Monday, January 02, 2017

Trump transition team sends out list of things banned at the inauguration. Pretty much everything.

Welcome to Trump's America. Everything for me, and fuck everybody else.
Courtesy of Gizmodo:

Below is the complete list of things that are banned from the inauguration ceremony. Again, leave your drones at home. 
  • Aerosols 
  • Ammunition 
  • Animals other than service/guide animals (What? No puppies? Fascist!)
  • Backpacks and bags exceeding size restrictions (18” by 13” by 7”) 
  • Bicycles 
  • Balloons 
  • Coolers 
  • Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems 
  • Explosives 
  • Firearms (And yet this was the NRA's go to guy in 2016.)
  • Glass, thermal, or metal containers 
  • Laser pointers 
  • Mace / Pepper spray 
  • Packages 
  • Selfie Sticks (Okay I hate these things too, but still this is supposed to be America.)
  • Signs exceeding the size restrictions (20” x 3” x 1/4”) 
  • Structures (No lemon aide stands kids!)
  • Supports for signs and placards 
  • Toy guns 
  • Weapons of any kind 
  • Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards 

And of course they close out the list with: “Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards.”

Well so much for Donald Trump the freedom president. 

They might as well just write a list with the words "Don't bring nothing" at the top.


  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Any other items such as ones self if u came to protest. Or for that matter, having the opinion that he is illegitimate could be considered a safety hazard. Or no cameras since u might take a profile shot of his multiple chins

    1. Anonymous5:38 AM

      "Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards.” I feel that trump is a safety hazard so maybe he shouldn't be there either.

  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    I'm hoping for a freezing blizzard, the kind that welcomed JFK in January 1961. The whole city stood at a standstill for days, events cancelled, chaos. The perfect introduction to DJT. A whiteout will keep the cameras from seeing him actually being sworn in, wearing his baseball cap.

  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Maybe it would be best if he stayed at the tower, and tweeted the speech? Surely the gop would approve of that? That way none of them would be seen attending, giving their support.

  4. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Above all, they do not want most Americans at their festivity. Well, I sure don't want to be there. I can think of lots of ways to spend the day.

  5. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Why ban firearms? Obama confiscated them all?

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Haha, sure he did

  6. Anonymous5:25 AM

    I have to imagine that this list is no different from the one put out ahead of the inaugurations of Mr. Obama, so I'm not going to get all fussy about this. I have legitimate gripes about the Skroob ceremony, and this list ain't among them.

  7. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Bikinis only for the under 20 females?

  8. Anonymous6:24 AM

    White hooded robes are ok

  9. Anonymous6:32 AM

    @5:25 a.m. Doesn't matter what the previous inaugural lists said, if T.Rump bans guns at his own inaugural, "IT'S THE HYPOCRISY, STUPID" that is the problem and should be noted and publicized. Chicken-shit T.Rump is a lily-livered, panty-waist, afraid of his own little handed shadow, who supports the NRA's position that anyone, anywhere and at anytime should be able to not only have, but openly display a gun (schools, work, etc) without any prior training in how to use one. But when he's in proximity, oooohhhh, ban the guns, of course.

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      do you really think guns at the ceremony are a good idea? I mean, really? The P.E. is a jerk, but guns at big gatherings full of angry emotions mixed with patriotic verve seems like a bad idea; whether it's hypocritical or not.

    2. Susie Ethel7:44 AM

      @7:06 "IT'S THE HYPOCRISY, STUPID" the peotus and congress critters get to protect themselves by banning guns but you and I have to live with them even in the grocery store parking lot.

    3. Anonymous7:47 AM

      The NRA recommends carrying EVERYWHERE. If guns should be carried at schools, why not at this clown's enthronement? One shooting at a DC political event would ensure gun control laws FAST.

    4. Anonymous8:59 AM

      invariably, innocent people get shot, and non-gun-toting folks get shot or often trampled, and it's not a partisan issue, it's a human issue. Don't agree to guns for this one occasion unless you allow it for all occasions. That's just my view. I say No Guns at the Inauguration. You are of course free to disagree.

    5. Anonymous1:30 PM

      If President Obama or a President Clinton had said no guns were allowed, I bet you there would be a protest by NRA types and people parading out front with their guns.

  10. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Was Sarah invited to his party of 800 people?

  11. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Things that I am hoping might happen:
    1. Exploding bible
    2. Sorry about this one, Queen Elizabeth, but which would President Ibama choose? British state funeral or Trump?
    3. Melania and Ivanka fight over who gets to hold the Bible.
    4. Record blizzard followed by record cold wave
    5. Chef Jose Andres agrees to cater all of the events. Surprise! Montezuma's revenge. You know where all his cooks and waiters come from, right?

    1. Anonymous7:49 AM

      3. No contest. Ivanka is his first choice for EVERYTHING. Didn't he ask "Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your daughter than your wife?" Shining example of lower than dirt piss poor excuse for a man.

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Forget The Bible. Have him place his hand on a copy of Mein Kampf.

  12. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Leave behind Dignity, Morals and Class. Bigly disregarded at any tRump event.

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Totally right!

  13. Anonymous7:56 AM

    "On Nov. 8,
    America elected a sexual predator to the presidency. TRUTH! $adi$t Voyeur >little dick donny drumpf

    Everything is about>
    $eXxx, BULLing and MonEy...<in THAT order.

  14. I am turning TV off.....and it is my hope that the expected crowd of 800,000 is much smaller.

    One question I do have is if the Secret Service is to guard Trumps' personal security or what?

  15. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Can I bring an umbrella?

  16. I am bringing my portable 34DD's and portable ass.

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      No DDS. Their could be explosive liquid material hidden inside.

  17. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Well there is good news it is legal to Spark Up :)

    Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington D.C. for almost 20 years, and in November 2014, voters in D.C. legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older by passing Initiative 71. The Initiative, also known as the Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Initiative, legalized limited possession and cultivation. It also failed to provision for sales. The legalization does not apply to federal property, which leaves a lot of Washington D.C. excluded from the law.

  18. Well, in fairness to Trump, my sons and I were part of the 1.8 million people attending Obama's first inauguration in 2009 and I'm sure the same restrictions were in place for us.

    I'll also be in DC for the Womens' March on Jan 21st, and we'll probably have the same restrictions.

  19. Anonymous9:28 AM

    No selfie sticks?


  20. Anonymous10:10 AM

    he wants guns everywhere, schools, churches, bars, anywhere and anyone can have a gun.
    just not anywhere he intends to be.
    bill in belize

  21. "Signs exceeding the size restrictions (20” x 3” x 1/4”) "

    Because anything bigger would show up on TV.

    "Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards "

    Would that include cameras? Because photos and video might be potentially hazardous to the safety of the Trump Administration.


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