Saturday, February 11, 2017

So exactly what was going on with Donald Trump's extremely uncomfortable meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister yesterday?

Did you see the Prime Minister pull away at the end of that handshake and then roll his eyes?

Shinzō Abe looked like a college girl who had finally managed to get away from a groping frat boy at a kegger.

And that was not the only bizarre moment from the meeting.
A number of other attendees pointed this out on Twitter, while also noting that Trump was trying to respond and even laugh at the appropriate moments by watching the reactions of those who WERE wearing their translation earpieces.

This confused at least one reporter enough to wonder if perhaps Trump knew how to speak Japanese.
That of course is ridiculous since Trump has not even managed to master the English language after 70 years of trying to speak it.
In the end a CNN reporter summed the whole thing up for a bewildered Wolf Blitzer.

Remember THIS is the guy that the Russians chose to represent America to the world.

Clearly they still hate us for the cold war.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Running scared..

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      WOW! Cheap black garbage bags.
      Also, WHAT is he trying to hide??? WE are THE ones who are paying for his extravagant vacations at his personal golf course. We have the RIGHT to know what he does on our dime!!!


    3. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Brokering personal deals $$/family.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Gosh he is a phony gross germy poser. Forcing the guy to shake hands and hanging on to him like a bully. Trump always looks like he is sitting on his cheap gold toilet taking a royal shit and lying his way to paradise. Gross, when will he resign? and take that fake deplorable KKKabinet with him.

    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Maybe he will pull an Elvis, pass away on his gold toilet??

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Maybe he'll end up in a Federal Penitentiary and his guards will prank him with a brass toilet seat to sit upon forevermore.

    3. Anonymous11:29 AM

      He looked like he was trying to arm wrestle Mr. Abe, pulling and tugging at his arm several times. And then commenting 'you have a strong hand'... so he was also trying to squeeze his hand.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I served three years in Japan in an assignment where all my work was with Japanese military and government people. I spent hours and days with them in formal, informal, official, and personal settings.

    They are not big on physical contact, although those who associate with Americans will tolerate the obligatory handshakes, back-slapping, etc . . . DO NOT attempt a hug.

    Someone should have briefed The Trumpster but, because he is so damn smart, that likely would have been a useless exercise.

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Jeez. He is such a doofus. Such a cringe-worthy disgusting creature to all of us. Do not know what else to say. If he was not so repulsive I could feel sorrow for him.
    I have probably said too much.

    Pat Padrnos

  5. Anonymous9:06 AM

    That look on Abe's face at the end was 'Good god, get me out of here...'

  6. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Hard to miss the roll of Abes eyes and the way he adjusted himself in his chair. Hope he had plenty of hand sanitizer. When Abes little hand meant dump's little hand....

  7. Anonymous9:13 AM

    How much money did the trumpster ape steal from Japan investors? Does he have a resort there? Who paid for it? What fake news did he throw at this honorable man from japan?

  8. Anonymous9:14 AM

    WHY do that I think, in his retirement, somewhere President Obama is cleaning this shit up?

    Wishful thinking....the stupid BURNS.

    1. He already cleaned up the Republican's crap once.

      This time it's someone else's job.

  9. Anonymous9:26 AM

    lOOk@ME! from the start.......

  10. Anonymous9:34 AM

    OT? Can drumpf even find "The X" marks the spot?
    He can NOT READ and drifts away...

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      THAT IS why we got DeVos as Edjumakashion boss!

  11. Anonymous9:51 AM

    The guilt and awkwardness may not all belong to Trump. It may be true he and his team hired incompetent staff or they never thought of protocols, ettiquette or even why the President must listen to translations of foreign leaders speeches.

    OT I am thinking it is obnoxious and inappropriate to have a foreign leader take another flight to Trump's home in Miami. It has been a tradition to hold state dinners at the White House, t)3 capital and home of Presidents ...representing citizens via history and historical acquasitions.

    If Trump traditions are to fly weekly to FL costing 3 million for a three day get away, the First Lady be a no show to do her job...I say we are more fucked than I expected earlier. I am aware the First Lady flew to Miami.

    Trump did not properly grip Abe's hand for the hand shake.

    My mother insisted we be "well bred". We lived most of my childhood below the poverty line. I can admit I liked that the Obamas were raised to have manners, respect other cultures and appreciate culture. My mother would say "Money is not synonymous with class." Donald Trump has money. Period.

  12. Anonymous9:53 AM

    At first, the speculation was the T didn't know that the earpieces were there, or that they translated.

    Next, the speculation was he didn't want to put the earpiece on because it would mess up his hairdo.

    Not sure which is worse.

    1. I'm sure he refused the earpiece because it was uncomfortable and made him look like he was wearing a hearing aid.

      You better believe it's all about him. His vanity and personal comfort.

  13. Anonymous10:03 AM

    That was not a handshake .. Donald was showing him how to properly grab pussy.

  14. "... Let's review, shall we? In the time it took for the sun to frown down on both American coastlines, a Supreme Court nominee took a very public dump on the guy who nominated him, possibly because he really wants Democrats to like him. Later, the president lost a major court ruling (for failing to show due precedent, I might add), and a renowned lawyer congratulated him on television for following the rule of law instead of rolling tanks on Washington State. After the decision came down, the president screamed into social media for the eleventy millionth time, and a journalist felt compelled to counsel that we not take capital letters too seriously.

    Context shmontext, who's got the booze? ..." - William Rivers Pitt

  15. Chenagrrl10:19 AM

    Who would want to shake hands with Trumpagus. Who knows where that hand has been. Pussy-Grabber in Chief is a mite too proud of shoving his mitts into odd places.

  16. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Trump has no sense whatsoever. Much less understanding cultural protocol.
    He is nothing more then a loud mouth buffoon.
    He is low rent Neanderthal with money , as are his administration and family.
    We are dumbing down by the minute.

  17. Anonymous11:24 AM

    He's such a fucking loser!
    No clue whatsoever..and the likes of c4p and some of my family that elected him.

  18. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Drumpf most definitely does not know how to *politely* shake hands or in general greet people, and as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, it is imperative to know how to do both graciously and diplomatically. He is an oaf, and his 'Pull -em in' handshake is a ham-fisted attempt at a power-grab and an 'alpha male' attempt at a chest-thumping display. It comes off as crass, clumsy and bullying. What an embarrassment to have him as the father-figure of our country! I hide my face in shame.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Perfectly put. Thanks.

  19. Anonymous11:41 AM



    You and your little libtard blog buddies make me sick!! smh

    In case you havent noticed, this is AMERICA!!! We have a long-standing tradition of hard-fought political campaigns followed by the nation coming together to support which ever middle-aged white xtian man won the election and in case you havent noticed EMPEROR DRUMPF IS A WHITE, MIDDLE-AGED ADMITTED XTIAN MAN WHO DEMANDS YOUR RESPECT!!!!


    Hang on a sec. My mom wants to tell me something...

    (music on hold)

    Ok, I was misinformed. His plurality of popular votes was over 30 million once you unskew the polls for alternative illegal votes from Paraguay, Belgium and the African-American districts around Atlanta.

    The important thing is, starting RIGHT NOW, every patriotic American regardless of political affiliation should pledge to give Emperor Drumpf the same respect - or MORE - than the respect given the last white male president.

    Remember, to respect Dear Leader is not just a good idea, it's soon to be the LAW (by Executive Order)


    1. Anonymous12:44 PM


    2. Anonymous12:57 PM

      I appreciate your subtle point. We ought to refer to an all inclucive American effort in order to denounce having baboons in the White house .Maybe both sane Republicans and sane Democrats = All Americans with backbone can kick the superfluous clueless , bastard idiots out!!
      Also, can we stop with the Obamacare reference and call it what it is, The Affordable Care Act.
      The Nasty minded Republicans started calling it Obamacare to sabotage the Act.
      Let's wake up!! We are being played!!

    3. BELDAR!

      You're back.

      And front.

      And both sides now.

  20. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Here's what Trump said--see YouTube clip--back when BO went to Hiroshima. What a contrast it is seeing that bloated POS against a man of depth and elegance and stature. The news was saying yesterday that BO and Abe had issues and Trump is taking advantage of acting like buds with the guy and the ugly bear hug would help Abe, but it was Obama and Abe who traveled to one anther's countries to finally acknowledge what had happened to Pearl Harbor and Japan in the 1940s. Trump mocked that exchange of Obama and Abe's back then.

  21. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Trump speaks Japanese, HA HA, he can’t even speak a complete sentence in English. However, I wouldn’t put it pass him to brag he can speak Japanese better than the Japanese.

    In fact, I bet that PM Abe speaks better English than trump.

    Also it is good that PM Abe was able to meet President Obama, so he will know Americans are not crazy, the majority didn’t vote for trump and not all presidents are mentally ill.

    Bad enough donnie wouldn’t let go of his hand, the moron give a thumbs up afterwards, what is this high school?

  22. Anonymous1:43 PM

    So, yesterday evening on AF1 Trump denied knowing anything about the Flynn/sanctions matter, even though everyone was talking about it Thursday and all day Friday. He played his usual innocent denial game. I don't know if Flynn was on AF1 with Trump (he had morning and evening contact with Pence but the evening contact was a call and not a meeting in person) or if Flynn flew in to Mar a Lago separately from AF1 yesterday, but he went there and they were all joined by Dimitry Rybolovlev, Russian billionaire worth 13b. DR bought a Trump property down there in FLA years back and Trump made a killing. DR is a guy who got rich after the breakup of the USSR. He had/has Russian mob connections. When his business partner tried telling him to get away from any mob influence, the business partner ended up dead. DR spent 11 months in prison for the murder. He had ordered the hit, the hitman said. But DR was soon acquitted. It has also been rumored that DR has been a secret courier in some way between Putin and Trump/his campaign. It was no accident that Flynn came out to sit in the middle of the front row at the Trump/Abe press conference Friday. Everyone saw him. Now, Flynn and DR are at Mar a Lago. Trump is flaunting this Flynn and Russian thing. Instead of doing the right thing and telling Flynn to step aside or at least go low profile, he is making sure that we all see how much favor Flynn curries. It’s also shocking that this is being done and making Pence and others who had vouched for Flynn look bad. Trump is just all about his ego and showing everyone that he won’t back down. And that he is always right. The only other explanation that makes sense to me is that Flynn knows he’s safe because he has something on Trump, and so Trump can’t tell him to go away. What kills me, too, is that all of this is going on while Trump hosts the prime minister of Japan. He knows everyone’s watching because of Abe, and he chooses to flaunt the Russian and Flynn, and he doesn’t give a second thought to how the Abes might feel about that, about being used and made to appear to be a part of Trump’s sleazy world.

    1. Anonymous5:31 AM

      I have been reading about that connection. This is like something out of a spy thriller only it's far scarier because we are all living in the story.

  23. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I know we all know about Flynn sitting at Putin's table during that RT awards thing, but here's some additional info, after that, from Newsweek that ties Trump to the Russian ambassador, Kislyak, who Flynn is buddies with and that makes Trump look even more pro-Russia:

    Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a Trump adviser and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is a regular guest on RT, the Kremlin’s conspiracy-theory-minded English-language propaganda channel. He has refused to say if he’s on RT’s payroll, but last year Flynn flew to Moscow to attend the station’s 10th anniversary gala, where he sat two chairs away from Putin. Michael Caputo, a public relations adviser who helped run Trump’s New York primary campaign, lived in Russia in the 1990s, and Gazprom’s media arm contracted him to improve Putin’s image in the United States. Richard Burt, a former U.S. ambassador to Germany during the 1980s who is known for his strong skepticism of the U.S.’s commitment to its NATO allies (Burt appeared in a panel discussion in April on the topic “Does America Need Allies?”), reportedly helped draft at least one Trump speech where the candidate blasted NATO’s “free rider problem,” according to Politico.

    Burt is chairman of the advisory council of The National Interest, a publication of the Center for the National Interest, a strongly pro-Russian think tank based in Washington. In May 2014, the CNI hosted a roundtable discussion at which the director of the Kremlin-backed Institute for Democracy and Cooperation strongly defended Russia’s position in Ukraine. In April, Trump chose the CNI as the venue for his first major foreign policy speech, and the audience included Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.

  24. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Clearly the voices in his head speak Japanese.

  25. The handshake was that long to please the photographers who all wanted to get pictures of them shaking hands looking at the camera and at each other. That does NOT explain Trump's weird way of holding the other's hand while he shakes it.

    As for the earpiece, this is very telling. It shows that Trump takes his cues from others when it comes to reactions. He's had a lifetime of practice in reading crowds and changing himself to conform to what is expected. It's a chameleon trick narcissists perfect. It is also something that people who are ILLITERATE do. They have all sorts of behaviors to cover and hide their illiteracy, including ways to read reactions around them and react and agree with the majority.

    This just demonstrates what a FRAUD and charlatan he is.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      autistic people do it too

  26. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I thought that handshake was weird. Looked like The Donald had a death grip on Abe and was squeezing his hand hard. Did I hear correctly that Trump said "you have a strong handshake?" I think Abe thought that was weird too.

    1. Anonymous4:23 AM

      Maybe it was Trump's way of proving that he doesn't have "small hands."

  27. I concur with Old Redneck and mlaiuppa. I lived and taught English in Okinawa in the 80s when my husband was at Kadena Air Base. The Japanese are not demonstratively touchy-feely in formal situations. A brief handshake is their accommodation to Westerners, but they prefer a dignified bow, until they get to know you, when they can be intensely emotional.

    The Japanese place a high value on the dignified exchange of courtesy and respect, in part due to the enduring Confucian ethic, which prevails in much of Asia, across national boundaries and apart from religion.

    PM Abe heroically goes through the motions, but appears to be confounded if you look closely. Kind of like Trump looked when Sarah Palin drunkenly endorsed him, wearing a vulgar spangly dress. But the Japanese could give Trump lessons in faking it. In fact, they could give him lessons in almost everything.


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