Saturday, January 14, 2017

Paul Ryan lies right to the face of a former Republican cancer survivor.

Courtesy of Think Progress:

At Thursday’s event, which was sponsored by CNN and moderated by Jake Tapper, Jeff Jeans introduced himself as a lifelong Republican who once worked on the Reagan and Bush campaigns. “Just like you, I hated the Affordable Care Act,” he told Ryan. 

But then, at 49 years old, Jeans was diagnosed with a curable type of cancer. His doctors gave him just six weeks to live if he didn’t pursue treatment. 

“Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I’m standing here today alive,” he said. “I rely on the Affordable Care Act to be able to purchase my own insurance. Why would you repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement?”

In response Ryan literally lied to this man by telling him that the Republicans would never do that, even while the Republicans are actively working to do that. 

The Republicans do NOT have a plan for replacing Obamacare, and they know it.

If they take away the protections in the Affordable Care Act people like Jeff Jeans will be kicked off their health care plans by greedy insurance companies and they will surely die without adequate coverage.

I would urge every single family who loses a loved one due to the Republican lies, to blame them in their obituaries, and to send them a copy of the bill for the end of life care no longer covered by insurance.

Heartless POS!


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    3. Only some? Are they afraid of him?

  2. Kayla Johnson2:17 PM

    While I sympathize with that guy, he is quite typical of Republicans who have no compassion towards their fellow citizens until they're in a situation that affects them personally. Maybe if the GOP actually does repeal the ACA without a replacement this guy will start thinking a bit more about voting Republican in the future or volunteering for Republican campaigns.

    1. I cannot explain their hatred of ACA as it was a Republican plan that Obama followed in the main I believe.
      It was hatred for Obama the man, pure and simple, the Uppity Who Know What.

    2. Anonymous4:16 PM

      The actual plan was single payer, and Obama supported it, but once he did, the GOP had a hissyfit and had to water it down, take out the single payer (because their insurance lords were ticked) and then they would;t vote for it anyway, because they knew it was not what we need. They wanted it to fail. They prayed rates would go up so they could use ti as a club to scare GOP voters. And it worked. They are horrible people. Just horrible.

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I had to tell a rich Trump voter friend today, of course "Jesus" to the max, doing her best Rodney King imitation, "read The Sermon On The Mount! Internalize it! Live it!"

    But, see, they don't want to. We have ours, fuck the rest of you! Haven't Republicans proven enough in the last fifty years just how much they don't give a shit? Yet they keep getting elected.

    1. Their economic plans do not work: see all the States that are failing are Republican.

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand sociopath who has lived off the tax payer almost his entire life. Lies are expected from this POS. I have stage 4 cancer and would not be getting chemo without the ACA (it's that little 'preexisting conditions' stipulation the ACA knocked down). These Republicans are beyond despicable. They are monsters. May Ryan develop cancel after the ACA is repealed with no replacement (and government funded healthcare is no longer available to Congress) ... I know, not happening. Regardless, that would be my wish if that scenario played out. He's too arrogant and sociopathic to learn any other way.

    1. Won't matter. He gets healthcare free for life from the government. They get the very best special care. The rest of us can suck it.

    2. Anonymous3:29 PM

      He also got Social Security survivor benefits as a young man due to the untimely death of his father. Paul Ryan has been living off of the taxpayer's dime his entire life but he doesn't want others to have the same benefits that he's enjoyed. He is nothing short of scum of the Earth.

    3. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I hope his death from a disease is a long and painful journey. He'll deserve every minute of suffering due to his evil doings in Congress!

    4. Anonymous4:14 PM

      They didn't nicknamed him lyin ryan for nothing. That debate between him and smokin Joe will forever be embedded in my heart, when ryan told a lie Vice President Joe Biden shot it down with precision. He's a POS.

    5. Anonymous4:14 PM

      3:22-you are wrong. Since 2014, Congress is part of the ACA. They choose a plan for their family and pay premiums just like everyone else on it. They also pay into SS and Medicare. So they are chopping themselves off at the knees along with the rest of us.

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Love the idea of putting it in the obit that the Republican party was responsible for the death!! And, sending them the bill is totally a responsible thing to do.

    Fuck Republicans and those in the United States Congress - especially Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell!

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Republicans DO have a plan to replace Obamacare--it's going to be Obamacare with a few cosmetic changes and the ability to sell over state lines. That's it.

    They have to repeal it first, because they promised to, and because they want the political victory, but then they're going to come up with something "totally different!" yet nearly the same. And because conservative trolls are so gullible, they'll fall for it completely.

    Of course, since Insurance will now be sold across state lines, we'll see massive industry consolidation to the states with the most lax laws. Eventually, we'll get two insurance companies in South Dakota or Delaware--kind of the Time Warner and Comcast of insurance. Sure enough, after years of being screwed, people will learn these two were colluding and there is no true competition, just a for-profit insurance monopoly protected by GOP representatives.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Everyone forgets (and the media never mentions it!)that The Affordable Care Act was derived from the insurance law put into effect by Mitt Romney for his state many years ago as their Governor! It proved very effective for him and his constituents. Mitt Romney is a Republican folks, remember?

      Yea, the Republicans want to repeal and redo Obamacare strictly because it has the signature of President Obama on the law!

      They will make minor changes but will keep the guts of the law (preexisting conditions and children on their parents insurance plans to a certain age).

      The Republicans in Congress are all talk and bullshit - having to do 'something' now because they have been saying they'd repeal it for eight friggin' years!

      They have all been full of bullshit!
      Plus, the are creating harm to those already insured (20 million reported), costing taxpayers extra money, wasting their time doing nothing and all the while costing taxpayer's more money! Fuck every one of them! Do NOT reelect one of them involved in this ongoing baloney when they come up for reelection. I will actively campaign against each of them when the time comes! This issue will not be forgotten.

      Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are the biggest culprit and embarrassments to Americans!

    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      They will make minor changes but will keep the guts of the law (preexisting conditions and children on their parents insurance plans to a certain age).
      Hate to tell you but they already repealed those along with birth control and mammogram coverage, veterans, children health care and medicaid.

      it was done @ 1:30 AM the other day.

    3. Anonymous5:35 PM

      I think you are wrong. Paul Ryan has already been talking about putting all of the folks that are risk (this would include pre-existing conditions in one group. And they can try to pay the over the top premiums that insurance companies will charge...or die. Paul Ryan is an evil man surrounded by more evil men being subsidized by big insurance and big pharma to vend to their wills. It is a capitalistic syatem and has no room for empathy or heart. Just the profits ma'am.

  7. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I would like to sympathize with Mr. Jeans, but I am sure he not only voted for the republican senate and house, I am sure he voted for trump. No sympathy from me.

  8. Anonymous3:09 PM

    And, that jerk in the U.S. Congress that LIED directly to the fellow's face, is a practicing Catholic! He is NOT practicing what he was taught as a child!!! It is a sin to tell a lie!

    Oops, forgot that being an elitist Republican in the United States Congress changes how they operate!

    1. No worries.

      He won't even bother to mention it at confession because he doesn't see it as a lie or a sin.

      So if you believe in that stuff, he'll be punished in purgatory or go to hell for all those sins he never confessed and was absolved from. And for not living the Christian life he could have but turned away from.

    2. Anonymous4:34 AM

      Scientologist hide in all faiths. Like The "Rinos" and Republicans and certain other oddballs, they change their spots to blend in society. It is the obvious that you are hearing and seeing that separates the "Real" from the fake. If the fake don't sound right?... The out right liars lie. Word salad galore. etc. And it is happening everywhere. Here and Global.
      Scientologist don't believe in mental illness or treatment for it. And they all seem to have it.
      Pay attention, do your research and resist LIARS and fox nation con ways.

  9. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Hope this happens to ALL of them!

  10. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Ryan also had the audacity to tell this guy, don’t worry you will have insurance; we are going to create a pool of high-risk people only because you are costing the rest of us too much.

    I shutter to think what kind of a plan these morons are going to throw together in 100 days when they couldn’t come up with anything in 6 years.

    Comrade trump doesn’t consider himself my president because I didn’t vote for him and he is only going to work for those that did, can I keep my insurance under the ACA as punishment?

  11. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Republican such dignified leaders, willing to take away health insurance from millions all for revenge on Pres. Obama!!!

    1. Anonymous4:49 AM

      It did not start with President Obama. The Old Ugly Republican party hate majority of the Boomer Generation because boomers wanted social programs to help fellow citizens, they wanted peace, love, clean air water, food and soil. The Republican party began this behavior and campaign way back in the 60's....Division, red scare the soviets. Read up about the history of globalization, soviet sympathizers in the usa. Hollywood was Hot Spot.

  12. Anonymous8:05 PM

    She's such a dimwit. Lewis is more christian that palin has ever even pretended to be, and I don't appreciate that about him but conservatard evangelical idiots should sure find common ground with the god nonsense.

  13. Anonymous8:08 PM

    It's not as if we're talking handouts to desperately poor people, those that the republicans so hate, I make 50 grand a year and my life partner makes a bit more and we both qualify for an ACA subsidy, albeit small, we both qualify and we happily both get insurance that we never had before because we are both self-employed.

  14. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I got a call from an old childhood classmate years ago, 07. She was in the hospital, no insurance. In 09 she called to tell me she got free health insurance now. It saved her life and that she would not vote for Obama ever and repeated the usual fox nation words.
    my reply was goodbye be well.

  15. Randall3:06 AM

    Republicans HATE Obamacare because it takes money from the rich to pay for the healthcare of the poor.
    It's not a job-killer...
    It's not government control of your healthcare...
    It's none of the other bullshit reasons they give...
    it is because the ACA taxes RICH people for the benefit of POOR people...


    1. Anonymous4:22 AM

      And POOR people work for those RICH people and develop disease because of those RICH people due to their unregulated selfish profit driven business that denies paying a decent livable income to provide for the basics in life. "YOU people have failed to brainwash the masses" and the real reality show begins.


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