Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Here is now disgraced former National Security advisor, Mike Flynn, before the election, denying Russian hacking and attacking Hillary Clinton over her e-mail server.

I believe the word for that feeling you are having is schadenfreude.

Just look at the ease in which this asshole lies, and then remember that he was temporarily in charge of national security.

Want more? Of course you do.

Well here is more.
 I actually feel that every single one of Trump's people are just as untrustworthy and dangerous to the future of our nation as this man.

Every last one of them, including of course Trump himself. 


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I usually never delight in the shame of others, but I have to take it from this guy, who was a traitor to this country all the while he was spreading this anti-Hillary bullshit. If he thinks he should be locked up, shouldn't we oblige him? We're already watching his long military career go up in flames, and now he will forever be known as the shortest running National Security advisor in modern history. And hopefully the pebble that starts the rockslide that will bring the so called president and his administration down.

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      One down, more to come. Smug lying traitor's all of them!

    2. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Is he still collecting pension for military duty?

      Certainly his behavior is not becoming an officer and a gentleman, besides Locking him up, let's revoke his military pension.

  2. We are definitely living in interesting times.

    1. Anonymous4:30 AM

      That's a very diplomatic way to put it, Ted ;o)

  3. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Indeed. And with FEC vetting, IRS records, FCC tracking, FBI, CIA and yes, The FAA flight records for the hateful 8, this should be enough to have a nice long conversation.

  4. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Another Crooked Hillary apologist! He never mentioned BENGHAZI!!!, the greatest political scandal since Tea Pot Dome and the Whitewater Land Deal Massacre.


  5. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Here is well know Republican political operative Roger Stone commenting on Flynn's firing.

    "President Trump adviser Roger Stone tweeted Tuesday that the "purge" of former national security advisor Michael Flynn is "Pearl Harbor" for Trump loyalists.

    Stone blamed White House chief of staff Reince Priebus for Flynn's resignation after just 24 days on the job.

    "Reince's purge of Flynn a 'Pearl Harbor' for Trump loyalists. Hope the midget is ready to rumble," wrote Stone."

    Stone picked the wrong analogy imo: Flynn's firing is like the beginning of battle of Stalingrad for the Nazis. We know how that ended!

    Oh, and at least on account apparently has Stone himself in o the Trump campaign's Russian contacts!

    "The report names four people close to Trump — including Michael Flynn, who recently stepped down as national security adviser — in the FBI's inquiry into links between Trump associates and the Russian government. Officials named Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort as one of the associates on the calls but did not identify anyone else on the calls, the Times reported.

    Still, the officials said the FBI has looked into at least two other people close to Trump: Carter Page, a businessman and former foreign policy adviser to the campaign and Roger Stone, a veteran GOP operative."

    1. Anonymous11:03 PM

      Roger Stone was just interviewed by Chris Hayes because he is one of the people being investigated for collusion with Russia during the Trump campaign. Of course he denies everything, but if you follow the money and the flight and phone records, I'm sure new "shit will come to light" (a random The Big Lebowski reference.)

  6. Anonymous6:13 AM

    --Intel expert Malcolm Nance: we’re in a Constitutional crisis, and Donald Trump is Benedict Arnold

    Trump’s advisors are going down for Russia, and they’re likely to sell him out

    --FBI finds smoking gun on Donald Trump advisor Carter Page, but has he already fled to Russia?

    Page’s last publicly known location: Moscow.

    --We’re finally about to find out if James Comey is a Russian spy

    The moment of truth has arrived

    --Caught colluding with Russian intel officers, Paul Manafort invents absurd ‘name badge’ defense

    Now we know Manafort is guilty

    --Donald Trump’s guilty staff will race to cut Russia-gate deals with the Feds, ratting Trump out

    Trump-Russia enters rats off sinking ship phase

    --Smoking gun: four Donald Trump advisors colluded with Russian intel agents during campaign

    The other Trump-Russia shoe has dropped

  7. Anonymous6:15 AM

    --POTUS has that bulging forehead vein thing going on. Something has hit a nerve. Should there be a rally in front of the White House soon?

    --Kushner eager about Netenyahu meeting, and POTUS sends to think he can pull BN's strings. Feels more like business meeting than diplomacy.

    --And don't expect POTUS to try his handshake shenanigans with Israeli PM.

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      The taxpayers are also paying to fly Melanomia in from NYC.

  8. Anonymous6:22 AM

    “Oh! Hi, Justin! Sure you can sit next to me because my husband, Justin, I mean, Jared, won’t be attending, Justin.”

    1. Anonymous6:41 AM

      As a Trump she's maybe looking for @$$ylum- but there's no where to hide if Daddy and her beard hubby Jared are CONvicted of being TRAITORS!!


  9. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Samantha Bee’s Show Tells You What Trump Knew And When He Knew It

  10. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Trump’s Russia Scandal Means Sessions And His Justice Department Now Face A Choice

    The attorney general has indicated he doesn’t think he needs to recuse himself from the investigations.

    Less than a week on the job as U.S. attorney general, Jeff Sessions faces a potentially explosive situation: He was a top adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, but he’s now overseeing the agency investigating members of that campaign.

    The FBI, which falls under the umbrella of Sessions’ Justice Department, is leading a multi-agency probe of possible connections between Trump associates and the Russian government. Law enforcement and intelligence officials have phone records and intercepted calls that show members of Trump’s campaign repeatedly communicated with senior Russian intelligence officials in the months before the election, the New York Times reported Tuesday. Sessions has ties to at least two of the people who are reportedly under investigation.

    The FBI is also separately examining intercepted communications between the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who served with Sessions as a member of the Trump campaign’s national security advisory council. The FBI interviewed Flynn days into the Trump presidency, according to The New York Times, and reportedly had concerns about whether he was entirely forthcoming. Lying to the FBI is a felony. If the FBI investigation into Flynn’s conduct turns up wrongdoing, Sessions could be responsible for signing off on the prosecution.

    1. Anonymous6:42 AM

      Wait till the rentboy dic pics show up!

      The Alabama blogger is on it


  11. Anonymous6:31 AM


    Desperate Putin Puppet Donald Trump Insanely Claims Obama Was Soft on Russia

    As any crisis worsens, Trump’s desperation leads him to say foolish things, like blaming his problems this morning on Hillary Clinton, or now, President Barack Obama.

    Trump tweeted this morning that Obama was “too soft” on Russia:

    ...The blatant dishonesty displayed here is appalling. Almost as appalling as his attempt at obfuscation of his own administration’s crimes.

    As Trump Blames Hillary for Scandal, Remember: She Warned Us About Trump and Putin

    Now that we know thanks to The New York Times that the Trump team was in constant communication with Russia as it hacked the U.S. elections, we can all take a deep breath and say, as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes puts it, “Occasional reminder that this is all *insane*”

    As is Trump’s response to the growing scandal this morning. And yes, he blamed Hillary Clinton for his troubles, sending this tweet:

    Sen. Chris Murphy Seeks Trump Tax Returns to Explain ‘Bizarre Positioning’ on Russia

    "Either...the Russians have something on Trump or...there are financial ties that require Trump to behave in this way or...perhaps the Russians helped him in the election and this is some sort of quid quo pro."

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      If trump is so innocent, then he should be more than happy to provide his tax returns.

      But he is guilty!!!

  12. Flynn looked great in a uniform, in a suit and in front of a camera.

    He looked like a security advisor.

    That's all.

    Trump goes entirely on looks. He is "casting" his administration like you would a TV show.

    That's why Spicer will soon be OUT and Carlton Milo Higbie will soon be IN.

    1. Anonymous1:57 AM

      Umm, right, Steve Bannon looks fabulous. Ditto Jeff Sessions, Linda McMahon, Wilbur Ross, Sonny Perdue--whole bunch of lookers. That Miller fella too.

      Higbie looks, thinks, and talks like a meathead. He tried to argue the Constitution with Governor Granholm and got his azz handed to him. She's an attorney and taught constitutional law.

      Peter Beinart schooled Higbie in a discussion of Trump's business acumen. Ana Navarro has left Higbie sputtering in fits and starts more than once.

      Higbie has memorized some talking points and that's it. No way could he hold his own with a roomful of reporters.


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