Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did the White House plant a fake story to smear a reporter? What do you think?

Courtesy of The Independent: 

The White House has been accused of trying to smear a critical reporter by planting its own fake news. 

Politico published an article on Sunday, by journalists Alex Isenstadt and Annie Karni, on an impromptu meeting called by press secretary Sean Spicer to examine aides’ electronic devices for evidence of leaks. 

The same article claimed Mr Spicer pushed deputy communications director Jessica Ditt to tears by criticising her work at a staff meeting.

Six and a half hours after the Politico report broke, the Washington Examiner published a story about Mr Isenstadt. 

It quoted an anonymous source as saying that Isenstadt “appeared dismissive and laughed” at Mr Spicer’s denial and reference to Mr Owens. 

“He started laughing about that Seal,” said The Examiner’s "informed official" source.

 If you don't think that the Trump White House is capable of this then you must have been living in a cave for the last year. 

Remember that this is the administration of a man who used to pose as his own spokesman (John Barron or John Miller) in order to brag to the media about his love life and his business expertise.

Faking stories for the media is essentially Trump's bread and butter.

He is only famous for lying about himself, and creating a phony image that he sold to the public.

So would they make up a lie to smear a reporter?

Do you even have to ask?


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    The HEAD LIAR is about to lie some more. Ugly pos.

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      I can't watch it. Watching Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In on an oldies channel. Amazing the similarities to today, and that show would have never aired prime time today, let alone considered. M*A*S*H after that.

      Kudos to those here that will even try to suffer through it.

    2. Anonymous6:15 PM

      You did not miss anything. Just more lies. Pouting, frowning, ugly and lying.

  2. For those wondering why I am not live blogging Trump's speech tonight, the answer is "Because you can't make me, that's why."

    I told myself when this shitgibbon first got elected that I would not sit through any of his speeches nor refer to him with the title of "President."

    He is a fraud, a liar, and a national embarrassment.


    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      I'm with ya G. Right now I'm watching Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck. I would rather watch war movies than Adolf Drumpf.

    2. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Thank you, Uncle Gryph!
      Agreed on all counts.

    3. Anonymous5:54 PM

      ... and a psychopath. All he does is lie.

    4. Becky Baker7:12 PM

      You missed the first hooker attending the speech wearing sequins. I guess she's going to a nightclub later tonight. Real classy.

    5. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Global embarrassment.

    6. Anonymous9:00 PM

      Supposedly he gave a very good address to Congress. Even Democratic commentators are saying it is looking like 8 years is possible. Better get used to it bucko.

    7. I'm binge watching McCallum on Acorn TV. It expires tomorrow.

    8. Anonymous2:12 AM

      @ 9pm you must be drunk or didn’t watch it: It was a “good” speech because he wasn’t ranting like a manic. A very low bar for someone that is suppose to be the president.

      Just about everyone said, we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if it lasts, let’s hope they take his twitter away etc.

      HA HA 8 years for giving a speech using complete sentences, hardly. Better get use to it bucko.

    9. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Shortly after President Donald Trump addressed a Joint Session of Congress for the first time since taking the oath of office, CNN's Van Jones called one particularly moving moment from the speech the real estate mogul's most presidential to date.

      "He became President of the United States in that moment, period," said Jones, after the evening's most emotional point was replayed by CNN's Anderson Cooper.
      "That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics," Jones added.

      "If he finds a way to do that over and over again, he's going to be there for eight years," Jones said.

    10. Anonymous7:12 AM

      "CBS News poll finds many Democrats joining Republicans in liking much of what they heard"


  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    He is so much like LIAR Sarah P. , it is not even funny. Remember when she would have people write fake letters to the editor of ADN? These people are mentally ill.

    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      And her own editorials were so grammar challenged! The worst part was how critical thinking skills so obviously eluded her and we editors were tasked to make her sound at least somewhat literate.

    2. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Anyone that still believes she graduated college is a damned fool.

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Who's watching dumplumpy? Not me. Wow , I haven't eatched bizzare foods in a while, good.

    1. Anonymous3:19 AM

      We watched an episode of the Danish series, "Borgen," on a Netflix DVD. Great series. And then we watched the last episode of "The Young Pope," which we had set to DVR when it played. Both were excellent television, much better than watching Trump lie and be worshipped by the GOP. I do feel sorry for the Democrats who had to be there.

  5. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Yay Beshear!

  6. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Trump Signs Measure Restoring Access To Guns For Thousands Of Mentally Ill Americans

    The rule would have applied to 75,000 people who were deemed mentally unfit to purchase a firearm.

    Thanks to Donald Trump, thousands of mentally ill Americans will now be able to purchase guns after the president signed a measure on Tuesday to reverse a gun rule enacted under former President Barack Obama.

    Obama took the steps shortly after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, which left 14 dead and 22 injured, and following years of inaction by Republicans in Congress – even after 20 schoolchildren were slaughtered by a deranged gunman in 2013.

    As USA TODAY notes, the move by Trump undid a regulation that would have strengthened the background check system by requiring the Social Security Administration “to submit records of mentally disabled people to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.”

    According to CNN:


    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      That means that mentally challenged Track, Bristol, and Sarah can legally purchase guns.

    2. Anonymous8:29 PM

      I hear this is the first time he hasn't gathered a nodding crowd and the press to the Oval Office for some gratuitous grandstanding.

      Doesn't want any happy snap record of him signing this bill, won't be smiling and showing it around for the world to read...

    3. May one of them take him out. Permanently.

    4. Anonymous3:17 AM

      Every day it simply gets worse and worse.

    5. Anonymous6:10 AM

      The mass shooting in San Bernardino was Islamic terrorism.

      Everybody fucking knows it.

      Purposeful ignorance to this act of Muslim terrorists, and so many more, trying to use Muslim terrorism to take away American rights by way of gun control, is EXACTLY why Trump won.

      mlaiuppa is that a direct against the life of the POTUS?

  7. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Here comes Flint, Michigan on steroids.

    So they poison us and then they take away our health care. Bastards.

    Trump Endangers Drinking Water For 100 Million Americans With New Executive Order

    President Trump is attacking an Obama era clean water rule in an effort that will place in jeopardy the status of clean drinking water for 100 million Americans.

    Trump described his order as rolling back regulations, “It’s a horrible, horrible rule. Has sort of a nice name, but everything else is bad. The Clean Water Act says that the EPA can regulate navigable waters, meaning waters that truly affect interstate commerce. But a few years ago, the EPA decided that navigable waters can mean nearly every puddle or every ditch on a farmer’s land, or any place else that they decide.”

    The part that Trump left out of his statement is that his order jeopardizes 60% of America’s clean water bodies.

    BlueGreen Executive Director Kim Glas explained what the Trump order really does, “Protecting our waters, the most sacred of our natural resources, is simply common sense. Today’s executive order, designed to gut the Clean Water Rule, puts the health of 60 percent of America’s water bodies and drinking water for millions of Americans at risk of pollution. Hundreds of thousands of miles of ecosystems are now squarely in the crosshairs of bad actors, endangering the health of our environment and citizens. Keeping our environment clean and healthy strengthens communities and the economy. Today’s executive order is a clear indication from the Trump administration that our environment and our people come second to big business interests.”


    1. Trump is a golf course owner. He never thought he'd be in a position to get rid of this law that has been a bane to his business.

      Yes, soon we'll all be drinking water like Flint. Only the wealthy will be able to fill their swimming pools with Perrier.

  8. Anonymous6:49 PM

    no need to see that shit show/sandwich..lol

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Do you even have to ask? The only way the TeaPartyGOP can win ANYthing is by CHEATING and LYING. And they did that very well why democrats/progressives sat on their asses.

  10. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Off topic but according to Brisket's IG she and Duh are in KY. If she is allegedly her last trimester shouldn't she not be flying?

    1. Anonymous10:38 PM

      Her mother flew at eight months. Hope Brisket doesn't have a wild ride. Or maybe she doesn't care if the child is born in KY. Or she does care, since she needs free health care in AK.

    2. Anonymous3:14 AM

      But Bristol is a Palin through and through. She does not have to observe medical recommendations.

    3. Anonymous4:16 AM


    4. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Allegedly in her last trimester. It seems more likely, referencing the beauty salon photo, that the little one has arrived. Maybe Dakota wanted to show off his firstborn to his family. Maybe Track had become insufferable at the Palin compound.

  11. Anonymous7:21 PM

    The info commercial on how to be a lying salesman was a mess.

  12. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Trumps people must be very upset that he did not deliver.

  13. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Here are the facts why Trump wants to lift the sanctions on Russia and Opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal to Benefit Putin, The Russian Military and Himself:

    1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns)

    2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government.

    3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors.

    4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts.

    5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50)

    6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers.
    As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive.

    7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much.
    glasses emoticon

    8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war.

    9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone.

    10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe.

    Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK.
    Feel free to share! Credit to Bob Beam

  14. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Jeff Sessions allegedly steered Russian operative Carter Page to Donald Trump campaign

    The ironclad reason why Jeff Sessions must recuse himself

    ...One of the key questions in the investigation into Donald Trump and Russia is where Carter Page came from and why. His resume up to that point had largely consisted of doing financial business with Russia and giving speeches that praised Russia. But he was almost inexplicably hired by the Trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser, despite having no background to justify such a role.

    During the election it was revealed that the FBI was investigating Page’s ties to Russia. And after the election, he infamously turned up in Moscow for unknown reasons in December. And then in February it was revealed that he’d been colluding with Russian intel officials during the election. So how did Carter Page first find his way to Donald Trump? Just ask Jeff Sessions.


  15. Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary and Billionaire wore a pair of custom embroidered velvet slippers to the speech. They had the Commerce Department logo embroidered on them. Apparently it's a Palm Beach thing.


  16. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Dictator trump’s speech in congress:

    Started out by lying about all the jobs he has created.

    On Obamcare: he said everyone will have ACCESS to healthcare. Not the same as everyone will have coverage. By the way since Obamacare doesn’t exist, what are they repealing :) Got groans from the Democrats.

    On Draining the Swamp: he actually said he drained the swamp and I heard laughter from Congress, I am sure it was the Democrats.

    Education: get ready for taxpayer funded private schools.

    The most disgusting, self-serving part was the applause for the dead Navy Seal and grieving widow show. I could not believe he said Ryan would be happy he broke a record (for most applause). I think Ryan would prefer to be alive and his father must be mortified.

    All in all his was his usual B.S speech. I have to laugh that all the pundits are praising him for acting like a mature adult and question how long it will last. REALLY

    As for Melaomia’s $500 dress, didn’t she get the memo it was not a cocktail party?

    Obviously not a Bannon speech and little donnie didn’t write it either because it had complete sentences that he read from the teleprompter, but went off script couple of times with his great this and that crap.

    It was very, very long with nothing new.

  17. Anonymous3:13 AM

    That sounds like a very likely scenario for this administration, especially since the smear came from the Washington Examiner, not a very reputable newspaper.

  18. Anonymous3:51 AM

    What's all the fuss about last night? True, Trump read some words and he got them in the right order though not with the right flow.

    But it's not like he meant any of them...


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