Friday, February 24, 2017

Donald Trump tells CPAC audience that he is the president they have been waiting for, while some wave Russian flags in response.

Courtesy of Washington Post:  

President Trump declared himself among friends as he delivered a campaign-style speech Friday at an annual gathering of conservative activists, where he told the crowd that the movement he built during his campaign represents the future of the Republican Party. 

“Now you finally have a president, finally,” Trump said, later promising that “the forgotten men and women of America will be forgotten no more.” 

With his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference at National Harbor in Maryland, Trump became the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to address the group during his first year in office. After taking the stage to Lee Greenwood's “God Bless the U.S.A.," Trump pledged to return often. 

The wide-ranging speech amounted to a victory lap for Trump and chance to recount his campaign promises as well as thank a wing of the party with which he has not always been in sync.

“The core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation that put and will put its own citizens first,” Trump said, prompting the crowd to chant: “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

You know it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump sees himself less as a president, than he does the second coming of Jesus Christ.

And this is how some in the audience responded to his all about me speech.
Okay this might be my favorite thing to ever happen at CPAC.

Not that there is a lot of competition for that title. 


  1. This might be OT but maybe not. Here are two links that you might be interested in Mr.G

    Read and enjoy!

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Witches be Bitches

    2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    3. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Religions, whether pagan or organized modern religions, are unfortunately useless.

      Nice thought on behalf of those superstitious souls, but ineffective.

      There is zero difference between the "witches" and the christians, or muslims or buddhists or hindus or catholics...

    4. Anonymous4:07 PM

      I think it's a great thing to troll all these fake ass xtians! This is just the thing to get the Wasilla Wench all wee-wee'd up, also too!

    5. Anonymous4:39 AM

      I believe there is power in human energy. I believe our brains only do 1/4 of what they could do. Some people are more in tune with energy than others. I have psychic dreams and "flashes" of pictures in my mind. They all revolve around my work as a nurse. I either dream or get a picture flash of a patient I haven't seen or heard from in a while. Then, within a few days, something bad has happened - usually a disease relapse or a death. I've been working for 32 years and it took me a while to figure out the connections. I think I am just intune with the energy their bodies are sending into the universe about their disease and I can pick it up.
      My sisters kids are very in tune as well. Her 4 year old once brought her the portable phone out of the blue, seemingly, but my sister had been thinking about needing the phone for a call - but never verbalized it.
      20 years ago, my sister and her 3 year old son and I were driving in a car doing errands one morning. Her son was singing old macdonald, and for the last line he sang "e i e i the ovens burning".
      Well ,guess what? When we got home, her husband had come home from night shift and put a pizza in the oven and fell asleep!

      Damn! If we lived a few hundred years ago, we'd be burned as witches.
      We are just in tune.

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Why do we the American taxpayers have to pay 60 Million Dollars for 10 year old Barron and his mother to stay in New York for 4 months by themselved while a perfectly nice house paid for by American taxpayers is only occupied by Barron's daddy?

    Tell Melania to tell Barron to buck up and not be so sensitive. Tell Melania it will take a few days for Barron to make friends and he will forget about Magnus, Victoria, Carter, Bronson and Olivia.



    × 30 days = $15,000,000

    $15,000,000 × 4 months = $60,000,000

    $60,000,000 (YES SIXTY MILLION FUC_ING DOLLARS!) just so that spoiled ass rich brat can stay with his school friends in New York for four months.

    The kids and families of service men and women are not fragile like Barron and Melania.

    When a soldier tells his family we HAVE to MOVE. I have been reassigned to another base, PACK UP!

    Little Junior and Sally may not want to leave their school friends but they will be on that plane when it leaves the terminal and make new friends at their new school.

    1. Anonymous2:56 PM

      They don't want to disrupt his school year.But Donald was happy to disrupt the school year for all of the Ambassadors children.

    2. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Little Junior and Sally know they will probably never see their friends again- not true for rich little Barron and his rich little friends.

    3. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Lol I guess none of youse ever heard of Wingnut Welfare?!

    4. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Barron is "special" and they Trump does not want it known because of his ego. Everyone in Palm Beach knows it.

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    So I've gotta get this off my chest. I've been feeling pretty annoyed at these "forgotten" people lately. While I am financially very comfortable that hasn't come without sacrifice. I would love to move away from big city that I live in but, when you are married to a computer programer, the good jobs are in big cities. So we do what we have to do to live well. We also both completed our education (he borrowed $ to do so) and live far below our means. Lately I have been feeling live "forgotten" man thinks they can decide 1. what they want to do for a living 2. where they want to live to do it and 3 How much they are going to make. Am I the only one who feels this way??? I dont' want to look down upon anyone so I hope to reconcile this!!

    1. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Please, let the guilt go. The world is made up of smart people and stupid people, haves and have nots.

      We have one chance at life and why spend it feeling badly that you have it good? Makes no sense.

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      And sometimes you can work your whole life to have everything you need and in one fell swoop Fate can take the whole lot away from you. Don't ask me how I know.

      All I have is now. Same for you. I don't concern myself with how other people live their lives except for politicians living high on the hog at the expense of taxpayer moms leaving their babies every day.

      The Forgotten Man is an old meme from the Great Depression (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) and Peter Schweizer (penner of books full of lies and innuendo) unearthed it in 2011 and gave it to Sarah Palin for her 2012 presidential campaign. Bannon was in on it too, with his stupid film that went nowhere. They thought Sarah would be a great hand puppet for them but people didn't like her. Enter Trump... oh, and lookee here, the Forgotten Man has been resurrected again.

      Lucky I'm eating Godiva chocolate atm or I'd be sick.

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Waving Russian flags at CPAC when Trump speaks - too rich. Those people are dumber than a sack o' rocks.

    1. Homer Simpson4:09 PM

      Next year I'm collecting royalties at CPAC for all the times they should have said DOH!!

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Trump's short presidency isn't wearing well on him physically! Look how his face has aged in such a short time - (election cycle included in my analogy).

    He was never attractive, but the lines are deepening and making him appear older (he is 70 already) and meaner. I doubt he'll make four years - death due to stroke or heart attack - see it coming!)

    The sooner the better too! For the safety of our country and the world! He truly is a horrid individual.

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      He has had too many facelifts and too may eyelifts, he looks quite sinister now.

      They say he throws a lot of tantrums at the White House. I sincerely hope this is true because this is his honeymoon period.

      The thing about a President Pence is that he'll kick Bannon out the door so fast....

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      He needs to try some Prep H Wrinkle Shrinker on those facial wrinkles!

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Trump being Trump, the ego! It's worth seeing . What a buffoon.

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    It's not hard to punk plebeian republicans. They were clueless while waving the Trump 'Russian' flags with gusto. Someone other than Trump punked them this time. They are the ignorant simpletons of the USA.

  8. Anonymous2:31 PM

    "You know it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump sees himself less as a president, than he does the second coming of Jesus Christ."

    Well, I have to admit I had a similar reaction when I realized Drumpf had won the election: I thought "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED???"

  9. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Mommy why can't we get off the plane in Washington DC? Who are those Gestapo looking guys asking for our papers? Did the Orange man send the federal agents, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to interrogate us? I thought we are Americans?

    February 24, 2017 - 05:54 PM EST

    Dem seeks answers on agents IDing passengers as they left domestic flight

  10. Anonymous2:32 PM

    "It’s ironic that Trump declared at the CPAC conference that nobody loves the First Amendment more than he does."

    1. In a Fascist state, only the elites have "democracy". Everyone else lives under a totalitarian dictatorship.

      So First Amendment for Trump. Everyone else, sit down and shut up or be arrested.

  11. Anonymous2:33 PM

    One Number In A New Poll Contains Horrible News That Should Terrify Trump

    A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll contained the worst news yet for Trump. By a more than two to one margin (53%-25%), the American people want Congress to investigate Trump's communications with Russia.

    ...The number that should scare the Trump White House is 53%. By more than a two to one margin, the American people want an investigation. To put this in terms that President Trump can understand, if there is an investigation, the television ratings will be huge for the hearings.

    It is one thing for Trump to be unpopular. That’s never good for any president, but every president goes through periods of unpopularity. It is more serious for the American people to think that their president is dishonest and untrustworthy. However, when a majority of Americans are demanding that Congress investigate the President Of The United States that hints of a brewing constitutional crisis.

    All of Trump’s behavior from his claims of fake news and fake polls to banning journalists from attending press briefings can all be traced back to the Russia scandal.

    John Dean Drops A Bombshell By Accusing The White House Of A Russia Cover-Up

    "When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode," John Dean said regarding the way the Trump administration is trying to lean on the FBI.

    ...Former White House counsel John Dean is a Watergate cover-up expert, so there’s reason to believe he knows a cover-up when he sees one. Dean sees a cover-up in the Trump administration because the Trump White House is trying to lean on the FBI.

    Asked if this is indicative of a cover-up, Dean replied during an appearance on CNN Friday afternoon, “Indeed it is. I come from the Watergate era, where the White House leaned heavily on the FBI… When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode.”

    Watch here:

    CNN’s Jake Tapper Unloads And Blasts the Trump White House as Un-American

    "This White House doesn't value an independent press," Tapper said. "There's a word for that line of thinking: The word is Un-American."

  12. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Who's that kid hollering redrum and what's wrong with his eyes? He keeps blinking uncontrollably.

  13. Anonymous2:36 PM



    Trump White House Bars News Organizations From Press Briefing
    “Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” said New York Times editor Dean Baquet.

    1. So stop covering Trump and the White House. Cover every BUT Trump. That will do more to unhinge him than anything else. He'll throw is major hissy when there is NOTHING about him in any of the papers or on any of the news shows. With any luck it will be one too many times and his high blood pressure will burst an aneurism, he'll stroke out or just have a heart attack.

  14. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Hey, it's red, white and blue, I'm rather certain that Trump doesn't know the difference.

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      No do most of the eedjeets that voted for Cheeto Hitler!

    2. His supporters certainly don't.

  15. Anonymous2:44 PM

    GOP Rep.: O'care Repeal May Not Have Enough Votes After Town Hall Pressure

    ..."And I don't know if we're going to be able to repeal Obamacare now because these folks who support Obamacare are very active, they're putting pressure on congressmen and there's not a counter-effort to steel the spine of some of these congressmen in tossup districts around the country," he said.

    Brooks, a member of the House Freedom Caucus who advocates a full repeal of the health care law, worried there may not even be a vote at this point.

    "But this monstrosity needs to be repealed and right now, in my judgment, we don't have the votes in Congress to pass a repeal bill, in part because of what these people are doing," he said.

    Brooks said that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) doesn't really support a full repeal of the ACA and merely supports amending the law.

    "They’re calling an amendment a repeal in order to deceive the public," Brooks said.

    ...“There’s more of a consensus among Republicans now that you’ve got to be more cautious with what you’re going to do,” he told the Washington Post, referring to repealing and replacing Obamacare. “That didn’t mean much to me in November and December. But it means a lot now.”

    Republicans distance themselves from Trump’s agenda at rowdy town halls

  16. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I bet the Kremlin laughed their assess off about these Trump flags! Big mistake unless it was to have us laugh at them.

  17. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Where's Pail Manafort? A cleanup crew showed up at Paul Manafort's vacant Carroll Gardens brownstone Thursday to clean up what he left behind. Are the federal agents, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the airports looking for him? Who are they looking for?

  18. Anonymous2:51 PM

    "Trump’s Support Is Unwavering Among Republicans."

  19. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Crowd erupts in anger when GOP senator shows up late to town hall then tries to stall with group prayer

    ...“Many prominent Republicans haven’t even gotten to the point of trying to respond to criticism,” wrote the New York Times‘ Paul Krugman on Friday. “They’re just whining about how mean their constituents are being, and invoking conspiracy theories. Talk about snowflakes who can dish it out but can’t take it!”

    Watch video from the town hall meeting, embedded below:

    Governor Scott Walker warns against medicaid cuts

    It was not a statement one would expect to come out of the mouth of one of America’s most vocal enemies of “big government” and public sector spending. “You can’t cut Medicaid, there’s just no way about it,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said on Friday, reflecting the reality a lot of top state executives are facing when it comes to the pending health care overhaul in Congress.

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM


    2. He's just cheap.

      If the cut Medicaid at the Federal level, the burden will fall to the states to pay.

      The Republicans are all for State's rights as long as Federal tax dollars pay for their decisions.

  20. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Yay the Donald is saving the American taxpayers $3,000,000 this weekend by not going to Florida. He's scheduled to go next weekend. I could be wrong, would that make 4 vacations to Florida in 5 or 6 weekends?

    President Trump plans to return to Palm Beach — but not this weekend

    Palm Beach Post › news › local › preside...

    1 day ago - President Trump plans return to Palm Beach — but not this weekend. ... A new FAA advisory indicates the president will visit Mar-a-Lago in the first weekend of March. President Donald Trump may not visit his Palm Beach home this weekend — but he’s already planning his next trip.

    1. Anonymous7:36 PM

      He has already spent his travel allowance. He may be impeached by first weekend in march so he could go then.

    2. Anonymous8:26 PM

      So is Melania going to the White House this weekend? and what will that cost? or is she so worn out from putting on a show where she had to read The Lords Prayer from notes that it did her in.

      Posing nude is so hard but gee being First lady is even harder!Maybe she has a botox treatment she needs to go to or an " How to speak better english after being in America 20 years" class.Maybe she speaks Russian a lot better.

  21. Anonymous3:18 PM

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      ^That is a good read.^

    2. Anonymous4:14 PM

      I read that,and I'll share it.

      Thanks for posting the link and the second recommendation.

  22. Anonymous3:20 PM

    It seems that a protester actually handed out those flags, and the low-information mouthbreathers at that CPAC swallowed the (Russian) flag hook, line, and sinker. They did not realize that the flag they were waving was the Russian flag, not the American one...

  23. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Ty -Rant:

  24. Anonymous3:42 PM

  25. Anonymous3:47 PM

    "the president’s aides used ‘alternative media like Breitbart, Washington Examiner, Fox News, Infowars and the Daily Caller to show Trump positive coverage.’” We cannot cure their disease but we can point and laugh."

  26. Anonymous3:53 PM

    "The new findings seem to line up with past research on adults"

  27. Anonymous3:55 PM

    A gross lying son of a bitch. Espionage traitor asho.

  28. Anonymous4:02 PM

    No not Vancouver for the Trump boys and Florida again for the Trump family. Add on Barron's cost to America, why don't they go get fuc_ed and keep their golden hands out of our pockets?

    Trump said no to his presidential salary.

    Americans would prefer he takes his salary instead of costing us around $12,000,000 to go golfing in Mar-A-Lago three weeks of his first four of his presidency.

    He's skipping this weekend but will go on vacation again to Mar-A-Lago the following weekend for the 4th time in 6 weekends.

    By the way the Trump brothers will be going to Vancouver this Tuesday for the grand opening of the Vancouver Trump Tower.

    How much money is this Trump family personal business costing us this time with Secret Service protection, transportation and their room and board to Vancouver?

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — The furies unleashed by Donald Trump’s rise to the U.S. presidency are shaking Vancouver, where a gleaming new Trump International Hotel and Tower is about to open.

    The mayor wants its name changed. A city councilman calls it “over the top glitz” that clashes with Canadian values. And the property developer who built it sounds traumatized by the whole affair.

    The 69-story building designed by one of Canada’s most renowned architects has drawn praise for its sleek, twisting design. Prices for the condominiums have set records.

    But Trump’s politics, especially his criticism of immigrants, has caused such outrage that the mayor won’t attend the grand opening next week. Even the Malaysian developer has had second thoughts about the partnership.

    The hotel and residence will have its grand opening on Tuesday, with Trump sons Donald Jr. and Eric in attendance.

    1. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Trump thought being president was going to enhance his businesses and his wealth and instead no one with any class wants the stench.

  29. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Melania Knauss papers please

    Melania Trump would have been priority for deportation under new immigration rules

    The first lady is alleged to have violated the terms of her US tourist visa by illegally working as a model

    Melania Trump could have beendeported and banned from the US if Donald Trump had been president when she was working as a model in the 1990s,immigration attorneys have said.

    In 1996, Ms Trump—then Knauss—was paid for modelling work undertaken in the United States while travelling on a visitor—or tourist—visa, violating the terms of entry, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

    The first lady allegedly earned more than $20,000 (£16,000) in the seven weeks before she acquired legal permission to work in the country....

  30. Jeff Sessions has decided to line the pockets of private prison corporations.

    I guess we know where they are going to send all of the 50 Shades of NOT WHITE people they are busy rounding up.

    "In a one-page memo to the acting head of the Bureau of Prisons, Sessions wrote that the August 2016 memo by former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates “changed long-standing policy and practice, and impaired the Bureau’s ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system.”

    A Justice Department spokesman said Sessions’ memo “directs the Bureau of Prisons to return to its previous approach to the use of private prisons,” which would “restore BOP’s flexibility to manage the federal prison inmate population based on capacity needs.”"

    "Yates had said that private prisons compared “poorly” to BOP prisons. Her memo followed a damning report from the Justice Department’s inspector general which found that privately run facilities were more dangerous than those run by BOP."

    "David C. Fathi, who directs the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project, said that giving for-profit companies control of prisons is “a recipe for abuse and neglect.” He said the Sessions memo was a further sign the U.S. “may be headed for a new federal prison boom” under the Trump administration.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said the Sessions memo was an example of “how our corrupt political and campaign finance system” works.

    “Private prison companies invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and today they got their reward: the Trump administration reversed the Obama administration’s directive to reduce the Justice Department’s use of private prisons,” Sanders said in a statement. “At a time when we already have more people behind bars than any other country, Trump just opened the floodgates for private prisons to make huge profits by building more prisons and keeping even more Americans in jail.”"

  31. Anonymous5:15 PM

  32. "The wide-ranging speech amounted to a victory lap for Trump..."
    "The wide-ranging speech amounted to YET ANOTHER victory lap for Trump..."


  33. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Trump is so guilty. Russia has him by the tiny balls. And rubbing it in.

  34. Anonymous7:32 PM

    disgusting. Russian flags waving at the usa presidence? really? why is he not arrested yet?


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