Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sally Yates, the Attorney General Trump fired for refusing to defend his Muslim ban, has been nominated for the President Kennedy Profile in Courage award.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Sally Yates took a stand for something she believed in, and one of her fellow Americans thanked her by nominating her for a prestigious award for public officials. 

President Donald Trump fired the former acting attorney general on Monday night for refusing to defend his recent executive order suspending refugee resettlement and banning entry of individuals from seven predominantly Muslim countries. 

Yates was fired after she advised Justice Department lawyers also not to defend Trump’s executive order. She wrote them a letter saying she wasn’t “convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities, nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.” 

People around the country and the internet have come out to show their support for Yates, and the hashtags #ThankYouSally, #ThankYouSallyYates and #SallyYates were all trending on Twitter. 

But one act of appreciation stands out above the rest. 

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) tweeted out Tuesday afternoon that she had nominated Yates for the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

I love this so much.

And if she were to win it would be the biggest "fuck you" to Donald Trump that I can imagine.

Perhaps we can start a precedent and find away to give an award to EVERYBODY with the balls to stand up to Trump in defense of this country. 


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    OT but not much.

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Section 5 of the January 25 o rder calls for the “immediate” construction of detention facilities and allocation of personnel and legal resources “to detain aliens at or near the land border with Mexico”“Lenin,” he said of the Russian revolutionary, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”Expect DHS to start advertising for bids from private prison operators, a much-maligned industry that was collapsing in the latter years of the Obama administration. Two of the largest, GEO Group, Inc. and CoreCivic Inc., are already seeing windfalls from their second chance at life: Their stock prices have nearly doubled since the election."

  2. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Trump allegedly sent ex-wife Ivana Trump to negotiate blackmail video w/ Russia

    ...The one key detail that they’ve discovered to be different: Donald Trump didn’t send his attorney Michael Cohen to Prague to negotiate blackmail terms with the Russians; he sent Ivana Trump instead.

    This makes logical sense in that Ivana Trump was born in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), and so this would explain why the meeting took place in Prague – the one detail of the detail of the original dossier which never made sense.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      hmmmm is that why Arnold got the celeb job? Czecho nationality? lousy senseless show is done.

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Arnold is Austrian

  3. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Yes and did everyone get the list just out of retailers to boycott? And the list of corporations that aided mr trump to his temporary position? Keep the list growing, we have lots of work to do. We made them and we will destroy them. They are only there because we spent are hard earned money at their business. They need to know that.

  4. Anonymous6:54 AM

    President Donald Trump on Thursday told religious leaders at the National Prayer Breakfast that he was committed to repealing a rule preventing churches from endorsing politicians.

    The Johnson Amendment has since 1954 prohibited religious organizations and other non-profits from advocating for or against candidates for office. Religious freedom organizations have long campaigned for its repeal.

    Trump said he would “totally destroy” the amendment at Thursday’s breakfast.

    “It was the great Thomas Jefferson who said the God who gave us life gave us liberty," the President said. "Jefferson asked, ‘Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?’ Among those freedoms is the right to worship according to our own beliefs."

    "That is why I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution," he went on. "I will do that, remember.”

    1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    2. Anonymous7:12 AM

      Unpresidential Trump Uses National Prayer Breakfast Insult Arnold Schwarzenegger

    3. Anonymous7:30 AM

      Trump Attacks Separation Of Church And State With Vow To Totally Destroy Johnson Amendment

    4. Anonymous7:35 AM

      They can START TO PAY TAXEs!
      or call them OUT RIGHT> TAX CHEATS!
      LIKE little dick king pissadent donny drumpf

    5. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Hey Stevie, tell me again what is that Constitution everyone keeps talking about?

      Fine, repeal their tax exemption, besides they don’t follow the law anyway.

      The Constitution does not give the occupant of that office the authority to “eliminate” a law that has been passed by Congress, whatever the voters may think of that law. It is a fairly common rhetorical flourish for presidential candidates to say something like “when elected, I will repeal” a law. But they can’t.

      The process for repealing a law has to begin in Congress

      What a moron, Jefferson was speaking about the freedom to worship ones own beliefs, not campaign for donald trump.

      The IRS, on its website, explains the prohibition as a protection against taxpayers subsidizing political speech from tax-exempt organizations

  5. Anonymous6:56 AM

    President Donald Trump claimed at a prayer breakfast on Thursday that there is no need to "worry" about reports that he is lambasting other world leaders during phone calls and threatening military incursions into their countries.

    "The world is in trouble, but we are going to straighten it out, okay?" Trump said at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. "Believe me, when you hear about the tough phone calls I'm having, don't worry about it. Just don't worry about it. They're tough. We have to be tough. It's time we're going to be a little tough, folks."

    He appeared to be responding to reports published Wednesday evening alleging that Trump had taken on an aggressive tone in phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia, two traditional allies of the United States.

    Trump claimed on Thursday that the United States is "taken advantage of by every nation in the world" and said he will put a stop to that.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Trump claimed on Thursday that the United States is "taken advantage of by every nation in the world" and said he will put a stop to that.

      Cleaning up trump's mess
      McCain: I Called Australian Ambassador To Express 'Unwavering Support'

      Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said in a statement released Thursday that he called Australia's ambassador to express his "unwavering support" for the country's alliance with the United States, after a report came out Wednesday that President Donald Trump berated the Australian prime minister during a phone call the same day.

      "Australia is one of America’s oldest friends and staunchest allies," the statement reads. "In that spirit, I called Australia’s Ambassador to the United States this morning to express my unwavering support for the U.S.-Australia alliance."

      McCain wrote in the statement that the United States remains "committed to the safer, freer, and better world that Australia does far more than its fair share to protect and promote."

      During a phone call on Wednesday with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Trump railed against a deal for the United States to accept more than 1,000 refugees from Australia, according to a Washington Post report.

      Senior U.S. officials told the Washington Post that Trump called it the "worst deal ever" and accused Australia of trying to send the "next Boston bombers" to the United States.

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    3. Oh, so not only "I alone can fix it" can fix the United States but also "I alone can fix it" can fix the WORLD?

      Mentally UNFIT! Deranged. SICKSICKSICK.

      Someone needs to remove this crazy person from office and do it quickly.

  6. Anonymous6:56 AM

    The biggest f you will be anyone standing up for him aint NO friend of the United States of America.

    1. Leland7:27 AM

      Would you try that agin? It makes NO sense.

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM

      6:56 is Sarah on a meth high

  7. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Trump makes a fool of himself yet again !!!!

    Thinks Fredrick Douglas is still alive and everyone has read about MLK because he moved his bust in the W.H. Oh and Omarosa is really a nice person.

    I am surprised he hasn’t gone after Seth Meyers yet.


    Trump launches media attack during Black History Month listening session

    WATCH: “Late Night” puts Donald Trump’s Black History Month speech in its proper context

    1. abbafan9:18 AM

      omarosa sucks his needle dick...

  8. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Sally deserves the Congressional Medal of Freedom for exposing trump’s dictatorship.

  9. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Arnold Schwarzenegger hilariously jabs Trump over petty ‘Apprentice’ boasts at prayer event

    1. At this point, I'd welcome President Schwarzenegger over Trump. At least Arnold has experience as Governor. His views aren't so extremist either. He actually cares about people and doing the right thing.

  10. Anonymous7:09 AM

    It appears the Trump transition team did reach out to all IGs to let them know that they would be fired, which is a departure from the bipartisan tradition of letting IGs stay on as long as they want.

    These are the independent watchdogs of our federal agencies.

    On Jan., 19th, WaPo reported that phone calls were made from the transition team to IGs involved in Cabinet departments to tell them their services would no longer be required.

    Obviously this caused a tremendous amount of anxiety from many IGs, so a more senior official called to confirm that their jobs were safe.

    Today the Washington Post reports that "an email from the Trump transition team on the evening of Jan. 13 instructed all transition team leaders to “reach out tonight and inform” the inspectors general in their agencies “that they are being held over on a temporary basis.”

    The email shows proof that there was a serious effort by the Trump team to replace all the IGs across the board.

  11. Anonymous7:12 AM

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      He'll blame it on Obama.

  12. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Go Arnold!!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger hilariously jabs Trump over petty ‘Apprentice’ boasts at prayer event

    Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) hit back at Pres. Donald Trump after Trump asked the crowd gathered at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast to pray for Schwarzenegger’s anemic ratings at TV host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

    In a video posted to Twitter, Schwarzenegger proposed that the two men trade places.

    “Hey, Donald, I have a great idea,” he said. “Why don’t we switch jobs? You take over TV — because you’re such an expert in ratings — and I take over your job so then people can finally sleep comfortably again?”.......

    ‘He’s mentally ill’: Internet aghast after Trump brags about ‘Apprentice’ ratings at Prayer Breakfast

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM

      Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff

      --POTUS angry at hearing about Arnold S reply to pray-for-ratings dig. "I won! If I don't know how to be Pres then how come I won?"
      That's easy you asshat, you fucking cheated.

    2. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Thumbs up to the apprentice guy!

    3. Arnold is NOT a Trump supporter. During the election he urged Republicans to put country over party.

      Trump is still executive producer of the show and I'm sure is trying to get Arnold fired. The problem for NBC is, who would replace him? They should have just canceled the show.

  13. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Dove Is Schooling The Trump Administration With A Deodorant Advert And It's Marvelous

    This week, the beauty brand launched an advertising campaign for its latest deodorant using the Trump's dubious understanding of truth and facts.

  14. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Good start. Now she needs to sue for wrongful termination.

    Get on Twitter and TROLL the dRUMPster fire.

  15. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Conflict of Interest continues

    A Visa Ban—but Not for Trump’s Foreign Workers

  16. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Good News:

  17. Anonymous8:22 AM

    John McCain Calls Australia’s Ambassador To Clean Up Trump’s Mess

    How often will this happen over the next four years?

    How Donald Trump Destabilised Australia's Prime Minister With One Phone Call

    Malcolm Turnbull is now in a serious jam.

  18. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Here’s How Trump Could Take Control Of Every U.S. Polling Place

  19. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Thumbs up!

  20. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Spicer: Trump Met With Extreme Right Wing Groups To Promote Gorsuch

  21. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Donald Trump Lied To Us About His Health

    Donald Trump’s Longtime Doctor Says President Takes Hair-Growth Drug

    President Trump takes medication for three ailments, including a prostate-related drug to promote hair growth, Mr. Trump’s longtime physician, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, said in a series of recent interviews.

    The other drugs are antibiotics to control rosacea, a common skin problem, and a statin for elevated blood cholesterol and lipids.

    1. Statins have a high risk of developing diabetes, especially in the overweight.

    2. Anonymous4:26 AM

      Dang, Mlaiupppa, good point. Thanks for the cheer up :)

      The way that fat slob eats would ramp up some type 2 diabetes, wouldn't it (sigh)?

  22. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Djt mental parient on the loose again. Seen at a prayer breakfast delusional shading former California Gov. ARNOLD S. Attendees, were encouraging as djt smelled of poo and was oranged faced.

  23. Anonymous8:35 AM

    In less than two weeks, Mr. Trump created upheaval at the nation’s borders, alienated longtime allies, roiled markets with talk of a trade war and prompted some of the largest protests any president has faced.

    The conservative editorial page of The Wall Street Journal bemoaned a refugee policy “so poorly explained and prepared for, that it has produced confusion and fear at airports, an immediate legal defeat, and political fury at home and abroad.”

  24. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Here's the Hell Trump's Order Created for Refugees Overseas
    "That we are now shutting the door on them is unconscionable.”

  25. Anonymous8:38 AM

    O/T Michigan's Woody the Woodchuck predicts 6 more weeks of winter

    Michigan's Woody the Woodchuck agrees with Punxsutawney Phil: There will be six more weeks of winter.

    Woody, the Great Lakes State's official groundhog, made her annual prediction this morning at the Howell Conference and Nature Center, just minutes after Punxsutawney Phil made his prediction, by not coming out of her house.

  26. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 7m7 minutes ago

    POTUS causing alarm by saying arrest of Russian spies will offer pretext to drop sanctions, after they are "saddled" with DNC email hacks.

    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 5m5 minutes ago

    Seen as first tacit admission by POTUS of some level of complicity between him and Putin regarding Russian interference in election.

    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 6m6 minutes ago

    Orders on POTUS slip up are "We cannot let this get out!" #oops

  27. Anonymous8:43 AM

    The leaks coming out of the Trump White House right now are fucking insane

    Trump wants less scrutiny on violent white supremacists

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Trump wants less scrutiny on violent white supremacists
      He would lose his base, felons can’t vote

  28. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Leaked Draft of Drumpf’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination
    If signed, the order would create wholesale exemptions for people and organizations who claim religious objections to same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, and trans identity.

  29. Anonymous8:47 AM

    The GOP's incredible, shrinking Obamacare repeal

  30. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Millions in campaign funds went to Trump firms

    ...The largest sums went to Trump’s airline, TAG Air, which received $8.7 million as the Republican used his own jet to fly around the country, according to a USA TODAY analysis of year-end reports filed this week. Another $2 million went to Trump Tower, the Trump Organization skyscraper that housed his campaign headquarters.

    Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, which Trump dubbed the Winter White House last month, received more than $435,000 during the campaign.

    The spending at Trump properties, which continued after he won the election, underscores how much Trump was willing to mingle his political and business operations – from buying meals at his own Trump Grill to renting space at his own golf clubs.

    More than $3,000 went to Trump ICE LLC, Trump’s bottled-water brand, for “office supplies,” according to Federal Election Commission filings.

    In all, the amount spent at Trump businesses by his political operation represent a little more than 19% of the $66.1 million Trump himself donated to the campaign and less than 10% of the $133.6 million that flowed into his main campaign account from other donors.

    The spending could well continue if he decides to seek re-election. Trump filed a statement of candidacy for the 2020 election on Inauguration Day because he had already surpassed the $5,000 fundraising threshold to require reporting contributions for the next election, he noted in a letter to the Federal Election Commission. That doesn't mean he's definitely running in 2020, Trump said in the filing.

    The new paperwork lists Trump Tower's New York address as the campaign headquarters.

  31. Anonymous8:54 AM

    The US Treasury just amended Obama's sanctions order to 'authorize certain transactions' with Russia's FSB

    ...The change came during President Donald Trump's second week in office. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone last Saturday in which they "underlined the importance of restoring mutually profitable trade and economic connections between the business circles of the two countries," according to a readout from the Kremlin.

  32. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Texas Republicans Won’t Tell Trump He’s Cratering the State’s Economy

    We are so screwed. The Texas economy is totally dependent on trade with Mexico. Trump’s determination to stir up his flash mob by insulting Mexico is going to absolutely kill us.

    But our top Texas elected officials are Republicans who are so afraid of far-right challengers that they can’t do anything but cringe and whimper. Like I said. We’re screwed.

    1. abbafan9:23 AM

      forget mar-a-lago, he needs to take a trip to Dallas...

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      ...and ride in an open-air convertible.

    3. LOL. Maybe Texas will resurrect their secession movement too.

      If both California and Texas left the union, what other states would follow?

      Poor Donald Yertle Trump will be the supreme dictator for life of what?

  33. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Wonderful news.

  34. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Profiles in cowardice: GOP leaders quail before the throne as Trump undermines democracy

    Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell traded principle for power. Now they look away while Trump builds Fortress America

    It was just the latest in a list of about a million or so moments over the last year when the Faustian bargain the Republican Party has made with the jabbering orange buffoon now seated in the Oval Office has become crystal clear. Considering all the norm-shattering going on at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, any single element of which would have launched a thousand congressional investigations if committed by a Democratic president, it was a particularly galling display of obsequious toadying to the business interests that McConnell and Ryan really answer to.

    Consider this by-no-means-comprehensive list of the weekend’s offenses that were well-known on Monday when Ryan and McConnell kicked off the week by figuring out new and creative ways to poison and screw over the American people:

  35. LOL.

    The award is from the JFK library and Trump has no control over who they pick.

    "The Profile in Courage Award is a private award given to recognize displays of courage similar to those John F. Kennedy described in his book Profiles in Courage. It is given to individuals (often elected officials) who, by acting in accord with their conscience, risked their careers or lives by pursuing a larger vision of the national, state or local interest in opposition to popular opinion or pressure from constituents or other local interests.

    The winners of the award are selected by a bi-partisan committee named by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, which includes members of the Kennedy family as well as other prominent Americans. It is generally awarded each year around the time of Kennedy's birthday (May 29) at a ceremony at the Kennedy Library in Boston. The award is generally presented by Kennedy's daughter Caroline Kennedy. Also before their deaths Senator Edward Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., and former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

    Two recipients, John Lewis (in 2001) and William Winter (in 2008), were designated as honorees for Lifetime Achievement."


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