when they don't represent the majority and are so anti women's rights!

    Not one of these white Republican, male assholes will EVER control my female body!

    And why? Because there are ALWAYS ways around everything they try to do in controlling the reproductive rights of females throughout America!

    First and foremost - don't fuck one unless you know him well enough as to how he thinks and acts. And, most definitely, don't get involved with one with political ties!

    And, should you, be sure and review all of his records, videos, etc. before interacting sexually with him!

    These guys are NOT to be trusted! Just look at the sexual history of Donald Trump. OMG! Are we in trouble!

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      These fat, white GOP guys keep winning because of voter suppression and gross gerrymandering. They could never win in a fair and democratic election.

    2. a. j. billings9:37 AM

      The reason they get elected is:

      Iron Age desert tribe religions foisted on us by ignorance and stupidity,



      Each one of these religious systems has thousands of denominations, offshoots, sects, cults, and EACH ONE IS A BASTION OF MALE PATRIARCHY AND OPPRESION>

  6. Anonymous9:04 AM

    OT: MEXICO! Dan Rather>

    1. I thought the previous president of Mexico had freakin way would Mexico pay for the wall. Is Trump getting senile?

  7. Here;s a link for you takes two! Vasectomy may be the way to go for your ugly butt.

    1. No sex unless the guy shows you his vasectomy scars.

  8. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Is this guy going to punish women who miscarry? Who miscarry even before they suspect they are pregnant? These guys are no better than the Taliban; in fact, that is what they are - ignorant men hectoring women and forcing them into total submission.

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Some politicians have tried passing laws that would make a woman have to prove that she miscarried and didn't have an abortion.

  9. WA Skeptic9:27 AM

    This dude would be lucky to have a woman consent to have paid sex with him in a dark room; let's hope he never gets to exercise his franchise to reproduce again.


    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Hard to believe, but he has a petite wife. And she bore seven of his spawn. Seven. She pry would have had thirty if that had worked out.

  10. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Well, yeah, they do have a choice NOT to get pregnant, but they won't approve a morning after pill or affordable (like free) birth control, which would end unwanted or accidental pregnancies. So it's really about legislating morality, isn't it? You scummy assholes.

    1. Leland11:39 AM

      9:39, while that may be PART of what they are trying to do, the REAL goal is the total annihilation of women's rights.

      These damned fools want to return to the days of the Old Testament in which they ruled their women. Owned them actually. They probably believe it will solve all their troubles.

      You know, troubles like, "I'm not really qualified for the promotion, but my not getting it is really the fault of the women in the work place."

  11. Anonymous9:43 AM

    OT? Good News?
    Ex-CNN Anchor Campbell Brown to Lead Facebook News

  12. Anonymous9:45 AM

    You're Fired old man:
    "Steve Ray, 56, was a volunteer in the Trump campaign and is a freelance broadcaster and audio engineer."

  13. Anonymous9:50 AM

  14. Anonymous10:10 AM

    The survival rates at 20 weeks are almost zero without an enormous amount of medical care, $millions$, which the GOP is also in the process of denying for many women.

  15. Anonymous10:19 AM

    my tolerance of the domestic taliban is at the end of its rope ..

  16. Anonymous10:21 AM

    These knuckle draggers have driven Kinfucky into the ground and the bewildered electorate that elected them has not a clue and will vote for them again.

  17. Anonymous10:26 AM

    As horrifying and unfair as it is that these GOP assholes have any power over what happens to a woman, it always makes me laugh to think what it must be like to have to be their sex partner. Out of all of them, surely only one or two those GOP idiots has brought a woman to orgasm or even thought about that being part of what sex is about. And no way in hell have they ever performed oral sex.

  18. Well, since birth control isn't going to be covered under insurance (but viagra is) then I'd say women have two choices.

    Have sex or don't.

    I would counsel the DON'T.

    Let these menfolk find their release some other way.

    By all means let them conceive and carry the babies to term. Let them stay home and raise them too.

    If they are going to make all of the decisions (and judgements) let them do it all.

    If they can.

    Pack up your stuff and move to California.

    Be sure you vote Democratic. The Republicans are not your friends.

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Viagra and penis pumps covered.


      The GOP always just want to cover the impregnators and never those who get impregnated.

      And they are clueless about the woman's reproductive system. I always say, if you quizzed them on a diagram of body parts and asked them to briefly define how pregnancy happens, they'd not be able to answer. They know little to nothing about what goes wrong in pregnancies that makes it necessary for a woman to need an abortion. For example, when a fetus' head has no brain and its head diameter reaches twenty inches, and they still insist and insist and insist on forcing a woman to carry a baby to term. They don't care how severely deformed the fetus then baby is. They don't care that the baby will die hours or days after birth and what the woman has gone though and will go through. They don't care that being alive is causing the baby distress and pain.

      And even with all my anger about how these Repubs want to govern a woman's body, what upsets me even more is that the baby's suffering is simply ignored. The GOP stay willfully ignorant on this. They have to in order to absolutely justify what they want to claim is a moral act in disallowing abortion. The saddest story that comes to mind is when one women, who didn't want to abort but knew she had to, asked her doctor if her deformed baby would just sleep all the time, and her doctor told her no, that her baby would rarely be able to even go to sleep because of its distress and pain. Of course the woman was not going to make her child endure such a life. I teared up typing this just now. It is unforgivable that a man would force such a life on a child.

      It makes me so angry that these GOP assholes have any decision-making power.

    2. Leland11:45 AM

      11:04, you forget that a HUGE number of women want abortions stopped. Those women are some of the reasons those male assholes get re-elected. It may not be a majority of women, but added to the men, their voting block is almost locked.

  19. Anonymous10:32 AM

    OT. It's very unfortunate what has taken place in FLA and that three people are dead and nine, I think, wounded. This said, it is a day when once again Trump avoids the scrutiny he should be getting. This idiot who ended last night tweeting so as to shift the blame for his disbelief (or feigned disbelief) of the hacking intel from the intel sources to NBC and the DNC, and who began the day tweeting about such inane topics as the new Apprentice and calling the hacking investigation a "political witch hunt" and still disbelieving the intel, is now not being talked about. He's had his briefing or is in it right now, and all that is being talked about on the news and that will be for hours is the FLA shooting, which, btw, is not an act of terrorism.

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      You have no clue or not if the shooting was an act of terrorism or not since the police are stating quite clearly that they do not know that yet.
      It may be an act of a terrorist, it may be a guy just shooting up his ex wife and kids. No one knows yet.
      Or it may just be an act of "standing his ground" and he was afraid for his life because someone looked scary to him.

    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      The shooter has lived in Anchorage since 2014, National guardsman.

    3. Anonymous8:08 PM

      @anon 12:43 pm
      There are domestic terrorists you know.

    4. Anonymous5:13 AM

      In the end, I think, the guy was another genuinely insane person with a gun. I don't think that guns should be allowed anywhere in a plane, not even in checked luggage. This kind of thing can happen too easily.

  20. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I think it should be up to the female politicians whether or not men can have the chance to get those women pregnant.Chemical castration until the politicians decide it's your turn.

  21. Contractors on Trump's DC hotel are filing a lien. They were stiffed out of $5 MILLION.

    Is anyone surprised?

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      I know. There are so many Trump stories that are not getting attention because of the shooting in Florida. That new about how he has once again ripped off workers--and ruined lives doing so--is not getting covered. Nor, for example, is the announcement that all ambassadors will have to leave their countries immediately on Jan. 20 or before. He is going again the norm on this. Usually, the families stay until the next ambassadors are set to take their place, but Trump is going to leave all the posts vacant for however long it is before he appoints ambassadors. Those families will have to yank their kids out of their new school terms and their households are now in chaos that they hadn't expected. But oh-so-delicate Barron has got to remain in his NYC school. Sorry, I know you guys hate when the kids get picked on, but this constant kissing of silver-spoon Barron's ass makes me sick.

    2. La Cabeza Golpeando Gato12:11 PM

      Thank you fir your brave comment, 11:45 am. I am sick and tired of the way Barron and his "special needs" are coddled, justified and defended. He is nearly eleven years old. In less than seven years (if not much less) he will be showing exactly what he's made of and it will not be pretty. He will grow up to be just as evil and narcissistic as Trump's eldest three kids - bet on it!

  22. Anonymous11:09 AM

    The ID of the shooter (which hasn't been verified to be accurate) leads back to NJ and Anchorage addresses.

  23. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I just read the best article about how it's quality parenting to tell kids to not wait. Meaning they should never mask themselves for other people's comfort level. This along with the articles I see begging Christians to stop pushing no sex before marriage gives me hope for a better less repressed future.

    We've got to kindly get more people to see how sex is healthy and it does teach responsibility that people as early as 14-15 are ready for. I could run my house by 6th grade and pay bills. Kids is still so sheltered and I become so sad when I see hapless 20 somethings put themselves in bad situations because they were allowed to do anything as a teenager under their parents rule. I left my job of 15 years because I couldn't watch college students go through this.

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      My parents put me on the pill at age 15 because they asked if I was having sex and I said "yes" and that the guys would use condoms but we all decided that the pill would be more convenient.

      This was right before the AIDS crisis, which hit the next year when I went away to college (I graduated a year early), so it was back to using condoms a few years later once it was determined how AIDS was communicated.

      I've always respected them for being open with me regarding sexuality and if I would have had kids I would have been the same with them.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      I moved away to college at 15, hitchhiked home on long weekends and holidays and at 17 had to get my parents, or should I say my Dad's permission to get BC. My Mom's wasn't good enough. Or if I had been married my husband could have allowed it.

  24. Anonymous11:21 AM

    And what about those who didn't choose to conceive, but were forced to by a rapist?

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      They should see the rapist's baby as innocent in all this and as a gift from God.


    2. Anonymous1:24 PM

      And in problem pregnancies where it's the woman or fetus' life ( or in some cases that fetus has no chance anyway) they will say it is a women's "duty" and the greatest "gift to her husband" to die in child birth.

    3. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Or, by incest! I had an abortion for exactly that reason and have NEVER regretted having done so. It was the right decision!

    4. According to these shitheads, in a "legitimate" rape a woman can refuse to conceive, by force of will or some such shit. God knows where they dig up this stuff.

  25. Anonymous11:22 AM

    It's not up to the politicians. According to their own rhetoric, it's up to God. Unfortunately, God kills millions every year through miscarriage. For every embryo that is CONCEIVED, many hundreds NEVER attach to the uterine wall, hence ABORT. And in addition, miscarriage continues to occur through the first trimester (used to be nobody would tell anyone they were pregnant until after 12 weeks).

  26. Looking at the picture of McButtface from Kentucky, I'll just go celibate.

  27. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Any chance this idiot can get F'd up the butt until he conceives?

  28. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I hope the ugly man has never masterbated and put those innocent potential humans in a kleenex just to be flushed down the toilet. If he or any other man has done that well then they should just be locked up for destroying a potential human life.

  29. Anonymous3:11 PM

    It's 100% untrue that a woman can choose to "conceive or not". One minute with a woman trying to get pregnant or a woman taking contraceptive pills but pregnant anyway proves that.

    Sad for Kentucky that it's so full of hateful dickheads in power.

  30. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Just looking at the photo of the guy - not impressive! I'd sure never want to enter a bed w/him. Wouldn't you imagine that he is all about pleasuring himself and has nary a clue how to bring a woman to climax or even think she deserves having one!

    He appears to me to be another typical, overweight, white Republican male who is absolutely deplorable!


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