Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rumors swirl that Donald Trump will soon sign executive order targeting the LGBTQ community. Update!

Actually only 14% voted for him.
Courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign: 

There are a number of rumors swirling that Donald Trump is planning to sign yet another discriminatory executive action – this time specifically targeting the LGBTQ community. While only the White House can speak to the veracity of the rumors, given the administration's track record of championing discrimination in just the last week, HRC is preparing to fight this to the fullest. 

“The rumors of an anti-LGBTQ executive action by President Trump are deeply troubling. We already know that he is willing to target and marginalize at-risk communities for his perceived political gain. As the President and his team plan their next steps, we want to make one thing clear: we won't give one inch when it comes to defending equality, whether it is a full-on frontal assault or an attack under the guise of religion. Mike Pence should know that better than anyone given his track record in Indiana," said JoDee Winterhof, the Human Rights Campaign's Senior Vice President for Policy and Political Affairs. “The Human Rights Campaign will stand with those who have already been targeted by this Administration and are prepared to fight tooth and nail against every effort to discriminate.” 

Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ people have reported experiencing discrimination, according to HRC polling. 

Then-Governor Mike Pence’s support for a bill in Indiana that was intended to allow businesses to discriminate and deny service to LGBTQ people did massive damage not just to the state’s economy, but his own political standing as well.

It should be noted that this is still just a rumor,

However we have already seen Trump throwing out red meat to satisfy his base of support, so going after "the queers" would certainly fit that pattern.

Besides with Pence as his number two you have to know that Trump is being pushed in this direction.

And then of course there is this:
Assuming this Twitter account is on the up and up, I think that suggests there is reason for concern.

Update: Thinks might be looking up.


  1. Dinty6:36 AM

    This EO has been scuttled for now, it was Pence's thing (food for thought for those clamoring for impeachment), Trump doesn't care.


    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      OUTSTANDING! Fuck 6-6-6pence like HIS WET DREAMS, he LUSTs FOR it...


  2. a. j. billings6:42 AM

    Pence and the Christian Taliban love them some Romans 1:32, where their book of hate tells them that gays deserve death.

    Fortunately the founders of our country hated religious kings, zealots, and lunatices and gave us a 1st amendment and Article 6 paragraph 3.

  3. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Like somebody says, this asshole is a m***fu***ing
    dermolition derby. Just keeps rolling along destroying everything. May Odin strike him dead.

    1. Anonymous9:13 AM


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  5. Anonymous6:54 AM


    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      "h our opposition pour out into the streets protesting the extremes of our public measure, exactly as we intended. The protests dominate the news, but our base doesn’t watch CNN anyway. The ACLU will file motions to oppose the most extreme parts of our measure, that’s actually going to be useful too. We don’t actually care if we win, that’s why we made it more extreme than it needed to be. But in doing so, the lawsuit process will test the loyalty of those enforcing what we say."
      "the NSC are the folks that authorize secret ASSASSINations against enemies of the state, including American citizens. "

  6. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Paul Krugman Warns Either Trump or the Republic Will Be Gone Within a Year

    "Either he or the republic, in any meaningful sense, will be gone quite soon. I have a hard time seeing one year, let alone four"

    'The text of the WH statement on Yates is extraordinary -- sounds like the rant of a third-world strongman. Maybe because it is'

    He followed that up with a four-part message to Republicans explaining to them that the way things are going they need to decide between saying “no” to Trump to avoid being complicit in the “death of democracy” or adjust to the idea that they’ll be going “down with a disgraced president””


  7. Anonymous7:24 AM

    In Donald Trump’s America There is No Free Speech Without a Permit

    ...And Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper may have joined the chorus of those condemning Trump’s Muslim ban, but if you were protesting at Denver International Airport Friday you were informed by Denver Police Commander Tony Lopez,

    “Stop doing anything that could be construed as free speech without a permit.”

    Yes. He said that.

    Watch courtesy of Darren O’Connor:

    ...Makes it sound like free speech is a crime because that’s how we usually speak of crimes, as in “Don’t do anything that could be construed as a crime, kids.” Lopez even told protesters they needed a permit to carry a copy of the Constitution.

    Protester: “I cannot carry a copy of the Constitution without a permit?”

    Lopez: “Correct.”


    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Then let them try to arrest thousands. because they can't, they don't have the police staff to arrest or to process, they don't have enough holding cells or any place to keep people.

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Joe Scarborough Condemns Trump’s ‘Chilling Language’ of Betrayal in Firing AG Yates

    "That is frightening, chilling language...Take that to Venezuela, OK? We don’t really want to use that sort of language here."

    It wasn’t that Scarborough thought Trump did not have the right to fire Yates, it was the way he did it:

    “The word ‘betrayed,’ using the word betrayed for somebody, that’s frightening. That’s what an autocrat would use, whoever put that word in there.”

    And this is coming from a guy who is friends with Trump, who has occasionally criticized him but by and large supports him. As for whoever, it may have been Trump or it may have been his resident Nazi, Steve Bannon. The ultimate responsibility, however, lies with Donald Trump.

    Scarborough went on to say,

    “There are people that can have reasonable differences without saying that, if they don’t agree with you, they’ve betrayed you. That is frightening, chilling language, whether they had a right to do this or not… But saying somebody ‘betrayed’ the Justice Department because they don’t agree with you? Take that to Venezuela, OK? We don’t really want to use that sort of language here. It’s time for you guys to grow up. It really is time for you to grow up.”


    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      You know what else is autocratic and quite Hitler/Bannon-esque?

      Trying to paint the working media as the "Opposition Party?" Just for doing their jobs - finally.

  9. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Insiders: Donald Trump’s crazy National Security Advisor Michael Flynn already self destructing


    Donald Trump didn’t realize Steve Bannon needs Senate confirmation for National Security Council


    Richard Nixon counsel John Dean on Donald Trump’s presidency: “it will end in calamity”

    “Donald Trump is in the process of trashing the American presidency. He is just getting started. He thinks he is bigger than the office.” Then after Trump released a statement attacking Yates, Dean continued his criticism: “I’ve never read White House statement as nasty as Trump’s attack on Acting AG Sally Yates. New low.”


    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      SO? What NASTY? DO TELL!

    2. Leland10:02 AM

      8:25, if you can read the announcement by Humpty Trumpty and NOT see the nasty, despicable language, then you are definitely a Humpty Trumpty fanatic (and I mean that in the ORIGINAL meaning of the word) and won't recognize anything he does as wrong.

  10. Anonymous7:34 AM

    MAJOR Republican Celebrity Turns On Trump; Fans SHOCKED (TWEETS)


    1. Anonymous8:10 AM

      NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  11. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Trump’s Muslim Ban Has One MAJOR Cheerleader That Is Very, Very Dangerous (DETAILS)

    According to The Washington Post:

    “Comments posted to pro-Islamic State social media accounts predicted that President Trump’s executive order would persuade American Muslims to side with the extremists. One posting hailed the U.S. president as “the best caller to Islam,” while others predicted that Trump would soon launch a new war in the Middle East.


    Darrell Issa: Trump’s Muslim Ban Is OK Because ‘This Happens’ To ‘People Of This Color’ Daily (VIDEO)


  12. Anonymous7:47 AM

    So positive.


  13. Anonymous7:49 AM

    So the protection for LGBTQ people that was put in place by Obama will remain. Does anyone seriously think that AG Sessions will enforce the protections?

  14. Anonymous7:50 AM

    What we've lost.


  15. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Was there any doubt that he would? My Dog, you would have had to have been deaf and dumb to not realize this.
    Hey 3rd party voters....ya'll happy yet?

  16. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Watch this play to the meek....GUMBALLS!

  17. Anonymous8:46 AM

    “In hindsight, I believe it was wrong for Barack Obama to NORMALize Donald Trump,” Lieu added." <GOT THAT RIGHT!
    ""The only way that our values get reinstated is if people take this responsibility on themselves,”Obama knows there are many much more drastic measures that he might want to speak out on, and he’s saving more direct intervention for maximum impact, HE knows he only gets one chance at it being the first time that he takes on Trump HIMself."
    "being too active will keep a new generation of Democrats from rising up."“At the end of the day we have to have an all-hands-on-deck policy here to deal with this MOVING target,”


    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Fuck you. Stop blaming Obama. People wanted the black guy out of the house. People of alabaster persuasion made that shit happen.

  18. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Now let's get to the real issues. Trump is about to announce a Supreme Court pick who will almost certainly oppose anti-LGBTQ freedoms and oppose same-sex marriage. William Pryor has exhibited "extremist anti-gay views." Neil Gorsuch is a religious liberty enthusiast, which is exactly where the battles for LGBTQ rights and freedoms will be fought in years to come.

    Beyond that, congressional Republicans are angling to pass a "religious freedom" bill in the vein of Mike Pence's odious anti-LGBTQ Indiana law, only worse. It will almost surely grant special rights to Christians to discriminate against gay and transgender Americans (and women!) based on their religious beliefs or maybe even just their moral convictions, as their First Amendment Defense Act did last session.

    So if pr*sident Trump wants to “protect the rights” of LGBTQ Americans, as stated above, he’s got a hell of a long way to go.


  19. Anonymous9:19 AM

    The odds of Rogue POTUS Staff being legit seem very slim.......probably some conservative college students in Texas trying to make liberals look foolish.

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Most likely a unpaid intern that is tired of getting her pussy grabbed on the job.

  20. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Renee Wetzel’s husband Michael was one of the victims gunned down by radicalized Islamic terrorists during the San Bernardino massacre on December 2, 2015. Fourteen people died and 22 were injured. Michael Wetzel worked worked for the San Bernardino environmental health department. His life was taken tragically and some would think his widow would have reason to side with Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. She doesn’t.

    In her response to a statement by Trump’s Press Secretary Spicer who used the San Bernardino shooting to justify banning 220 million people, Renee Wetzel came from a place of love adding a Christian bible passage. Here is her Facebook post.


  21. Considering Trump is trying to make good on all of his campaign promises by executive order, I'd say it's only a matter of time before he signs an order to "lock her up", or basically to have his pet AG move forward in prosecuting her for whatever they can dream up.

    Obama should have pardoned her when he had the chance.

  22. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Trump likes to tout an unproven support of LGBT, and as if that gives him coverage for all his inhumanity regarding others and as if claiming to be pro-LGBT makes him moderate when everything he’s done has been so far right. And anyone who has been really reading up knows that Trump's admin’s plan is to get rid of the Violence Against Women grants. The Dept of Violent Against Women is in the DOJ. Sessions became a senator in 1997. The VAWA came into being in 1994. He voted against its reauthorization—if he’d been a senator in ’94, he’d have voted against it. When he’s AG, there will be all sorts of cuts made to protecting people who he thinks want special status. That includes women, gays, and minorities. It’s who he’s always voted against. And Trump knows it. He’ll keep saying that no one loves women like he does, but he’ll have his AG gutting programs for women and everyone else in need of stronger protections.

  23. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Gryphen, I can see why this would concern you ;)


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