Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yet another celebrity refuses to perform at Trump inauguration, standing in stark contrast to the next day's celebrity filled protests.

Well it looks like even performers not living in America find it treasonous to perform for Cheeto Hitler.

Perhaps the reason that Trump cannot find any celebrities to perform is because they are all too busy showing up to the anti-Trump protests the next day:

The Women’s March on Washington, to be held on the day after Donald Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, unveiled a roster of celebrity participants, led by America Ferrera and including Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, and Cher. 

“Since the election, so many fear that their voices will go unheard,” Ferrera said in a statement. She is chairing a group called the “Artist Table.”

Also on the roster: Olivia Wilde, Uzo Aduba, Constance Wu, Hari Nef, Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, Patricia Arquette, Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, Danielle Brooks, and Frances McDormand. It’s unclear if all of the names announced will travel to Washington or participate in marches being planned in dozens of cities, including Los Angeles. Handler will be leading a women’s march that day in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival. 

The march’s partners include GLAAD, Planned Parenthood, and Amnesty International. Gloria Steinem and Harry Belafonte are honorary co-chairs.

Damn! That sounds like a hell of a spectacle. I think I'll watch.

 Of course I realize that the official word from Donald Trump and his supporters is that none of this bother Trump and he wants an inauguration "for the people."

But I also realize that that is a bunch of bullshit and that Trump would sell one of his kids, probably Tiffany the one he never talks about, for the opportunity to fill his inauguration with celebrities extolling his virtues.

The man has one of the largest undeserved egos on the planet, so of COURSE this is driving him out of this mind.


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I am glad that the protests are the day after, wouldn't want traitor trump to think all those people were there for him.

    I am surprised he hasn't thought to bus in all those "real Americans" from his thank you tour.

    Someone commented on another post that he can always pipe in the music from the apprentice for entertainment, very fitting: Money Money Money

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM


      Trump Inauguration, highest rating/most watched inauguration in history.

      The day after self-important Cher and Hollywood friends 'we hate Trump' events.... eh, not so much.

    2. Anonymous3:27 AM

      @3:38 since is popularity is down in the 30%, it is highly unlikely, but you keep taking those hallucinogenic drugs, you'll need them this coming year.

    3. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Watch for the ratings 3:27, you will see.

      "Popularity" polling has no bearing on the reality of how many people are going to watch it just hoping for some spectacle.

      Highest watched inauguration in history.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Is Melanomia going to do the strip tease?
    Trump's top planner promises 'soft sensuality’ at inauguration

    Donald Trump’s inauguration will feature a “soft sensuality” rather than be a “circus-like celebration,” according to the chairman of the president elect’s planning committee.

    “What we've done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place,” Tom Barrack, who heads the president-elect’s inaugural committee, told reporters gathered in Trump Tower on Tuesday, according to a pool report.

    “It's a much more poetic cadence than having a circus-like celebration that's a coronation,” he added. “That's the way this president-elect wanted it. I think it will be contributive. It will be beautiful. The cadence of it is going to be, 'Let me get back to work.'”

    It is unclear what such “soft sensuality” would look like, but Barrack was responding to a reporter who asked if the inaugural committee is concerned about its line up for the event on Jan. 20. Reports suggest that the planners have had trouble getting stars to come to the inauguration, as Hillary Clinton boasted far more support from celebrities.

    Barrack noted that Trump, a former host of the reality television program “The Apprentice” and its sequel, “Celebrity Apprentice,” is himself a celebrity.

    “We're fortunate in that we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the president-elect,” Barrack said.


    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      " but who cares. PEE HOOKERS!"

      "according to former British spies who interviewed both Russian prosties and Moscow Ritz Carlton workers, he hired a bunch of Russian hookers to pee on each other in the Presidential suite, because the Obamas had stayed there, he hates them that much, and he’s a fucking gross pig."

      Read more at http://wonkette.com/610313/that-intel-briefing-trump-got-says-he-hired-russian-hookers-to-pee-on-each-other#8dGwSVUJsRF4dji2.99

    2. Anonymous5:29 PM

      Oh "melany porn show"

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Brits ;-) "Uhm, this seems important."

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM


      And glad CNN's talking about it. MSNBC will but they're covering the hearings straight through. Good for CNN.

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges To Historic New Low Days Before Inauguration

    America is not giving Donald Trump a warm welcome to the White House as a new poll found that Trump's job approval rating has dropped seven points to 37% over the past month.

    Respondents also had highly unfavorable views of Trump’s personal traits:


  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    CNN is reporting that the intelligence community is investigating claims that Russia has compromised Trump and has damaging personal and financial information on the president-elect.

    CNN reported:
    Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.

    The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The allegations came, in part, from memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative, whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible. The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but has not confirmed many essential details in the memos about Mr. Trump.

    The report also debunks the lie that has been adopted by the president-elect that Russia only hacked the DNC. Russia complied damaging info on both candidates but chose only to release the Hillary Clinton information.

    If Russia does have damaging personal and financial information on Trump, it will go a long way towards explaining Trump’s pro-Russia stance. The Russian government may have the goods on Trump, which is why the president-elect has become Putin’s biggest dick sucker.


  6. Anonymous2:30 PM


    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Yes! As important as everything else is that's going on, this needs to stay on the TV tonight and pick up steam.

  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    What happened to the star studded concert to be braodcast opposite the coronation?

    1. Anonymous2:47 PM


    2. Anonymous3:05 PM

      No word. But there will be a live streaming Facebook telethon. I saw a list of actors and people of importance who will be on, but don't know who will sing. There's always music at these. I was hoping for a blow-Trump-away concert, but this will be good.

  8. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Trump's absolutely losing it. For sure. And accompanying all the disses have been days and evenings showing the Obamas in all their grace, beauty, intelligence, class and pure coolness. And since the Streep tweeting Trump's been posting praise pics and comments and thanking himself for saving the economy. He also posted an old pic of himself yesterday that was taken back when he was in a greeting line, like many others, to pass by Ronnie and Nancy and, in Trump's case, get his book copy signed. He used the original signature that Ronnie wrote as "Nancy and Reagan Reagan." An aide saw the error and sent Trump a new book signed correctly but by autopen. Now, today, he's met with RFK Jr, to talk about vaccines (Kennedy's skeptical). Why this, of all things--it's just going to make people wonder about Barron again. Well, it ties Trump to the Kennedys the day after he tried saying he was tied to the Reagans. Kennedy said he'll go ahead and work on a panel re possiblle vaccine issues. Isn't it interesting how, in the twp days after Streep and Hollywood telling Trump to screw himself, he's posted a Reagan pic and made it look like he was friends with them (they couldn't stand him and kept saying no to requests or just ignoring all pestering mails trying to ingratiate himself) and now he wants people to see him as friendly with a Kennedy. And I bet he invited him to the inauguration. We'll see.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      And Trump's people deny that RFK Jr, was asked to do that bob. Like, I'm not going to believe RFK over them?


  9. Anonymous2:33 PM

    WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper says Trump campaign ‘colluded’ with Russian operatives

    ...“It came from a former British MI-6 intelligence agent who was hired by a political research — opposition research — firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both Republican and Democratic candidates opposed to Trump,” said legendary reporter Carl Bernstein, who contributed to the CNN report. “They were looking at Trump’s business ties. They saw some questionable things about Russians, about his businesses in Russia. They, in turn, hired this MI-6 former investigator. He then came up with additional information from his Russian sources. He was very concerned by the implications of it.”


    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      I also heard them say on CNN that it is alleged that Trump's people were "in cooperation with" the Russians. Wish we knew what the "compromising" info, both "personal and financial," is.

      The details must leak!

  10. Anonymous2:33 PM

    "The fact is Trump has become America's gaslighter in chief.
    If you've never heard the term, prepare to learn it and live with it every day."


    1. Don't forget the Mandarin orange Candidate.

  11. Anonymous2:34 PM

    So, CNN is saying that these Russian intel people who are considered very credible say that Trump's people and the Russian govt were working in cooperation. And now Trump is absolutely compromised.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      And notice the language used in the CNN article that came out after breaking word on TV. Word is, the Russians have compromising personal and financial info on Trump. And Trump's people were in communications with the Russians'. Someone needs to put pressure on Trump to step aside--who knows, it may be happening internally right now (not via Trump's a-holes but via the govt):


    2. Anonymous3:44 PM

      A dossier making explosive — but unverified — allegations that the Russian government has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” President-elect Donald Trump for years and gained compromising information about him has been circulating among elected officials, intelligence agents, and journalists for weeks.

      The dossier, which is a collection of memos written over a period of months, includes specific, unverified, and potentially unverifiable allegations of contact between Trump aides and Russian operatives, and graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians. CNN reported Tuesday that a two-page synopsis of the report was given to President Barack Obama and Trump.

      Now BuzzFeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.

      Read the report here:


  12. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Trump laying the groundwork for 2020 reelection bid

    The president-elect plans to keep his Trump Tower campaign office open and staffed.

    ...But Trump’s team does not want to waste any time, and sees an opportunity to begin mobilizing the donors and supporters who powered their upset win. With the 2016 election cycle officially over, they are now legally allowed to begin soliciting donations for the 2020 reelection campaign from contributors who gave to Trump’s 2016 campaign.


    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      " Democrats would like to educate the public about what they're in for with a Trump administration, both in the collection of billionaires and Wall Streeters filling out the cabinet and in the substance of what they'll be pursuing."


    2. Anonymous3:50 PM

      But tonight, it’s President Barack Obama who will capture global attention as he delivers his parting remarks from his hometown of Chicago. And the White House has made it easy for just about anyone in the world with an internet connection to watch.

      The address, which begins at 9 pm ET, will air on Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS, as well as cable news channels. But the simplest way to watch Obama’s speech may be online on the White House’s site itself.


  13. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Fucking traitor.

    FBI Director Refuses To Comment On Trump-Russian Ties


    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Feds’ Damning Report on Russian Election Hack Won’t Convince Skeptics


  14. Anonymous2:44 PM

    drumpf"wants a repeal vote to happen "some time next week" followed by a vote on a replacement bill "very quickly or simultaneously."


    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Doesn't seem, as my dad used to say, that Trump knows his ass from a hole in the ground. Last night a half-dozen GOP senators were asking that the ACA not be repealed until March, when they might have something to replace it with.

  15. Anonymous2:46 PM

    OMG, I think I just threw up in my mouth with a vision of little fingers donnie grabbing lady parts at the inauguration.
    also didn't kelly ann tell us celebrities have no business interfering politics, now they are pushing trump as a celebrity.

    Trump backer promises inauguration will show ‘soft sensuality’ — and the internet goes wild with mockery

    ...“We’re fortunate in that we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the president-elect, side by side is the current president,” Barrack told reporters on Tuesday. “So what we’ve done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is, we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place.”....


    1. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Soft sensuality of D.C.???!!!!

    2. Anonymous3:42 PM

      o what we’ve done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place. It’s a much more poetic cadence than having a circus-like celebration that’s a coronation.

      That’s the way this president-elect wanted it. I think it will be contributive. It will be beautiful. The cadence of it is going to be “let me get back to work.”


  16. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Big "Oops"

    Man celebrating vote to repeal Obamacare learns he is on Obamacare.


    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      "he has absolutely no idea that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ObamaCare are one and the same thing. Even worse is that he has no idea he has just cheered on the GOP for scrapping his health insurance!"

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM




    3. Anonymous3:30 PM

      " those who voted for Trump, those who stayed home on Election Day and those who supported third-party candidates in this most critical and unusual election — did it to themselves."

    4. LOL.

      I love it.

      There's going to be a lot of that going on. And they will find some way to blame the Democrats for it.

      Stuff like, "well, why didn't you call it Obamacare if it was really the ACA?" Because the REPUBLICANS labeled it that to dupe stupid fools like you, dumbass.

      Or "Why didn't the Democrats defend and save it if it was that good?" Because dumbasses like you voted in a Republican majority so that it could be taken away from you. It's called voting against your own best interests."

      Yeah, I am going to really enjoy rubbing those Deplorable faces in their own stupidity.

    5. Anonymous5:36 PM

      That is why O said call it trump care. Fools.

  17. Anonymous2:57 PM


  18. Anonymous3:05 PM

    In Alaska Statewide on Jan 21st 2017

  19. Anonymous3:07 PM

    So much info. O riley settles sex assault case. Damaging info on trump released. and confirmation protest. Twisted Tuesday and Wacky Wednesday. yee haw

  20. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Donald Trump is a replica of Hitler and Satan!

    He is the devil, a prick, evil, an asshole, a fucker, unqualified, inept, ego maniac, thin skinned, overly reactive, obese, Republican, unhealthy in appearance, bloated, puffy, walrus necked, has slits for eyes, loves Putin and Russian and on and on.


    He's detestable and deplorable!

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      A legend in his own mind. A loud buffoon.
      quite the POS.
      I am certain I could go on as well.
      He is a dangerous clown supported by the ignorant.

  21. Anonymous3:29 PM

    "no, Sen. McConnell, we won’t and shouldn’t get over the election." " will these appointees make it that much easier for Trump to play war with live nuclear ammo?"


  22. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I just bet that trumpeter in invites himself to the inauguration. The nerve of this asshole.
    " he is not my president"
    Kellyanne eat my shorts!!!!

  23. Anonymous3:40 PM

    LOLOL Twisted Twister Tuesday
    Wacky Wanker Wednesday
    Brokeback on the Hill.

  24. Anonymous3:45 PM


  25. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I highly doubt that Charlotte's career will be damaged by this. Poop emojis a great add on. Good for HER!

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Career? Who the hell is she to begin with? Never heard of her.

    2. Yuge star in Britain.

      Not as well known here, but that just shows how desperate the Trump folks are to find somebody, anybody, to perform at his inauguration.

    3. Anonymous4:35 PM

      Correct, Gryph, they thought they could get Adele?? I 'd LOVE to know what these artists' agents said when the call came in to them!

    4. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Way too classy for the likes of you, 400p.

    5. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Clearly 4.00 doesn't get out much. Charlotte Church has been internationally famous since childhood.

  26. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Just checked Malcolm Nance's (ex-CIA TV guest who is always good) Twitter and it is crazy with tweets. His book plug is usually at the top and the order of his tweets' timeline can appear all messed up because of how he emphasizes what he wants to emphasize at a given moment. Now, there is a lot going on re that British spy story and Trump's knowledge of what the Russians have had on him:


  27. Anonymous3:54 PM


    The Bachelor Vlady & Bachelorette Donnie, finally they're going to meet in Slovenia for their first bromance date.

    Maybe Melania will stop by her old college to collect her HONORARY DEGREE IN ARCHITECTURE?
    That way you guys will stop ragging on her for fibbing.

    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin May Meet In Slovenia, Melania's Home Country

    U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and current Russian President Vladimir Putin have displayed what some have called a “bromance,” or, at minimum, a transatlantic mutual admiration society. There is anticipation and curiosity as to when, and where, the two strongman-style leaders will meet face-to-face.

    “There is speculation Trump and Putin will meet in Slovenia,” says Mattej Valencic, general managing partner of Imperial / Luxury Slovenia, a company which arranges custom travel experiences to Slovenia for business travelers and vacationers from America, Russia, and anywhere.


  28. Anonymous3:55 PM

    ""unveiled a roster of celebrity participants, led by America Ferrera and including Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, and Cher.

    “Since the election, so many fear that their voices will go unheard,” Ferrera said in a statement. She is chairing a group called the “Artist Table.”

    Also on the roster: Olivia Wilde, Uzo Aduba, Constance Wu, Hari Nef, Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, Patricia Arquette, Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, Danielle Brooks, and Frances McDormand.""

    Bahahahahaaa!! When is the last time any of these self important egotistical Hollywood idiots ever had a real job, or was concerned about putting food on the table? And why do we care what they think? Signed- The working class that Hillary ignored.

    1. Anonymous5:03 PM

      On the other hand internet troll is a respected profession.

  29. Anonymous4:01 PM

    It seriously is the sixties all over again.


  30. Anonymous4:02 PM

    What will Melania Trump wear to the inauguration and to the balls?


    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Her hand.

    2. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Will she even attend is the question.

  31. Anonymous4:10 PM


    Her native Slovenia wants to help the US's relationship with Russia

    Melania's home country appears to believe her rise to the White House could be an opportunity to increase its own standing in the world. Tiny Slovenia, with its population of two million, has positioned itself as a possible mediator between the US and Russia.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, who rarely makes trips to western states, has visited Slovenia twice and the two nations have a comfortable relationship with one another.

    Prime Minister Miro Cerar told the Associated Press last year: "If the United States and Russia give some initiative in this way, Slovenia could become a bridge between the two powers."

    Donald's apparent soft spot for Russia may mean Slovenia's services are not required.

    However, Cerar said he had spoken to Melania in a phone call following the Trump election victory, both chatting in their native tongue.

    She then passed the phone to her husband, added the PM, and their conversation "touched very briefly" on possible Slovenian mediation efforts, although "there was no specific statement about that".

  32. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Script for a movie. Any similarities to real life is only a coincidence.

    Camera 1 panning the cow pastures as a jumbo jet lands in downtown Caca-venia

    The storybook setting was perfect for romance – and TBD1 may choose to mix business with pleasure by giving TBD2 the gift of returning to her homeland as leader of the free world and taking his first lady with him.

    Its story starts off and centers on down-on-her-luck Hollywood hooker TBD2, who is hired by TBD1, a wealthy businessman, to be his escort for several business and social functions, and their developing relationship over the course of her week-long stay with him.

    TBD1, a successful corporate raider in Los Angeles on business, accidentally ends up on Hollywood Boulevard, in the city's red-light district after being rejected and breaking up with his girlfriend during an unpleasant phone call in which TBD1 appears highly controlling; he asked his girlfriend to escort him during his California business trip, but she was offended that he could demand from her whatever he wants, as if she is his 'beck and call girl'. After leaving the party where he had this unpleasant phone call, taking his lawyer's Lotus Esprit luxury car, TBD1 encounters a prostitute, TBD2. He stops for her, apparently lost and having difficulties driving the car, asking for directions back to Beverly Hills. It is not clear if he really wants to hire her, or just get help getting back to his hotel. He asks her to get in the car and show him how to return to the Beverly Hills Regent where he is staying. It becomes clear that TBD2 knows more about the Lotus than he does, and he lets her drive him to his hotel. TBD2 charges TBD1 $20 for the ride, and then they separate. TBD1 decides to hire her for the night, and then later, to play the role his girlfriend had refused, offering TBD2 $3000 to stay with him for the next six days as well as paying for a new, more acceptable wardrobe for TBD2. TBD1 is visibly moved by her transformation from hooker to sophisticated woman, and begins seeing TBD2 in a different light. He begins to open up to her, revealing his personal and business lives.

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Nah, nobody is going to believe this really happened

  33. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Good for her. Glad she revealed to the whole world.

  34. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Who cares what that washed up loser thinks?


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