Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Sean Hannity interviews Julian Assange who insists that he is NOT working with the Russians and the American intelligence agencies are a bunch of lying doo doo heads.

Courtesy of Variety: 

Sean Hannity has landed a sit-down interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that will air Tuesday on Fox News Channel, the network announced Monday. 

According to a Fox News release, the two will discuss Russian hacking, the 2016 presidential election, and both the Obama and upcoming Trump administrations. It will air at 10 p.m. on Jan. 3, with additional portions of the interview airing throughout the week.

For the record Sean Hannity used to despise Julian Assange right up until he started helping his side.

I'm sorry, ALLEGEDLY started helping his side.

If you have been paying attention Wikileaks has been tripping all over themselves with denials that they got their information from the Russians, or that they were trying to influence the election to favor Trump.

Which is a hard case to make since Trump himself quoted from the Wikileaks e-mail dumps to deflect from the pussy grabbing video, and to attack Clinton.

Speaking of Trump his spokesperson Sean Spicer (I assume that is his porn name.) also claims that there is "zero evidence" that Russia influenced the election.

Which is also essentially the claim that Vladimir Putin is making as well.

Well gee if you can't trust the organization that coordinated the leaks, the campaign that benefited from the leaks, and the government that may have been behind the leaks, then just who can you trust?


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    In other news Megyn Kelly will be bringing her lounge act to NBC

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    ah...yeah...like i believe ANYTHING those people say.

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM


    1. Caroll Thompson2:23 PM

      I was going to say that. You said it first 1:54. I could not agree more. Once upon a time in our fair land, Sean Hannity would be arrested and tried for treason.

  4. Here is a scholarly article that needs to be read and diseminated: Trump will be in violation of the Constitution the moment he takes the oath.
    One of the authors of this piece is Laurence Tribe who is grand guru of Constitutional Law. Please circulate.

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Once Trump gets his first wingnut onto the SCOTUS bench nothing else will matter.

    2. So what? It's not like congress will do anything about it.

  5. Anonymous3:19 PM

    On call to $uck tiny drumpf dick?

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Rump and kellyann really need facelifts like now. Boy hd is very unkind to them.

  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Craig Murray.

  8. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Trump has his own source that will prove the Big 17 (intelligence community) is wrong regarding Russia. Is Trump's reliable source Sean Hannity and Julian Assange?

  9. Anonymous3:48 PM


  10. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Hannity, Who Called For Assange's Arrest, Now Believes Every Word He Says



  11. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Let's be accurate that the only thing leaked by Wikileaks was the Podesta email and it went on day by day for the last month of the election. but interestingly the Podesta email wasn't mentioned in the Joint Analysis Report about Russian hacking. So Wikileaks says they didn't get the Podesta email from Russians, Craig Murray says he was given the emails for Wikileaks in a DC park by an intermediary for "disgusted Democratic whistleblowers". Trump says he knows who stole Podesta's email. Is the source Trump's talking about the same as Murray. I think there's growing indications that Russians didn't steal Podesta emails.

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Let's be accurate you're a fucking troll and a fucking liar trying to cover for the traitors.

    2. Anonymous4:17 PM

      yeah, let's be accurate about how you're a liar trying to cover for the Russians. you're not fooling anybody.

  12. Anonymous3:54 PM

    They thought they could get away with it.

    How The GOP's Secret Gambit To Gut Ethics Oversight Died In Less Than A Day



    1. But they still took away the constitutional rights of lawmakers.

      "The House of Representatives approved a rule today prohibiting members of Congress from using phones or other personal electronic devices to record or broadcast material on the chamber floor.

      The rule, passed with a series of rules to govern the newly sworn-in Congress, was written in response to a sit-in that Democrats held last summer when Republicans recessed without taking up legislation to combat gun violence.

      The sit-in quickly spread on social media even though the official cameras on the floor of the House were switched off.

      Under the new rule, however, the sergeant at arms will be able to fine members for recording or broadcasting activity in the House. Democrats argued the rule was unconstitutional, would limit their freedom of expression and weaken transparency on Capitol Hill. After the rule passed, Democrats defiantly took pictures inside the House chamber with their flashes on and were quickly urged to follow the chamber rules.

      Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who led the summer sit-in, spoke passionately on the floor against the rule and likened it to the oppression he felt during civil-rights-era protests.

      “We should never ever give up the right to protest,” he said. “We were elected to stand on the courage of our convictions not to sit here to rot and hide ... I am not afraid. I have been fined before.” "


      I guess they figured with everyone looking at the ethics stuff, no one would notice when they squeezed this one by.

      This is how our government is going to work from now on. Misdirection.

      Oh, and that ethics committee thing? It will come back when all of the excitement is over. They'll pass it when no one is paying attention or distracted by something else.

  13. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Here are the criminals that voted to gut the ethics committee to cover for their criminal activity past and present. Until Americans screamed bloody murder.


  14. Anonymous4:02 PM

    GOP Bill Would Ban Supreme Court From Citing Its Own Obamacare Cases

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) hates Obamacare so much that he doesn't even want the Supreme Court to cite its own major Obamacare cases in future opinions, according to a bill he introduced Tuesday.

    The bill itself list the names of major lawsuits the Affordable Care Act has faced at the Supreme Court and bars them "from citation for the purpose of precedence in all future cases."


    1. Good luck with that.

      They can't do that even if they try to pass it.

  15. Anonymous4:31 PM

    What's stopping Assange from naming names? Nothing. He's covering his own ass hoping for a pardon for Trump, who he helped elect.

    No thanks. I'll take the word of our intelligence agencies over the continued lies of a traitor.

    1. Yeah, what you said plus how convenient Hannity got the interview now.
      Does Assange not know where the info he leaks comes from?
      Then, what credibility can Wikileaks have?
      (Why did I just ask that question?)

  16. Anonymous5:40 PM

    If you guys want a moral boost, then go to MSNBC later and watch Rachel's interview with Chuck Schumer. He is, as he said, "invigorated" and no longer depressed--he's ready to fight.

    At the end of the interview, Rachel read a Trump tweet re the big fill-him-in intel meeting said he was to have and that he'd be telling the public his insider knowledge today or tomorrow. His tweet acted irked that it won't happen till Friday and he called it "very strange." There was no intel meeting scheduled before Friday--it was always going to be Friday. But of course Trump is lying and making the intel community look bad and like something over their doesn't jive.

    1. He's ready to roll over and play the game with Trump. Says he'll consider working with him.

      This is why so many didn't vote for Hillary. The Democrats are feckless, spineless cowards that won't even fight for us.

      The Republicans united as a block and obstructed Obama from everything that came before Congress.

      What are the Democrats doing with this dangerous madman in the Oval Office and the Fascists he's putting on the cabinet? They're agreeing to work with the Republicans.


      What them elect some gutless line-toer as the chair of the DNC.

      They're selling us out.

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  19. Sarah Failin' has apologized to Assange for attacking him earlier.

    The Internet is not kind to her.


    Here's my favorite response:

  20. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Who would ever believe Julian Assange? Oh, It was Sean Hannity of Fox News(?) doing the interview.

  21. The word of CIA over wikileaks. The word of an organization that was behind the Crack epidemic of the eighties in the USA. The wor d of the agency that did nothing to stop the lies of WMD fake intelligence in Iraq. The word of the agency that was behind every successful and attempted coup o sovereign nations on the central and South Erica continent. The word of the agency y that conducted operation gladio.


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