Saturday, February 11, 2017

During supposedly bipartisan meeting with Senators, Donald Trump insults Elizabeth Warren and claims that Democrats bused in thousands of illegal voters to steal New Hampshire from him.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News: 

President Trump repeatedly referred to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" during a bipartisan lunch meeting with senators earlier this week, according to sources.

As soon as photographers and reporters had filed out of the Roosevelt Room, Trump jeered at the gathered Democrats, "Pocahontas is now the face of your party," according to officials familiar with what was discussed. The pejorative was in reference to Warren's rebuke of newly instated Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week, which triggered Senate Republicans to formally silence her, and left-leaning Americans to celebrate her. 

Trump coined the racially-charged nickname for Warren during the campaign, and has continued to use it despite outrage from critics. The White House did not immediately return a request for comment on Trump's alleged remarks, which were first reported by CNN and Politico.

I would assume that Trump keeps insulting Warren in the hopes that it increases her stature among the Democrats becasue he is convinced he could beat her if she ran against him in the 2020 election.

After all he beat the highly qualified Hillary Clinton, so why would he think he needed to fear another female candidate?

And Trump was not finished there.

Courtesy of Politico: 

On Thursday, during a meeting with 10 senators that was billed as a listening session about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, the president went off on a familiar tangent, suggesting again that he was a victim of widespread voter fraud, despite the fact that he won the presidential election.

As soon as the door closed and the reporters allowed to observe for a few minutes had been ushered out, Trump began to talk about the election, participants said, triggered by the presence of former New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who lost her reelection bid in November and is now working for Trump as a Capitol Hill liaison, or “Sherpa,” on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch. 

The president claimed that he and Ayotte both would have been victorious in the Granite State if not for the “thousands” of people who were “brought in on buses” from neighboring Massachusetts to “illegally” vote in New Hampshire. 

According to one participant who described the meeting, “an uncomfortable silence” momentarily overtook the room.

In response to these claims the FEC commissioner is demanding that Trump provide evidence.

Which of course he can't do. 

The very fact that Trump is still lying  about having electoral votes stolen from him speaks to his overwhelming insecurities and possibly even a subconscious recognition that he is a fraud and undeserving to hold the title President of the United States.

Apparently somebody is very insecure about his presidency. 


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    That is one sick fuck

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Melonhead said "vi liik vit"

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Uncomfortable silence just won't do. How anybody had an opportunity to tell him to PROVE IT or Shut the Fuck Up, and didn't take it, makes me realize what a fucking pickle we're in.

    1. Anonymous5:07 PM

      The Democrats who were in that meeting should have demanded his orangeness provide proof of accusations just like he provided proof of the three to five million illegal voters who cost him the popular vote. Oh, wait. He should be challenged everything he lies and a Democrat is in the room. And they won't be disrespecting the office, he already did

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Props to NDYN for telling it like it is. Bill Maher anyone last night?

    Meanwhile, The Post pays the likes of Cindy Adams to this day. Good LORD, what an idiot she is.

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Gossip columnist to the stars. First Ladies who rocked outfits. First Lady Michelle, who outclassed them all, baboon and left out.

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    The president of the United States is becoming more demented by the day.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      donnie is so ignorant, he doesn't understand his derogatory comments reflect on him, pure white trash.

      He’s ‘not right, mentally’: Al Franken reveals GOP senators are worried about Trump

      Sen. Al Franken appeared on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher and said that opinions of the new president among Republican senators vary. Some say, he said, that he’s “not right, mentally.”

      “And then, some are harsher,” he said. “I haven’t heard a lot of good things and I’ve heard great concern about his temperament.”

      .... “Al, when will the impeachment hearings start?” Maher asked.

      “Let me remind you again that the Republicans are in the majority,” Franken said, “so it’s months and months away.”

      “I know everybody wants a quick fix on this,” he said, “but this is going to be a bit of a marathon.”

      However, he said that the last week has been incredible. “People are showing up for town halls” by the hundreds, he said. “There’s a tremendous amount of energy around the country.”

      He urged people to stay involved.

      “It works, we got hundreds of thousands of calls about Betsy DeVos at the Senate and that makes a difference,” he said. “She is on notice, now, and she’s not going to be able to do a lot of the things that I think she wanted to do because of that. What you people do makes a huge difference.”

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I, as a Democrat, cheer the idea of having Elizabeth Warren as the face of the party. More please!

  6. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I'm surprised Native Americans hasn't taken offense to Trump calling Sen Elizabeth Warren "POCAHONTAS"? Trump is using that name in a derogatory manner.

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      It's no surprise a vulgar ignorant bigoted bully such as Trump would use it as a slur. He is an idiot. He has been getting away with his vulgarity and ignorance his entire life. Normal for him is spitting in folk's faces. Sick self-entitled POS.

    2. Anonymous3:42 PM

      I am surprised, too. It is shocking, really. Today I wrote him a postcard telling him that I thought he was wrong and that he should stop such behaviors and jeerings. He is speaking of a sitting U.S. Senator to her peers, and he's no longer just a celebrity big-mouth. He should be more dignified.

    3. Anonymous4:17 PM

      I'm not surprised, I'm sure they already hate him. Look at the Dakota pipeline, the authorities are shipping in garbage and dumping it there- I don't know if it's to blame the protesters or to add to their discomfort.

    4. Anonymous4:19 PM

      I'll take Pocahontas, there are worse insults. President Pocahontas doesn't sound that bad to me.

    5. Anonymous8:49 PM

      There's footage of him testifying before congress in the 80s or 90s against the expansion of casinos to native Americans. It's so racist and gross. For some reason, it got zero attention from the media. ZERO.

    6. Anonymous3:25 AM

      Just once I'd like to see ANY press member ask him, who is Pocahontas? Go ahead, tell us all about her. Why are you trying to use her name as an insult?

      When we talk about ridiculous, immature, pathetic, dickheaded people should we refer to them as Trump?

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM


    Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public

    A New Jersey congressman says a rarely invoked 1924 law could be used to examine President Donald Trump's tax returns for possible conflicts of interest and Constitutional violations...

  8. Anonymous3:07 PM

    He thinks the entire world is as stupid as his base. He has an infantile sense of grandiosity. Sick POS.

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Correct on all three.

  9. Our Lad3:17 PM

    The man is clearly out of his fucking mind. Simple as that.

  10. Anonymous3:36 PM

    What a crass, petty imbecile, he owes Warren an apology, BIG TIME !!!

  11. Anonymous4:09 PM

    He's retarded. He is our POTUS and he is retarded. Sad.

  12. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Maybe it is time the FEC commissioner shuts him up and calls for a recount of ALL the votes in the last election. It would be poetic justice if it turns out trump lost both Electoral College and popular vote.

    We could be rid of this deranged, mental patient.

    I know it wouldn’t stop him, but isn’t there a code of conduct and ethics that can be used to sanction him for his derogatory comments? I don’t care if they slap him with one a day.

  13. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I hope he never stops with the lie that there were millions of illegal votes and I pray he continues to genuinely believe it- it's an excellent public display of his insanity and will make the Republicans very unhappy.

    I hope the old tub of lard keeps calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas because that reminds us how much minorities hate him. Let us never forget he is loathed and detested and hated by the majority of Americans, 74 million of whom voted against him. When you get out into the street and protest you'll never walk alone and when you call up your congresscritter (Al Franken says keep doing it, it works) you'll never call alone.

  14. Anonymous4:32 PM

    With any luck, tonight’s SNL causes a stroke that fries what is left of his teeny, tiny brain.

    Of course president bannon would probable try and hide trump away in the basement of the WH and have Alec as a stand in, but the lack of little fingers would be the big give away.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Oh, I hope so. He didn't comment on the Putin pee pee skit and last week's with Bannon as pres, so maybe after tonight he'll just explode.

    2. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Nope,no mention of the peepee skit. Don't we wonder Why with the orange shitgibbon being so knee jerking reactive?????

  15. Anonymous4:51 PM

    He just keeps doing this stuff. He keeps saying anti-Obama things and invoking BO's name when he does so and right there at the WH, Obama's former home and where past presidents should be given a certain amount of respect, and he keeps insulting Dems on supposedly bipartisan occasions and he keeps talking as though anyone who didn't vote for him is and enemy/hater (he's used both words) and not a US citizen who by law he has to treat as well as he treats his own voters. He is clueless.

    I was telling my husband last night that if he attended a funeral he'd say something tacky to the grieving widow about her dead husband. I remember when Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted as a girl and spent all those years living with a psycho sexual predator, met the Bushes at the WH. She had been traumatized and the last thing that should have happened to her was a lot of grabbing and hugging by a man, even if he was POTUS. Because W was a touchy-feely guy, people were worried that he might not get that he shouldn't be physical in greeting Elizabeth. He acted appropriately. If this same situation happened today, Trump would be all over that poor girl and she'd be standing there immobilized with tears streaming down her face or running off crying.

    1. Anonymous4:05 AM

      He wouldn't want to meet her. Remember that anyone who gets "captured" is a "loser."

    2. Anonymous6:58 PM

      He wanted to spend his first night in Lincoln bedroom just to violate it. Used the same bible of Lincolns that Obama used,to get sworn in. Obama was the only pres. besides Lincoln to use that bible. Pissed all over the bed Obamas slept in while in Russia. What a vile,discussing pig.

  16. Anonymous5:31 PM

    The United States of America has at least 2-3 hundred different Indian Tribes. I wish all would stand with Americans in defense of this Country and tell that man boy where to go. He does not represent us. He has insulted all of us and he must be stopped. Our Native American Sister's and Brother's, Hawaiians, Alaskans, have been very respectful but it is time to speak up for their lands, treaties, customs and honor. Each of us have a part and stake in this tragic chapter in history. And our voice must be heard. Our country is a melting pot of nationalities and each of us are part of this American DNA Family.

  17. Anonymous6:48 PM

    First Nations people are righteous. She should WEAR that label with pride. Tell him to fuck off and lead the white man. Bitches get things done.

  18. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Unfortunately, the Native Americans have been so mistreated through the centuries. If the different tribes had not taken care of the fur traders as they journeyed to the west coast Britain would be settled on the west coast and it would not be American territory.

    Again and again the Native Americans salvaged what was left of the groups that tried to make it to the west coast to set claim to the land. Starvation, lack of routes to travel, sickness, all were troubles that the Native American tribes stepped forth and fixed for the "would be settlers". They built them canoes that would withstand the fierce waters, gave them horses when they were on foot and fed them when they were starving.

    In return? Robbed the Native Americans of their land and banished them to reservations.Killed some of them which unleashed anger, especially from the Blackfeet after one of their braves was killed and the "white man" left a message on the brave to show he did the killing.

    1. Anonymous4:03 AM

      I fear that the Trump administration is going to destroy all that Native Americans have left, especially in the West, where Trump and his pals lose sleep dreaming of the oil they will dig up, the forests they will chop down, and the water they will joyfully pollute simply because they'll be able to. The administration and the GOP Congress is like a swarm of some kind of monstrous killing machine insects. There will be nothing left.

    2. Anonymous4:12 AM

      Killed SOME of them? The pricks wiped out entire tribes. Thousands and thousands were murdered, raped, looted, burnt out, butchered, anything the white, greedy, arrogant, assholes could think of to destroy them. Thousands were women, children, and the elderly. Even their animals.

      That's how this "exceptional" country was acquired, with violence and lies, lies, lies. Murder people then claim theirs as yours. The American way.

      What has this fucking country ever done to acknowledge what they did to the actual Americans? The hate for these people continues to this day.

      I have despised the so called American government for this very reason since I was a kid and will continue to do so until my last breath. The dirty bastards are still taking what is not theirs at any cost. And we're STILL letting them.

    3. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Our New Perce kept them from starving and gave them horses.

  19. Anonymous9:02 PM

    He's insane. He's delusional. He's paranoid. It is by now undeniable. Invoke the 25 th amendment for the sake of what's left of our country. I don't care if that Dominionist Pense is in charge, at least *he* understands the machinations of our government, and there are still checks and balances... at least for now. But Drumpf... he's that guy in the 'Dead Zone ' movie..."The missles are flying. Alleluia. Alleluia."

  20. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Lizzie needs to turn it on Dump:
    I am Pocahontas, Eat my tomahawk!

    1. She needs to start referring to him as the "So-Called President".

  21. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Projection. It sounds like he's the one who busses in voters to me. He always projects.

  22. The commissioner of elections, whose name I forget, has told Trump to put up or shut up. She's calling him to account for his lies. As Robert Reich has emphasized, all people in public office need to confront Trump about his shameful dishonesty.

  23. Why is he going unchallenged? Why is there silence?

    Silence is assent. It is acceptance.

    If Republican assholes can shout '"YOU LIE!" at President Obama then some Democrat needs to have the balls to speak up and call that fuck Alt45 a fucking LIAR!

    They need to call him out on his racism and bigotry.

    They need to tell him to shut the fuck up and stop using racism and misogyny to try to make his dick bigger.

    The "Pocohontas" smear needs to stop. NOW.

    Unless he wants us to start referring to him as Adolph Trump, the Groping-furor.

    Maybe he'd like to be referred to as the Kraut-Cross Dressing, Haggis eating, Caber Tosser President. The Heine Hitler, thistle arse sheep shagger.

    Does he think because he's a European White Male he is immune to racial slurs? Or maybe because he's president he is above it?

    If a senator can shout YOU LIE at President Obama for nothing then I think we are within the "norms" (of which there aren't any any more) to call this whiny little bitch anything appropriate to his mental age and behavior.

    He's dragging the office down in to the gutter. He should be given a title suitable to his new dominion.

    Adolph McNugget. Fritz Haggistani.



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