Sunday, February 12, 2017

Intelligence agencies are so mistrustful of Donald Trump that they are withholding classified intelligence from him.

Courtesy of the Observer: 

Our Intelligence Community is so worried by the unprecedented problems of the Trump administration—not only do senior officials possess troubling ties to the Kremlin, there are nagging questions about basic competence regarding Team Trump—that it is beginning to withhold intelligence from a White House which our spies do not trust. 

That the IC has ample grounds for concern is demonstrated by almost daily revelations of major problems inside the White House, a mere three weeks after the inauguration. The president has repeatedly gone out of his way to antagonize our spies, mocking them and demeaning their work, and Trump’s personal national security guru can’t seem to keep his story straight on vital issues. 

That’s Mike Flynn, the retired Army three-star general who now heads the National Security Council. Widely disliked in Washington for his brash personality and preference for conspiracy-theorizing over intelligence facts, Flynn was fired as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency for managerial incompetence and poor judgment—flaws he has brought to the far more powerful and political NSC.

Flynn’s problems with the truth have been laid bare by the growing scandal about his dealings with Moscow. Strange ties to the Kremlin, including Vladimir Putin himself, have dogged Flynn since he left DIA, and concerns about his judgment have risen considerably since it was revealed that after the November 8 election, Flynn repeatedly called the Russian embassy in Washington to discuss the transition.

The article goes on to lay out a rather stunning case for why the intelligence agencies feel that Doanld Trump, nor members of his administration, are to be trusted with the state secrets or intelligence concerning our allies as well as our enemies.

I found this portion in particular to be troubling:

What’s going on was explained lucidly by a senior Pentagon intelligence official, who stated that “since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM,” meaning the White House Situation Room, the 5,500 square-foot conference room in the West Wing where the president and his top staffers get intelligence briefings. “There’s not much the Russians don’t know at this point,” the official added in wry frustration.

You know I have, on some level, already assumed much of this.

However having it confirmed by intelligence agents is still a little disconcerting.

After all how can a president and his administration work to protect this country, and make smart decisions, if they have no idea exactly what is actually happening?

So is this article believable? I mean I know it speaks to our own confirmation bias, but does it stand up to scrutiny?

Well first off it is the world's oldest Sunday newspaper.

Secondly it quotes from a number of other news outlets that are reporting on similar facts about Trump, his ties to Russia, and his disdain for the intelligence community.

There is also the fact that numerous other respectable reporters and news outlets seem to accept the reporting at face value.

Then there is also this article from Politico: 

A top deputy to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was rejected for a critical security clearance, effectively ending his tenure on the National Security Council and escalating tensions between Flynn and the intelligence community.

Well it is fairly clear that at least one member of Trump's team is unacceptable to the intelligence community.

And Nancy Pelosi essentially feels the same way about Flynn himself: 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Saturday called for the suspension of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, until an FBI probe determines the exact nature of his “secret contacts” with Russian officials. The congresswoman also said Flynn should have his security clearance revoked.

So yes all of that, plus what we know already about Trump's troubling ties to Putin, certainly lends an air of credibility to this story.

Which means that I guess we now have some confirmation that Donald Trump is seen by US Intelligence as a potential double agent.

I swear if this were the plot for a TV movie, I would turn it off for being too unbelievable.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I felt this in my gut the minute I realized he'd been elected. Russia effectively has a seat in the Oval Office, knows all our secrets, and is pulling the strings. I can only hope that the intelligence community is acting accordingly and in our best interests. Somebody release the peepee tapes, or expose the campaign for collusion with Russia. Impeachment. Please.

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Snowden had a huge hand in this. Fucking traitor.

    2. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Gut reactions are the truest. After that I go with my heart and brain. You are very intuitive.

      Pat Padrnos

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Jesus Christ! Where's the damn reset button?
    This is so far beyond ridiculous.

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Could be Here?
      North Korea calls ballistic missile test-fire a success

    2. Anonymous3:39 PM

      @3:02 Ready, Aim, FIRE!

    3. Anonymous4:35 AM

      Manifest Destiny? War is not the answer without considering long-range consequences for us and the regions surrounding North Korea!

      Why are some of us (or appears to be) so bloodthirsty?


  3. Well no wonder he doesn't attend security briefings. He must have discovered (I'm sure someone had to tell him) that the intel he was receiving was actually from a Tom Clancy book. They just read him a different chapter from a different book every day!!
    We are so fucked.

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Jill $Tein:

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Yep! she is a traitor.. In with Putin!
      Green Party Fraud!!

    2. Anonymous6:03 AM

      Make up your fucking mind, is Stein weak and stupid or so ingeniously powerful to have helped pootie install drumpf, 5:34? Can't be both.

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Stupid, Full of shit and Fucking nuts!

    Credit to George Carlin

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    It's a sad state of affairs when the country needs to be protected against the so-called president.

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    To this day, I still wonder just HOW all those crazies got top security clearance!

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Yup, me too.

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      I have always suspected that Melania Trump never got the security clearance to live in the White House. They simply don't know enough about her, and she has too many lies in her background.

      I read the theory on a blog right after the election. Melania failed the security clearance, and that is why she is staying in NYC. Think about it...she never comes to the White House, not even to entertain the Japanese Prime Minister's wife.

    3. Anonymous6:06 AM

      4:02, hmmm. Interesting!
      Drumpf is so addicted to appearances that if your idea began trending on Twitter, Malaria would be forcibly re-homed in the WH within days of the tweeting.
      You wouldn't happen to have a Twitter account? Just hoping.....

  8. I've been doing it wrong all these years. Someone would actually PAY me to confront these cold-blooded jerks?

  9. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: 'Pay for your own wall!'

    Thousands of demonstrators waving Mexican flags and hoisting signs denouncing President Trump marched through central Mexico City on Sunday, the largest mobilization so far here against what many label an anti-Mexican administration in the White House.

    “We are not against the American people. This is about Trump, who is spreading hate and division,” said Maria Garcia, a former resident of Chicago who carried an unflattering, paper-mache likeness of the U.S. president as she marched through the Mexican capital.

    Mexico: Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across nation

    Marches get under way in some 20 cities across country to protest US President Trump's anti-Mexican rhetoric.

    ..."It is time we citizens combine forces and unite our voices to show our indignation and rejection of President Trump, while contributing to the search for concrete solutions," said the coalition behind the marches.

    US-Mexican relations have plunged to their lowest point in decades since Trump took office on January 20.

    Trump, who launched his presidential campaign calling Mexican immigrants "criminals" and "rapists", has infuriated the US' southern neighbour.

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Viva Mexico!

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    3. Thanks for providing quotes from the link -- gives me a précis -- and I can link to read more.

    4. Anonymous6:51 PM

      From photos, looks like the paper-mache likenesses are pinatas. Traditionally swung from a tree and beaten with sticks until it explodes, spewing candy everywhere!

  10. Anonymous2:51 PM


  11. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Kellyanne Conway’s dangerous game

    Washington State AG says he will depose Trump administration officials

    Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said on Sunday he will depose Trump administration officials to uncover “what truly motivated” U.S. President Donald Trump‘s executive order on immigration if the case he brought against it goes to trial.

    Documents and emails authored by administration officials may contain evidence that the order was an unconstitutional attempt to ban Muslims from entering the United States, and Ferguson will use “every tool” at his disposal to bring those to light, he told ABC’s This Week.

    A White House official launched a blistering attack on the federal appeals court that blocked Trump’s executive order Sunday, calling its ruling a”judicial usurpation of power.”

  12. Anonymous2:56 PM

    States find new ways to troll Trump

    Lawmakers are getting creative in their attempts to mock, challenge and repudiate the president.

    A California lawmaker is demanding Melania Trump’s immigration records. New Hampshire lawmakers have introduced a resolution demanding a federal probe into Trump University and “illegal financial or business dealings in which President TRUMP may have been involved.”

    In Illinois, legislators are calling for an investigation into “Russian interference” in the 2016 election — and they’ve also drafted a formal invitation to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, inviting him to their chambers to speak about the potential ill effect that a border wall could have on Mexico-Illinois relations.

    In case it wasn’t clear, blue-state legislatures are not only in full frontal rebellion against President Donald Trump, they’re trolling him.

    1. Progressives have stopped crouching in a fetal position and stood up to fight. With every state and its officials that stand up, others will. I think we've got ourselves a convoy. Heartening days.

    2. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I think it goes far beyond trolling. Democrats are really concerned about the country. If things are in such disarray after three weeks; just imagine how shattered our country will be in a year or two. These Democrats are serious; they want answers because they know the American people want answers.

    3. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Just checked. My county Dem Party has a meeting this week - I'm attending -what are you (plural) doing?

    4. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Resist, Persist!

  13. Anonymous3:01 PM

    o/t Group Project!
    Ari Melber on MSNBC has a new segment called "Normal or Not" which he just introduced. He said he is looknig for topics.
    So, babygaters, send him all the info we know on the miracle pregnancy. flat to gusty, etc and ask if it is Normal or not!
    Might not get any traction for the air but maybe it will pique his or a staffers interest.

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Another way to work the media, and get it to work. Good.

  14. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Republican Party busted for tweeting fake quote from Abraham Lincoln

    GOP tries to take credit for Lincoln, and it backfires hilariously

    The trouble came today when the official @GOP account on Twitter posted a photo of the Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial, with the following quote overlaid onto the photo: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” It made clear that it was crediting the quote to Lincoln. The trouble: as best anyone knows, Lincoln never said that. Nor had anyone ever said those words at the time Lincoln lived.

    It was Jake Tapper of CNN who most prominently called out the GOP for the fake quote, asserting that “There is no evidence that Abraham Lincoln ever said this,” and including a link to a site which provides the proper background. Quote Investigator concludes that there’s “no substantive evidence that Lincoln used this expression” and goes on to explain that the quote instead appears to have first surfaced in the 1940s, eight decades after Lincoln died.

    If Michael Flynn isn’t fired over Russia tomorrow, it means Donald Trump is going down with him

    It’s now Sunday night. Donald Trump is back in the White House after his ill timed Florida vacation. The weekend headlines have been dominated by the Russia scandal, which he had surely been hoping had gone away. The current controversy all centers around National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn, a guy Trump doesn’t even like, and who could easily be scapegoated. So if Flynn isn’t fired tomorrow, it’ll mean that Trump can’t fire him – which will mean that Trump is going down with him.

    And so now we’re about to find out how deep this scandal runs. If Michael Flynn was a mole who was conspiring with the Russian government to rig the election on Donald Trump’s behalf, and the conspiracy didn’t rise any higher than Flynn, then Trump can simply fire him tomorrow and push the entire Russia scandal back to the backburner for awhile. But if Flynn was acting on Trump’s orders or with Trump’s knowledge, or if another key Trump advisor such as Steve Bannon was pulling Flynn’s strings, then that means Trump can’t fire Flynn – because Flynn knows everything.

    So tomorrow is the moment of truth. If Donald Trump doesn’t fire Michael Flynn, it’ll be because he’s concluded that Flynn would retaliate by revealing Trump’s own involvement in the Russia scandal.

    1. Great post -- thanks for this.
      And thanks to everybody who is making this the go-to blog on the internet, a compendium of various sites brought together.

      Thanks Gryph for providing this platform so we can all do our part to provide information and hope.

    2. Anonymous5:07 PM

      @3:29 Exactly! 100 day mission.
      Then the next and the next and the next..
      Until WE the People Win


    3. Anonymous5:15 PM

      What about Bannon?

    4. Anonymous10:20 PM

      the racist fat fuck bannon needs to be drawn and quartered ..

  15. Anonymous3:04 PM

    #ResistTrump Protests

  16. Anonymous3:05 PM

    #Raleigh brings 1000s of citizens togethr agnst Trump!

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Giant ‘RESIST’ Message Made Of Human Protestors Forms On Beach, Check This Out

      An event known as Resist – NOW! congregated at Ocean Beach in San Diego to deliver a strong message to President Trump. A thousand volunteers gathered on the beach to spell out the words “RESIST!” and “IMPEACH NOW!”

  17. Anonymous3:09 PM

  18. Anonymous3:10 PM

    London's anti-Trump protest on Saturday at the US embassy. Truly remarkable. #ResistTrump

    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      HeLLLL Yeessss$!

  19. Anonymous3:26 PM

    " On Sunday evening, Michael Flynn was on Air Force One with President Trump, returning to D.C.basically D.C. is on fire with Russian flames encroaching our most vital national security and Donald Trump is whining about crowds and the media." ok.....people.....?

    1. Anonymous4:05 PM

      And what I wanted to know was if Flynn was on AF1 on Friday when Trump flew out to M-a-L. All the articles/tweets I read only said that he was in FLA with trump on Saturday to play golf. No matter what, it was unbelievable when Trump told the press at the back of the plane Friday that he wasn't up on the Flynn story and he'd "look into it," but if Flynn was on that plane Fri., it means it was even more so. And either way, Trump was playing games flaunting Flynn's presence at the Friday morning presser w/ Abe and then at M-a-L. That's how seriously Trump has been taking things. He's saying a big F-you to all of us.

    2. Anonymous5:04 PM

      I finally saw it in writing, at the NYT, and in a pic that Flynn did fly AF1 Friday with Trump. And Trump had the nerve to walk to the back of the plane and say to the press that he was unaware of the latest Flynn story.

  20. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Republican Congressman Hints At Trump Impeachment If Flynn Lied For The President

    Congress Must Act As Intelligence Experts Warn Russia Is Listening In Trump’s Situation Room

    Whine, whine, whine.

  21. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Trump’s White House eyes potential foes in 2020 election

    The White House is already tracking which Democrats could challenge President Trump in 2020 and Gov. Cuomo and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand aren’t on the list, sources told The Post.

    Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, asked consultants to scour the backgrounds of four outspoken Democrats — Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, two sources close to the administration said.

    “The White House political department wants people to start looking into them,” said one source close to the White House. “Trump is obsessed with running for re-election.”

    But the White House’s “biggest fear” is that Cuban, a billionaire businessman, would run because he can appeal to Republicans and independents, the sources said.

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Trump will NEVER be elected to serve a second term! In fact, I think he'll not serve a complete first term.

      The boy/man is pure slime and evil!

    2. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Mark Cuban has 100 times the business acumen of Trump plus he is a real human; genuine, caring and empathetic. He has no political experience but if he were given the position that Trump is in now he would be working to better this country and ALL of its inhabitants instead of creating division and blowing it all up.

      He is Trump's alter ego.

  22. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Missing KKK Leader Found Shot To Death Near Missouri River.

    One less asshole in the world! Keep up the good work whoever did it!

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Sounds like it was the wife, or her lover, whoever that is, if s/he exists.

  23. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Al Qaeda’s leader in Yemen has already expressed his sheer joy at Trump’s bungled raid there. Hezbollah has joined the fray, too, saying something that should be offensive as all hell to Trump:

    “We are very optimistic that when an idiot settles in the White House and boasts about his idiocy, this is the beginning of relief for the oppressed around the world.”

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Pardon me if that made me giggle.

  24. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I think the intelligence departments should well assume the worst of this administration. I read this afternoon (Wash. Post, I think) that Trump had not read the exec. order removing the Chief of the Joint Chiefs from the National Security Council (I think there was another person removed too) and putting Bannon in. Bannon most probably wrote the order and he may well be part of the Kremlin conduit. It looks like Trump will sign any piece of paper put in front of him. Can't he read or doesn't he care? Scary either way.

  25. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Tennessee bill introduced to classify in vitro births as "Illegitimate."

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Well, it is Tennessee.

      They like their births out of wedlock between an underaged girl and one of her closest relatives and surely science should have no part in their procreation, just bloodlines, the closer the better.

      Microcephaly, bad dentition, awkward proportions and slight to serious mental retardation is no accident, it's called "Tennessee genetic engineerin'".1

      1. (or substitute any state south of the Mason Dixon Line)

      They are makin' 'Murikkka great inbred birth at a time.

      Cue the fucking banjos.

  26. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Google Tom Arnold. He's done with his overseas reality show and is talking about the Trump n-word tape again. He talked about it overseas, it looks like, and on his Twitter now. He's standing by what he has long said: the tape exists. He's also saying Hillary "begged" him to release it two days before the election. He's also saying that he needs to be sure that certain families are okay with his releasing of it before he does. Before, he sounded afraid that anyone involved in a release could have their livelihoods taken away by a Trump lawsuit, and even the real bigwigs were afraid. Now, it sounds like things may be closer to a release.

    1. Anonymous6:19 AM

      A multi-millionaire "begged" Tom Arnold to release a recording he supposedly truly possesses? And he refused that rich lady?
      How much did he turn down>

  27. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Want to Make a Lie Seem True? Say It Again. And Again. And Again

    ...But the facts don’t actually matter: People repeat them so often that you believe them. Welcome to the “illusory truth effect,” a glitch in the human psyche that equates repetition with truth. Marketers and politicians are masters of manipulating this particular cognitive bias—which perhaps you have become more familiar with lately.

    ...So what’s going on here? “Repetition makes things seem more plausible,” says Lynn Hasher, a psychologist at the University of Toronto whose research team first noticed the effect in the 1970s. “And the effect is likely more powerful when people are tired or distracted by other information.” So … 2017, basically.

  28. This is how we should get under Trump's skin.

    We should ALL declare our presidential run for 2020.

  29. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Welcome to the new America. It will be interesting to see now that the worst hand ever has been played where all the cards will fall.

    We are definitely in for a sea change, whether our country devolves or evolves remains to be seen but as I told my parents today it certainly is an interesting time to be alive and American.

  30. Anonymous6:25 PM

    For Georgia Peach> Mitch the bitch is FUCKED!

    1. Oh, doG. That would be awesome.

      If only we could get rid of Trump, Pence, Bannon, Priebus and McConnell, all in one swell swoop. Then Conjob and the Cabinet would be gone too.

      Unless newly sworn in President Paul Ryan decides to keep all of the Oligarchs. But I have a feeling he would get rid of all of them. He is not that close to Trump and has his own ideas. As bad as they are, at least I wouldn't fear him having the nuclear codes. I think he'd think twice and then again before dismantling the entire government, as Trump/Bannon seem to be doing.

      If I were Ryan, I'd be sniffing the wind really carefully and once it starts to turn, I'd help the downfall of all those involved and then push hard for the investigations and impeachments that would clean house. It is the ONLY way the Republicans can save face and hope to stay in power. Yeah, they'd have to make some sacrifices, but thems the breaks.

    2. Anonymous4:32 AM

      But Repugs didn't win fairly. THERE MUST BE A NEW ELECTION.

  31. Anonymous8:08 AM

    What I don’t get is they are only calling for suspension of Flynn and revoking his security clearance. Like trump et all aren’t going to inform him anyway.

    Why isn’t he being prosecuted?

    Now I know why the words ‘dishonorable discharge” keeps coming to mind when I hear his name, he is a traitor.


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