Friday, February 03, 2017

So hey did you know that Trump's closest adviser, and our shadow president, is convinced that we are going to war with China? Well he is.

You know every single time I convince myself not to panic, something like this happens, and I find my hair is standing straight up on end again.

Bannon does realize that China is now a superpower in its own right with a nuclear arsenal at its disposal, right?

This is not like invading Afghanistan, these guys have over a billion people to throw at us.

If this guy wants to die so badly just tell him to continue his present lifestyle and leave the rest of us out of it.

 Shouldn't take long.


  1. abbafan4:13 AM

    Maybe the fat fuck will keel over soon, just like his predecessor beerfart!! I will shed NO tears!!

    1. Anonymous5:17 AM

      President Bannon (tRump hates when people call him that) looks as though he is about to give birth to an ALIEN. He is so busy destroying this country, that he has no time to shower, shave, change clothes. Sad.

    2. Anonymous3:00 PM

      all digits crossed that this is so. And soon, for the sake of the country.

  2. Becky Baker4:14 AM

    What a hunka hunka burnin' love ol' Steve is!

  3. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Do as we say, not as we do.

    Huffington Post

    Kellyanne Conway Literally Fabricated A Massacre To Justify Trump's Immigration Ban

    Um, the "Bowling Green Massacre" never happened.“

    I bet it’s brand-new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre. Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.”

    Joe Sonka

    Polls says that 2 Iraqi refugees "were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre."
    (There was no such massacre.)

    6:34 PM - 2 Feb 2017

    1. Anonymous4:45 AM

      Must be an example of those "alternative facts" that she and her boss are so fond of. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that can lead to big trouble. It was a fake "attack" on Germans that was used to justify Hitler's brutal invasion of Poland - the immediate cause of WWII.
      PS. Notice that, as usual, the blame for this fake news is laid at President Obama's feet. He did not start the Trump ban on immigration.

    2. Anonymous4:51 AM

      The only Bowling Green massacre I know of was when Ohio State pummeled them 77-10 in the 2016 college football opener. Sheesh!

    3. Anonymous5:48 AM

      FFS, why don't those interviewing her call her out on her shit when she says it? Afraid they won't get another audience with her? BFD - stifile the old bat! I am SO sick of media placating these lying assholes!

    4. Anonymous6:10 AM

      All these alternative facts are taking a toll on Kellyanne. She looks like HELL. Dragged out, large bags under her eyes (like her boss) Maybe she is drinking more, trying to salve her conscience? Right from the start I thought "she looks like a heavy boozer" I hope she thinks the money she is making is worth selling her country down the river. I saw the video of First Lady Ivanka, going to the helicpoter with her husband/daddy First thought watching her walk "She looks like Ichabod Crane" Sort of like a stork, with a tiny head. The tRumps are one strange family. approaching the helicopter.

    5. Anonymous6:23 AM

      Let her crash and burn just like Palin did.
      She's certainly on the fast track.

    6. Anonymous6:47 AM

      Why they keep having her on all these shows when she is a known pathological liar is beyond me.

      However she has saved us a lot of time and energy researching info, everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.

    7. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Denis Leary IS Kellyanne Conway, in an Oscar winning performance!

    8. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Can't wait until her kidkins start telling her "alternative facts." ANd they will, Kels, they will.

  4. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Nordstrom Is Officially Dropping the Ivanka Trump Brand
    - 9 hours ago

    Nordstrom jwn said on Thursday that it would stop selling Ivanka Trump items this season because of the controversial brand’s performance, a move that follows boycotts by some shoppers who are angered by her father, President Donald Trump, and his White House policies.

    The luxury retailer, which has faced calls for months to dump Ivanka Trump merchandise, said that Nordstrom switches out about 10% of its assortment each year to refresh it as a matter of course in running its business, culling lines that aren’t selling well enough...

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Didn't she copy "her" designs from someone else? Who wants to wear or carry something with that despised name on it? To me is should be spelled "LOSER" Isn't she being sued just like Daddy, for plagarism?

    2. Anonymous3:02 PM

      That was the shoes.

    3. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Now on to DSW shoes. Cut up your loaylty card and send a pic to DSW corporate.

  5. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Kellyanne Conway made up a fake terrorist attack to justify Trump’s 'Muslim ban'

    1. Anonymous7:44 AM

  6. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Let's drop Bannon by parachute into China - in advance of any soldiers.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      Better yet give Bannon a chance to be a hero. Covertly infiltrate him into North Korea to gather intelligence. He's a smart guy who knows all about dictators and Dear Leaders.

      He will blend in, and if he needs a fake wife, then send Sarah Palin with him!

      I bet the Alphabet Agencies can have a suitable cover fabricated for both of them in less than 20 minutes.


    2. Anonymous6:14 AM

      He will make a large crater when he hits. President Bannon is overweight, not to mention lacking in hygiene skills.

    3. Anonymous9:20 AM

      OT?"“One of the keys to being seen as a great leader is to be seen as a commander-in-chief…My father [former President George H.W. Bush] had all this political capital built up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it…If I have a chance to invade…if I had that much capital, I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to get everything passed that I want to get passed and I’m going to have a successful presidency.”Then came September 11, 2001, after Bush ignored repeated intelligence warnings Osama bin Laden was intent on attacking the United States. “Suddenly, he’s at 91 percent in the polls, and he’d barely crawled out of the bunker,” he used the Iraq war as a device to achieve preconceived political ambitions, not because Iraq possessed “weapons of mass destruction” Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and others insisted would be used to undermine American safety. It was a RUSE."This is the Trump administration’s objective, even if Trump if unaware of it: by reinforcing jihadist dogma, we are setting ourselves up for an attack so Trump can swoop in and retaliate, thereby boosting" HIS EGO!
      " I theorize we will come to some sort of blows with China during Trump’s tenure. Now factor in this manufactured Middle Eastern crisis."
      "I’m optimistic the sky isn’t actually falling, but we are poking too many bees’ nests and I fear something is going to inevitably sting us."

  7. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I think bannon and the fabulously gorgeous kellyanne are sleeping together. It's gross, I know, but they seem very "close".

    1. Anonymous5:15 AM

      Maybe they could get hitched on the set of "Hoarder" since they both exude fabulousness.

    2. Anonymous6:19 AM

      A match made in HELL. Their booze bills likely outweigh their food bills. President Bannon and his Ivanka (Kellyanne) represent all that is wrong in politics.

    3. A. J. Billings7:04 AM

      Gorgeous kellyann? Sorry, but the hate, racism, prevarication, and defense of child raper Trump makes KellyAnne as fugly as Palin.

    4. Anonymous7:59 AM

      It's satire Billings. And it isn't the hate and prevarication that makes her ugly, it's her ugly face.

  8. Anonymous5:02 AM

    The USA played a key role in WW2, and we Europeans are deeply grateful (although, for some reason, my parents always referred to their liberators as 'Canadians'). Your track record since then has been ... unconvincing. However, in movies the Americans always win, so of course you can take on China.

  9. Maybe sicko Bannon can come to our Mayo Clinic which is less than 40 miles from here. He wouldn't have any trouble getting in as a number of would be patients have been banned from our country.

    Getting the right doctor might be quite problematic as a number of doctors are not allowed to return. I hear there are no liver specialists left.

    (This information was passed on by a Mayo department head at our resistance meeting on Tuesday evening.)

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Lauren as you know? Mayo in SD does not accept or handle drug addicted or alcohol abuse. He needs special care at a rehabilitation facility.

    2. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Another Tangerine Tantrum Success Story(tm)!

  10. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I'm sorry I won't be available to participate in your war against China due to bone spurs in my heels.

    1. Anonymous6:22 AM

      Not to worry, the war will be waged in the USA next time, thanks to President Bannon, and his puppet tRump. Maybe the tRump boys, Beavis and Butthead will show off their sharp shooting skills on humans instead of animals? What a joke, they will be first ones into an underground bunker, hiding.

  11. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Alternutly looks like a junkie. That would explain the insanity of starting a war with china. What a DOPE. Get him outta of our buildings.

  12. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Frederick Douglass now on twitter!

    And he's already getting up in tRUMP's grill about 2020!

    "Gearing up for 2020 campaign... and you thought dead registered voters were your biggest problem @realDonaldTrump"

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Seth Meyers showed a clip of Spicy girl's press conference "explaining" what trump's Fredrick Douglas statement meant.

      He response something like Oh I think he meant he will be doing great things in the years to come.

      The press corp should have laughed him out of the room.

  13. WA Skeptic6:07 AM

    You first, Stevie!!!

    I'll hold your coat.

  14. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Another Breitbart person in the W. H. and at the NSC no less.

    Judge dismisses weapons charge against White House aide

    .... Sebastian Gorka, a former Breitbart national security editor who now is a deputy assistant to the president, did not appear at the brief court proceeding Friday morning in Arlington County Circuit Court......

    ”He regrets that mistake. Dr Gorka wants to put this matter behind him and get back to the very important national security work he’s doing,” the attorney said.

    Asked if the matter had affected Gorka’s security clearance, Oprison said: “He’s at the NSC right now.”

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Trump aide dodges question on whether president considers Islam a religion

      Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, would not say whether Trump considers Islam a religion during an appearance on NPR Friday morning.

      “I think you should ask him that question. I’m not a spokesperson for the president,” Gorka said. “I’m a deputy assistant to him."

  15. Anonymous7:52 AM

    What a stupid man. Maybe he go the way of his former friend and employer. It is such a good to go to war with over a billion person country with nukes. We have to get these morons out of the government!

  16. Anonymous8:08 AM

    When will President Trump sign executive orders to order all the schools in America to start teaching our children to stop, drop and roll when the nuclear war starts with China?

  17. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Why is this mental patient djt so negative? He is because he really does know he is an idiot!
    Life was good in the USA, now is not at times all due to the mental midget in the WH. And due to bannon the traitor.
    What can we do to have him impeached.
    Sick of seeing fat ugly orange Turd on tv.

  18. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Djt, he is rich and still he is unhappy. Fat disgusting arse djt.

  19. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Just like many of those who voted for Trump did so to "burn it all down" I do firmly believe that this administration has a desire to burn it all down as well and somehow start from scratch with themselves still in charge building a new nation from the ground up.

    Non-supporters will be killed or disappeared as the United States of TrumpBannonstan will be built on the backs of only those who profess undying support for the dear leaders.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Yep. Fooled all the T.Rump voter who believed his bullshit about wanting to "saeve the country." Face it, if you destroy the ocuntry and have the weapons when it ends, YOU get to build a new one and write the rules. Anyone else think that is T.Rumps REAL end game?

  20. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Video is gone. What did it show?

  21. Anonymous12:35 PM

    This omes straight from the fucking dominionists. Apparently there was a "prophecy" to "beware of the yellow people" so, I gues he wants to strike first.
    Whatever. I hope I'm at ground zero 'cause this is barely worth it anymore.

  22. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I am wondering if the active duty military will change their minds about the reality TV star/WWE wannabe president get several thousand of them killed to show what a big man he is by starting un-needed wars while president. I think he will be worse than George W..

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      He already is.

  23. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Bannon = disgusting drunk tweeting manpreggers degenerate, illiterate slob.

  24. Anonymous3:31 PM


    Methinks someone is just a little too jealous of Herr Bannon's handsomely gelatinous belly and understated haute-casual wardrobe...

    eh, Gryphen???

    (is that a trendy artisanal mustard stain I see on his blouse? tres chic!!!)


    "Bannon is a fan of ancient Chinese military strategy literature, such as Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” which emphasizes the importance of using secrecy and trickery, as well as creating confusion, to accomplish one’s goals. A former colleague said it was his “bible.”

    “All warfare is based on deception,” Tzu wrote in his 5th century tract. “Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”"


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