Thursday, February 23, 2017

Former Trump campaign staffers explain how to control the giant orange baby.

Courtesy of Politico:  

President Donald Trump’s former campaign staffers claim they cracked the code for tamping down his most inflammatory tweets, and they say the current West Wing staff would do well to take note. 

The key to keeping Trump’s Twitter habit under control, according to six former campaign officials, is to ensure that his personal media consumption includes a steady stream of praise. And when no such praise was to be found, staff would turn to friendly outlets to drum some up — and make sure it made its way to Trump’s desk.

"If candidate Trump was upset about unfair coverage, it was productive to show him that he was getting fair coverage from outlets that were persuadable," said former communications director Sam Nunberg. "The same media that our base digests and prefers is going to be the base for his support. I would assume the president would like to see positive and preferential treatment from those outlets and that would help the operation overall."

So apparently their methodology was to treat Donald Trump like a bratty, tantrum throwing child, by only saying nice things to him to keep him calm and deflecting negative information that might cause him to act out.

That is not only a terrible way to support the most powerful man in the world, that is extremely poor parenting.

If Trump's handlers want him to rise the responsibilities of the job that the Russians gave him they need to use a little tough love.

Definitely tell him the bad news, ALL of the bad news, and then tell him how much worse that news could get if he goes off on a Twitter tirade.

The president HAS to know the real dangers facing the country, also how complicated the solutions will be.

Keeping this man in a bubble to protect his ego and control his impulses is not going to, in any way, help the American people.

I once again have to take a moment to wonder just how in the hell people in this country could have voted to put somebody this incredibly unfit, unpredictable, and potentially volatile in the most important job on the planet.

It literally boggles the mind.


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Little Rubio and the gang of 'Kock'suckers are ALL a bunch of GOPee on ME chicken $Hits.

    1. Anonymous11:17 AM


    2. Anonymous11:35 AM

      @ SICK CPAC

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    As SEALs Fought For Their Lives, Trump’s Account Sent And Deleted A TV Tweet

    The president was not in the Situation Room that evening. But his Twitter account, at least, was active.

    ...As a team of elite U.S. commandos found themselves under unexpectedly heavy fire in a remote Yemeni village last month, eight time zones away, their commander in chief was not in the Situation Room.

    It’s unclear what he, personally, was doing. But his Twitter account was busy promoting an upcoming appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

    “I will be interviewed by @TheBrodyFile on @CBNNews tonight at 11pm. Enjoy!” read a tweet from President Donald Trump’s personal account on Saturday, Jan. 28.

    Whether it was Trump himself or an aide who sent out that tweet at 5:50 p.m. ― about half an hour into a firefight that cost a Navy SEAL his life ― cannot be determined from the actual tweets, and the White House isn’t saying. Likewise, it’s not clear who deleted the tweet some 20 minutes later, or why the new president, just a week on the job, chose not to directly monitor the first high-risk military operation on his watch.

    1. Anonymous12:15 PM

      The military fought for lives and we have this ignorant pos.

    2. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Not the first or last blood on his hands.

  3. ibwilliamsi11:13 AM

    If he was upset about unfair coverage we'd show him fair coverage?

    Seriously, anything that doesn't praise him is unfair? Feck off.

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      He is the perfect gop president. Unaware, disconnected while they do all their dirty work behind the scenes They sure do like them DUMB. Even when Saint Ronnie was suffering from Alheimers, they covered it up. Would not do to let the citizens know their leader was incapacitated. The gop has screwed this country over many, many times. Why do people vote these creeps back into office, I wonder.

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Time 'OUT' drumpf up in his Golden Shower Bathroom...

    "Trump has made his position clear: He won’t use existing federal civil rights laws to explicitly protect trans people, much less other LGBTQ people."

  5. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Some voters did cast their vote for 'it', but most voters did not.
    Corporate amerikkka gave us the orange anus.

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    "The president HAS to know the real dangers"

  7. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Happening Now>"Militarized Police Just Evicted The Sioux Tribe From Standing Rock At Gunpoint"

  8. Anonymous11:33 AM

    teddy the KINK cruZZer>

    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

  9. Anonymous11:41 AM

    White Nationalist Richard Spencer Booted Out Of CPAC

    Organizers called the ‘alt-right’ leader “repugnant.”

    ‘White people define the United States’: Richard Spencer accuses CPAC of ‘stopping free speech’

    ...Spencer later called the CPAC organizers “stupid” for comparing him to the Ku Klux Klan, and he predicted that young conservatives would flock to the white nationalist message without help from the event.

    “All are these are just names that they call you, ‘You’re a Nazi or you’re KKK or Southern Confederate,'” he said. “All of that is a way of stopping free speech.”

    “Tons of people here in terms of young people love the alt-right, they know who I am and they love my stuff. So, we’re reaching them no matter what the CPAC leadership wants to do.”

    Betsy DeVos at CPAC: Obama’s Guidance For Transgender Students Was ‘Overreach’

    DeVos emphasized that she is in line with the Trump administration’s stance, though media reports say otherwise.

  10. WA Skeptic11:44 AM

    This fool shows just how badly he was raised. If he (reputedly) didn't have money, he'd be in jail for felony theft, rape, and gawd-only knows what else.

    My poor country...

  11. Anonymous11:45 AM

    DISGUSTING! This is Trump's America.

    ICE Agents Take Undocumented Mom With Brain Tumor From Hospital To Detention Center

    An undocumented woman from El Salvador awaiting brain surgery to remove a tumor was taken from a Texas hospital and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents Wednesday night, her legal team says.

    Sara Beltran-Hernandez, 26, had been in immigration detention since November 2015 because she did not have proper documentation when she tried to migrate to New York City, according to the New York Daily News.

    The mother of two had been held at Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado, Texas, while her New York-based family members actively tried to petition for her asylum. But she collapsed at the facility this month after experiencing severe headaches, nosebleeds and memory loss. She was taken to the nearby Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, where doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor that required surgery.

    Around 8pm Wednesday, ICE agents took her from the hospital to a detention facility that the department says has 24 hour care available.

    Beltran-Hernandez’s legal team criticized her treatment.

    “They had her tied up from hands and ankles,” said Melissa Zuniga, a paralegal on her case, in a statement. “She was brought in a wheelchair and is not being given treatment even though her nose continues to bleed and she has told them her head is exploding.”

    Beltran-Hernandez had been on a surgery waitlist as of this past weekend. But after her relatives called Wednesday night, everything was put on hold, according to the Daily News.

  12. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Are many of the Wasilla homophobes raising their preschool children to be as bigoted and ignorant as they are? Just curious.

  13. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Have you seen USAToday's article on sp today? She won't be a happy camper; although, she will be thrilled to have an entire article devoted to her; take the good with the bad, sp..

    1. Anonymous2:05 PM

      tee hee! Thanks!

    2. Anonymous7:59 PM

      Where in the world is Sarah Palin? Her political star is fading

  14. abbafan11:55 AM

    fuckin' petulant man-child bully and narcissist; just like fuckin' idiot palin!!!

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      So now he's looking for a nuclear pissing match???

      Trump wants to expand US nuclear arsenal, make it ‘top of the pack’

  15. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Steve Bannon Says Feud With ‘Corporatist, Globalist’ Media Will Only Get Worse

    Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference alongside White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Thursday, Bannon warned the situation between the administration and the fourth estate will only get worse.

    “If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you’re sadly mistaken,” Bannon said. “Every day there is going to be a fight.”

    Bannon denounced the “corporatist, globalist media” for being “adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda” the president is pushing. He repeated a reference to the media as the “opposition party,” and bashed it for being “always wrong” about the workings of the administration.

    Priebus agreed with the sentiment, adding that he hoped the relationship between the press and the White House would improve.

    “It’s going to get worse,” Bannon said.

    Bannon and Priebus laughed off reports of a power struggle between themselves, complimenting each other in their respective roles in the White House.

    “I run a little hot on occasions,” Bannon said, tipping his hat to Priebus for what he said was “steady” leadership.

    Bannon said a major goal of Trump’s presidency, along with renegotiating trade deals and securing the border, was the total “deconstruction of the administrative state.” He vowed that Trump would repeal hundreds of regulations imposed by Barack Obama’s administration.

    “The mainstream media better understand something: All of those promises are going to be implemented,” Bannon said.

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    2. Anonymous7:59 PM

      "O’Mailia’s club, the Bull-Moose Party, was formed to support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign"

  16. Anonymous11:58 AM

    CNN Invites Nativist Bigot on New Day to Preach Gospel of ‘Reclaiming Our Schools’

    CNN, despite being regularly hated on by Donald Trump, is still having an issue of its own with where facts stand in its reporting. Leaving relevant facts out is dishonest, just as is inventing a tale out of whole cloth.

    And today, when CNN invited Bill Stein, the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant hate group whose founder wrote in 1993 “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that,” they failed to disclose what the Southern Poverty Law Center calls its veneer of “ugliness.”

    Watch courtesy of CNN’s New Day:

    ...Reclaiming our schools for the American people is a politically correct way of saying “making our schools white again.” This is the open and avowed purpose of FAIR.

    This is the sort of relevant information viewers need to have available to understand what is being talked about. Donald Trump’s approach to immigrants is mirrored in FAIR’s activism. It is deplorable, and so is CNN’s failure to disclose the full truth about its guest.

  17. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Witches take on Trump

    As if the Democrats and angry protesters increasingly organizing against him weren't enough, Trump has a new enemy to worry about — witches. Really. Witches worldwide were planning to cast a massive spell on Trump Friday.

    "Join the largest mass binding spell in history as participants around the world, individually and in groups, focus their consciousness to prevent Donald Trump from doing harm," the Facebook event for the spell-casting read.

    A document laying out the instructions for casting a spell on Trump detailed what, exactly, the group planned to do. They were preparing to put a "binding" spell on the president, which is aimed at preventing harm rather than causing it. It's unclear who originated the plan.

    "It is understood, in this context, that binding does not generate the potential negative blowback from cursing/hexing/crossing, nor does it harm the caster’s karma," read the document, which has apparently been floating around groups interested in magic. "In other words, this is not the equivalent of magically punching a Nazi; rather, it is ripping the bullhorn from his hands, smashing his phone so he can’t tweet, tying him up and throwing him in a dark basement where he can’t hurt anyone."

    1. Anonymous2:32 PM


  18. Anonymous12:14 PM

    O/T RIP Alan Colmes

  19. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Oooh prez bannon. If they think they are going to give country back, ....
    Ok, we heard it. Now get to work everyone to get our country back.

  20. Anonymous12:45 PM


    ‘I don’t know why I have to explain myself’

  21. Anonymous12:47 PM

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says that repealing Obamacare is all about freedom. He’s right, although perhaps not in the way he thinks.

  22. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Trump lawyer pushed pro-Russia deal for Ukraine, politician claims

    ...The plan’s details aren’t clear, and Cohen denied knowledge of them, but Ukraine’s prosecutor-general suggested they involved leasing the Crimean Peninsula — which was annexed by Russia in 2014 — to Moscow for 50 to 100 years.

    Russia would then withdraw its troops from war-torn separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.

    Artemenko, who aspires to lead Ukraine as a Trump-style reformer, hinted to CNN that a lease might be part of the proposal, but he declined to offer additional details.

    The Ukrainian lawmaker, who is facing a treason investigation over the plan, said he knew the proposal would be controversial because it was not arranged by the diplomatic corps of the U.S. or his own nation.

    “That’s why I feel pressure, and for sure today I can see people accusing me, and I see the prosecutor of Ukraine is trying to do something, to open a new case, to do an investigation about me,” said Artemenko, who has claimed support from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

    Artemenko claims Cohen thought the plan had “great potential” and promised to deliver it to the Trump administration.

    “It was Michael Cohen’s idea,” he said. “He mentioned his name first in my meetings. And he said ‘listen, Michael Flynn’ — from his personal opinion — ‘is most powerful man who can really support this idea, who can support, who can help you, who can provide this information to President Trump.'”

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      The five Donald Trump – Russia scandal plotlines playing out behind closed doors

  23. Anonymous1:05 PM

    --Spicer was pointing out "bussing in paid protesters" claim makes no sense. Would be easier to send ppl to their own local meetings.

    --Spicer on paid protesters: If they are coming from all over the country, TO all over the country, why not just send them to local meetings?

    --DeVos doesn't care about transgender rights. She cares about fallout and being out in a difficult position.

    Rogue POTUS Staff‏@RoguePOTUSStaff

  24. Anonymous1:07 PM

    --The President hates alcohol so I don't know how he tolerates Bannon, who has been buzzed at work more than once.

    --This article is spot on. I've been on "POTUS duty" as we call it.

    --There hasn't been a single day when Bannon wasn't hungover. Popping Advil, sunglasses indoors, chugging water, it's tragically obvious.

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      If he isn’t the poster boy for cirrhosis of the liver, I don’t know who is. With any luck he will kick the bucket soon.

      Also it looks like he has some kind of skin disease on his face, red spots, scars and sores. Yuck

      If it is true little donnie is a germaphobe, how can he stand to be in the same room as pres. Bannon?

    2. abbafan5:14 PM

      2:27 - all those spots, scars, and beet-red face is the sign of a hard-core alcoholic!!

  25. Anonymous1:13 PM

    12:33 Reporting for duty, gop about to vote not to investigate russia ties, they're getting rid of Dept of Education, I don't want to talk about it no more it burns my ass.

  26. If trump is reading the newspapers, he will not be pleased with the Russia articles.....I hope he has a snit fit:

    Russia’s pension money for its veterans escapes scrutiny as it flows into US

  27. Anonymous1:18 PM

    She ‘brings shame upon the legal profession’: Law professors file misconduct complaint against Kellyanne Conway

    A group of law professors has filed a complaint against Kellyanne Conway, alleging the White House counselor is participating “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation,” the Washington Post reports.

    According to the complaint, Conway, a graduate of George Washington University Law School, violated government ethics rules when she made the “false statement that President Barack Obama had banned Iraqi refugees from coming into the United States for six months following the ‘Bowling Green Massacre.’”

    Conway became a member of Washington D.C Bar in 1995, but she is currently suspended for failing to pay her dues. The letter was sent to D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel Wallace Shipp Jr., who told the Washington Post his office receives around 1,500 complaints per year. It’s unclear whether Shipp will investigate the group’s claims.

    “We do not file this complaint lightly,” the complaint reads. “We believe that, at one time, Ms. Conway, understood her ethical responsibilities as a lawyer and abided by them. But she is currently acting in a way that brings shame upon the legal profession.”

    The complaint also cited Conway’s peddling of Ivanka Trump’s product during a Feb. 9 interview on Fox and Friends, noting, “Federal rules on conflicts of interest specifically prohibit using public office ‘for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity.’”

    “Ms. Conway’s conduct was so outside the norm for a member of the legal profession,” Abbe Smith, one of the lawyers who filed the complaint, told the Washington Post. “What prompted our complaint was a combination of the specific conduct that Ms. Conway engaged in plus the fact that she holds such a high public office.”

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Conway became a member of Washington D.C Bar in 1995, but she is currently suspended for failing to pay her dues.
      Too cheap to pay her dues HA HA

  28. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Trump lawyer pushed pro-Russia deal for Ukraine, politician claims

    ...In his interview with CNN, Artemenko shines a light on how a key Trump associate was allegedly prepared to push a controversial peace plan that might benefit Russia at a time when questions were being raised about the Trump's ties to that country.

    The Ukrainian member of parliament told CNN he met Cohen through a mutual acquaintance, businessman Felix Sater, and that the three had dinner in a Manhattan hotel in January.
    Cohen told CNN in a text message that although he had dinner with Artemenko, they never discussed peace in Ukraine. Other media organizations reported that he offered them a different account. The White House has denied that Cohen delivered any peace plan to Flynn.

    Russia and Ukraine have since rejected the plan, and Artemenko has now become the subject of investigation for treason for suggesting it to Cohen.

  29. Anonymous1:41 PM

    This guy.

    Like Trump’s inaugural address, Tuesday’s speech will be written by aide Stephen Miller.

    Trump looks for a reset with his address to Congress

    White House officials say Tuesday's televised speech will highlight Trump's executive actions and pass the ball to Republicans on the Hill.

  30. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Republicans are basically idiots. They gave us this nightmare.

  31. Anonymous1:49 PM

    USA Today:
    Where in the world is Sarah Palin? Her political star is fading

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — As the Conservative Political Action Conference kicked off just outside of Washington this week, there was one name noticeably missing from the roster of speakers: Sarah Palin. (WHO?)

    The former Alaska governor used to be a rock star at the annual conservative gathering. But this year she wasn’t invited (AGAIN) to CPAC, put on by the American Conservative Union.

    “I think conservatives might be trying to rebrand a little bit,” said Adrianna Conradson, a student from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (MORE LIKE DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM SARAH PALIN). “Maybe that’s why they didn’t invite people we typically see.”

    “They have Kellyanne now,” Conradson said, referring to President Trump’s senior adviser and former campaign manager who spoke Thursday morning. Conway was the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign. “She’s a strong female leader in the party, so I think they might be trying to switch it up and find new people, fresh people. And she has a big role in the current administration so she might be more relevant than Sarah Palin.”(MIGHT BE? MIGHT BE?)....

    In January, Palin shut down the super PAC she had been using to support like-minded candidates (HAD TO SHUT IT DOWN BEFORE IT REALLY GOT EMBARRASSING. PEOPLE CAUGHT ONTO THAT SCAM). When it was running, it was spending more on operating than political donations. (GOTTA MAKE THAT PAYROLL!)

    Michael Beckel, a reporter with Center for Public Integrity, went through the data and found that Sarah PAC spent about 10 times as much on consultants in 2015 and 2016 as it did on donations to other politicians (NO SHIT! ALASKANS HAS BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS. LOOK AT HER SARAHPAC FEC, HOW MANY ALASKAN DONORS DO YOU SEE? YOU CAN'T EVEN FIND A PALIN OR HEATH!)....

    But the CPAC stage isn't the only place Palin is missing from. The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, who has been capitalizing (GRIFTING) on her brand for years following the failed White House bid, seems to have largely disappeared from the political scene.

    "Politics is a game of timing and it certainly could be possible that her window has closed," (CLOSED SHUT!)

    Bruce Haynes, a Republican strategist and founding partner of the political consulting firm Purple Strategies, told USA TODAY. "She had the opportunity for the second highest office in the land and then rather than divert her energy to an elected office, she was more focused on being a political celebrity than a political candidate."...

  32. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Republican lawmakers peppered on Russia during town halls

    ...As more information about the Trump campaign’s communications with Russian officials has come to light, the issue is animating some of the town halls across the country. It’s unclear how many conservative lawmakers are being questioned about Russia — many Republicans are avoiding in-person town halls, insisting that organized protesters are crowding out constituents.

    Yet the fact that the issue appears to be breaking through in a number of so-called red states and deep into districts that supported Trump is significant.

  33. The whiny little bitch is 70 years old! He's not going to learn fuck.

    What they're doing is censoring his input so what you get is the output we've seen. Lies, Fake news, attacks, hate.

    "That's what I've been told" is probably the most truthful thing he's ever said.

    Garbage in - Garbage out.

    Or in his case shit.

  34. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Its not real rape.

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Ahhh, CNN. Former(current?) employer of Corey Lewandowski.

  35. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Well isn’t that special the president of the USA needs a baby sitter. Our enemies must be laughing their heads off.

    Why worry about ISIS, little donnie and president bannon will do all their work for them and destroy America with the help of the republican congress.

  36. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Why the hell are we putting up with this?

  37. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Gryph is this considered money laundering or is he about to make a run for it?

    Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Took Out $19 Million in Puzzling Real Estate Loans


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